Monday, April 28, 2014

WW-III: A Theatrical Scripted Event

The seemingly soon-to-happen WW-III is looking more like a piece of cheap theater than an actual war.

Have you seen the movie ‘Wag the Dog’?

Made up theater.

Both Russia and the US are playing the roles of World Wrestling Federation heavies, threatening each other in front of the cameras before the big match, with China playing the third party in a probable tag match.

Both America and Russia are presently being led by agents of their respective spy agencies (Obama is CIA and Putin is KGB).

More bothersome...the West is already being led by Marxist suspected KGB assets:

NATO’s Rasmussen is rumored to be KGB

Germany’s Merkel is a confirmed East German Communist Agitation and Propaganda Agent.

France’s Hollande is a KGB run Communist

Our own Obama is a CIA/KGB Marxist Communist friend of Communist terrorist Bill Ayers and Marxist eminence gris Zbigniew Brzezinski, along with many of the heads of his executive agencies.

Is it beginning to look to you like the big wrestling match is being fixed to the benefit of the other side?


When you have people from the other side running YOUR side, you can bet the results are going to be fixed...and not to your benefit.

From the beginning, Obama has PLAYED to the rise of Vladimir Putin.

He messed up the Syrian situation, making it end up with mud on America’s face and Putin with a new halo as world leader.

 Now he is messing up the Ukraine situation by appearing to be the bully while Putin continues his rise as ‘man of the moment’ (just like what happened at Syria).

Please notice that it is OBAMA who is fumbling the ball time after time, making the OTHER team look good.

If there is any one individual responsible for the international prestige of Vladimir Putin, it is Barack Obama.

His behavior has even gone so far as to throw the rest of the world community (and Americans themselves) on the Putin train (did you hear about Alaskans wanting to secede to Russia?)


Obama’s NSA spying-on-allies scandal alienated all our NATO allies and Obama continued the alienation by REFUSING to stop that spying.

Obama’s betrayal of Egypt’s Mubarak and the military removed that rock-solid ally from America’s side.

Obama’s drone-strike and anti-military policies against Pakistan have lost us that solid ally.

Obama’s betrayal of the Turkish military and lay conservatives have lost us Turkey.

Even Qadaffi of Libya, an eccentric but valuable allied was MURDURED by Obama and his country turned over to Muslim fundamentalist chaos.

In short, Obama is demolishing the Western alliance while facilitating the build up of Vladimir Putin.

Is it mere coincidence that both Obama and Putin are Communists?


Simultaneously with his destruction of alliances which took decades to build, is Obama’s destruction of America.

He has systematically destroyed the American food supply by declaring a war on American farmers and ranchers, and turned America into a food-import dependent nation.

He has destroyed wages by opening the floodgates to illegal immigration.

He has destroyed the US dollar through unlimited bailouts, debt, welfare and ‘quantitative easing’ (QE).

He has turned the American public against the government by federally funding and encouraging police thuggery and the arbitrary behavior of local government.

He has purged the US military and reformed it into a force ready to occupy, suppress and control America.

He is pushing for the disarmament of the American public.

At the present he is trying to start another civil war.

Does this sound like a friend of America to you?


Based on superficial observation, you might think Putin and Obama are mortal enemies.

A look at the details reveal otherwise.

It was Obama who was caught with a hot mike (microphone accidentally left on) promising Medvedev to disarm the American military.

People...Obama is a COLLABORATOR with the Russians.

Which brings me to the Punch and Jody of WW-III: US Secretary of State Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

It is incredible to watch these two ‘actors’ threaten each other on TV and then see them hugging each other behind the scenes.

The truth is Kerry and Lavrov are two actors who are playing the part of mortal enemies about to start order to scare everybody.

The first hint of an irregularity came after the ‘Syrian crisis’ when they were first caught shaking each other’s hands, hugging...and almost kissing each other.

After these surprising acts of affection, the two again appeared on screen very tense and pausing between lines to blow air out of their mouthes, as if we had just missed total annihilation by a hair’s breadth.

The entire ‘episode’ was mismanaged and misdirected, surfacing sort of past the peak of the crisis tension, with the result that Kerry and Lavrov looked a bit ridiculous blow-holing after the fact.

Later the two were seen again embracing each other and smiling, like any WWF wrestling actors after a good day’s work.

Lately, a very somber Foreign Minister Lavrov has appeared on TV speaking in English and promising a military reaction to interference in the Ukraine.

Simultaneously, an exasperated John Kerry has been appearing, looking disheveled and surprised at how Russia seems to be dead set on doomsday.

The two continue the act they were playing from the beginning.

Meanwhile, Russia and NATO are getting into the theatrics - Russia by mobilizing forces on the Ukrainian border and NATO by ‘moving troops’ to Poland.

Last count NATO moved a battalion of troops and a squadron of jets to Poland - in military terms, this is a joke, not an escalation.

Meanwhile, journalists on the spot fail to see any of the Russian hordes supposedly on the border....or, for that reason, any meaningful sign of the Ukrainian Army supposedly involved in suppressing east Ukraine.

A recent segment had a group of about a dozen Ukrainian soldiers ‘take’ a road block (no corpses or casualties), moving off, and then having the road block re-occupied by rebels.

What is this? What a bunch of nonsense!

You don’t convince me WW-III is about to start by having two men blow-holing, then moving a battalion and a squadron of planes to Poland while some Russians begin to ‘mobilize’ on the border and a half-platoon of Ukrainians take and abandon a road block.

Last I heard, the East Ukrainians are begging for the Ukrainian Army and police to come in and establish order, and neither of them have showed up....just like the LAPD did during the Rodney King Riots...while a small group of armed thugs take over public buildings.


The upcoming war being a theater does not mean people are not going to die.

The upcoming war being a theater does not mean nuclear weapons will not be used.

Oh no, the actors are real and the dead actors are going to be real too, but the war is basically going to be a scam...and we are going to lose.

If you want to get a gist of how WW-III is going to look like, take a close look at the Battle of France in 1940.

A lot of posturing...a lot of planes...a lot of tanks...a few tiny battles...a quick surrender.

This is what WW-III is going to look like, at least in the European Theater.

The Middle Eastern, the Asian and the American Theaters might look different.


A theatrical war does not mean cities like Islamabad, Delhi, Damascus, Teheran or Pyongyang won’t be nuked. This type of bloodletting would be a part of the theater, what will make it all theater will be the sparing of European, Russian, Chinese and American cities.

Yes, a terrorist or national nukes could wipe out second rate cities like Detroit or El Paso in the US, Xian or Chegdu in China, or Kazan or Omsk in Russia, etc, but the core centers of control of the New World Order: New York, London, Paris, Hamburg, Vienna, Switzerland...will not be touched.

The purpose of the nuclear strikes if any, will be to strike terror in the hearts of the world by showing the results of nuclear strikes on select (mostly Third World)cities.

The same goes for the dreaded ‘tactical nukes.’

No, it would not surprise my if the US or Russia or China use tactical nukes on the battlefield. 

Again, the effect will be mostly theatrical.

This is because in truth (and outside a few select targets) battlefield tactical nukes are almost useless on the battlefield.

Yes, the fact that battlefield nukes were used WILL make everyone’s hair stand on end, but tactically it will mean little or nothing - a large scale tactical offensive will continue regardless of battlefield nuclear weapons.

Again, the purpose of this theater will be terror.

All these nuke-antics will just be theater to foment a doomsday terror psychology in order to facilitate the brining in of the New World Order.

That’s right - the New World Order will be offered as a solution to save us from the nuclear brink.


Meanwhile the lot of the Western alliance: Europe, South Korea, Japan and the US will be collapse and defeat.

Again, this what happened with France in 1940...the only difference being that we don’t even have the favorable numbers France had against the Nazis in 1940.

To oppose Russia and China we don’t have squat.

South Korea could collapse rather quickly before a combined Sino-North Korean attack.

Europe will collapse rather quickly before a Russian attack through the Northern Plain.

The American Navy could be put out of action by the Russian and Chinese Navies using exclusively nuclear weaponry, especially EMP air bursts which will make a battle group’s electronics into useless junk. It has been repeatedly leaked that naval communication between our submarines has been compromised and that the Russians are holding the keys (for a similar situation, see the failure of the German Enigma codes in WW-II).

With the US Navy out of the picture, Japan is open to blockade, starvation and rapid collapse by the Russian and Chinese navies.

Meanwhile, the US is being prepared for civil war and collapse into starvation. Any interruption of the American economic infrastructure will bring both industrial and food production to a grinding halt. More murderous than the civil war itself, will be the collapse and starvation of America.

Recently, some state ‘governors’ and their allies have jumped the civil war card by introducing the secession concept too soon, like Governor (and CFR/Bideberg member) Rick Perry of Texas did, along with many state legislatures.

These CIA assets and Masons are just waiting for the cue to declare secession (after having collaborated with the Federal Government for over 20 years) in order to bring America down.

With the West defeated, all it will take is a standing mutual strategic face-off between the US, Russia and China to make the world kneel before the idea of a new world government which will bring peace.

The West will collapse quickly because it has been prepared for collapse for over two decades, just like the Two Towers were prepared for demolition on 9/11.


So why, in spite of all this destruction, do I still call it theater?

I call it theater because powerful industrial nations like South Korea, Japan, America and Germany will be collapsing before second-rate powers like Russia and China.

I call it theater because most of the nuclear strikes will take place in the Central Asian sandbox and the Asian playpen....not Europe and America (because the power centers of the New World Order are in Europe and America).

I call it theater because the control centers like the EU computer center in Belgium...the Utah Data Center...the NSA headquarters in Ft Mead, Maryland...the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia...the banking centers of London and Switzerland...the masonic center of Paris...the economic control centers of New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Beijing and Moscow....WILL NOT BE TOUCHED.

They can’t be touched because that will be like lobotomizing the New World Order before it is even born - the NWO NEEDS these power centers in order to run the whole thing once its created.

I call it theater because NATO and Japan have little or nothing with which to oppose Russia and China.

I call it theater because Europe will be overrun and America occupied (by Russia and China) without much of a struggle.

The outcome has been prepared and is as phony as a WWF wrestling match.

WW-III will be nothing more than a huge theater to convince the world that it is time for a world government to safeguard us from annihilation.

And, of course, our side will agree, that is, the same side that collapsed us in the first place - our own people in charge.

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