Friday, April 4, 2014

America: New Trends

Just thought I’d quickly list some of the trends that are taking place in American society:

People are no longer buying gum.
They are no longer consuming gum because it contains toxic aspartame.
The gum companies are acting clueless. Will they change their product in order to increase sales? Not bloody likely. They are all obedient branches of the food conglomerates.

Soft drink consumption is way down.
People are no longer consuming soft drinks because of toxic aspartame (in diet drinks) and because of harmful corn syrup.
Will the big soft drink manufacturers produce healthier soft drinks? Didn’t think so.

Junk food consumption is way down, not only for bagged snacks, but in fast much so that most fast food places have now been forced to offer ‘healthy alternatives,’ Meanwhile ‘healthy’ sandwich shops, like Subway, have skyrocketed in popularity.

People are fleeing the toxic food which is slowly killing them and buying organic food at ever increasing rates. The big conglomerates have entered the market by lying and telling consumers the junk they sell is organic.

Home schooling is on the rise as more and more parents start seeing public schooling as an education in sex, dressing sexy, acquiring drugs, spreading venereal disease, violence, intimidation and brutality, all under the umbrella of a dumbed down curriculum.

Gun purchases are through the roof. Rumors of gun control just keep the trend going. I’ve never had to stand in line to buy a gun like I have to now. Unfortunately, the government is buying up all the ammunition, making many calibers unavailable at any price.

Police have been told to be on the lookout for old men, who seem unwilling to take any intimidation, disrespect or degradation from the police. Frequently these old coots will just let the police have it...and for good reason. Most of them have been slowly sickened (many of them mortally) by society and the medical establishment and all their wealth confiscated by the same while their retirements have been looted by the banks. So the police have been put on alert:  these senior citizens have had enough and they aren’t going to take it anymore.

It was bound to happen. A palpable hatred of the police has developed in the general public, most probably fueled by the abundant video evidence of unwarranted police brutality. Police have told me in confidence that there is now a new ‘hatred’ of the police...that they seem unable to understand. The coppers  are told by their superiors it’s just the economy and the stressful times...yeah right.

Distrust and disgust in government is at an all time high, with the majority of Americans liking neither the President, nor Congress...nor government in general. The wars in Iraq, the banker bailout, the incapacity to produce a budget, Obamacare, the economy and the unending lies coming from the President seem to have finally made a dent in the famously trusting character of the America public.

President Putin of Russia has become the darling of many conservative Americans, who in their disbelief and hatred of their own government and the ‘new world order’ have come to see him as some sort of new hope for the world. Things have gotten so bad that a recent petition in to let Alaska secede...and join 30,000 signatures! My opinion? When Americans start seeing RUSSIA as the land of milk and know things have gotten pretty bad.

‘Resistance is Futile.’ The Internet is swallowing just about everything so that magazines, books, DVDs, movie theaters, video game consoles and even Television and shopping are becoming obsolete. and TV are becoming obsolete! Where will it all end? In vacant zen-like dwellings where the only thing in each room is a screen and a keyboard?

Illiteracy has made a comeback! With schools switching over to laptops and switching away from cursive...or pen and paper drill, a whole new generation of illiterates has been hitting the streets, exhibiting their handicap in everything from chat rooms to colleges across America. In fact, writing skills have deteriorated to such an extent that the SAT (college entrance exam) has now removed the writing requirement completely.

The new heroes against the New World order amongst the conspiracy crowd have become Russia, China, Iran and Venezuela. Which to me is rather shocking and incomprehensible...with heroes like these, who needs villains?

One thing is for sure, a lot of things in America sure are a changin'.

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