Sunday, February 5, 2012

War With Iran: Beware - Trickery and Deceit

Trickery and deceit are being planned to draw the combatants of the next Gulf War into a nasty situation - perhaps the first act of WW-III.

In order to the get the American public motivated, a false flag operation is rumored to be in the works which will cause American casualties...and which will be blamed on Iran.

An American ship could be hit like the South Korean frigate Cheonan was hit by a false flag torpedo attack carried out by a mysterious submarine of unknown nationality. 

Such an attack would devastate American pride especially if one of our carriers were to be lost. 

Another type of false flag operation is also being planned for America (to be carried out not only before, but during the war)which could have the effect of causing American public opinion to accept the war as tough but necessary and unavoidable. 

Make no mistake. Israel wants to end Iran's nuclear program permanently. 

Israel also wants to make an example out of Iran before the entire world.

The message: 'THIS is what happens when a Muslim nation tries to get nuclear technology." 

The use of nuclear bombs is on the agenda, whether you choose to believe that or not. 

The only question being whether they will be used solely as deep-earth bunker busters, EMP attack, tactical battlefield weapons or all out strategic strikes. 

Both the US and Israel have pre-emptive policies on the use of tactical nuclear weapons. 

Iran could very well become the world's first nuclear battlefield - a form of nuclear testing ground.

If Iran chooses to retaliate against Israel with tactical missiles like Scuds ala Saddam Hussein, the Israelis are ready and waiting, so they can detonate false false flag chemical, biological and even small-scale nuclear attacks within the general strike zone of the Iranian missiles and ascribe all the damage to Iran.

Of course, these self-inflicted false flag operations will be used  to justify an immediate nuclear strike against Iran - the only way Israel can win any war with Iran.

Israel is willing to spill innocent Israeli blood to justify Iran's annihilation before the eyes of the world.

Bewildered American troops being warehoused in Kuwait (after leaving Iraq) feel uneasy.

There is something bad and unsettling in the air.

Yes indeed.

The Illuminati have something surprisingly horrible planned for all of us down there at the Gulf.

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