Monday, April 14, 2014

Are We Sovereign?

With society having lost its way and all, and having lost the sense of what sovereignty, rights or even liberty means anymore, it behooves us to define sovereignty once more.

Let’s do this by comparing sovereignty with slavery.


- A sovereign individual forms part of a society voluntarily, remains part of a society through preference and is free to leave a society at will.

- A slave is born into a society, has no choice but to remains part of that society.

- A sovereign individual owns things from which the individual cannot be separated involuntarily or without compensation

- Ownership for a slave is a privilege, not a right. A slave can be separated from his belonging on a whim at any time.

- A sovereign individual has privacy within his own household and person, which cannot be violated except by special individual consideration by a judge or judges of the law

- A slave has no right to privacy and his privacy may be violated at any time

-A sovereign individual has the right to gather and meet with other sovereign individual - it is a right of existence.

- A slave has no right to gather, in fact, a gathering of slaves is seen as alarming by the slave masters and immediate means are taken to disband it

- A sovereign individual has the right to equality under the law

- A slave has differing rights from his master or from the upper class under the law, in fact, there are separate laws for slaves and the masters

- A sovereign individual has the right to his children and children are considered his property

- A slave has no ownership of his own children and the children, the children are considered property of the masters and can be taken away at any moment

- A sovereign citizen has total rights over his own person and his own body which cannot be violated

- A slave has no rights over his own person. He can be stopped, searched, stripped searched, branded or vaccinated upon the whim of the master.

- A sovereign citizen has the right to leave the entirety of the property he owns to anyone

- A slave has no real ownership and his property is mostly if not completely confiscated by the master upon his death

- A sovereign citizen’s will is FELT through the voting booth and his vote makes a difference in the make up and running of the government

- A slave has no real voting rights and slave ‘sessions’ are used by the master to let them vent steam and make the slaves believe their input makes a difference when in fact they make no difference at all.

- A sovereign citizen is at all times respected by government and the police under the law

- A slave has no basis for respect, and is beat brutally into submission by the master at the slightest hint of non-cooperation.

- A sovereign citizen has the right to keep arms and use them for self-protection and self-defense

- A slave, by his very nature, is kept unarmed, has no right to be armed and is severely punished or even killed if he is found to have a weapon in his possession, a slave is not allowed to protect himself when assaulted by the members of the master class

- A sovereign citizen has the right to become as strong, healthy and long-lived as he possibly can

- A slave can be tampered with to make more amenable to slavery, such as cutting the tendons of his legs so he cannot run, or inserting chemicals into his food or vaccines to make him more compliant

- A sovereign citizen provides for himself and depends upon himself for his sustenance and shelter

- A slave owns little and is totally dependent on the master for his sustenance and shelter

- A sovereign citizen has the right to travel where he pleases

- A slave has delineated location where he can go and not go, and he is kept out of his owners pristine areas

- A sovereign citizen can make his location any place he chooses without the knowledge of anyone

- A slave is tracked at all times, as are his activities. The location of a slave must be known at all times

- A sovereign citizen has the right to say whatever he pleases

- A slave must watch his every word in order to avoid insulting his master’s opinions, and can be severely punished for merely stating an opinion that contradicts his master’, which is considered universal truth

- A sovereign citizen, by definition, gets to keep most of what he produces

- A slave, by definition, must give up most of what he produces to the master

- A sovereign citizen educates his own children, or hires those he deems worthy to educate them

-A slave surrenders his children to be educated by tutors supplied by his master

- A sovereign citizen identifies himself

- A slave is forced to carry with him an identity plaque or is branded with identification

- A sovereign citizen has no one overseeing his activities

- A slave has overseers who check his every activity, his home, his children, his work, his attitude and his opinions

- A sovereign citizens co-exists with friends and associates he holds in confidence

- A slave co-exists with stool pigeons who will betray his every remark and opinion to the masters


There is no need to go into all the details of how far along we are in resembling slaves more than sovereign citizens.

Behind a plethora of drugs, food, entertainment and trinkets, the people are being made to forget what sovereignty is...and being made to bow down like slaves - yes, slaves...before a government which has become the simple tool of the economic elite.

It is more than past the time the people understood what a slave is versus what it means to be a true sovereign citizen.

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  1. Thank you for informing us!

    Im only 12 and i am fully awake, if you want answers for reasonable questions post a comment with your question on 9/11 no planes, are americans slaves, the speech about the children going to the border 4 no reason and WWlll