Saturday, April 12, 2014

WW-III: We Are Being Set Up to Lose

Before we get into this WW-III thing (for no good reason save advancing globalism), let’s get a few things straight.

We are being set up...and it isn’t for a surprise party.

The set up of Russia and China as resistors to the New World Order is masterful.

Also quite masterful, is the carefully concealed progression of Marxism across every country in the Third World.

Anything if not ingenious is the careful concealment of KGB-dominated Marxist leaders in Russia along with China still being a hard core Communist country sworn to bury capitalism.

Quite creative has been the lore that democracy is actually spreading across the world, buoyed by America and NATO.

Have you seen how the ‘democracy’ in Bosnia, Kossovo, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt and Ukraine is working out lately?

Let’s see.

Chaos, assassination, murder, bombings, terrorism, kidnappings, instability, crime, economic stagnation, white slavery, social collapse...if this is ‘democracy’ then just let me have tribal tyranny.

No, NATO and America are NOT spreading ‘democracy.’

Under the guise of democratization, their treacherous intelligence agencies are collapsing entire nations and rebuilding them as anti-American entities.

People, what follows is the TRUE reality underlining the next world war we are being conned into:


To fight any ‘world war’ you need industry.

We don’t have any.

We have exported all our industry to China....and so, to a large extent, has Europe...and even Japan.
We do not have the industry to fight a world war.


To fight any ‘world war’ you need masses of fit young men in uniform trained and ready to fight.

We don’t have any.

American ended the draft in 1973 and the rest of Europe ended the draft during the first decade of the 21st Century...and replaced it with a volunteer paid military.

We don’t have enough trained soldiers, certainly don’t have enough reserves and replacements and by no means have enough fit young men.

Worse of all, we now lack even the very concept of military service.

The draft or conscription itself has become something totally alien to the Euro-American mind.

Most Americans don’t even know what ‘conscription’ means.

The American population in particular not only has no notion of military service, but is both psychologically and physically unready, unprepared and incapable of performing military service at all.


To fight any ‘world war’ you need to be entrenched within a defensible piece of territory.

NATO is stretched beyond all capacity to defend itself.

When you have a ‘front’ running from Norway, down through the Baltic states and continuing on with Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Rumania, Bulgaria...and finishing up in Turkey - for a length of two thousand four hundred miles, what you’ve got is basically an un-defensible front.

Especially if you have no conscription and token-sized armed forces which have been reduced even further with downsizing.


To fight any ‘world war’ you need sizable armies and tons of materiel.

NATO has little when it comes to war material.

Without conscription, NATO European forces have become even smaller and more pathetic than they were before they got rid of it.

If armor is a measure of military power, the UK, France and Germany each basically has the equivalent of a single weak armored corps...the US has
one and a half.

A lot of NATO equipment looks modern, but there’s hardly any of it.

The new Lecrelc tank has been cancelled.

The new F-22 Stealth Fighter has been cancelled... have a plethora of other NATO dream weapons.


To fight any ‘world war’ you need towering depots consisting of hundreds of thousands of tons of ammunition.

Unfortunately, NATO fails here too.

The alliance has been caught embarrassingly short of ammunition even in short limited conflicts like the Gulf War, Bosnia and Libya.

This is an important point here.

NATO has been running out of Ammunition after a few weeks of combat in small, limited battlefields like Bosnia and Libya.

If NATO begins running out of ammunition during silly little operations like these, then what will happen when a WORLD WAR happens?


To fight any ‘world war’ you need highly motivated, dedicated, tough and well trained personnel.

What type of personnel make up NATO?

In a very socialist fashion, NATO’s main recent mission seems to prove that men, women and homosexuals are all equal and equally capable.

To prove it, NATO has put men, women and open homosexuals together inside co-ed units due to some sort of politically correct obsession.

This combination has lowered the combat effectiveness of NATO units to zero.

The co-ed Dutch contingent recently proved so combat ineffective that it could not even carry out its limited security missions inside Bosnia and had to be withdrawn.

If you can’t even tackle a limited combat patrol deployment like Bosnia, how are you going to tackle the Russians?

And NATO navies aren’t doing much better.

NATO warships have become steaming pots of enough sexual liasons, jealousies, sex, love triangles, obsessions, revenge, distractions to make for a prime time soap opera.

Recently  US warships can’t seem to help ‘grounding’ themselves off coasts all over the world...

...and capital warships like the USS Reagan have shown themselves unable to cope even with simple radioactive environments (like the Fukushima coast) poisoning their entire crews with radiation through neglect and incompetence (in case you don’t know, the Reagan is a nuclear carrier carrying nuclear weapons).

US soldiers now have a record ‘suicide rate’ and (regardless of what they tel you) morale is rock low in the US Army (an army that considers a combat mission ‘a job.’)

So, no, the few paid personnel NATO has manning the front are not an impressive group of people.


To fight any ‘world war’ you need an ideology, whether it be nationalism, democracy, freedom, revenge etc.

What ideology does Europe and NATO have?

Well, the European Union is simply an economic bloc whose ideology is money, welfare, benefits, standard of living, subsidies, civic duty and internationalism.

How far is all that going to buoy your morale when you have to fight off waves of enemy attacks from a filthy, muddy trench?

How about our professional armies?

Well, they don’t operate based on the concept of ‘duty’ any more...they now see everything as a ‘job.’

They get paid a certain salary every month and they have certain jobs to do.

And ‘dieing for your country’ is not one of those jobs.

From what they tell me of the US Army today, the word ‘duty’ and ‘esprit d’corps’ are not even mentioned...instead, everything is referred to as a ‘job’ which is the reason (joblessness) most people join anyway.

So no, I don’t see how an economic bloc whose ideology is based on welfare and subsidies and an army who sees a combat mission as a ‘job’ is going to put up any steely resistance.


To fight any ‘world war’ you need an economy strong enough to fund and finance a war.

War is outrageously expensive.

You need mountains of money to fight one...especially if it is a WORLD war.

So how is it that America and NATO are going to fight WW-III...

...if they are now totally BANKRUPT?

The US is more than $17 trillion in debt and its dollar is about to collapse.

The Euro is steadily declining in value while the  European Union is economically troubled and certain members like Portugal, Greece and Spain are already collapsing into economic chaos.

So where is all the MONEY going to come from with which we are expected to fight the next world war?

Not only do we NOT have a stable currency...

...not only do we NOT have a viable balance in our accounts...

....not only are we submerged in debt...

...not only do our governments lack any sort of hard metal currency...

...but our economies are themselves collapsing.

How are we going to finance a WAR with that?


The least you need for any world war is a close concordat with your allies.

You need your friends close, trusting, supportive, collaborative and agreeing... know, the sort of relationship we had with England during WW-II.

Unfortunately, NATO and America don’t even have THIS.

The recent NSA scandal has alienated the European leadership from America.

The unattended and neglected governments of the Third World have fallen to America-hating, pro-Chinese and pro-Russian governments.

Europe no longer trusts America.

Meanwhile America’s large scale betrayal of Middle Eastern and Third World countries has made them distrustful - the populations of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Saudi Arabia and even Turkey (a NATO member) now hate our guts.

In other words, the alliance with which we are supposed to fight the next world war has all the consistency of taffy.


To fight any world war you need a certain degree of homogeneity - a degree of agreeable sameness so to speak - everybody on the same sheet of music.

How much homogeneity does Europe and America have?

Both ‘countries’ are being socially torn apart from within.

Europe is being torn apart by its ballooning Muslim population, its unemployed, and its skyrocketing crime.

America is being torn apart by its burgeoning conflicts between state and government, Christians and Government, minorities and whites, Democrats and Republicans, retirees and bureaucrats, business and regulators...and its collapsing job market.

The government here in America already is getting ready to go to war... against the American people, for crying out is it going to go to war against Russia and China?

How are either of these non-homogeneous, conflicting and collapsing societies  going to fight WW-III?


To fight any world war, you need an opponent you can actually and in all truth take on, in other words, an opponent you have sized down, studied, weakened, isolated and set up to be defeated.

What do our OPPONENTS in fact consist of?

Two gigantic countries - Russia and China - who have

    -armed to the teeth

    -unified under a single ideology (nationalistic resurgent imperialism for Russia / Marxist anti-Western revenge-ism for China)

    -continued universal conscription throughout their history

    -INCREASED the numbers and quality of their armed forces

    -access to enough hard currency, money and natural resources to wage a war

    -industrialized instead of de-industrialized

    -populations aching for war against the West

    -a nuclear stockpile three times our own

People...these are the types of enemies you build up to DEFEND against, NOT try to provoke or attack.

Yet in spite of all this the West seems to be on a crazy pecking spree against Russia and China, seemingly seeking to provoke these nations into coming to blows.


To fight any ‘world war’ you need a highly capable diplomatic corps, planning the moves, making the alliances and sewing up the international relations to make a successful war happen.

The problem is we don’t have any such statesmen.

While Russia has Bismarck and Metternich...we have Soupy Sales and Howdy Doody.

What was that Third rate performance over Syria that ended up with NATO-America with egg all over their face...and Russia pushed to new heights of international prestige?

What is this new situation in the Ukraine?

America and NATO make one useless threat after another, draw one useless line-in-the sand after another, showing the whole world how useless and desperate they are...while they try to influence events in a part of the world that is way too far from their spheres of influence.

Meanwhile, more and more, its coming out Russia (and China) are not only holding all the political cards...but all the economic ones as well!

All this as just-about-useless NATO goes around trying to start WW-III.

What NATO is doing is behaving like one of those uppity new chicks that go around pecking all the adults until it gets its guts pecked out of it by the real birds...or a fat bully that gets the tar knocked out of him by a trained boxer.

NATO and America, it seems, have lost all sense of reality.


Just like Hitler near the end of WW-II promised the German soldier to keep fighting because wondrous new weapons were on the way, NATO and America are shrugging off their pathetic conventional forces by saying that conventional forces are obsolete...and that THEY have a new secret arsenal of paradigm-changing weapons which can wallop the enemy in minutes.

I hear a lot of talk about these weapons - HAARP, orbital platforms, drones, lasers,stealth aircraft, satellite weapons, fire-and-forget missiles etc, etc...but have yet to see any demonstration of their power.

If the super-drones we are all so proud of are an indication of these weapons, then their easy takeover and confiscation by the Iranians and the Russians is a real warning that our secret super-weapons might not be all they are being made up to be.

My question to oh-so-sophisticated NATO is very simple: how the hell are you going to stop a mass tank and infantry attack across open ground?


To fight any ‘world war’ you need bona-fide leadership composed of legitimate, outstanding, upright, leaders.

Unfortunately, NATO and America seem to lack any real statesmen...

...and I mean that literally.

The President of France, Francoise Hollande, is a standing member of the Communist Party.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is an ex Communist Agitation and Propaganda agent (agitprop) from East Germany.

Like Merkel, Germany is heavily infiltrated by ex-KGB assets who have come in following unification with East Germany...and have been inexplicably promoted to the epitomes of power.

The EU and NATO itself has been heavily infiltrated by KGB assets from the formerly Communist Eastern Europe.

On the other hand, our own President Barack Obama is a suspected Marxist, the son of two bona fide communists, and an acolyte of Marxist terrorist Bill Ayers and Marxist professor Zbignew top off the cake, this impostor is unable to prove just where he was born, what his real name was, or if he ever really attended Columbia University.

Is this the man you want to lead you in a war?

The trump is that Russia seems to be run by the old Communist Party apparatus (Putin is a KGB agent)...and  Russia seems to be a secretly Communist-dominated country.

On the other hand, China is an OPENLY and proud Communist country.

When you understand this, you understand why going to war with the type of leadership we have today in NATO and America is especially DANGEROUS.

So what are we seeing here?

A military alliance...readying itself to go to war against two communist powers...led secretly by communist agents.

If that isn’t a recipe for total disaster...I don’t know what is!

And the rest of NATO-America leadership?

Paper pushers, salary collectors, clock watchers, opportunists, liberal leftists, yes men, career politicians, bureaucrats, sell outs, informers and intelligence assets...uh yeah, we have a real chance of winning with these people at the helm.


Europe and America are being set up for the fall in the next upcoming world war.

Simply put, we will lose...and we will lose quickly.

Many American and European leaders are suspect Communist agents at the service of the Russian KGB (which also dominates Russia).

Yet, in spite of our weakness...the ‘leaders’ of Euro-America seem to be doing their very best to involve us in a conflict with Ukraine...and the Black Sea?

Talk about trying to start a war in the enemy’s back yard.

So not only are we weak...but we are trying to start wars in geographic regions we can’t possibly protect.

No will, no armies, no weapons, no ammunition, no economy, no money.

Yet we are pushing for war.

Not only that...but our very leaders are turning out to be suspected agents of the same enemy we are preparing to fight.

If this doesn’t smell like a set-up to you, then I don’t know what does.

Given the circumstances (and to make a long story short) WW-III stands to not only be over very quickly...but end with Europe occupied by Russia, Korea and Japan occupied by China...and a possibly collapsed United States (if it erupts into civil war) under the occupation of Marxist troops under the blue helmet of the United Nations.

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