Tuesday, March 29, 2016

America: TOTALLY Divided

We are a nation divided.

No longer are we the UNITED States of America.

We are now simply a collection of various  city states...

...bullied, manipulated and controlled by an alientated central government in Washington D.C. which is claiming any and all remaining rights and privileges for itself.

Neither are we united as a population.

We are in fact divided in POLAR OPPOSITES!!!!

There are those who believe in vaccination to the point of zero-tolerance COMPULSIVE vaccination, set against those who do NOT believe in vaccination at all, and, in fact, see vaccination as a threat.

There are those who believe that the medical establishment can do no wrong and has its activities certified and approved by the most competent and honest of authorities vs those who think the medical establishment is nothing but a MAFIA living off the blood of innumerable victims.

There are those who BELIEVE in public education and are set against those who think public education amounts to a CORRUPTION of our children and HOMESCHOOL to avoid having their children dumbed down, indoctrinated and degenerated by the system.

Those who believe in Obamacare and are dead set against those who ABHORE Ombamacare and see it as an unconstitutional, fascist scam, forcing people to buy a private product by the government.

Those who believe the Department of Homeland Security actually provides us with safety and security and are willing to surrender their rights and  freedoms in exchange for safety are dead set against those who think DHS is a power grab, eating up our rights, liberties and freedoms and creating a tyranny.

Atheists are set against those who are Christians.

Those who favor open-immigration and see the US as the sanctuary to the world vs those who see uncontrolled immigration as the end of America.

Those who believe in giving up their privacy in return for security vs those who treasure privacy as a God-given right.

Those who want to abolish the right to own guns versus those who believe gun ownership as Constitutionally guaranteed and a necessary right in keeping government democratic.

Those who are Liberal vs those who are Conservative.

Those who believe in the ‘right’ of women to kill their unborn vs those who believe in the God-given rights of the unborn and who see abortion as MURDER.

Those who support adding fluoride to our water as a health supplement to protect teeth vs those who see it as a brain-destroying POISON illegally dumped into our water..

Those who are liberal socialists versus those who are conservative patriots

Those who believe in Standard medicine vs those who reject standard medicine and believe in natural medicine.

Those who believe in electronic money and electronic transactions vs those who believe in precious metals and hard capital and see electronic transactions as a further infraction on liberty.

Those who are totally pro-Israel vs those who see Israel as a privileged self-serving nation who USES America for its own ends to America’s detriment.

Those who see Jews as the eternal victims vs those who see the Jewish oligarchy as our perpetual masters.

Those who support the rocketing levels of SWAT raids, police shootings, BLM land seizures at gunpoint, child seizures  and incarceration for misdemeanors as an effective way to ‘clean up society’ versus those who see the ratcheting up of government brutality as NO LONGER TOLERABLE.

Those who think having a church which is 501c3 as an actual church and being members of the Clergy Response Teams as patriotic vs those who see 501c3 churches as government CONTROLLED and REGULATED entities and Clergy Response Team membership as a team of informers and TRAITORS.

Those who believe society has the right to feed the homeless versus those who think the homeless and those who feed them should be arrested.

Those who think DNA and natural extracts can be copyrighted and possessed by corporations versus those who see this as illegal, invalid and unacceptable.

Those who think GMO crops and animals are beneficial versus those who see GMOs as a DEATH THREAT.

Those who trust the electoral process versus those who see the electoral process as a fraud.

Those who support gay marriage versus those who think it’s an abomination.

Those who support ‘transexual rights’ versus those who see it as the path to Sodom and Gomorrah.

Those who support America’s involvement in the world versus those who see our involvement as a major cause of our bankruptcy and the world’s hatred.

So, after digesting all this information we must ask ourselves:

So are we really a nation divided?

YOU BET WE ARE!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Cameras Everywhere

Lately the mass deployment of cameras has gotten ridiculous.

And it's an insistent, aggressive, maniacal attitude of deployment wrapped up in a bit of mystery and cluelessness and probably backed up by unlimited funding.

I mean, EVERY intersection in my portion of the Phoenix metropolitan area has cameras.

TWO types of cameras:  

    Line of site cameras on the traffic light poles and fish-eye cameras at the street corners.

You ask the cops who is watching these cameras and they answer "what cameras?"

I don't know if they are really that ignorant or are pretending to be.

Finally the answer "Nobody is watching those cameras".

The answer I finally yanked out was that these 'cameras' only perceive traffic to modify the function of the traffic signals...they don't actually see anything!

What about the fish-eye cameras?

After being asked what I am talking about, I got tired of dealing with these idiots.

I started asking my neighbors.

Same response: "What cameras?"

Are you kidding me?

The population IS really THAT clueless - they have no perception of the environment, or even of reality itself.

What's happening?

Too difficult to raise your  head from the SmartPhone screen to see what's up?


I go to Olive Garden, and am told I am supposed to order my meal from these touch screen devices sitting on my table.

Unlike most people, I am curious, I like to observe and look at things.

What do I see inside this obnoxious device but a mini CAMERA looking back at me.

When I ask the waitress what a CAMERA is doing in my 'ordering device' she has no clue.


I was surprised how accommodating the local Office Max cashier was when offering to special order an item the store did not have.

I gave up the relevant information when the dude takes out what looks like a large calculator and starts pressing buttons on  it to complete the order.

Looking down at this thing I notice there is a miniature CAMERA looking right up my nose.

I tell the guy there is a camera in the calculator thing looking up my nose and I want to know why!

No response.

I say, EXCUSE ME, I just made a statement to you in plain English!

(see stuff like this is what frightens people nowadays - asking questions)

The guy has no response, but calls the manager.

After hemming and hawing, the manager finally confirms to me it is some sort of 'client confirmation' method.

All these cameras are being shoved up my face and up my nose with no formal declaration, no information and without permission.

You know what SCREW these stupid, clueless people...and their cameras!

Lately, while being checked out by a cashier at a supermarket, I notice there were cameras at foot-level.

I asked what was up.

The cashier said they were there to catch and charge people for items being carried in the wheel-level basket of a shopping cart.

Gee, that makes sense!  

How about just looking under each shopping cart.

I play a little with the line-of-sight of the cameras and sure enough....

I find it is making 'lens contact' with my face from foot level, literally filming RIGHT UP MY NOSE!

Fast forward.

I walk up to the window of my local bank, and a bank teller I have never seen before in my life greets me by my first name.

I ask her how she knows my name? 

Here answer is "I remember you."

Sure you do, honey, but that's a bit hard considering we have never met.

Then I see the way she keeps looking at the screen and seems rather entertained.

Then I remember. 

I am carrying my 'SMART' Credit Cards and Debit Cards - you know, the ones with the active transmitting microchip embedded in the card.

The cards identified me to the cashier as soon as I approached the teller window!

And I know better than to argue with a teller at a keyboard...

....considering she is typing EVERYTHING YOU ARE SAYING INTO THE RECORD.

 So I am trying to deal with new reality of being constantly spied upon, checked upon and even betrayed by what amounts to spy devices all over the environment.

 As I begin looking into this reality, I find out things are worse than I thought.

I find out Samsung televisions have cameras in which WATCH you.

Cable or Satellite TV boxes have cameras watching you.

I come to find out the latest X-Box One video game console has an infrared camera that can see through clothing, and even into neighboring rooms

Excuse me?!

Is this the crazy train or what!

They are even making fridges with cameras and sensors recording who takes what.

Ad posters in supermarkets have cameras in them filming customer behavior and even which way the customers' EYES wander while scanning the merchandise.

What sort of freak show is this?

Its common knowledge that cameras now have 'facial recognition' or the ability to IDENTIFY you just by scanning your face?

Where is the reference databank?

Try your latest Department of Motor Vehicles Driver's License digital photo, specifically designed to create a facial recognition grid of your face...to which these cameras - the traffic cameras out there on the street - have access.

These cameras also have the ability to read your car's license plate, knowing therefore, not only what car it is, but who's driving it...and where it's going!

My only question is, when did life become a freaking Habitrail?

Some sore of transparent cage where us hamster-like humans pretend to live out our lives in pretend privacy and make-believe sovereignty.

All I know is I next time I am asked for my VIP Customer Card I will take great pleasure in telling them "Not only do I NOT have one, but I will NEVER have one and people like you will never know who the fuck I am!"


Monday, March 14, 2016

The Foreigners are Here to KILL you!

Historically, countries that are about to sink into revolution suffer a sudden and mysterious inflow of criminally-minded foreigners.

Later, it turns out, it is these same mysterious immigrants which are  the ones used to pitilessly KILL large portions of the population during the PURGE that follows.

During the French Revolution, the eyewitness accounts of massive amounts of foreigners appearing within the ranks of ‘the people’ are legion and well known. Historians prefer to gloss over this undeniable fact.

Which is strange, because it was these masses of MURDEROUS foreigners who killed millions of Frenchmen at the behest of the ‘Committee of Public Safety’...and in the most horrible ways possible.

Eyewitnesses describe them as marching within the ranks of ‘the people’ but within a group of their own and contorting their faces with fierce and threatening expressions, like crazed individuals.

And the facial expressions were no joke.

These bands did not hesitate to kill anyone who messed with or questioned them right on the spot.

Who were they?

Italians, Germans, Austrians, even some East Europeans, but they acted as one when it came to MURDERING the French Royalists...or anyone the Committee of Public Safety pointed them at, really.

The ‘executions’ of the French Revolutions are legend:

The Guillotine, which lopped off heads, which were then held up dripping, with eyes blinking and mouth gesticulating before the crowds during those last seconds of life.

Then there were the mass drownings in the Seine in which people were tied to boats and dragged into the river to drown. The executioners had several variations of this, one called a “revolutionary marriages” in which men and women were tied side by side so they could die together.

And, of course, let’s not forget impalements and flaying (the act of killing by stripping off the skin as if it were a t-shirt).

Needless to say, the ways in which the French were executed were unspeakable.

If they made a historically accurate film of the French Revolution it would carry a  XXX-RATING for extreme grossness.

But of course, they never have.

The stupid Illuminati-controlled French still celebrate Bastille Day, the Revolution and Napoleon (the monster of blood) as if they were the greatest things that ever happened to France.

How could Frenchmen do this to other Frenchmen in such horrible and massive fashion?

The answer is, of course, that they did not: FOREIGNERS AND CRIMINALS did.

In addition to the murderous foreigners, French CONVICTED CRIMINALS of the worst sort were the people of choice for the Committee of Public Safety.

These criminals staffed all positions within the Revolutionary Tribunals and the National Guard, and are frequently depicted in period drawings of the Revolution  exactly as what they were:

Drunken, murderous wretches.

During the ‘Women’s March on  Versailles’ these men were amongst the women themselves, dressed up as women and hacking to pieces any royalist who fell into their hands.

This is where the real ‘outrage’ of the masses came from - murderers seeded amongst them to carry out the carnage.

The Russian Revolution simply repeated the process.

Most of the revolutionaries were foreigners and criminals, as were the leadership.

Stalin himself was a Georgian bank robber, murderer and kidnapper.

Felix Dzerzhinsky, the murderous chief of the Cheka, was Polish.

Leon Trotsky was a Ukrainian who had spent time in New York City.

Vladimir Lenin was a Siberian.

Notice the lack of any real ‘Russians’ in the revolutionary cadre.

For the slaughter to follow, masses of foreign criminals were imported into Russia for the post-revolutionary purge.

Needless to say the Russian Red Terror purge followed the same methodology as the French Terror:

Criminals and foreigners set out in the streets to arrest and KILL the people they had on their list provided by the Okhrana ‘Czarist’ secret police, now renamed the Cheka.

And they killed MILLIONS.

It was a well known fact FOREIGNERS were used to KILL millions of Russians during the Red Terror.

And they did so without compunction.

Want to see HOW they were killed?

Watch a BANNED movie called ‘The Chekist’ to find out.

See the clip below


So why use criminals and foreigners to carry out a revolution?

Simply put...they are the only ones who will carry out all the KILLING that needs to be done afterwards.

Criminals, and especially criminal-minded foreigners have less compunction in murdering masses of people than do normal human beings.

Especially foreign criminals.

Being a criminal already qualifies one, but being a foreign criminal makes the killing process even easier.

Let’s face it.

As a species, we have LESS feelings of empathy for people whose race, culture, language and values are alien to us.

We Americans demonstrated this in our treatment of Vietnamese civilians during the Vietnam War.

Our clean cut youths murdered hundreds of thousands of unarmed civilians without batting an eyelid. Mai Lai was just a small example of what was happening throughout the entire war.

Our MASSIVE war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan have been expertly covered up and their full extent will not be known for decades.

In short, its easier for people to mass murder complete foreigners than people who look, talk and act just like they do.

Another good reason to get foreign criminals to do the job is...that once the job is done...they can leave the same way they came - no mess, no trials, no nothing.

Neat, clean and simple.

And...as you might have guessed by this stage of the game...

...the criminals and the foreigners are now here in America.

But before we get into that, let me indicate there is already a trend within government to replace public officials with bullies, thugs and criminals.

The IRS is now purposefully re-hiring employees who have let go for having illegally bullied and abused tax payers during audits...and is now ARMING them.

Police across the board are now turning away candidates with HIGH IQs and hiring low-IQ FELONS.

And I don’t even need to get into the deranged, dangerous trash the Department of Homeland Security is hiring.

Is is any wonder our police and public officials are now acting like violent criminals...and murderers?

But now let’s turn our attention to the FOREIGNERS.

Please fix your attention on all the CRIMINAL FOREIGNERS now being allowed into OUR country.

One can see the phenomenon clearly in Europe, with masses of so-called Muslim Fundamentalists (actually criminal murderers) being smuggled into the continent.

That very same stage is now beginning here.

Our wide open border has now become a  conduit for admitting masses of foreign criminals from Mexico...and beyond.

With criminal foreign cartels running the human smuggling process, the Border Patrol completing the smuggling process and the US Government providing these nebulous illegals with the residency permits, work permits, drivers licenses, welfare and housing, a continuous flow of UNKNOWN and UNCONFIRMED individuals are flowing into the country and RESIDING here.

It has been confirmed that Cartel Assassins, ISIS Assassins, insane criminals, murderers and lunatics along with Chinese and Russian special forces (i.e. trained killers) are regularly crossing the border and being accommodated by the US Government.


When the time comes, the CIA-NSA-FBI axis will change names and supply the MURDEROUS new government with the DEATH LISTS of Americans to be IMMEDIATELY ARRESTED and KILLED.

Please understand the conditions under which these things will happen shall be ones of total collapse and chaos - the old US Government would be gone, and a new auxiliary government would have been installed under conditions of  emergency martial law.

American society and government as we know it would have already been dissolved...

...and replaced by some ad hoc emergency government or occupation force.

THIS would be the landscape in which the mass murderers would operate.

It always is.

And FOREIGN criminals will be used because Americans criminals alone will NOT BE CAPABLE of carrying out the massive GROSS GENOCIDE that will be required on the American people.

Foreign criminals, psychopaths and sociopaths are the ones who will do it!

It happened in the French Revolution...it happened in the Russian Revolution...and all other COMMUNIST revolutions since.

And as far as the Cuban Communist revolution is concerned, did you ever notice that the most celebrated Cuban revolutionary - Che Guevara - was not even Cuban? Many of the other revolutionaries weren’t either!


I am no paranoid anti-foreigner.

I am not anti-immigrant.

But it is always alarming when at a crucial time, when the economy and society are about to collapse, special types of brutally violent foreigners are brought into the country covertly and treated like royalty.

The ‘Muslim refugees’ being brought into Europe are not refugees, not normal Muslims, or for that matter, not even normal people.

They are murderers who figure they have overlordship over all the cattle-like European population, and have demonstrated it by the mass-rape of German women in Cologne.

They are for the most part, graduates of murderous ISIS training, which includes KILLING as part of its training and KILLING of captives thereafter as part of normal behavior...on pain of DEATH.

Death is the bread and butter of ISIS.

ISIS lives off of death like the Spanish Conquistadors lived off gold.

It NEEDS death like we need oxygen.

A major part of death training is to degrade the image of the human being. A major part of the degradation of the human image is rape and physical assault human beings. Humans become much easier to kill after the image of the human being has been altered to that of an animal.

Sound familiar?

This is exactly what these foreign “refugees” are doing in Europe.

If these people consider it normal to RAPE and BEAT 600 WOMEN in one night at Cologne, do you think they will have any compunction in MURDERING masses European citizens?

And look at their behavior!

They tell the police they have the RIGHT to rape and a RIGHT to free housing and welfare...AND THEY’RE GETTING IT!

Like the murderous paid foreign masses of the French Revolution, they meander about in large groups, bullying, beating and raping anyone they come across, while the police standby and do nothing.

They’re mien is also similar.

They twist up their faces into glaring, brutal, angry, deranged expressions (they have probably been taught this) to intimidate all bystanders.

They are waiting for the great day, and they KNOW the government is their friend.

They will probably be joined later by Russian and East European killers to help the process along once Europe is occupied by Russian Communist forces.

(What? You think Putin is your Christian friend? see here:


These foreign murdering masses are the ‘sans culottes’ of the coming bloody European purge.

Meanwhile, please notice that Europe is being led by COMMUNIST Francoise Hollande in France and COMMUIST Angela Merkel in Germany, who has appointed former COMMUNIST secret police agent, Anneta Kahane, to censor the German Internet!

So it is somewhat worrisome when the American electorate, who is presently led by a COMMUNIST called Barak Obama and is now being offered the choice of COMMUNIST Bernie Sanders, COMMUNIST Hillary Clinton and TWO suspected Cuban COMMUNISTS called Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, whose parents were COMMUNISTS who ‘repented’ and came to America.

And these agents are facilitating the same infiltration of foreing murderers into America to carryout OUR version the purge.

Communist-run America is now herself facilitating the “Muslim refugee” entrance into America in our own version of the European mess.

But we have other added personnel to our operation.

You might have heard about all the Russian Spetsnaz being brought into our military bases, running around the Northwest and residing in the American West.

Something less heard of are all the Mexican Cartel killers accommodating themselves on our soil with full cooperation of the US Government.

Please understand, these are NOT regular Mexicans.

These are the heartless monsters who have been murdering civilians for fun, turning illegal Central Americans into human sacrifices, torturing people to death and cutting more heads than ISIS and murdering entire families while worshiping a death’s head Virgin Mary called the ‘Santa Muerte.’ (Saint Death)

These people are murderous, crazy psychopaths, who should be rounded up and shot like the rabid dogs that they are.

Instead, what they are...is living here...waiting for the great day.

A fourth and equally terrible group that is standing by are Chinese Special Forces.

Although rumored to stockpiled in Mexico in the same way the Spetsnaz are housed here, Chinese Special Forces don’t actually have to be here until they ARE here.

This is because Mexico is building a line of Chinese-financed ports on its West coast, complete rail and highway connections leading directly to our border.

Add to the this the ‘internal ports’ (airports) being built by China inside the United States and counted as ‘sovereign’ Chinese territory and you’ve got an overnight deployment infrastructure for the Chinese.

The Conditions

It’s easy for Americans to laugh at any notion of being gathered up and murdered by marauding bands of ‘foreigners’ working for the department of public safety, but this is only because they don’t realize the complete collapse and chaos the establishment has planned for America.

The mechanisms for complete collapse are NOW IN PLACE.

By collapse, I mean, no banks, no public services, no welfare, no school...no police.

No police.

People can’t imagine it can’t happen until it happens.

The French never believed the Royal police and Royal army could simply collapse and disappear...to be replaced by the roving murderous bands of the Department of Public Safety.

The Russians never believed the Provisionary Government under Kerensky would first DISARM and then DISBAND the police, but it happened, leaving the foreign-composed roving bands of Bolshevik Red Guards to take control of the capital.

The first thing these ‘guards’ did was KILL the disarmed police and drag their naked bodies through the streets of St Petersburg...they would start on the population at large soon enough.

The painful truth with both police and army is that their disbandment is just one paycheck away and depends solely on what set of traitors are in charge of the government in general.

Unfortunately, America’s Kerensky’s are all at their post right now!

So the killers are here....how will they get to YOU?

There is no better indicator of what they’re planning than the dry-run on Hardin, Montana in 2009.

Hardin was a small, out-of-the-way town which was not only broke, but had volunteered to be the new Guantanamo Bay torture central - and internal Fed-run detention center where ‘terrorists’ could be housed.

As it turned out, Hardin could not (or was required to disband) its own police force, so that the Federal Government could ‘contract’ one for it.

(the Federal Government is now deep into contracting because this practice allows it to hide its wide-ranging illegal and treacherous activities)

As it turned out the Feds hired a PRIVATE FOREIGN OWNED outfit called ‘American Police Force’ to become the new Hardin police.

A little investigation by outsiders would lead them to a SERBIAN owner.

(Note: it is a well-known fact that Serbia has close and wide ranging relationships with the RUSSIANS)

And it didn’t take long for the American Police Force (AFP) thugs to start throwing their weight around Hardin.

Door-to-door visits by AFP began.

Surprisingly, the ‘American Police Force’ personnel ALL seemed to  speak with a foreign slavic accent, even as they paraded around in full paramilitary gear.

They proceeded door-to-door in Hardin, registering and ‘marking’ weapons of law-abiding citizens with giant magnets labeled ‘Hardin Police’ on top of the ‘AFP’ markings on their vehicles.

The reaction of the people of Hardin was mixed - some cooperated, others got flat out hostile - but the ‘legality’ of what was happening was there - these were the de-facto police of Hardin, Montana, though all they really consisted of were a private FOREIGN security firm using RUSSIANS to suppress the citizens of Hardin.

Did I say Russians?

I sure did and AFP vehicles and uniforms all proudly carried the RUSSIAN double-headed eagle as their emblem.

How much more ‘in-your-face’ do you want?

RUSSIANS wearing the Imperial RUSSIAN emblem were running around ORDERING Americans to let them see their weapons and REGISTERING them.

It was a dry run for gun confiscation.

And how much do you want to bet THESE were the Russian special forces you always hear about?

Listen, they DEPLOYED the SPESNAZ at Hardin...

...under the guise of being employees of a private contractor....

...who was taking the place of the defunct Hardin Police Department!

Is THIS how we are going to be presented with the RUSSIAN SPESNAZ SPECIAL FORCES who come to confiscate our guns?

As you already know, the government is alrady HEAVILY STAFFED AND DEEPLY INVOLVED with CONTRACTORS.

It regularly deploys Blackwater mercenaries alongside FEMA in all emergency situations.

It wouldn’t take much of a stretch for the government to ‘contract’ with foreign security firms using CHINESE and RUSSIAN personnel to disarm, round up and ultimately DISPOSE of recalcitrant Americans.

It was already done at Hardin in the form of a dry run on door-to-door gun confiscation.

So there you have it.

When they come they are going to be dressed like our standard SWAT teams, and will identify themselves either as the local police authorities or private security firms assisting or replacing the local police authorities.

My response to any such shenanigans is there is only ONE set of legitimate police forces: City, County or State.

We will not be recognizing PRIVATE security firms as having any authority over us whatsoever.

And to the foreigners ‘working’ for all these private security firms I say

...find yourself a nice, anonymous, piece of American ground...

...where you can be buried and forgotten...

...because this is exactly what is going to happen to you.

Hardin offered us a glimpse into the deployment FOREIGN KILLERS on American soil.

A dry run for the deployment of Russian Spetsnaz and other killers in the neighborhoods of America.

If we get caught unawares by the actual deployment, its OUR fault.

Don’t get misled by all the humanitarian propaganda.


Foreign hordes in one type or uniform or other will take over ‘law’ enforcement once our society is collapsed and our police is disbanded, just like the Hardin Police Department was.

All the ISIS killers, the Mexican assassins, criminals along with murderous Chinese and Russian special forces will find their place at the critical spots where Americans are to be MURDERED, most probably under the careful auspices of the United Nations and various CIA-connected contractors.

At that time, our best choice would be direct, decisive, brutal and total confrontation - total enough to send the clear message that WE WILL NOT BE SURRENDERING OUR GUNS, OURSELVES, OR ANYTHING.

Once that message is sent LOUD AND CLEAR, then you can expect the murderous thugs and authorities to back off and see reason.


And let’s get one thing clear.

The Communists are here...they are here to stay...

...and they are bringing in the murderous foreigners to carry out the PURGE that is part and parcel of their Revolution.

The Communists are here to KILL!

Is it any wonder that the articles which provoke the most attacks and hacks on the Illuminati Conspiracy Blog are those exposing CRYPTO-COMMUNIST Vladimir Putin and the COMMUNIST Chinese?

Can’t have the American sheep waking up to the most important story of their lifetimes - their own slaughter!

Hey! Communism is the future, and it’s going to be built on mountains of rotting and forgotten American bones, just like it was built in Russia and China - 100 MILLION OF THEM!!!!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Rebellion: The Illuminati Tool

The present subject of many of the Hollywood films coming out is rebellion.

Check it out:

V-is for Vendetta, Hunger Games, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Maze Runner, Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, Spectre, Jupiter Ascending, Maze Runner, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Robocop, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Man of Steel, Ironman 3, Oblivion, Elysium, 47 Ronin, Total Recall
Red Dawn.

And as you know, Hollywood is the #1 programming  center through which America and the world have ideas implanted in their heads.

At present, human mentality is one of outrage and rebellion against governments which are out to suppress them.

The truth IS that in actuality the governments of Europe and America ARE suppressing the population, needlessly, foolishly and abusively in a self-destructive trend of behavior.

And the people are getting fed up (as they are planned to be, perhaps?)

Meanwhile the Governments of the United States and the Europe are playing the perfect part of the degenerate Bourbons and corrupt Russian Romanoffs...

...clueless, abusive, corrupt, degenerate, hated governments existing at the expense of the population.

Recently the European Government outdid itself in hatefulness through the unleashing of Islamic murderers and rapists on the European population...while protecting these criminals with police!

Is it possible to do anything worse to bringing down government and society?

Meanwhile in America, even the supposed candidacy of Donald Trump is based on his (and his followers’) rebellion against the establishment.

It seems the population has had enough with the Bourbon king Obama, who forces the penniless to buy expensive health insurance, converts the American job market into part-time employment, and opens the borders to illegals and Muslim criminals...which he legalizes and protects!

Yes - the European and American populations are seething alright...and ripe for revolution.

But is it going to be our revolution...or the Illuminati’s revolution?

Did Illuminati programming central suddenly turn against the Illuminati?

Did the Illuminati propaganda machine go rogue and jump over to our side?

Or is REBELLION the Illuminati plan?

If you look at Illuminati modus operandi, you will see that it is and always has been.

To gain an understanding of the Illuminati way of doing things, we have to look at the history of Illuminati operations past and present.

We have to do this because Illuminati policy is indecipherable unless you look at it within the context of recorded history.

The Illuminati have operated from a basis of division, rebellion, collapse, war, purge and dictatorship for centuries.

Beginning with the French Revolution and  proceeding through the Russian Revolution, Chinese Revolution and continuing with what is happening today in Libya and Syria.

Division - Rebellion - Collapse - War - Purge - Dictatorship.

In fact, Division - Rebellion - Collapse - War - Purge - Dictatorship are the Illuminati stock and trade.

The Illuminati mantra of “order out of chaos” is just the concluding final portion of the Illuminati method.

The truth is the Illuminati have ALWAYS financed wars and rebellion...

Each war and each uprising is, and has always been one step closer to the Illuminati dream of one-world government.

Money seems to magically appear in massive quantities when it comes to war and civil war, even though just a few weeks prior the population was struggling with abject poverty.

(Just look at infinite unlimited funding of ISIS)

And so it has been for quite some time.

The governments of Europe and America (Illuminati-controlled entities that they are) are coming down....

...and will be replaced by governments that are EVEN MORE controlled and more approximate to the Illuminati core.

This is the method of Illuminati ‘change’ and Illuminati ‘evolution’ towards a New World Order.

Division - Rebellion - Collapse - War - Purge - Dictatorship.

It is always the same method.

Let’s look at the method throughout history:

Germany, 1641

The first big Illuminati war was the Thirty Years War (1618-1648) which tore the guts out of the Holy Roman Empire (Germany)...and was actually a civil war within the Empire (at this time the Illuminati were called the ‘Rosicrucians’and it was they who ran the Reformation as well as the resulting religious wars).

The Thirty Years War hit the Holy Roman Empire as the tail end of the Reformation, both designed to create chaos and bring down the ‘Catholic’ Hapsburg hegemony.

Divide and conquer.

This is how the process began:

In a “revolution” Christians were divided into Catholic and Protestant

Protestants rebelled against the Catholic government.

Catholic vs Protestant violence tore German society apart.

Protestant Duchies within and Protestant Nations without allied to fight the Catholic government.

Both Protestants and Catholics massacred each other, confiscated each other’s property and removed each other from power. The Thirty Years War killed 12 million people.


The French population was divided into Republicans and Monarchists.

The Republicans rose up against King Louis XVI, arrested him,  and took over.

Under this ad hoc, violent, disorganized government, French society collapsed, resulting in lawlessness and hunger.

The ‘republican’ takeover provoked the Monarchists to resist and the surrounding Monarchist Kingdoms to attack in support.

At war with Monarchist Kingdoms on the outside and resisting French Monarchists within, the French “Republican” government began to purge the population of all Monarchists, beginning with the King. ‘The Terror’ and the Guillotine are legend and executed at least 1 million people.

The chaos of the French Revolution resulted in the rise of Napoleon and his dictatorship.

USA, 1860

America was divided into Slavers and Abolitionist factions

In 1861 the Slaver South rose up in rebellion against the Abolitionist North.

Chaos spread within both the North and South as boycotts created starvation in the South and forced-conscription created riots in the North (see the final scene from Gangs of New York).

North and South confronted each other in the bloodiest war in America’s history (1 million dead).

The victory of the North resulted in the military occupation of the South and the property confiscation,  removal and blacklisting of all separatist elements within the South and the installation of ‘loyal’ elements.

The American presidency became more powerful and absolute and the US Government more arbitrary and centralized - it has become more so ever since.

RUSSIA, 1905

Russians were divided into Monarchists and Anti-Monarchists

The Anti-Monarchists spread a wave of protests, strikes, riots and assassinations and bombings against the Monarchy

In 1914, Russia entered WW-I: a bloody and costly conflict, which resulted in an Anti-Monarchist uprising and the collapse of the bankrupt government.

The controversial Anti-Monarchists take over of the government led to Civil War between Anti-Monarchist and Monarchists.

The Anti-Monarchists won and initiated a purge of all Monarchists  both during and after the civil war - the Red Terror executed at least 2 million people.

The purge resulted in the rise of Joseph Stalin

CHINA, 1920

The new democratic Chinese government was divided into Nationalist and Socialist

The Socialists rose up against the Nationalists

Conflict between the Socialists and Nationalists in addition to upstart (and mysteriously funded) ‘warlords’ led to the virtual collapse of Chinese society.

China’s weakened and divided state led to invasion by Japan in addition to the ongoing civil war, a condition lasting until 1950 after which the Nationalist lost and fled to Taiwan.

The Marxist-Socialists, having taken control of China, launched a purge to rid the population of all “counter-revolutionaries” and executed at least 6 million people.

The Marxist-Socialist victory led to the rise of Mao Tse Tung.

Now...having observed and understood this Illuminati process,  let’s look at our OWN possible future.

USA, 2020

The US population divided into Conservative (Republican, Conservative, Tea Party, Christians) and Progressive (Democrat, Liberal, Leftist, Marxists)

Conservatives begin to rebel against the Progressive Federal Government resulting in several isolated but bloody incidents

The separation of the states leads to the collapse of the inter-dependent American economy.

Civil war breaks out between the States and involving Conservative and Progressive forces, collapsing the country socially, economically, politically and militarily...opening the way for Russian, Chinese and (Marxist) Latin American troops to enter on the side of the Progressives. This leads to the defeat of the Conservative forces.

To rid the nation of all “Conservative Reactionary Elements’ the Progressive government, with the help of Russian and Chinese troops launches a purge which kills 30 million Americans.

The purge leads to the consolidation of American Presidency as practically a dictatorship lording itself over a rubber-stamp Congress and backed by Russia and China.

This is why I DO NOT want a civil war in this country.

I will not kill my fellow Americans on command for the Illuminati.

I will not take part in the destruction of my country so the Illuminati can rebuild it in their own image.

I know that if there is a civil war in this country, it will be run by Illuminati intelligence agents on BOTH sides and that the outcome will be pre-determined.

If there had ever been a true will to right the wrongs of this country, there would have been highly strung political confrontations across the board, from Congress to State Legislatures to City Councils AGAINST things like Common Core, Obamacare, Homeland Security, Free Preaching of Clergy, Progressive Income Tax, Email Spying, Phone Spying, Phone Tracking, Airport X-Ray security, Vaccination, Wide Open Borders, Obama’s Real Identity, Government Buying 2 billion bullets, Militarization of Police, etc, etc, etc.

Outbursts like Congressman Joe Wilson’s “YOU LIE!” at Obama would have been regular occurrences in legislatures across the nation.

State, County and Local legislative and police authorities would confront the Feds regularly over ‘jurisdiction.’

Instead, what we get is the steady shuffling sound of local officials accepting Federal BRIBES to go along with whatever the Feds want, and the Police lining up behind “Federal Agents in Charge” while stuffing their pockets with Federal money and capital.

No, this is NOT a country rising up and rebellion so don’t come to me with “it’s time to fight” bullshit.

Who’s going to lead the rebellion?

Bildeberg members like ex-Texas Governor Rick Perry?

CIA assets like ‘Governor’ Jesse ‘the Body’ Ventura?

East Coast Establishment lackeys like Donald Trump?

KGB agents like Bernie Sanders?

Freemason Bush (CIA) appointee like Texas Governor Greg Abbot?

Truth be told, if the country is ripe for rebellion, why didn’t a white collar political rebellion start 113 years ago, with he passage of the Federal Reserve Act?  

Shove your rebellion.

And if America is smart at all, she will turn to the budgets, the boycotts and mass non-compliance to carry out the new revolution.