Monday, April 28, 2014

WW-III: A Theatrical Scripted Event

The seemingly soon-to-happen WW-III is looking more like a piece of cheap theater than an actual war.

Have you seen the movie ‘Wag the Dog’?

Made up theater.

Both Russia and the US are playing the roles of World Wrestling Federation heavies, threatening each other in front of the cameras before the big match, with China playing the third party in a probable tag match.

Both America and Russia are presently being led by agents of their respective spy agencies (Obama is CIA and Putin is KGB).

More bothersome...the West is already being led by Marxist suspected KGB assets:

NATO’s Rasmussen is rumored to be KGB

Germany’s Merkel is a confirmed East German Communist Agitation and Propaganda Agent.

France’s Hollande is a KGB run Communist

Our own Obama is a CIA/KGB Marxist Communist friend of Communist terrorist Bill Ayers and Marxist eminence gris Zbigniew Brzezinski, along with many of the heads of his executive agencies.

Is it beginning to look to you like the big wrestling match is being fixed to the benefit of the other side?


When you have people from the other side running YOUR side, you can bet the results are going to be fixed...and not to your benefit.

From the beginning, Obama has PLAYED to the rise of Vladimir Putin.

He messed up the Syrian situation, making it end up with mud on America’s face and Putin with a new halo as world leader.

 Now he is messing up the Ukraine situation by appearing to be the bully while Putin continues his rise as ‘man of the moment’ (just like what happened at Syria).

Please notice that it is OBAMA who is fumbling the ball time after time, making the OTHER team look good.

If there is any one individual responsible for the international prestige of Vladimir Putin, it is Barack Obama.

His behavior has even gone so far as to throw the rest of the world community (and Americans themselves) on the Putin train (did you hear about Alaskans wanting to secede to Russia?)


Obama’s NSA spying-on-allies scandal alienated all our NATO allies and Obama continued the alienation by REFUSING to stop that spying.

Obama’s betrayal of Egypt’s Mubarak and the military removed that rock-solid ally from America’s side.

Obama’s drone-strike and anti-military policies against Pakistan have lost us that solid ally.

Obama’s betrayal of the Turkish military and lay conservatives have lost us Turkey.

Even Qadaffi of Libya, an eccentric but valuable allied was MURDURED by Obama and his country turned over to Muslim fundamentalist chaos.

In short, Obama is demolishing the Western alliance while facilitating the build up of Vladimir Putin.

Is it mere coincidence that both Obama and Putin are Communists?


Simultaneously with his destruction of alliances which took decades to build, is Obama’s destruction of America.

He has systematically destroyed the American food supply by declaring a war on American farmers and ranchers, and turned America into a food-import dependent nation.

He has destroyed wages by opening the floodgates to illegal immigration.

He has destroyed the US dollar through unlimited bailouts, debt, welfare and ‘quantitative easing’ (QE).

He has turned the American public against the government by federally funding and encouraging police thuggery and the arbitrary behavior of local government.

He has purged the US military and reformed it into a force ready to occupy, suppress and control America.

He is pushing for the disarmament of the American public.

At the present he is trying to start another civil war.

Does this sound like a friend of America to you?


Based on superficial observation, you might think Putin and Obama are mortal enemies.

A look at the details reveal otherwise.

It was Obama who was caught with a hot mike (microphone accidentally left on) promising Medvedev to disarm the American military.

People...Obama is a COLLABORATOR with the Russians.

Which brings me to the Punch and Jody of WW-III: US Secretary of State Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

It is incredible to watch these two ‘actors’ threaten each other on TV and then see them hugging each other behind the scenes.

The truth is Kerry and Lavrov are two actors who are playing the part of mortal enemies about to start order to scare everybody.

The first hint of an irregularity came after the ‘Syrian crisis’ when they were first caught shaking each other’s hands, hugging...and almost kissing each other.

After these surprising acts of affection, the two again appeared on screen very tense and pausing between lines to blow air out of their mouthes, as if we had just missed total annihilation by a hair’s breadth.

The entire ‘episode’ was mismanaged and misdirected, surfacing sort of past the peak of the crisis tension, with the result that Kerry and Lavrov looked a bit ridiculous blow-holing after the fact.

Later the two were seen again embracing each other and smiling, like any WWF wrestling actors after a good day’s work.

Lately, a very somber Foreign Minister Lavrov has appeared on TV speaking in English and promising a military reaction to interference in the Ukraine.

Simultaneously, an exasperated John Kerry has been appearing, looking disheveled and surprised at how Russia seems to be dead set on doomsday.

The two continue the act they were playing from the beginning.

Meanwhile, Russia and NATO are getting into the theatrics - Russia by mobilizing forces on the Ukrainian border and NATO by ‘moving troops’ to Poland.

Last count NATO moved a battalion of troops and a squadron of jets to Poland - in military terms, this is a joke, not an escalation.

Meanwhile, journalists on the spot fail to see any of the Russian hordes supposedly on the border....or, for that reason, any meaningful sign of the Ukrainian Army supposedly involved in suppressing east Ukraine.

A recent segment had a group of about a dozen Ukrainian soldiers ‘take’ a road block (no corpses or casualties), moving off, and then having the road block re-occupied by rebels.

What is this? What a bunch of nonsense!

You don’t convince me WW-III is about to start by having two men blow-holing, then moving a battalion and a squadron of planes to Poland while some Russians begin to ‘mobilize’ on the border and a half-platoon of Ukrainians take and abandon a road block.

Last I heard, the East Ukrainians are begging for the Ukrainian Army and police to come in and establish order, and neither of them have showed up....just like the LAPD did during the Rodney King Riots...while a small group of armed thugs take over public buildings.


The upcoming war being a theater does not mean people are not going to die.

The upcoming war being a theater does not mean nuclear weapons will not be used.

Oh no, the actors are real and the dead actors are going to be real too, but the war is basically going to be a scam...and we are going to lose.

If you want to get a gist of how WW-III is going to look like, take a close look at the Battle of France in 1940.

A lot of posturing...a lot of planes...a lot of tanks...a few tiny battles...a quick surrender.

This is what WW-III is going to look like, at least in the European Theater.

The Middle Eastern, the Asian and the American Theaters might look different.


A theatrical war does not mean cities like Islamabad, Delhi, Damascus, Teheran or Pyongyang won’t be nuked. This type of bloodletting would be a part of the theater, what will make it all theater will be the sparing of European, Russian, Chinese and American cities.

Yes, a terrorist or national nukes could wipe out second rate cities like Detroit or El Paso in the US, Xian or Chegdu in China, or Kazan or Omsk in Russia, etc, but the core centers of control of the New World Order: New York, London, Paris, Hamburg, Vienna, Switzerland...will not be touched.

The purpose of the nuclear strikes if any, will be to strike terror in the hearts of the world by showing the results of nuclear strikes on select (mostly Third World)cities.

The same goes for the dreaded ‘tactical nukes.’

No, it would not surprise my if the US or Russia or China use tactical nukes on the battlefield. 

Again, the effect will be mostly theatrical.

This is because in truth (and outside a few select targets) battlefield tactical nukes are almost useless on the battlefield.

Yes, the fact that battlefield nukes were used WILL make everyone’s hair stand on end, but tactically it will mean little or nothing - a large scale tactical offensive will continue regardless of battlefield nuclear weapons.

Again, the purpose of this theater will be terror.

All these nuke-antics will just be theater to foment a doomsday terror psychology in order to facilitate the brining in of the New World Order.

That’s right - the New World Order will be offered as a solution to save us from the nuclear brink.


Meanwhile the lot of the Western alliance: Europe, South Korea, Japan and the US will be collapse and defeat.

Again, this what happened with France in 1940...the only difference being that we don’t even have the favorable numbers France had against the Nazis in 1940.

To oppose Russia and China we don’t have squat.

South Korea could collapse rather quickly before a combined Sino-North Korean attack.

Europe will collapse rather quickly before a Russian attack through the Northern Plain.

The American Navy could be put out of action by the Russian and Chinese Navies using exclusively nuclear weaponry, especially EMP air bursts which will make a battle group’s electronics into useless junk. It has been repeatedly leaked that naval communication between our submarines has been compromised and that the Russians are holding the keys (for a similar situation, see the failure of the German Enigma codes in WW-II).

With the US Navy out of the picture, Japan is open to blockade, starvation and rapid collapse by the Russian and Chinese navies.

Meanwhile, the US is being prepared for civil war and collapse into starvation. Any interruption of the American economic infrastructure will bring both industrial and food production to a grinding halt. More murderous than the civil war itself, will be the collapse and starvation of America.

Recently, some state ‘governors’ and their allies have jumped the civil war card by introducing the secession concept too soon, like Governor (and CFR/Bideberg member) Rick Perry of Texas did, along with many state legislatures.

These CIA assets and Masons are just waiting for the cue to declare secession (after having collaborated with the Federal Government for over 20 years) in order to bring America down.

With the West defeated, all it will take is a standing mutual strategic face-off between the US, Russia and China to make the world kneel before the idea of a new world government which will bring peace.

The West will collapse quickly because it has been prepared for collapse for over two decades, just like the Two Towers were prepared for demolition on 9/11.


So why, in spite of all this destruction, do I still call it theater?

I call it theater because powerful industrial nations like South Korea, Japan, America and Germany will be collapsing before second-rate powers like Russia and China.

I call it theater because most of the nuclear strikes will take place in the Central Asian sandbox and the Asian playpen....not Europe and America (because the power centers of the New World Order are in Europe and America).

I call it theater because the control centers like the EU computer center in Belgium...the Utah Data Center...the NSA headquarters in Ft Mead, Maryland...the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia...the banking centers of London and Switzerland...the masonic center of Paris...the economic control centers of New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Beijing and Moscow....WILL NOT BE TOUCHED.

They can’t be touched because that will be like lobotomizing the New World Order before it is even born - the NWO NEEDS these power centers in order to run the whole thing once its created.

I call it theater because NATO and Japan have little or nothing with which to oppose Russia and China.

I call it theater because Europe will be overrun and America occupied (by Russia and China) without much of a struggle.

The outcome has been prepared and is as phony as a WWF wrestling match.

WW-III will be nothing more than a huge theater to convince the world that it is time for a world government to safeguard us from annihilation.

And, of course, our side will agree, that is, the same side that collapsed us in the first place - our own people in charge.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

We Are Becoming Techno-Slaves

I was watching a documentary on the Internet sales giant Amazon the other day and got to see just how this corporation drives its workers, with technology.


First of all, an Amazon warehouse consists of floor after floor of items in closely packed bins.

Secondly, a worker has to run briskly (almost at a run) to each of these bins, load the items into a giant car, register them with a scanner, run the cart back down to a shipping area and unload and label the items.

Work enough.

But the unsettling part is the worker’s location is ‘tracked’ at all times.

His speed between orders is ‘tracked’ at all times.

His ‘time’ is ‘tracked’ at all times, and a disturbing alarm goes off in his input device if he is ‘falling behind.’

Imagine eight non-stop hours of this.

In other words, the typical Amazon employee is put to work under conditions of extreme duress...a condition created, maintained and supervised by technology.


I was looking over the shoulder of the Taco Bell ‘server’ at the drive-through window and noticed there were four clocks running on a screen over his head.

Three of the clocks (which were counting down the SECONDS) were green, one was red.

I asked the worker if he was being timed and he said ‘yes.’

Further inquiry into this ‘timing’ of Taco Bell workers led to the discovery that they are being ‘tracked’ and ‘timed’ and all this information is being ‘stored.’

That’s right, each employee’s ‘record’ contains a list of his or her ‘time’ in completing customer orders.

This ‘record’ not only accompanies the employee throughout his ‘career’ (if you can call it that), but plays a prominent role in deciding who gets fired.

How’s that for stressful?

Time is money, right?

What ingenious “corporate manager” came up with all these human slave tracking and whipping ideas.

Technology is being used to slave drive the underpaid employee into the ground!


I was talking to some fellow white collar employees of various sorts, and was surprised to discover ‘tracking’ and ‘recording’ was also happening on their end of the economic sphere.

Believe it or not, cameras are now being installed inside work cubicles.

Computers track and record all employee activity, especially when it comes to ‘production.’

All phone conversations are recorded and filed.

Bosses are TIMING employee breaks to the coffee room and to the BATHROOM...all this being recored on the employee’s record, of course.


Meanwhile, a friend who is a teacher has now told me the ‘new’ classroom is run like production line.

There is a CAMERA in the classroom to which the principal apparently has real time access at any time.

Furthermore, this camera is not only records, but ‘files’ the activities of each day.

The poor teacher has not only to keep an eye on the camera, but on his watch because there is a certain thing he must be teaching at a certain time during each day.

He is told what to teach, when to teach it and how to teach it.

To make everything run smooth, there is a ‘commissar’ that busts in at random moments to make sure he is ‘on schedule.’

I am sure technology will soon replace this commissar with something even more real time and more ominous.

Cameras in the bathrooms?

Of course!

It helps cut down on vandalism.

Any sense of human privacy, human dignity or human rights seems to have apparently gone down the oblivion toilet.

Results! That’s what matters.

I can only speculate about all the damaged, mismanaged, lost items and orders created by this ‘time and whip’ system of hi-tech management.

The new ‘ingenious’ corporate corporate culture of timed pressure is, of course, a formula for error.

As to the teacher, it is obvious that reading from a timed script is a formula for a crud education

But of course...the road to hell is always paved with good intentions....and optimistic production quotas.


I don’t have to use much imagination to see that many of the ‘jobs’ now filled by hapless employees like those at Amazon, Taco Bell and corporate offices will soon be filled by robots.

And that in the meantime, the human employee will be run ragged into the ground by robotic technology.

To cope with this, the ‘human’ employee will require new types of electronic and medical intervention to help him or her deal with the new demanding environment.

Whether it be pills or some sort of electronic implants, these desperate, depressed, hopeless and underpaid creatures will JUMP at the chance of any enhancements (see previous article) which will help them accommodate themselves to the new standard.


We are being abused by technology.

In the process, we are being electronically ‘whipped’ and pressured like slaves to accomplish ever increasing quotas of inhuman production.

This is not normal.

The corporate masters need to get a grip...before the population takes things in its own hands...terminates illegal immigration...ends Chinese imports...cuts corporate subsidies...and starts assembling their own more logical and more humane concept of what an economy and a work environment should look like.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Human to Cyborg

You come home pleasantly satisfied and happy after a long day at work.

The door to your house unlocks and opens with a mere thought.

As you walk into your house, all you have to do is ‘think’ for the TV to come on and switch to your favorite channel.

You feel dynamically rested and optimistic as you sit down to enjoy your favorite drink (brought to you by a handy robot upon your mental wish).

As you watch, in the back of your mind you receive a reminder from a loved one - a message sent telepathically over the ether- wishing you a happy birthday.

At the store, you pay for your purchases with a wave of your hand.

All you have to do is think about your bank account to have the correct balance appear magically in your mind’s eye.

Your memory is perfect and you carry your ‘to do’ list in your head, just like you do all the data that allowed you to get your master’s degree in a single year.

As night comes, and you get ready to retire, you program what type of dreams you will have, again by simply wishing for them.

At work or at play, you never run out of energy and are always in a happy, fulfilled, satisfied mood.

Sadness, anger, rage, dissatisfaction don’t exist for you.

You decide to spend some quality leisure time in a virtual world.

Video and even computer games are a thing of the past as you choose to experience any of a thousand virtual worlds either you or someone else has created in cyberspace.

Sometimes you enjoy the virtual experience too much...and you worry about that.

No problem, you simply wish yourself a new timed attitude of getting bored after four hours play and wanting to leave the house...even wanting to go to work and do something productive and challenging.

Your emotions, your feelings, your dreams, your thoughts are your own. You are in total control of them.

Yes...the life of a cyborg is so much more fulfilling, empowered, and happy than a normal un-augmented human.

If something hurts, you shut off the pain mentally on command.

If you become tired you can instantly make yourself active and energetic.

If you are sad, you can make the sadness disappear.

Within bounds, you can push your body to accomplish almost super-human efforts.

You come to think that the day they start manufacturing super-bodies, you (or better said, your brain) might be the first in line for a transference.

Even immortality is within reach as your entire psyche can now be downloaded into cyberspace, where you can live virtually forever as a ‘ghost’ or into a new body so you can live another lifetime...or perhaps even into some cyber world.

You come to think of just how pathetic and animalistic human existence used to be in the past...and how lucky you are to be alive (if you can call it that) in the world of the present.

Humanity has almost become a race of gods...with god-like powers...and is on its way to virtual godliness.

Didn’t a man just do a walk on the moon with nothing but a pair of shorts?

Or another live under water for a year with no external air supply?

If that is not god-like, then what is?

Humanity was on its way to godhood, and anyone not wanting a ticked on the god train was more than welcome to jump off...but on to what?

Disdain? Unemployment? Poverty? Unhappiness? Pain? Suffering? Mortality?

It was undoubted that humanity itself was evolving into a new species combining both man and technology.

The future was not just bright, it was glorious.


The above description sounds idyllic, even paradisiacal.

It will be the image presented to us in the near future as propaganda for the conversion of humanity into cyborgs.

When that future date will be a day of decision.

Will we continue to be human...or give up our humanity exchange for ‘empowerment’?

I have thought deeply about the subject, and have come to the conclusion that we can’t.

The establishment cannot be trusted with augmentation technology...anymore than it has been trusted with the power over the Internet.

What has become of the Internet?

In the hands of the establishment, it has become a mechanism of total universal spying on humanity and a complete destroyer of privacy.

How’s that for an accomplishment?

The lesson?

The establishment CANNOT be trusted with human enhancement technology.

That is why we cannot have it.

Becoming a ‘cyborg’ like the individual described above is an attractive idea.

Enhancement technology WOULD be a big boost to humans IF it was totally possessed, maintained and controlled by the user.

How has our PRESENT enhancement technology been used?

How much of the privacy settings in your email, your search engine, or even your computer do you control?

Your emails and your web browsing is regularly recorded by the government.

Your electricity use is monitored by smart meters.

Your car, its speed, its location, its course, and speed is all recorded...and now electronic boxes have been put in which will allow the police to control your car.

Your private medical information has been spread to the four winds.

Your TV and video game consoles have been equipped with cameras that transmit information 24 hours a day.

In other words, the ‘enhancement’ technology of the Internet, computers and transmitters have been used to TAKE AWAY our sovereignty, not increase it.

True, we have received some benefits in exchange - convenient lightning fast mail, instant access to information, nifty communication devices, etc...but what price have we paid?

We have sacrificed all our privacy - a big part of what defines a human being.

What will we be asked to sacrifice for our enhancements?

Well, the answer is obvious.

Just like the Internet and all the electronic devices have been used to violate our sovereignty, our humanity, our privacy and our independence, so will enhancement technology will be used to obliterate it.

Of course you  won’t have complete control over your ‘enhancements’...there will always be ‘back doors’....with which you could be spied on, influenced and (like our modern cars) completely taken over.

Of course the enhancements will (like our computers and the Internet) carry with them the mechanisms of violation and control - in other words (just like software) you will not legally own any of the enhancing mechanisms which inhabit your body, and, most will be mind-controlled.

So much for the ‘gods’ of humanity.


Let’s get it straight.

The new enhancements which will start appearing in the near future will not only enhance your human capability, but will begin taking away your humanity...and bring you under the control of the singularity.

Remember, its called the ‘singularity,’ not the pluralism.

The individual has no place in it.

Free will has no place in it.

And human sovereignty has no place in it.

In short, the singularity and its accompanying enhancements amounts to just one more scam by the Illuminati.

Will you fall for it?

Monday, April 21, 2014

The Second US Civil War: The Articles

With things heating up in Nevada (with land rights) and Connecticut (with gun rights)...and a second US civil war becoming a distinct is an appropriate time to gather in one place the Illuminati Conspiracy Blog articles on a possible coming Second US Civil War.

The articles are presented in order of relevancy, beginning with the conditions leading up to civil war, continuing with civil war and ending with what will happen in a post-civil war America if we lose.

Only the most relevant and important articles have been selected, so please at least take a look at each one in turn.

Some you may agree with.

Some might make you angrily disagree.

I urge you to at least read the premise and information presented.

Last but not apology in advance.

The Illuminati Conspiracy Blog is an angry, opinionated, loud and blunt upsets people (even fellow conspiracy researchers)...some of the opinions may be correct, others may be incorrect...please at least take a quick look at each of the articles, even if they upset you...if only for the crucial information they might contain.

These are critical times for our great country.

The articles have been specially selected for their relevancy to this crucial point in time.

May God Bless You and Protect You,

The Illuminati Conspiracy Blogger

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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Danger: Special Forces Infiltrating the Militia

I was as glad as anyone about Cliven Bundy’s victory over Federal oppression...but could not help but notice the presence of special forces personnel...on BOTH sides.

Alex Jones recognized and drew attention to this phenomenon.

There were active special forces masquerading as BLM personnel while the ‘militia’ confronting the BLM had some of their own.

You can’t miss these people - the solidly erect posture, the way they carry and deploy their weapons, the tactical sunglasses, the expressionless faces.

Yup, these characters were making up a large part of the ‘militias’ that were present at Bunkerville, too.

Meanwhile, a bearded Black Water type mercenary was the ‘BLM officer’ who came forth to ‘negotiate’ and ‘plead’ with the ranchers. Oh yeah, this guy was a total contract mercenary...which just shows what type of professional contract killers the Feds are ready to unleash on the American public.

On the other side, the mercs were also obvious amongst the ‘militia.’

Erect, wearing tactical sunglasses, bronzed, fit, expressionless and carrying their weapons like professional killers were the ‘special forces’ which, I believe, had been infiltrated amongst the militia.

Which leaves everyone between the two special forces groups as potential cannon fodder rubes for the next false flag.


I have stated before I would not go near any special forces types (and this is what most mercenaries are).

The CIA and the Green Berets recruit jointly.

Green Berets mostly operate in conjunction or directly under the CIA.

In other words, the CIA and the special forces are as close as toes and toenails.

These are not good characters to be around.


A major task of special forces is to provoke.
If the government of  a certain country is hesitant to take on a given internal group, US special forces go in and produce atrocities in the name of this group.

This is what they did in Vietnam.

This is what they did in Rwanda

This  this is what they did in Libya.

This is probably what they did in Iraq and Afghanistan.

And this is what they are doing in Syria.

The reason?

Produce enough atrocities to get two contrary groups to start hating and killing each other.

In other words, their task is to get ‘friends’ of the US to start killing the opposition with glee.

It was common knowledge that the White Supremacist Nazi ideology within the Army was centered amongst the special forces.

Not only was it common knowledge, but it was permitted even after the fact was discovered and documented.


Because posing as neo-nazi White Supremacist provocateurs just happened to be the major special forces mission at the time (and probably still is).


Let’s get the special forces personality type down.

It’s not normal.

In fact, straight up, loyal, honest patriots don’t make it.

There are simply too many doubtful, treacherous, murderous, cold-blooded dirty tricks to contend with.

The personality type of the ideal special forces personnel is one of ammoral aggression.
Any job any time.

The typical special forces personnel is unconcerned with the details of the wrong or right of what he is doing.

A job is just a job, and frequently involved cold-blooded murder...which attracts its fair share of sociopaths into the special forces.


Which brings me to the alarming rate with which special forces have been joining militia units.

Most of these guys don’t even make a secret of it.

The militia rubes are proud to have them aboard and look forward to following these characters.

Personally, I would not follow these characters as far as I can spit.

I would find it a lot more believable if some older, greying special forces men were joining, but the special forces personnel are relatively young (meaning they are active duty).

Militia, don’t be stupid.

Its a known several militia units are Federal government operations.


Once its time to get the ball rolling, it will probably be the infiltrated special forces who will carry out the killing of Federal personnel utilizing skills and equipment above and beyond what any home grown militia could field.

Bombings, snipings, sabotage, massacres...the infiltrated special forces within the militias or simply special forces masquerading as militia will make it happen.

In other words, it will be the murderous actions of special forces which will propagandize the militia as terrorists and justify martial law on behalf of the Federal Government.

This is why those people are in the positions they are in within the militia.

Once these acts happen, I can only ask the public to ask themselves: “could back yard militia have staged such attacks?”

Of course not.


Across the nation, it is special forces personnel who are taking charge in the militias.


And it is happening on both sides.

The Federal Government is also secretly recruiting Black Water special forces mercenaries and dressing them up as the personnel of the government agency of your choice.


The feeling I have at this phenomenon is one of discomfort.

The real militia (and bona fide Federal personnel) caught in between these two groups are cannon fodder waiting to be sacrificed.

What to do?

Uh, militia, get your own leadership...screw the special forces.

What made me laugh was the obvious special forces murderer sent to negotiate with the Bundy cowboys in front of the cattle fence.

This guy looked and smelled like special forces.

The sun glasses, the beard, the posture...the soft spoken voice.

Uh, yeah, many of these guys are amazingly soft spoken (the bigger the killer, the softer the voice). I don’t know exactly why that is - is it a case of  psychological over compensation or their training.

Whatever it is, these guys do not look or act like the stereotypical WWF wrestler...many times its the opposite.


Portions of the Bundy confrontation had too many theatrics for my taste - the mounted cowboys...the flags, etc.

But what really put me off were the obvious special forces personnel ‘guarding’ Cliven Bundy as he made his speech.

It was like looking at Federal thugs who had jumped the fence.

Come on.


All this has place Americans in a difficult position.

The FBI, CIA and DIA have abundant experience in staging false flag terrorist acts - Waco, Oklahoma City, 9/11, Abu Ghraib, etc - especially in conjunction with their partner in crime, the Israeli Mossad.

THE major false flag to justify Federal confiscation of our guns will HAVE to be an open confrontation between ‘armed, patriotic, Christian Americans’ and the Federal Government (most probably with the ‘Christians’ throwing the ‘first punch’ and causing a large number of casualties).

This will open up the new concept of ‘domestic terrorist’ the Federal Government is trying to push in order to demonize the armed, patriotic Christians the government is trying to go after.

It the provocateurs resort to bombing, it is hoped the American public is smart enough to know the militia has neither the knowledge, nor equipment, nor personnel to carry out ANY bombings.

But leave it up to the Feds to treat us as gullible dupes (which, by and large, we are).

Bombings blamed on the militia would be just about the dumbest most unbelievable false flag the government could carry out...but don’t put it past them - they did Oklahoma City, didn’t they?


No matter what happens, we must remember gun confiscation is the reason it has happened.

The Federal Government will use any event or series of events (up to and including a staged civil war) as an excuse to proclaim martial law and confiscate our guns.


You do that and its all over.

At the very least, hide your guns (and retrieve them later).

A disarmed American population is akin to sheep lined up for the slaughter (which will be carried out by UN troops).

In regards to gun rights, what took place in Connecticut has done a lot more for gun rights than would any  type of civil war.

What we need are more Connecticuts...not more Wacos.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

16 Reasons Why the US Is Not a Sovereign Country

Listed below are 16 reasons why the United States is neither a democracy, nor a republic, nor even a sovereign nation.

It has taken a hundred years for us to get here, but it has finally happened...we are no longer sovereign.

Read below and understand why:

America is infiltrated by this secret society, and in fact, has been since before its founding and today every town in America (no matter how small) has a lodge, whose membership is secret, and whose members profit from its membership and which has collaborated in unending illegalities and crimes at the local, state and federal level.

Central Banks
Every dollar our government prints is counted as debt to a private central bank - the Federal Reserve - whose owners (stock holders) remain a secret, and who holds our debt by way of government bonds the government gives it in exchange for the right to print its own money.

Government policy in more than half the states has defined that the individual has no right over what goes into his own body. The greatest violation of this basic right is forced vaccination, which amounts to biological rape, especially when it comes to the dangerous vaccines produced nowadays.

Compulsory Education
Not being indoctrinated is neither a right nor a privilege. Your child must spend most of the day at a government indoctrination facility, and come home to do four more hours of indoctrination homework. Forget child-parent quality time.

When it comes to deciding whether to purchase a product or not, you no longer have a choice: get health insurance...or else. Participate in the medical industry scam or be punished by government.

Income Tax
Americans must pay an unequal and unethical tax, which neither the very poor nor the very rich pay while the taxes of the top 100 corporations is consistently zero and the percentage of the tax increases with income, basically penalizing the more productive members of society.

It’s been gone since 1973, but back by way of executive orders basically promising to make Americans into forced labor slaves for civil or military tasks when the government deems it necessary.

Eminent Domain
Ownership holds no water when the government confiscates your property in exchange for a pittance, especially when it is for a new Walmart, or some other corporate chain it deems more important than your own business.

Take from the poor and give to the rich - local tax dollars paid freely to corporations and private interests in exchange for having them install their money-making facilities continue to receive free tax money...and paying few taxes themselves.

Jury Selection and Manipulation
A random jury of your peers? No. Juries are now carefully selected by the judge (according to how ‘cooperative’ they are) and then bullied by the judge, who basically tells them how to decide a case - this is called Jury tampering and happens on a regular basis.

Internet Spying
Privacy? Everything you do on the Internet is not only spied on but recorded and kept on record indefinitely by the NSA. Your personal preferences, relations, hang ups, obsessions and vices are about as private as a produce bag.

Toxic Water
Your water has been made toxic with brain-destroying fluoride and 23 other chemicals. The government does not want you to be smart...nor very clear minded...nor very long lived.

Toxic Food
You have no choice. All your food has been genetically modified and treated with hormones, antibiotics, vaccines, radiations, chemicals, viruses, colorants, preservatives, and a host of other substances guaranteed to make you die early (and get sick in the meantime), all in the interests of corporate profit, and mandate. Meanwhile, the government prohibits the production of healthy normal food. And you thought you had rights.

You have no right to a healthy environment. Your entire living space is inundated with microwaves (and now low frequency waves) which are slowly degrading your brain and your body thanks to a network of ‘cellphone towers’ and smart meters. Cancer rates are skyrocketing. Sleeplessness is universal. Mind fog and memory loss is a given. The government’s concern about this is the same as the corporations that own it: zero.

No Fly Lists
Travel is not a right, but a privilege, and all it takes for your ‘privilege’ to disappear is that your name appear on a secret ‘No Fly List.’ Once there you have no right of appeal, no right to any recourse, in fact, no right to even know why your name was put on the list in the first place. The only thing you are allowed to know is that your name is on the list...and that you can no longer fly....anywhere.

No Knock SWAT Raids
Your very life comes to mean little when you know you can wake up dead after being riddled with bullets in your own bed by a SWAT team...perhaps even by mistake and through no fault of your own. Hey, life itself has become a random spin of the roulette wheel as even your basic right to life and justice become sparse.


After reading all this, if you still think you are a citizen of a free and sovereign country, then you will believe just about anything.

If, after reading this, you still believe you have any sort of rights and are protected by the law, then your powers of analysis are nonexistent.

The truth is we have lost most of our rights, exist under rules and regulations rather than law, and are subject to mandates instead of justice.

The reality is we have become a police state of slaves, who have been blinded to our condition by endless entertainment, distraction and welfare.

But the time will come when the velvet curtain will drop, we will see the brick wall and we will be presented with our chains.

This is why the time of all out resistance is NOW.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Are We Sovereign?

With society having lost its way and all, and having lost the sense of what sovereignty, rights or even liberty means anymore, it behooves us to define sovereignty once more.

Let’s do this by comparing sovereignty with slavery.


- A sovereign individual forms part of a society voluntarily, remains part of a society through preference and is free to leave a society at will.

- A slave is born into a society, has no choice but to remains part of that society.

- A sovereign individual owns things from which the individual cannot be separated involuntarily or without compensation

- Ownership for a slave is a privilege, not a right. A slave can be separated from his belonging on a whim at any time.

- A sovereign individual has privacy within his own household and person, which cannot be violated except by special individual consideration by a judge or judges of the law

- A slave has no right to privacy and his privacy may be violated at any time

-A sovereign individual has the right to gather and meet with other sovereign individual - it is a right of existence.

- A slave has no right to gather, in fact, a gathering of slaves is seen as alarming by the slave masters and immediate means are taken to disband it

- A sovereign individual has the right to equality under the law

- A slave has differing rights from his master or from the upper class under the law, in fact, there are separate laws for slaves and the masters

- A sovereign individual has the right to his children and children are considered his property

- A slave has no ownership of his own children and the children, the children are considered property of the masters and can be taken away at any moment

- A sovereign citizen has total rights over his own person and his own body which cannot be violated

- A slave has no rights over his own person. He can be stopped, searched, stripped searched, branded or vaccinated upon the whim of the master.

- A sovereign citizen has the right to leave the entirety of the property he owns to anyone

- A slave has no real ownership and his property is mostly if not completely confiscated by the master upon his death

- A sovereign citizen’s will is FELT through the voting booth and his vote makes a difference in the make up and running of the government

- A slave has no real voting rights and slave ‘sessions’ are used by the master to let them vent steam and make the slaves believe their input makes a difference when in fact they make no difference at all.

- A sovereign citizen is at all times respected by government and the police under the law

- A slave has no basis for respect, and is beat brutally into submission by the master at the slightest hint of non-cooperation.

- A sovereign citizen has the right to keep arms and use them for self-protection and self-defense

- A slave, by his very nature, is kept unarmed, has no right to be armed and is severely punished or even killed if he is found to have a weapon in his possession, a slave is not allowed to protect himself when assaulted by the members of the master class

- A sovereign citizen has the right to become as strong, healthy and long-lived as he possibly can

- A slave can be tampered with to make more amenable to slavery, such as cutting the tendons of his legs so he cannot run, or inserting chemicals into his food or vaccines to make him more compliant

- A sovereign citizen provides for himself and depends upon himself for his sustenance and shelter

- A slave owns little and is totally dependent on the master for his sustenance and shelter

- A sovereign citizen has the right to travel where he pleases

- A slave has delineated location where he can go and not go, and he is kept out of his owners pristine areas

- A sovereign citizen can make his location any place he chooses without the knowledge of anyone

- A slave is tracked at all times, as are his activities. The location of a slave must be known at all times

- A sovereign citizen has the right to say whatever he pleases

- A slave must watch his every word in order to avoid insulting his master’s opinions, and can be severely punished for merely stating an opinion that contradicts his master’, which is considered universal truth

- A sovereign citizen, by definition, gets to keep most of what he produces

- A slave, by definition, must give up most of what he produces to the master

- A sovereign citizen educates his own children, or hires those he deems worthy to educate them

-A slave surrenders his children to be educated by tutors supplied by his master

- A sovereign citizen identifies himself

- A slave is forced to carry with him an identity plaque or is branded with identification

- A sovereign citizen has no one overseeing his activities

- A slave has overseers who check his every activity, his home, his children, his work, his attitude and his opinions

- A sovereign citizens co-exists with friends and associates he holds in confidence

- A slave co-exists with stool pigeons who will betray his every remark and opinion to the masters


There is no need to go into all the details of how far along we are in resembling slaves more than sovereign citizens.

Behind a plethora of drugs, food, entertainment and trinkets, the people are being made to forget what sovereignty is...and being made to bow down like slaves - yes, slaves...before a government which has become the simple tool of the economic elite.

It is more than past the time the people understood what a slave is versus what it means to be a true sovereign citizen.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

WW-III: We Are Being Set Up to Lose

Before we get into this WW-III thing (for no good reason save advancing globalism), let’s get a few things straight.

We are being set up...and it isn’t for a surprise party.

The set up of Russia and China as resistors to the New World Order is masterful.

Also quite masterful, is the carefully concealed progression of Marxism across every country in the Third World.

Anything if not ingenious is the careful concealment of KGB-dominated Marxist leaders in Russia along with China still being a hard core Communist country sworn to bury capitalism.

Quite creative has been the lore that democracy is actually spreading across the world, buoyed by America and NATO.

Have you seen how the ‘democracy’ in Bosnia, Kossovo, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt and Ukraine is working out lately?

Let’s see.

Chaos, assassination, murder, bombings, terrorism, kidnappings, instability, crime, economic stagnation, white slavery, social collapse...if this is ‘democracy’ then just let me have tribal tyranny.

No, NATO and America are NOT spreading ‘democracy.’

Under the guise of democratization, their treacherous intelligence agencies are collapsing entire nations and rebuilding them as anti-American entities.

People, what follows is the TRUE reality underlining the next world war we are being conned into:


To fight any ‘world war’ you need industry.

We don’t have any.

We have exported all our industry to China....and so, to a large extent, has Europe...and even Japan.
We do not have the industry to fight a world war.


To fight any ‘world war’ you need masses of fit young men in uniform trained and ready to fight.

We don’t have any.

American ended the draft in 1973 and the rest of Europe ended the draft during the first decade of the 21st Century...and replaced it with a volunteer paid military.

We don’t have enough trained soldiers, certainly don’t have enough reserves and replacements and by no means have enough fit young men.

Worse of all, we now lack even the very concept of military service.

The draft or conscription itself has become something totally alien to the Euro-American mind.

Most Americans don’t even know what ‘conscription’ means.

The American population in particular not only has no notion of military service, but is both psychologically and physically unready, unprepared and incapable of performing military service at all.


To fight any ‘world war’ you need to be entrenched within a defensible piece of territory.

NATO is stretched beyond all capacity to defend itself.

When you have a ‘front’ running from Norway, down through the Baltic states and continuing on with Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Rumania, Bulgaria...and finishing up in Turkey - for a length of two thousand four hundred miles, what you’ve got is basically an un-defensible front.

Especially if you have no conscription and token-sized armed forces which have been reduced even further with downsizing.


To fight any ‘world war’ you need sizable armies and tons of materiel.

NATO has little when it comes to war material.

Without conscription, NATO European forces have become even smaller and more pathetic than they were before they got rid of it.

If armor is a measure of military power, the UK, France and Germany each basically has the equivalent of a single weak armored corps...the US has
one and a half.

A lot of NATO equipment looks modern, but there’s hardly any of it.

The new Lecrelc tank has been cancelled.

The new F-22 Stealth Fighter has been cancelled... have a plethora of other NATO dream weapons.


To fight any ‘world war’ you need towering depots consisting of hundreds of thousands of tons of ammunition.

Unfortunately, NATO fails here too.

The alliance has been caught embarrassingly short of ammunition even in short limited conflicts like the Gulf War, Bosnia and Libya.

This is an important point here.

NATO has been running out of Ammunition after a few weeks of combat in small, limited battlefields like Bosnia and Libya.

If NATO begins running out of ammunition during silly little operations like these, then what will happen when a WORLD WAR happens?


To fight any ‘world war’ you need highly motivated, dedicated, tough and well trained personnel.

What type of personnel make up NATO?

In a very socialist fashion, NATO’s main recent mission seems to prove that men, women and homosexuals are all equal and equally capable.

To prove it, NATO has put men, women and open homosexuals together inside co-ed units due to some sort of politically correct obsession.

This combination has lowered the combat effectiveness of NATO units to zero.

The co-ed Dutch contingent recently proved so combat ineffective that it could not even carry out its limited security missions inside Bosnia and had to be withdrawn.

If you can’t even tackle a limited combat patrol deployment like Bosnia, how are you going to tackle the Russians?

And NATO navies aren’t doing much better.

NATO warships have become steaming pots of enough sexual liasons, jealousies, sex, love triangles, obsessions, revenge, distractions to make for a prime time soap opera.

Recently  US warships can’t seem to help ‘grounding’ themselves off coasts all over the world...

...and capital warships like the USS Reagan have shown themselves unable to cope even with simple radioactive environments (like the Fukushima coast) poisoning their entire crews with radiation through neglect and incompetence (in case you don’t know, the Reagan is a nuclear carrier carrying nuclear weapons).

US soldiers now have a record ‘suicide rate’ and (regardless of what they tel you) morale is rock low in the US Army (an army that considers a combat mission ‘a job.’)

So, no, the few paid personnel NATO has manning the front are not an impressive group of people.


To fight any ‘world war’ you need an ideology, whether it be nationalism, democracy, freedom, revenge etc.

What ideology does Europe and NATO have?

Well, the European Union is simply an economic bloc whose ideology is money, welfare, benefits, standard of living, subsidies, civic duty and internationalism.

How far is all that going to buoy your morale when you have to fight off waves of enemy attacks from a filthy, muddy trench?

How about our professional armies?

Well, they don’t operate based on the concept of ‘duty’ any more...they now see everything as a ‘job.’

They get paid a certain salary every month and they have certain jobs to do.

And ‘dieing for your country’ is not one of those jobs.

From what they tell me of the US Army today, the word ‘duty’ and ‘esprit d’corps’ are not even mentioned...instead, everything is referred to as a ‘job’ which is the reason (joblessness) most people join anyway.

So no, I don’t see how an economic bloc whose ideology is based on welfare and subsidies and an army who sees a combat mission as a ‘job’ is going to put up any steely resistance.


To fight any ‘world war’ you need an economy strong enough to fund and finance a war.

War is outrageously expensive.

You need mountains of money to fight one...especially if it is a WORLD war.

So how is it that America and NATO are going to fight WW-III...

...if they are now totally BANKRUPT?

The US is more than $17 trillion in debt and its dollar is about to collapse.

The Euro is steadily declining in value while the  European Union is economically troubled and certain members like Portugal, Greece and Spain are already collapsing into economic chaos.

So where is all the MONEY going to come from with which we are expected to fight the next world war?

Not only do we NOT have a stable currency...

...not only do we NOT have a viable balance in our accounts...

....not only are we submerged in debt...

...not only do our governments lack any sort of hard metal currency...

...but our economies are themselves collapsing.

How are we going to finance a WAR with that?


The least you need for any world war is a close concordat with your allies.

You need your friends close, trusting, supportive, collaborative and agreeing... know, the sort of relationship we had with England during WW-II.

Unfortunately, NATO and America don’t even have THIS.

The recent NSA scandal has alienated the European leadership from America.

The unattended and neglected governments of the Third World have fallen to America-hating, pro-Chinese and pro-Russian governments.

Europe no longer trusts America.

Meanwhile America’s large scale betrayal of Middle Eastern and Third World countries has made them distrustful - the populations of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Saudi Arabia and even Turkey (a NATO member) now hate our guts.

In other words, the alliance with which we are supposed to fight the next world war has all the consistency of taffy.


To fight any world war you need a certain degree of homogeneity - a degree of agreeable sameness so to speak - everybody on the same sheet of music.

How much homogeneity does Europe and America have?

Both ‘countries’ are being socially torn apart from within.

Europe is being torn apart by its ballooning Muslim population, its unemployed, and its skyrocketing crime.

America is being torn apart by its burgeoning conflicts between state and government, Christians and Government, minorities and whites, Democrats and Republicans, retirees and bureaucrats, business and regulators...and its collapsing job market.

The government here in America already is getting ready to go to war... against the American people, for crying out is it going to go to war against Russia and China?

How are either of these non-homogeneous, conflicting and collapsing societies  going to fight WW-III?


To fight any world war, you need an opponent you can actually and in all truth take on, in other words, an opponent you have sized down, studied, weakened, isolated and set up to be defeated.

What do our OPPONENTS in fact consist of?

Two gigantic countries - Russia and China - who have

    -armed to the teeth

    -unified under a single ideology (nationalistic resurgent imperialism for Russia / Marxist anti-Western revenge-ism for China)

    -continued universal conscription throughout their history

    -INCREASED the numbers and quality of their armed forces

    -access to enough hard currency, money and natural resources to wage a war

    -industrialized instead of de-industrialized

    -populations aching for war against the West

    -a nuclear stockpile three times our own

People...these are the types of enemies you build up to DEFEND against, NOT try to provoke or attack.

Yet in spite of all this the West seems to be on a crazy pecking spree against Russia and China, seemingly seeking to provoke these nations into coming to blows.


To fight any ‘world war’ you need a highly capable diplomatic corps, planning the moves, making the alliances and sewing up the international relations to make a successful war happen.

The problem is we don’t have any such statesmen.

While Russia has Bismarck and Metternich...we have Soupy Sales and Howdy Doody.

What was that Third rate performance over Syria that ended up with NATO-America with egg all over their face...and Russia pushed to new heights of international prestige?

What is this new situation in the Ukraine?

America and NATO make one useless threat after another, draw one useless line-in-the sand after another, showing the whole world how useless and desperate they are...while they try to influence events in a part of the world that is way too far from their spheres of influence.

Meanwhile, more and more, its coming out Russia (and China) are not only holding all the political cards...but all the economic ones as well!

All this as just-about-useless NATO goes around trying to start WW-III.

What NATO is doing is behaving like one of those uppity new chicks that go around pecking all the adults until it gets its guts pecked out of it by the real birds...or a fat bully that gets the tar knocked out of him by a trained boxer.

NATO and America, it seems, have lost all sense of reality.


Just like Hitler near the end of WW-II promised the German soldier to keep fighting because wondrous new weapons were on the way, NATO and America are shrugging off their pathetic conventional forces by saying that conventional forces are obsolete...and that THEY have a new secret arsenal of paradigm-changing weapons which can wallop the enemy in minutes.

I hear a lot of talk about these weapons - HAARP, orbital platforms, drones, lasers,stealth aircraft, satellite weapons, fire-and-forget missiles etc, etc...but have yet to see any demonstration of their power.

If the super-drones we are all so proud of are an indication of these weapons, then their easy takeover and confiscation by the Iranians and the Russians is a real warning that our secret super-weapons might not be all they are being made up to be.

My question to oh-so-sophisticated NATO is very simple: how the hell are you going to stop a mass tank and infantry attack across open ground?


To fight any ‘world war’ you need bona-fide leadership composed of legitimate, outstanding, upright, leaders.

Unfortunately, NATO and America seem to lack any real statesmen...

...and I mean that literally.

The President of France, Francoise Hollande, is a standing member of the Communist Party.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is an ex Communist Agitation and Propaganda agent (agitprop) from East Germany.

Like Merkel, Germany is heavily infiltrated by ex-KGB assets who have come in following unification with East Germany...and have been inexplicably promoted to the epitomes of power.

The EU and NATO itself has been heavily infiltrated by KGB assets from the formerly Communist Eastern Europe.

On the other hand, our own President Barack Obama is a suspected Marxist, the son of two bona fide communists, and an acolyte of Marxist terrorist Bill Ayers and Marxist professor Zbignew top off the cake, this impostor is unable to prove just where he was born, what his real name was, or if he ever really attended Columbia University.

Is this the man you want to lead you in a war?

The trump is that Russia seems to be run by the old Communist Party apparatus (Putin is a KGB agent)...and  Russia seems to be a secretly Communist-dominated country.

On the other hand, China is an OPENLY and proud Communist country.

When you understand this, you understand why going to war with the type of leadership we have today in NATO and America is especially DANGEROUS.

So what are we seeing here?

A military alliance...readying itself to go to war against two communist powers...led secretly by communist agents.

If that isn’t a recipe for total disaster...I don’t know what is!

And the rest of NATO-America leadership?

Paper pushers, salary collectors, clock watchers, opportunists, liberal leftists, yes men, career politicians, bureaucrats, sell outs, informers and intelligence assets...uh yeah, we have a real chance of winning with these people at the helm.


Europe and America are being set up for the fall in the next upcoming world war.

Simply put, we will lose...and we will lose quickly.

Many American and European leaders are suspect Communist agents at the service of the Russian KGB (which also dominates Russia).

Yet, in spite of our weakness...the ‘leaders’ of Euro-America seem to be doing their very best to involve us in a conflict with Ukraine...and the Black Sea?

Talk about trying to start a war in the enemy’s back yard.

So not only are we weak...but we are trying to start wars in geographic regions we can’t possibly protect.

No will, no armies, no weapons, no ammunition, no economy, no money.

Yet we are pushing for war.

Not only that...but our very leaders are turning out to be suspected agents of the same enemy we are preparing to fight.

If this doesn’t smell like a set-up to you, then I don’t know what does.

Given the circumstances (and to make a long story short) WW-III stands to not only be over very quickly...but end with Europe occupied by Russia, Korea and Japan occupied by China...and a possibly collapsed United States (if it erupts into civil war) under the occupation of Marxist troops under the blue helmet of the United Nations.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Threshold Has Been Reached

The threshold has been crossed.

You can hear it.

You can feel it.

You can smell it.

You can touch it.

I felt it last week.

And a lot of what led to it is the way things have not...and will not change.

Obama continues and will continue to write his executive orders as if he were some sort of monarch.

The State Department continues and will continue to provoke Russia and China into some sort of conflict to distract from the collapsing economy.

Congress continues and will continue to act as a cowed and blackmailed...yet aggressively ineffective institution, standing aside as Obama an his bureaucrats basically take over the country.

The police aren’t going to change either.

Now just another murderous thug force, it reached its peak of abuse with the March 16, 2014 release of the Albuquerqe Police murdering a compliant homeless man who verbally tried to calm them down and assure them of his compliance.

Moreover, the police did not just kill him, they had fun with him before he was killed, during his killing...and after he was killed, using all the ‘law enforcement’ weaponry at their command...including an attack dog.

Later, the Albuquerque Police Academy Director, an ex-US Army colonel and likely CIA/DIA plant, Joseph Wolf was questioned about his curriculum for the training of the murderous Albuquerque Police.

Not only did this Federal plant refuse to reveal the curriculum, but he threatened to burn all of it before exposing any of it to the public (this is typical intelligence agent procedure).

The Albuquerque Police have killed 7 inhabitants of that small, low-crime city per year since 2010.

I remember my reaction to all of this.

It wasn’t rage, it wasn’t was resignation...a black, dark, nihilistic type of resignation.

“So that’s the way it’s going to be” I thought to myself “the police aren’t going to stop...or change...or reconsider...anything...the whole thing is going to continue until it reaches a threshold.

The threshold came a week later.

It came on many levels.

Like I said, you could feel it, sense it, smell was almost palpable...and it wasn’t just in Albuquerque.

Albuquerque erupted into protests against police brutality, which reminded me of the type of protests the Third World has against THEIR brutal, corrupt and murderous police.

Too late, the pressure valve release agencies - the Department of Justice and the ACLU - showed up and announced to all the outraged that they were ‘investigating’ the Albuquerque Police.

Too late, jerks...and screw you.

A week after that a Nevada rancher also reached a boiling point when he refused to take his cattle of re-delineated (against his favor, of course) ‘Federal’ land and stopped paying the grazing fees.

Basically this rancher, Cliven Bundy, told the Bureau of Land Management of the Federal Government to go to hell and to fuck off...and that if they had a problem with just try to get to him.

From there, I just felt the threshold locally.

People are becoming surly and ornery.

Respect, trust and popularity of what is called our ‘government’ is at an all time low.

The threshold is here... you feel it?

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

War is a Scam

War is a scam.

Has been...

...since the Romans were slaughtered by Hannibal...and the English by the Normans...because they were sent into battle without cavalry.

...since the flower of French Royalty were ordered to ride into slaughter pens called the battles of Crecy, Poitiers and Agincourt...

...since blocks of humanity were forced to act as sponges for artillery fire during the Thirty Years War...or Napoleon assembled giant columns of men to march against massed cannons...

...since the English were forced to slow march into machine gun and artillery fire at the Somme....

...or the Russian soldiers forced to run up against German machine guns...with Russian machine guns at their back during WW-II...

...or our own boys...forced to act as Human Mine Detonation Devices in Afghanistan and Iraq.


War is a scam alright...a bloody one.

Only the Aztecs openly took it for what it really was.

You see...the Aztecs were a society that developed in isolation, outside the hypocrisy of other civilizations...

...and they had wars too.

The only difference between the Aztecs and the rest of the world was that they made no secret about the REAL reason behind war:

To the Aztecs, the official and open reason behind all war was...

...the simple method by which mass human sacrifices were offered to the gods.

Don’t believe it?

All you have to do is fight in one...or at least study one critically and in detail (like I do) find out something just ain’t right.

War isn’t just isn’t just’s also a total and complete scam.

People who die in war...die for nothing...or at least not for the reasons they are told they are dying for.

Having dedicated myself to the minute and detailed study of military history for decades...I have come to the conclusion...

...that war begins under false pretenses...

...continues under false pretenses...

...concludes under false pretenses...

...with the winner and the loser determined before hand...

...while a select few ENRICH themselves through its practice.


...war seems to be a simple and disguised continuation of the ancient tradition of mass human sacrifice.

Yes...there really is a reason why they ask: “can you handle the truth?”

And truth...especially when it comes to ugly.

Let’s look inside the ugly innards of war piece by piece, shall we?


Why wars ever really begin only the Devil knows (and perhaps he should).

Regardless, all the reasons given historically for their commencement are false.

The people don’ want it...and if they do, they want a very short and happy ones (meaning their side wins).

The Spanish-American War of 1898 and the Falklands War of 1982 are good examples.

Short, neat and happy (that is, for the US and Britain).

Forget the few unlucky dead and maimed.


But then there are the Long Wars.

The people don’t want them.

The government doesn’t want them.

The leaders don’t want them...

...yet they happen...and they continue way past the time where they will actually accomplish anything...or the countries supposedly having enough money to continue running them.

Oh...almost forgot.

Did I mention that, regardless of economic deprivation of the people...there is ALWAYS ENOUGH money for war?

You bet there is.

This is why they become so long while the truth is the winner and the loser become obvious after the first two which the war should end...but doesn’t.

The Thirty Years War, The Wars of Louis XIV, The Wars of Frederick the Great, the Napoleonic Wars, WW-I and WW-II are all wars which went on WAY beyond the economic capacity of any of the combatants to fund them.

It is no coincidence that we had our first WORLD WAR the same year the world central bank system was completed with the founding of the American Federal Reserve.

The world central bank system makes possible the unlimited production of fiat money...and the unlimited funding of war.


The outcomes of war is predetermined.

Frequently the leaders who lead their respective populations to war already know this.

Many more find out only once they have been sent to one.

Many German generals told their subordinates they would LOSE WW-II, but that they were  still obligated to obey orders.

Japanese Admiral Yamamoto told his commanders they would LOSE the Pacific War, but that the Navy was still honor bound to fight it.

President Johnson told those in confidence that he knew America would LOSE the Vietnam War even as he got the war rolling.

What did these high up men know...that all the unfortunates destined to be killed in the war did not?

But I guess there is very good reason to keep the masses ignorant of the ‘fixed’ nature of war.

The very existence of a preconceived outcome would be Reason enough to keep that very thing a SECRET, don’t you think?

Why...if one didn’t...what would wars look like?

The masses would think ‘why bother to fight a war whose outcome is already predetermined?’

Should the masses ever find out that the outcome was predetermined...why...they wouldn’t fight at all! (why die for a fixed game?)

All that necessary blood letting would end.

Can you imagine a war in which all the combatants knew the outcome was fixed?

It might start to resemble bloodless Native American tribal warfare, where counting coup and hostage-taking became more important than killing, and, that in fact, hostilities came to an end in open field combat the minute someone was killed or injured.

Outcomes and surrenders would be simply decided by superiority of numbers and position.

You got three hundred men in front of my one hundred...OK, I give up!

Or I’ve got an artillery barrage aimed at you...YOU give up!

No need to sacrifice and die for a war whose outcome is PREDETERMINED.

Why, if the masses knew the outcome was already decided, the war would resemble a glorified war game maneuver exercise instead of a real war.

So there is good reason to keep the masses ignorant.

Don’t let them find out war is a scam...until they actually get to the battlefield.


In WW-I the Germans found out when the same government that had submerged them in four years of war...‘surrendered’ to the allies before they even set foot in Germany.

In WW-II Poland found out when despite the  ‘defense treaty’ she signed with Britain and France...neither Britain nor France lifted a finger to protect her...when she was invaded first by Germany....and then by Russia.

In WW-II France found out when its own generals LET the Germans in and its air force had more planes at the armistice than it had at the beginning of the war.

General Patton found out when he was ordered to halt his victorious advance...and let the Russians have all the territory he could have easily liberated weeks before. The only difference was that Patton was planning to come home and tell the people. They took care of him. The OSS crippled him in a car accident...and later murdered him in a hospital.

Nationalist China found out when their supply of ammunition was cut off by the United States as they tried to fight off the Russian-backed Communist Chinese.

General MacArthur found out after he was removed from command for trying to push the enemy back to the Chinese border.

Our soldiers in Vietnam found out when they discovered there was an enemy they were not allowed to kill...targets they were not allowed to bomb...boundaries they were not allowed to cross...objectives they were not allowed to engage.

And South Vietnam found out too...when that country was abandoned by America...and left without a single cartridge with which to oppose the advancing North Vietnamese Army.

Cuba’s Batista and Nicaragua’s Somoza found out when they were blockaded by the United States...even as they were attacked by well supplied Communist guerrillas.

In the Falklands, the Argentine commanders found out when they received untrained recruits with which to fight British commandos...most of their bombs mysteriously did not work...and their own commander ordered them to throw down their weapons and surrender...or be shot.

Pat Tillman found out when he saw American soldiers protecting the poppy fields...and was about to come back home and tell the fans...but he never came back...the people in charge made sure of that.

War is a scam.

It is always a scam.

We all knew the occupation of Afghanistan was an unwinnable quagmire even before the first American soldier set foot in that place...we went anyway.

And we always find out in the end...don’t we?


World War Three is presently in the making, with a Western alliance that has abandoned conscription...disbanded its heavy formations...and mothballed most of its ships...

...who do you think is going to win this one?

I could go on and on how war is a scam and how those who fight in it are screwed, but even a partial account would take up a sizable book.

So let me conclude with the purpose of war.


War is a scam.

It happens for reasons other that what the public is told it is happening over.

War is simply an agent of change...used to change society one step further towards globalism.

The other reason is....

...simple human sacrifice.

After all, the New World Order requires oceans of blood.

Ever hear that word, ‘sacrifice,’ in relation to military death?

Of course we have.

War has pretenses which are totally different from what the government and the media tells us it is.

A forgotten quality of war is its most obvious.

War destroys.

It destroys morality.

It destroys religion.

It destroys economies.

It destroys governments.

It destroys societies.

As such it is the perfect mechanism of ‘change’ used by the Illuminati in their ongoing method of ‘order from chaos.’

War is an agent of change.

Before something is rebuilt, it has to be destroyed.

War is the destroyer.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Knock on the Door: Why We Keep Guns

A lot of fancy ideas have been expressed about the reason behind the 2nd Amendment - the right to keep and bare arms.

    -to empower the states with a local militia

    -defense against the illegal encroachments of government

    -to defend the United States in case of invasion


My outlook on the 2nd Amendment is very blunt and very visceral.

A gun is the only thing that gives an individual sovereignty.

As regards to the people ‘rising up’ I am a conceptual pessimist.

The people have little organization, little money, little communication and little collaboration.

Its the upper class who organizes the people to rise protect its own interests.  

So it is not the people who rise up, but a segment of the upper class, who proceed to finance and organize an safeguard their own interests.

This is what happened in the American Revolution.

The American upper class threw in its treasure, its capital and its future to keep the new tyrant, King George III, from confiscating it.

The French Revolution was a battle between the thoroughly corrupted, degenerate, bankrupt and infiltrated French upper class...vs the stolid, disciplined and united Rothschild dynasty.

Guess who won?

The American Civil War was caused by a struggle between the Southern plantation class and the Northern capitalist (Rothschild-backed) class.

The interest is always self interest...and involves capital.

We are presently waiting for our corrupted, degenerate, bribed and infiltrated upper class to take some action against a Rothschild government that threatens to confiscate all its wealth.

Well, some things are happening.

For example, the Tea Party...and various alternative media organizations...are financed by what’s left of  our upper class in order to stop this Illuminati-Rothschild-Marxist government we now have...which threatens to confiscate all their wealth (just like the government of King George).

If a ‘revolution’ happens, it’ll be because what’s left of the American upper class has finally thrown it its hat to try to protect its capital against the confiscations of the Federal Government.

You can decorate this with all the Constitutionalism, patriotism, idealism and Americanism you want.

Nothing wrong with it.

Protection of capital is the way of the world.

But continuing with my concept of owning a gun.

Regardless of whether the upper class rebels or not against some other imposing upper class, the people should have the right to own guns.


Because of the knock on the door.

I have read about it throughout history.

A takeover happens...the government collapses or is deposed...a new tyranny takes over...then the knocks on the door begin.

Think Stalinist Russia, Nazi Germany, Maoist China or Pol Pot’s Cambodia.

With the legitimate elected government deposed....and a new bureaucratic tyranny is time to eliminate the ‘counter-revolutionaries.’

Anyone who has caused or has the potential to cause any opposition to the new established tyranny is sought out and arrested...frequently for low key execution.

In most of the accounts I have read, the targeted individual sits there simply cowering as the dreaded ‘knock on the door’ happens in the middle of the night.

Then he either gathers up enough nerve (or cowardice) to open it...or the mysterious men simply kick the door in (the neighbors know better than to interfere).

Normally, the sheep goes quietly to the slaughter...which finally ends up claiming the lives of millions.

He goes quietly to the slaughter because he is unarmed and the men outside the door ARE.

But let's change the situation a little bit.

The cowering man is now ARMED.

He knows what the knock on the door means.

He knows his time is up...and all he has left in this world is a legacy of whether to go out with a whimper...or a BANG.

In other words, to take his tormentors with him.

How messy and troublesome for the state executioners!

Can you imagine all the trouble, chaos....and danger when they try to kill off 10% of the targeted population?

Yeah...that is what I am talking about.

Taking your tormentors with you.

When you take up arms against whatever it is that calls itself ‘the state’ it is because you have little or nothing to lose and you are willing to die.

In other words, things have gotten so dire, rotten and out of control, that you are willing to DIE rather than continue complying.

An ARMED population makes the ‘knock on the door’ an impossibility.

This is because every ‘knock’ on every door will open the possibility of tumult, violence and chaos....all the things a government really hates.

What will the result be then?

The knocks...if begun...will stop.

If they don’t stop at the first...tenth...or twentieth door, they WILL stop.

The mysterious men won’t have the guts, the dedication or the bravery to keep kicking down one door after another when they are confronted with gun wielding nihilists.

In fact, after a while, the state probably won’t have enough mysterious men to keep the knocks going.

Solzhenitsin, the Russian who wrote ‘Gulag Archipelago’ underlined that while in the Gulag death camps he and his companions never stopped lamenting each passing day with the thought that if they had only resisted the mysterious men with pans, butcher knives, irons and pokers (the Russian population had never been allowed to keep guns)...that the purges would have stopped.

Get it?

Solzhenitsin was TORMENTED by the fact that he and his comrades had gone quietly and PINING at the fact of not having killed his captors instead.

This is why I have a gun...

...and I will never surrender my gun.

If they come for my gun, I will either use it...or hide it.

If it is confiscated...I will get another one.

I will ALWAYS have a gun.

Whatever happens to the state, or the government, or the revolution...

I will never be a head of cattle to be slaughtered by the state...or by anybody.

I will always be a sovereign human being even if I have to be a dead human being.

This is why I keep a gun.

If EVERY American had this attitude, then the American people will never have to come to fear the ‘knock on the door.’


The good news is it probably won’t even have to come living room battlefields.

It is the mere EXISTENCE of guns in the hands of law abiding citizens that keeps the state from ever ‘knocking on doors’ (that is, to purging the population).

In other words, we keep our guns, the purge will never happen.

This is why I keep my guns.


America, you are safe as long as you keep your guns.

America, the minute you surrender your guns is the minute you become slaughterable cattle.

Keep your guns under the rights guaranteed to you under the Constitution...

...or suffer the fate of the Russians under Stalin, the Germans under Hitler, the Chinese under Mao or the Cambodians under Pol Pot.

Our guns are the only thing that keeps us sovereign and free.