Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Threshold Has Been Reached

The threshold has been crossed.

You can hear it.

You can feel it.

You can smell it.

You can touch it.

I felt it last week.

And a lot of what led to it is the way things have not...and will not change.

Obama continues and will continue to write his executive orders as if he were some sort of monarch.

The State Department continues and will continue to provoke Russia and China into some sort of conflict to distract from the collapsing economy.

Congress continues and will continue to act as a cowed and blackmailed...yet aggressively ineffective institution, standing aside as Obama an his bureaucrats basically take over the country.

The police aren’t going to change either.

Now just another murderous thug force, it reached its peak of abuse with the March 16, 2014 release of the Albuquerqe Police murdering a compliant homeless man who verbally tried to calm them down and assure them of his compliance.

Moreover, the police did not just kill him, they had fun with him before he was killed, during his killing...and after he was killed, using all the ‘law enforcement’ weaponry at their command...including an attack dog.

Later, the Albuquerque Police Academy Director, an ex-US Army colonel and likely CIA/DIA plant, Joseph Wolf was questioned about his curriculum for the training of the murderous Albuquerque Police.

Not only did this Federal plant refuse to reveal the curriculum, but he threatened to burn all of it before exposing any of it to the public (this is typical intelligence agent procedure).

The Albuquerque Police have killed 7 inhabitants of that small, low-crime city per year since 2010.

I remember my reaction to all of this.

It wasn’t rage, it wasn’t was resignation...a black, dark, nihilistic type of resignation.

“So that’s the way it’s going to be” I thought to myself “the police aren’t going to stop...or change...or reconsider...anything...the whole thing is going to continue until it reaches a threshold.

The threshold came a week later.

It came on many levels.

Like I said, you could feel it, sense it, smell was almost palpable...and it wasn’t just in Albuquerque.

Albuquerque erupted into protests against police brutality, which reminded me of the type of protests the Third World has against THEIR brutal, corrupt and murderous police.

Too late, the pressure valve release agencies - the Department of Justice and the ACLU - showed up and announced to all the outraged that they were ‘investigating’ the Albuquerque Police.

Too late, jerks...and screw you.

A week after that a Nevada rancher also reached a boiling point when he refused to take his cattle of re-delineated (against his favor, of course) ‘Federal’ land and stopped paying the grazing fees.

Basically this rancher, Cliven Bundy, told the Bureau of Land Management of the Federal Government to go to hell and to fuck off...and that if they had a problem with just try to get to him.

From there, I just felt the threshold locally.

People are becoming surly and ornery.

Respect, trust and popularity of what is called our ‘government’ is at an all time low.

The threshold is here... you feel it?

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