Saturday, February 25, 2012

Start Staying Cyber-Safe

Information is being gathered on you and stockpiled within super computers for the future use of the New World Order.

When the time comes, it might not even be your presently instituted government that has access to all this information.

Data-mining giants like Google, Amazon, Facebook and Twitter have been created to accumulate all the information they could possibly need on you.

The Internet has become not only a tool of individual awareness, but of establishment awareness…about us.

The Illuminate understand the power of balance.

They know that to gain something, one has to give up something.

They gave up a lot when they permitted the Internet…but just take a look at what they have gained:

Total information awareness on the world’s population.

The data-mining has reached unprecedented heights, with you being required to identify oneself for more and more Internet transactions (just like the Illuminati hope to one day make it so for daily living transactions).

So if you are ‘awake’ and ‘aware’ you might have started to notice that it’s about time to start dropping out of the Internet.

That’s right.

Stop making your private information so freely available to the Illuminati.

After all, it’s the ‘aware’ ones they will want to kill first when the appropriate time arrives.

And, believe me, that time is coming soon.

So on this note, I now offer constructive advice on limiting your data exposure to the real-time Illuminati data accumulation device called ‘The Internet.’

Register Your Computer Under A False Name

The minute you put your real name in as the owner of your computer you are registering yourself.

Outside sources can read this name through the Internet, so as not only to identify where you are (through the IP address), but what your name is.

Engines like Google and Facebook do this all the time.

Don’t be stupid.

Buy a computer with cash.

Put any name down as the owner of the computer…except your own.

Or better yet,  buy a used computer with someone else's information on it.


Use A Phony Email Account Information

Don’t use your real name on an email account.

Use a phony name.

Always have an email account with a phony name (though you might need one with a real name for financial transactions).

Recently it has gotten more difficult to do so because outside systems hack into your computer and forcibly install your real name on your email account.

Doesn’t matter, get a phony one and get more as soon as any of your phony ones become compromised…and keep getting them.

Avoid Cellphones

The Illuminati want you to have your cell phone tracking device with you at all times so they can log your location, yourmessages and your phone conversations. So leave your cell phone at home (treat like an old school home phone). Don’t text, don’t twitter, don’t take pictures with it. Try to acquire cell phone services that don’t require your personal information (especially social security numbers). Use phone cards.

Mess Up Your Voice Print

Automated cell phone services log your voice print so they can match your identity to your voice print. Mess up your voice as much as possible, especially when you are re-filling your phone card. Don’t be embarrassed, no one is listening, but your voice IS being logged, so go ahead and sound crazy.

Don’t Leave Your Computer On

It’s become a habit for people to leave their computer on 24 hours a day, which is not only a massive waste of energy, but leaves your computer viable to hacking. If the hard drive is not turning, your computer cannot be hacked. Simple as that. So turn your computer off after use.

Disconnect Your Computer After Use

Physically disconnect your computer from the Internet after you are done. That’s right, turn it off and pull the plug. The government (and others) can order your computer (throught its internet connection) to turn itself on in order to make hacking possible.

So pull the Internet plug when you finish.

Copy Paste Your Passwords

Programs are pretty much on the general market that read your key strokes and report them to the loser down the street. So when you log-in to anything, copy-paste your information from a word document, don’t key the information in.

Don’t Use WiFi

Horror stories abound of hackers using the computers of Wifying idiots in order to download child porn through their computers. If these idiots can do this, how much more do you think the government can do? WiFi is just you advertising your personal information through a loudspeaker to the outside world. Everything you do through WiFi is in jeapordy in falling into the hands of a not-even-very-smart hacker or worse. So don’t use WiFi – use a physical connection.

Erase Your Cookies Regularly

Cookies are just spyware. The Internet does not allow you to surf it without accepting them, but this does not mean you can’t erase them. Do it. Erase them at the conclusion of every Internet session. Firefox allows you to do this every time you get off the Internet. Do it. If you can acquire even better programs that do an even better cleaning job, get them.


Don’t Take Pictures with Your Cell Phone

These pictures are stored within the computers of your local cell phone service provider…indefinitely. Disbelieve this at your own peril. Don’t take pictures with your cell phone. They identify you and your friends and relatives.

Don’t Wait Too Long For Downloads

If a site is taking too long to download, its probably because it is downloading all sorts of crap onto your computer (including cookies, spyware, Trojans and worms). Don’t play the compliant host. If the site is taking too long to load, get the hell out of there. You’ll be able to find the same information elsewhere.

Boycott Amazon

Amazon was created by the Illuminati to register reading habits. Amazon records and keeps track of your reading habits and your interests. If your reading habits consist consistently of conspiracy and political topics, guess whose going to be registered as the target of tomorrow’s New World Order genocide. There are other places on the Internet (and elsewhere) where you can read about and purchase reading material.

Boycott Facebook

If the way this creepy, intrusive spy-engine did not scare you away when it guessed who all your friends and relatives were (by accessing your computer without your permission), then heed my warning and flee from it. Facebook is a neworking engine that no only registers you but all those you are ‘connected to’ in some way. That’s right, you are putting THEM in danger too. Right now it means little. But in the fascist totalitarian New World Order of tomorrow it will mean you and your friends are done for. Get away from this data-mining engine immediately. Better yet, I hope you have never used it at all.

Boycott Google

Googel is the BEAST of all data-mining engines. This planetary behemoth is slowly taking over the Internet. In fact, there could come a day when the Internet itself will be known as ‘Google.’ But Google is not only big, it is a control-freak’s wet dream, mining and recording all your information…under your name and IP. So use Google as anonymously as possible. Don’t use ANY of Google’s services. Avoid registering in ANY websites that require that you register with Google before registering with them.

Use Linux or Old Operating Systems

Viruses and spyware built for the newer systems will not work with older operating systems or Linux. A computer with a Linux operating system is one of the safest things you could have. A Windows 98 / Mac OS 10.3 or below is almost as safe.  Hey, all that spyware has to be updated. Why do you think they insist you ‘update’ all the time? Its not for your convenience, its for theirs. Make it as inconvenient as possible for them.

Be Official With Computers At Work and School

Face it. Every key stroke is being spied upon at work or college…and it is being recorded. So when you do something on your computer at work or school, keep it official and treat it as if your bosses and or supervisor have access to it (which they do).


Remove Your Hard Drive When You Take Your Computer to the Shop

The first thing these techie losers like to do is DOWNLOAD YOUR ENTIRE HARD DRIVE UNTO A DVD-DISK. A lot of them are addicted voyeurs. Uh, sure, no harm done unless your storing critical information on your hard drive like passwords, bank account numbers, personal emails…maybe some suspiciously politically contrary writing the pervert can turn over to the police. At the very least, its embarrassing as hell. At the most, it can open you up into an identity theft or hack from hell, or even a police investigation. So replace your hard drive with a clean and innocuous one before taking your computer in for repairs. Another choice is simply to insist they repair your computer at your home…right in front of you.

Use an External Hard Drive

Keep all your sensitive material on an external hard drive. This keeps it safe from hacking, computer techie repairmen, and the government. If possible, back up the material on yet another external hard drive (in case your first one breaks). If you get 'raided' by your local police force, it is easier to hide an external hard drive than a computer.

Keep Separate Internet Personalities

Keep one set of account for standard transactions over the Internet. Manufacture another set of account for visiting conspiracy, militia, survivalist websites, etc. Keep the two separate.

In Extreme Cases Stay Mobile

If worse comes to worse, stay mobile. Put your stuff in storage, move in with some room mates (nowadays this is the easiest thing to do) and change address regularly. This is an extreme measure (probably necessary only during extreme times), but it is well know that true experts within the hacker community are nomads, rarely staying in one place for too long a time…and using other people’s accounts to do their hacking.

Pay With Cash

All types of Debit, Credit or VIP cards track your purchases and you. When they start using RFID (radio frequency identification chips) in products, the data in your credit, debit or VIP card will be transferred to your shoes or your pants (believe it…or not!)

So keep your purchases anonymous. Avoid even the VIP cards they are always pushing on you at every cashier.

Cover or Get Rid of Your Smart Meter

These things are not only irradiating you, they are reporting on your activities by monitoring your electricity use. Mess up the system. Cover them up with an oversized coffee or carmel corn can (true, the smart meter will just relay its reporting through another meter, but at least you’ll save yourself some unnecessary direct irradiation). If the option is offered in your area, go ahead an pay to have an analog meter installed. Go to to get anti-irradiation materials, and don’t be afraid to foil your walls (maybe in combination with some wallpaper to make the proceedings seem less creepy to visitors).

Start implementing all these safety measures today.

Stay Safe.


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