Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Knock on the Door: Why We Keep Guns

A lot of fancy ideas have been expressed about the reason behind the 2nd Amendment - the right to keep and bare arms.

    -to empower the states with a local militia

    -defense against the illegal encroachments of government

    -to defend the United States in case of invasion


My outlook on the 2nd Amendment is very blunt and very visceral.

A gun is the only thing that gives an individual sovereignty.

As regards to the people ‘rising up’ I am a conceptual pessimist.

The people have little organization, little money, little communication and little collaboration.

Its the upper class who organizes the people to rise protect its own interests.  

So it is not the people who rise up, but a segment of the upper class, who proceed to finance and organize an safeguard their own interests.

This is what happened in the American Revolution.

The American upper class threw in its treasure, its capital and its future to keep the new tyrant, King George III, from confiscating it.

The French Revolution was a battle between the thoroughly corrupted, degenerate, bankrupt and infiltrated French upper class...vs the stolid, disciplined and united Rothschild dynasty.

Guess who won?

The American Civil War was caused by a struggle between the Southern plantation class and the Northern capitalist (Rothschild-backed) class.

The interest is always self interest...and involves capital.

We are presently waiting for our corrupted, degenerate, bribed and infiltrated upper class to take some action against a Rothschild government that threatens to confiscate all its wealth.

Well, some things are happening.

For example, the Tea Party...and various alternative media organizations...are financed by what’s left of  our upper class in order to stop this Illuminati-Rothschild-Marxist government we now have...which threatens to confiscate all their wealth (just like the government of King George).

If a ‘revolution’ happens, it’ll be because what’s left of the American upper class has finally thrown it its hat to try to protect its capital against the confiscations of the Federal Government.

You can decorate this with all the Constitutionalism, patriotism, idealism and Americanism you want.

Nothing wrong with it.

Protection of capital is the way of the world.

But continuing with my concept of owning a gun.

Regardless of whether the upper class rebels or not against some other imposing upper class, the people should have the right to own guns.


Because of the knock on the door.

I have read about it throughout history.

A takeover happens...the government collapses or is deposed...a new tyranny takes over...then the knocks on the door begin.

Think Stalinist Russia, Nazi Germany, Maoist China or Pol Pot’s Cambodia.

With the legitimate elected government deposed....and a new bureaucratic tyranny is time to eliminate the ‘counter-revolutionaries.’

Anyone who has caused or has the potential to cause any opposition to the new established tyranny is sought out and arrested...frequently for low key execution.

In most of the accounts I have read, the targeted individual sits there simply cowering as the dreaded ‘knock on the door’ happens in the middle of the night.

Then he either gathers up enough nerve (or cowardice) to open it...or the mysterious men simply kick the door in (the neighbors know better than to interfere).

Normally, the sheep goes quietly to the slaughter...which finally ends up claiming the lives of millions.

He goes quietly to the slaughter because he is unarmed and the men outside the door ARE.

But let's change the situation a little bit.

The cowering man is now ARMED.

He knows what the knock on the door means.

He knows his time is up...and all he has left in this world is a legacy of whether to go out with a whimper...or a BANG.

In other words, to take his tormentors with him.

How messy and troublesome for the state executioners!

Can you imagine all the trouble, chaos....and danger when they try to kill off 10% of the targeted population?

Yeah...that is what I am talking about.

Taking your tormentors with you.

When you take up arms against whatever it is that calls itself ‘the state’ it is because you have little or nothing to lose and you are willing to die.

In other words, things have gotten so dire, rotten and out of control, that you are willing to DIE rather than continue complying.

An ARMED population makes the ‘knock on the door’ an impossibility.

This is because every ‘knock’ on every door will open the possibility of tumult, violence and chaos....all the things a government really hates.

What will the result be then?

The knocks...if begun...will stop.

If they don’t stop at the first...tenth...or twentieth door, they WILL stop.

The mysterious men won’t have the guts, the dedication or the bravery to keep kicking down one door after another when they are confronted with gun wielding nihilists.

In fact, after a while, the state probably won’t have enough mysterious men to keep the knocks going.

Solzhenitsin, the Russian who wrote ‘Gulag Archipelago’ underlined that while in the Gulag death camps he and his companions never stopped lamenting each passing day with the thought that if they had only resisted the mysterious men with pans, butcher knives, irons and pokers (the Russian population had never been allowed to keep guns)...that the purges would have stopped.

Get it?

Solzhenitsin was TORMENTED by the fact that he and his comrades had gone quietly and PINING at the fact of not having killed his captors instead.

This is why I have a gun...

...and I will never surrender my gun.

If they come for my gun, I will either use it...or hide it.

If it is confiscated...I will get another one.

I will ALWAYS have a gun.

Whatever happens to the state, or the government, or the revolution...

I will never be a head of cattle to be slaughtered by the state...or by anybody.

I will always be a sovereign human being even if I have to be a dead human being.

This is why I keep a gun.

If EVERY American had this attitude, then the American people will never have to come to fear the ‘knock on the door.’


The good news is it probably won’t even have to come living room battlefields.

It is the mere EXISTENCE of guns in the hands of law abiding citizens that keeps the state from ever ‘knocking on doors’ (that is, to purging the population).

In other words, we keep our guns, the purge will never happen.

This is why I keep my guns.


America, you are safe as long as you keep your guns.

America, the minute you surrender your guns is the minute you become slaughterable cattle.

Keep your guns under the rights guaranteed to you under the Constitution...

...or suffer the fate of the Russians under Stalin, the Germans under Hitler, the Chinese under Mao or the Cambodians under Pol Pot.

Our guns are the only thing that keeps us sovereign and free.

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