Thursday, April 24, 2014

Human to Cyborg

You come home pleasantly satisfied and happy after a long day at work.

The door to your house unlocks and opens with a mere thought.

As you walk into your house, all you have to do is ‘think’ for the TV to come on and switch to your favorite channel.

You feel dynamically rested and optimistic as you sit down to enjoy your favorite drink (brought to you by a handy robot upon your mental wish).

As you watch, in the back of your mind you receive a reminder from a loved one - a message sent telepathically over the ether- wishing you a happy birthday.

At the store, you pay for your purchases with a wave of your hand.

All you have to do is think about your bank account to have the correct balance appear magically in your mind’s eye.

Your memory is perfect and you carry your ‘to do’ list in your head, just like you do all the data that allowed you to get your master’s degree in a single year.

As night comes, and you get ready to retire, you program what type of dreams you will have, again by simply wishing for them.

At work or at play, you never run out of energy and are always in a happy, fulfilled, satisfied mood.

Sadness, anger, rage, dissatisfaction don’t exist for you.

You decide to spend some quality leisure time in a virtual world.

Video and even computer games are a thing of the past as you choose to experience any of a thousand virtual worlds either you or someone else has created in cyberspace.

Sometimes you enjoy the virtual experience too much...and you worry about that.

No problem, you simply wish yourself a new timed attitude of getting bored after four hours play and wanting to leave the house...even wanting to go to work and do something productive and challenging.

Your emotions, your feelings, your dreams, your thoughts are your own. You are in total control of them.

Yes...the life of a cyborg is so much more fulfilling, empowered, and happy than a normal un-augmented human.

If something hurts, you shut off the pain mentally on command.

If you become tired you can instantly make yourself active and energetic.

If you are sad, you can make the sadness disappear.

Within bounds, you can push your body to accomplish almost super-human efforts.

You come to think that the day they start manufacturing super-bodies, you (or better said, your brain) might be the first in line for a transference.

Even immortality is within reach as your entire psyche can now be downloaded into cyberspace, where you can live virtually forever as a ‘ghost’ or into a new body so you can live another lifetime...or perhaps even into some cyber world.

You come to think of just how pathetic and animalistic human existence used to be in the past...and how lucky you are to be alive (if you can call it that) in the world of the present.

Humanity has almost become a race of gods...with god-like powers...and is on its way to virtual godliness.

Didn’t a man just do a walk on the moon with nothing but a pair of shorts?

Or another live under water for a year with no external air supply?

If that is not god-like, then what is?

Humanity was on its way to godhood, and anyone not wanting a ticked on the god train was more than welcome to jump off...but on to what?

Disdain? Unemployment? Poverty? Unhappiness? Pain? Suffering? Mortality?

It was undoubted that humanity itself was evolving into a new species combining both man and technology.

The future was not just bright, it was glorious.


The above description sounds idyllic, even paradisiacal.

It will be the image presented to us in the near future as propaganda for the conversion of humanity into cyborgs.

When that future date will be a day of decision.

Will we continue to be human...or give up our humanity exchange for ‘empowerment’?

I have thought deeply about the subject, and have come to the conclusion that we can’t.

The establishment cannot be trusted with augmentation technology...anymore than it has been trusted with the power over the Internet.

What has become of the Internet?

In the hands of the establishment, it has become a mechanism of total universal spying on humanity and a complete destroyer of privacy.

How’s that for an accomplishment?

The lesson?

The establishment CANNOT be trusted with human enhancement technology.

That is why we cannot have it.

Becoming a ‘cyborg’ like the individual described above is an attractive idea.

Enhancement technology WOULD be a big boost to humans IF it was totally possessed, maintained and controlled by the user.

How has our PRESENT enhancement technology been used?

How much of the privacy settings in your email, your search engine, or even your computer do you control?

Your emails and your web browsing is regularly recorded by the government.

Your electricity use is monitored by smart meters.

Your car, its speed, its location, its course, and speed is all recorded...and now electronic boxes have been put in which will allow the police to control your car.

Your private medical information has been spread to the four winds.

Your TV and video game consoles have been equipped with cameras that transmit information 24 hours a day.

In other words, the ‘enhancement’ technology of the Internet, computers and transmitters have been used to TAKE AWAY our sovereignty, not increase it.

True, we have received some benefits in exchange - convenient lightning fast mail, instant access to information, nifty communication devices, etc...but what price have we paid?

We have sacrificed all our privacy - a big part of what defines a human being.

What will we be asked to sacrifice for our enhancements?

Well, the answer is obvious.

Just like the Internet and all the electronic devices have been used to violate our sovereignty, our humanity, our privacy and our independence, so will enhancement technology will be used to obliterate it.

Of course you  won’t have complete control over your ‘enhancements’...there will always be ‘back doors’....with which you could be spied on, influenced and (like our modern cars) completely taken over.

Of course the enhancements will (like our computers and the Internet) carry with them the mechanisms of violation and control - in other words (just like software) you will not legally own any of the enhancing mechanisms which inhabit your body, and, most will be mind-controlled.

So much for the ‘gods’ of humanity.


Let’s get it straight.

The new enhancements which will start appearing in the near future will not only enhance your human capability, but will begin taking away your humanity...and bring you under the control of the singularity.

Remember, its called the ‘singularity,’ not the pluralism.

The individual has no place in it.

Free will has no place in it.

And human sovereignty has no place in it.

In short, the singularity and its accompanying enhancements amounts to just one more scam by the Illuminati.

Will you fall for it?


  1. Well written post. The scenario presented is an accurate depiction of what may be to come for many of us, and your opinion and advice is presented respectfully.

    One concept that you may have missed is the possibility that this process was started long before there was any such thing as the Illuminati... perhaps from the very moment our ancestors discovered and used the first tool.

    From that moment, our evolution has been altered, and while many human communities and organizations have used the tool, none control its co-evolution with the human race.

    I also think that you give these organizations more credit than they are due-- They are not nimble enough to control this, and the evolution and progress of the tool will be happening at such a pace that none can control or manipulate it.

    I am a cyborg by choice, My technological enhancements were obtained and implanted outside of the knowledge and influence of any of the organizations that you say are in control of this process.

    Consider this: The primary method of control for the organizations you say are controlling this process is fear... and ask yourself what is your motivation and message as you write this post?

    If it is fear of control, could you already be under the influence of the organizations you are struggling against?

    1. My only point is that we will probably control the process of 'cyborgization' about as much as we now control the process of the Internet and the Cell Phone...and indeed seems to be limited to the extent of which we make use of them. As for you being a cyborg, I will leave it to you as to how much you want to expand on the matter.