Saturday, February 5, 2011

New World Order = Communist Occupation (PART-III)

A political collapse and disintegration of the United States of America is key towards establishing the New World Order.

The elimination of the United States, its culture and its population is a basic necessity for the New World Order to succeed.

It will be a ‘deserving and massive sacrifice’ so to speak.

What better way to premier the New World Order than with our blood?

The good news is that preventing the collapse is what we have the most control over.

Our fate is in our hands.

If we can hold our country together, we continue.

If our country collapses, it’s all over.

We should therefore shun all those propagandists plants amongst us who clamor for secession, separation or revolution, no matter how highly placed.

We don’t need a revolution.

The one we had in 1776 was good enough.

The Bill of Rights it gave us is good enough.

What we need to do is to preserve our way of life, our government and our Constitution…at all costs.

In the process we need to dis-empower the small elite group trespassing on our Constitution and trampling on our rights.

This is ultimately the same group who will offer us the disbandment of the United States as a ‘good idea’ to better the economic standing of the states.

At present we already have several establishment ‘think tanks’ speculating on how much better off the states will be commercially if they do secede and how it just makes perfect economic sense to secede (especially if the country is bankrupt).

See anything wrong with that picture?

Let's see, ESTABLISHMENT think tanks talking about secession?

Uh, I have a better idea.

How about getting back our country by closing down the Federal Reserve, abolishing the Patriot Act, the Department of Homeland Security,and FEMA, while simplifying our treacherous tax structure and printing our own money.

Failing in the above, the very least we can do is keep our Bill of Rights and our Congress (not the Presidency) – as the most powerful branch of our Federal Government.

True, the Federal Government does things daily which are not only unbearable but flat out intolerable.

But this is the thing...

...everything indicates that it doesn’t really matter…

…because the Federal Government is about to collapse.

What America is being set up for is its own collapse and disintegration…not a Federal dictatorship.

The dictatorship (when it comes) will in fact be INTERNATIONAL, not Federal.

This is why they want to tear the country apart through bankruptcy, riots and civil war.

The bottom line is the true and immediate threat to the New World Order are what’s left of the independent American upper class – those making a half-million dollars or more.

The little people make the statements, but it’s the upper class who make the difference.

These are the people with the money, the means and the will power to put up resistance to a takeover of their money and their assets.

They’ve got the money to print the pamphlets, buy the guns and spread the word.

This is the class that started the American Revolution.

They are the reason the New World Order cannot peacefully merge with this country.

The Illuminati have tried to subjugate our upper class through debt, Federal handouts and Federal contracts, but it hasn't worked.

The truth is that the independent American upper class has too many local councils and law enforcement chiefs in their pocket - councils and cops who will oppose the New World Order.

This is a big reason why we can’t have a New World Order in America by peaceful legislative means.

The other reason is American culture.

Our culture of freedom, liberty, human rights, democracy, republicanism, gun rights and Christianity just doesn’t fit in with the New World Order they have planned.

To initiate the New World Order, THEY HAVE TO GET RID OF US.

Yes indeed, they have been trying to change us for more than 100 years.

But how much have they really accomplished?

More Americans than ever home-schooling.

American Christianity sustaining itself as a major economic, political and social force.

Americans seeing the UN as the problem rather than the solution.

Political candidates who criticize socialism and the New World Order becoming more and more popular.

Celebrities going out into the open to tell the international system to go screw itself.

More Americans than ever are demanding the Constitution be ENFORCED.

More American Christians who will never accept the RFID implanted ID Chip because they believe it is the ‘mark of the beast’ which assures eternal damnation.

So the New World Order HAS NOT succeeded by and large in changing America’s opinion about guns, Christianity, the Constitution, patriotism, socialism, or the implantable chip.

Oh, they tried…how they tried...

...but they failed!

The results are in, and they are just not good enough.

And their ‘final solution’ to the 'American problem' is just about as grim as ‘final solution’ sounds.

America has to be terminated.

A country like America can’t be a part of the New World Order.

(Hear about Rupert Murdoch and some American companies already moving their headquarters to China?)

And even if we were forced into the New World Order, the American public would be nothing but a never-ending source of trouble and a big thorn in the side of the New World Order.

This is why a ‘Yugoslavia solution’ is being planned for America.

As has been mentioned before, the populations of China, Europe, India, Japan and the oppressed masses of Latin America are much more suitable material for the New World Order than America is.

Not only that, but we also have the occult establishment’s sense of ‘balance’ to contend with.

Their mode of thinking involves some sort of balancing act.

For all of America’s economic, social and historical blessing for the last 100 years, she must now pay a gigantic blood debt.

Everything must be balanced, so for every success...America must now suffer every agony.

That is really how these people think!

Historically, all the leading industrial countries of the world – England, Japan, Germany, France, Russia, China – have suffered their terrific agony.

What makes you think America is immune?

And this brings me finally to mass-murder.

Many Americans have stated that Americans will never engage in the mass-murder of fellow Americans.

That is probably true.

But the people at the controls of the American genocide will NOT even be Americans…they will be foreign occupation troops.

I believe at this point I have presented enough detail about ‘the plan.’

I grant you the plan is long and complex, but worth reading to understand it entirely and completely.

Here is the plan for destroying America in summary:

Step-1: Destruction of the Dollar

Step-2: Bankruptcy of the United States

Step-3: Collapse of the American Economy

Step-4: Secession of the States

Step-5: Civil War

Step-6: Economic, Social, Political and Military disintegration of the US

Step-7: Russian Annexation of Alaska

Step-8: Chinese disembarkation in Mexico

Step-9: Russian Annexation of Western Canada

Step-10: Chinese occupation of Southwestern US

Step-11: Russian Seizure of US Strategic Forces in North Dakota and Wyoming

Step-12: Russian, Chinese and Latin American occupation of the US

Step-13: Genocide of the American Population

Now let's consider this final genocide for a moment.

Our government is facilitating our genocide by creating blacklists of Americans, cataloging Americans recording our Internet transactions…and building the camps.

Our government's very own Operation Garden Plot - the official plan for a state of emergency - includes permitting the occupation of US soil by UN troops (if this is not treason, then I don't know what is).

As stated, the ‘purging’ of America will not begin until America is occupied by foreign troops.

Occupation will probably happen under the auspices of the UN (which will now have Russia and China as its sponsors).

Even today, the UN is a Marxist-run institution.

And Illuminati style Communism has been, is and always will be THE political system behind the political mass-murder.

After occupation becomes a fact, the last decent act our government could do would be to destroy the records of all 320 million Americans to prevent them from falling into the hands of the communists.

But it won’t happen.

It is planned that ALL government records WILL fall into the hands of the enemy, along with all internet record (courtesy of Google, an institution run by Jewish Russian national Sergei Brin) and our own treacherous intelligence agencies.

Treacherous organizations like the CIA and the NSA will simply switch hats and become tools of the occupiers, which is exactly what happened following the Russian Revolution when the Okhrana fell intact into the hands of the Communists.

How do you think the Communists knew exactly who to kill?

After the fall of South Vietnam, that country’s records fell intact into the hands of the occupying Communists.

They knew exactly who to go after.

After the fall of the Shah of Iran, the Savak and all its records fell intact into the hands of the new revolutionary government, who put them to immediate good use.

Do you think America will be different?

The lists are already compiled as to what type of people should be killed:

-government leadership
-party leadership
-police personnel
-veterans of the military
-'politically active' people (members, activists, subscribers, protesters)
-gun-related registrants (hunters, NRA, licensees, permit holders, etc)
-assault rifle owners
-writers and journalists
-high school, college and university instructors
-social science graduates
-practicing politicized Christians ('declared religionists')

To call this scale of extermination awesome in scale is an understatement.

A lot of it will be happen months or even years after the occupation as they go through the population’s entire computerized government and Internet records (facilitated by Google, NSA, FBI, Amazon, Twitter and Government and Internet records ).


Multiple laptops have already been stolen containing the identity of EVERY SINGLE MEMBER of the US Armed forces.

Why do you think that is?

And these 'laptops' continue to 'disappear' though no explanation is given for putting all that information on a laptop and the carelessness leading up to the theft.

Our Internet activities are kept as records indefinitely inside super-computers by Google, the Library of Congress and the NSA.

The population that survives the purges will be politically indifferent and ready to take orders – ready to serve the New World Order.

And All the above WILL come to pass IF we foolishly continue to:
-keep the Federal Reserve
-keep the Patriot Act
-keep destroying our Constitution
-keep brutalizing Americans
-keep engaging in useless wars
-keep entertaining the idea of 'secession'

and finally...

-engage in a brutal and self-destructive Civil War

If you haven't guessed, the 'civil war' part is the key to the entire thing.

If we do that, we are done.

Because it won't be a nice war at all if the Illuminati have their say in it.

But in closing, let me stress the word ‘collapse’ one more time.

Tsarist Russia fell because its government collapsed after WW-I

Nationalist China fell because its government collapsed after WW-II.

South Vietnam fell because it collapsed during the Vietnam war.

Cambodia’s legitimate government fell because it collapsed after the Vietnam War.

See all the collapsing?

And after those collapses, all those nations then suffered genocidal purges.

This is the modus operandi of the Illuminati establishment.

And note the involvement of WAR in all these collapses.

It makes it very probable that American involvement in some unpopular war just might precede the collapse of our country as well.

A war with Iran just might be the perfect scenario.

It is under external and internal threat that the final collapse of the United States will happen.

It is under attack from without with collaboration from within that they plan to disintegrate the country.

And with the collapse of the United States will come the occupation of the rest of the world by Russia and China.

The New World Order will be a Marxist dictatorship led by a Russian-occupied Europe and a China-dominated Asia.

The plan is a bit incredible to believe at this point (the here and now).

All I ask is that you keep an open mind to what you have read here...for the next 10 years.