Saturday, February 18, 2012

Japan Is Struck Down

Nobody mentioned how bizarre was the ascension of Naoto Kan to the position of Prime Minister of Japan.

The Japanese were shocked.

You see, 'Kan' is not a Japanese surname.

It is of Chinese origin, but could also be Korean.

To us surnames mean little, but to the Japanese, on of the most closed and ethnocentric societies in the world, it means a lot.

And if there is one thing the Japanese are, it's a racially, culturally and economically closed society.

They take pride in not admitting non-Japanese people, capital, business or culture into Japan.

Of course, a few get in anyway, but only on strict Japanese terms.

Therefore it was exceedingly weird to the Japanese to have someone with a non-Japanese name be elevated to the political and symbolic forefront of Japan's representation before the world as Japan's prime minister.

When I saw 'Kan' become prime minister, I perceived something drastically weird.

This type of thing simply never happened in Japan.

True, there exist Japanese with Chinese and Korean surnames, but not one of them are put at the forefront of political representation in Japan. 

The Japanese take the symbolism of representation very seriously.

When I saw Kan take power, I perceived a strong disruption in Japanese political culture.

I perceived nothing good could come of this nomination.

And nothing good did.

Fukushima happened.

As it turned out, the Israeli security firm, Magna, was running security for the Fukushima nuclear power plant.

How a foreign security company got past Japanese cultural, political and economic centrism is beyond me, but I suspect it has a lot to do with rot and corruption.

Anyone who has studied 9/11 knows that Mossad-connected Israeli security firms are just about the worse insecurity you can hire - these are actual terrorist organizations!

Yet the closed and exclusive Japanese saw fit to hire this foreign security firm to monitor thier nuclear power plant at Fukushima.

What treachery!

The maggots who accepted the bribes to make this possible are now probably considering ritual suicide, and rightly so.

And the Japanese paid dearly for it too, and we are all paying for it by continuing to inhale all that Fukushima radiation.

It seems that the hermetic Japanese society has finally been infiltrated by false-bloods, cryptos and traitors.

Eat the fruits of your corruption, Japan!

What did you ever think you could gain by lying down with these prostitutes?

It seems like the redoubtable Zaibatsu (the ruling Japanese oligarchy) have been snookered and might even contain cryptos.

The clue to this DESTRUCTIVE Japanese corruption was made clear to me when I discovered that the Japanese Government was permitting the 'Chosen Soren' (a North Korean intelligence mafia) to operate officially inside Japan and control 1/3 of the pachinko gambling industry while allowing North Korea's underground intelligence branch, the 'Gakushu-Gumi' to operate freely inside the country. 'Gumi' is a Japanese word that goes hand-in-hand witih mafia.

Japan cooperating with North Korea (who fired ballistic missiles over Japan and has promised Japan a nuclear holocaust)?

Lucifer, how far you have fallen!

This could not be good news...and it wasn't

At Fukushima, the sword fell.

But it gets worse.

The corrupt Government of Japan continues to betray its own people by refusing to bury the disaster site and idle by impotent as Japanese scientists scream for a high-tech burial as the Japanese population is poisoned.

This is a message to the Japanese patriots and to its military:

If there was ever was a need for a military coup...

...this is it!

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