Saturday, April 19, 2014

Danger: Special Forces Infiltrating the Militia

I was as glad as anyone about Cliven Bundy’s victory over Federal oppression...but could not help but notice the presence of special forces personnel...on BOTH sides.

Alex Jones recognized and drew attention to this phenomenon.

There were active special forces masquerading as BLM personnel while the ‘militia’ confronting the BLM had some of their own.

You can’t miss these people - the solidly erect posture, the way they carry and deploy their weapons, the tactical sunglasses, the expressionless faces.

Yup, these characters were making up a large part of the ‘militias’ that were present at Bunkerville, too.

Meanwhile, a bearded Black Water type mercenary was the ‘BLM officer’ who came forth to ‘negotiate’ and ‘plead’ with the ranchers. Oh yeah, this guy was a total contract mercenary...which just shows what type of professional contract killers the Feds are ready to unleash on the American public.

On the other side, the mercs were also obvious amongst the ‘militia.’

Erect, wearing tactical sunglasses, bronzed, fit, expressionless and carrying their weapons like professional killers were the ‘special forces’ which, I believe, had been infiltrated amongst the militia.

Which leaves everyone between the two special forces groups as potential cannon fodder rubes for the next false flag.


I have stated before I would not go near any special forces types (and this is what most mercenaries are).

The CIA and the Green Berets recruit jointly.

Green Berets mostly operate in conjunction or directly under the CIA.

In other words, the CIA and the special forces are as close as toes and toenails.

These are not good characters to be around.


A major task of special forces is to provoke.
If the government of  a certain country is hesitant to take on a given internal group, US special forces go in and produce atrocities in the name of this group.

This is what they did in Vietnam.

This is what they did in Rwanda

This  this is what they did in Libya.

This is probably what they did in Iraq and Afghanistan.

And this is what they are doing in Syria.

The reason?

Produce enough atrocities to get two contrary groups to start hating and killing each other.

In other words, their task is to get ‘friends’ of the US to start killing the opposition with glee.

It was common knowledge that the White Supremacist Nazi ideology within the Army was centered amongst the special forces.

Not only was it common knowledge, but it was permitted even after the fact was discovered and documented.


Because posing as neo-nazi White Supremacist provocateurs just happened to be the major special forces mission at the time (and probably still is).


Let’s get the special forces personality type down.

It’s not normal.

In fact, straight up, loyal, honest patriots don’t make it.

There are simply too many doubtful, treacherous, murderous, cold-blooded dirty tricks to contend with.

The personality type of the ideal special forces personnel is one of ammoral aggression.
Any job any time.

The typical special forces personnel is unconcerned with the details of the wrong or right of what he is doing.

A job is just a job, and frequently involved cold-blooded murder...which attracts its fair share of sociopaths into the special forces.


Which brings me to the alarming rate with which special forces have been joining militia units.

Most of these guys don’t even make a secret of it.

The militia rubes are proud to have them aboard and look forward to following these characters.

Personally, I would not follow these characters as far as I can spit.

I would find it a lot more believable if some older, greying special forces men were joining, but the special forces personnel are relatively young (meaning they are active duty).

Militia, don’t be stupid.

Its a known several militia units are Federal government operations.


Once its time to get the ball rolling, it will probably be the infiltrated special forces who will carry out the killing of Federal personnel utilizing skills and equipment above and beyond what any home grown militia could field.

Bombings, snipings, sabotage, massacres...the infiltrated special forces within the militias or simply special forces masquerading as militia will make it happen.

In other words, it will be the murderous actions of special forces which will propagandize the militia as terrorists and justify martial law on behalf of the Federal Government.

This is why those people are in the positions they are in within the militia.

Once these acts happen, I can only ask the public to ask themselves: “could back yard militia have staged such attacks?”

Of course not.


Across the nation, it is special forces personnel who are taking charge in the militias.


And it is happening on both sides.

The Federal Government is also secretly recruiting Black Water special forces mercenaries and dressing them up as the personnel of the government agency of your choice.


The feeling I have at this phenomenon is one of discomfort.

The real militia (and bona fide Federal personnel) caught in between these two groups are cannon fodder waiting to be sacrificed.

What to do?

Uh, militia, get your own leadership...screw the special forces.

What made me laugh was the obvious special forces murderer sent to negotiate with the Bundy cowboys in front of the cattle fence.

This guy looked and smelled like special forces.

The sun glasses, the beard, the posture...the soft spoken voice.

Uh, yeah, many of these guys are amazingly soft spoken (the bigger the killer, the softer the voice). I don’t know exactly why that is - is it a case of  psychological over compensation or their training.

Whatever it is, these guys do not look or act like the stereotypical WWF wrestler...many times its the opposite.


Portions of the Bundy confrontation had too many theatrics for my taste - the mounted cowboys...the flags, etc.

But what really put me off were the obvious special forces personnel ‘guarding’ Cliven Bundy as he made his speech.

It was like looking at Federal thugs who had jumped the fence.

Come on.


All this has place Americans in a difficult position.

The FBI, CIA and DIA have abundant experience in staging false flag terrorist acts - Waco, Oklahoma City, 9/11, Abu Ghraib, etc - especially in conjunction with their partner in crime, the Israeli Mossad.

THE major false flag to justify Federal confiscation of our guns will HAVE to be an open confrontation between ‘armed, patriotic, Christian Americans’ and the Federal Government (most probably with the ‘Christians’ throwing the ‘first punch’ and causing a large number of casualties).

This will open up the new concept of ‘domestic terrorist’ the Federal Government is trying to push in order to demonize the armed, patriotic Christians the government is trying to go after.

It the provocateurs resort to bombing, it is hoped the American public is smart enough to know the militia has neither the knowledge, nor equipment, nor personnel to carry out ANY bombings.

But leave it up to the Feds to treat us as gullible dupes (which, by and large, we are).

Bombings blamed on the militia would be just about the dumbest most unbelievable false flag the government could carry out...but don’t put it past them - they did Oklahoma City, didn’t they?


No matter what happens, we must remember gun confiscation is the reason it has happened.

The Federal Government will use any event or series of events (up to and including a staged civil war) as an excuse to proclaim martial law and confiscate our guns.


You do that and its all over.

At the very least, hide your guns (and retrieve them later).

A disarmed American population is akin to sheep lined up for the slaughter (which will be carried out by UN troops).

In regards to gun rights, what took place in Connecticut has done a lot more for gun rights than would any  type of civil war.

What we need are more Connecticuts...not more Wacos.

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  1. "a bearded Black Water type mercenary was the ‘BLM officer’" Yes, standing at the fence.

    Special Ops Green Beret, Daniel P. Love...identified on a documentary Discovery Channel made about Afghanistan. Someone spent hours and hours to identify him.

    Militia currently on the Bundy Ranch do suspect a government infiltrator or two. They are on alert.