Thursday, October 27, 2011

Obama: Marxist Illuminati Agent and Traitor

Let’s talk about our President Barack Hussein Obama.

The truth is we don’t know who this guy is.

It’s not really clear who his father is.

His mother stayed away from him until she died mysteriously in another country.

We can’t seem to find his birth certificate.

No one seems to remember him from his days at Columbia University.

All his supposed records and papers at Columbia are sealed.

The guy never had a career before becoming Senator and, shortly thereafter, Presdient of the United States.

Yet above it all, he is a charming guy.

Obama is similar to the likeable friend or relative who you just can’t hate because they are just so darn likeable.

It doesn’t matter how they keep SHAFTING YOU, because when they show up a while later…with the cute face and the dimpled smile you just can’t hold it against them.

So you give them another chance.

And they SHAFT you again.

Obama is like that.

People just can’t believe a handsome, charismatic guy like Barack would (or could) do anything nasty to them (much less the entire country).

But Obama does do…and he keeps doing it…again and again and again…relying on America’s short-term memory (and the cooperative media)) to keep America granting him just one more chance.

To make it worse, most of what Obama ‘does’ is kept secret by the mainstream media and never comes up again after the fact.

To put it bluntly, most of America DOES NOT KNOW what Obama is doing to our country, has done and will probably continue doing.

Things just happen.

All his “accomplishments” are presented to the American public as fait accompli after the fact and even then, for only a short moment (no need to ruminate on how badly we just got shafted – that might outrage the public).

The media obfuscates all his actions and their consequences.

And America moves on.

And the truth is Obama has “accomplished” quite a lot.

But you see, Obama is all smoke and mirrors (with a big emphasis on smoke).

And he keeps coming back again and again with his smiling dimply face, ready for us to give him another chance.

Herein is a short appended description of Obama's “accomplishments:”

Obama Does the First Doubtful Presidential Swearing
Obama, with the help of Chief Justice John Roberts, accomplished America’s first doubtful presidential swearing when Roberts managed to mess up the ‘Oath to Office’ and then later had Obama repeat the Oath at ‘a private’ ritual in the White House - without any Bible.

Amazingly, this second swearing (of a President to the Presidency of the United States of America) was not recorded in any way shape or form outside of a photograph, so we have nothing but the participants good word to rely on as to what actually took place there.

So which swearing counted?

The first one or the second one?

And if the first one counted, why hold a second one?

And if the second one counted, why was it not recorded for posterity?

Oh, what the heck, what went on in the second sans Bible swearing anyway?


Obama Renews The Patriot Act

A large mass of support that put Obama in office was based on his criticisms of the violations of human rights occurring in the United States under the Patriot Act.

Now that he has become President, not only has Obama kept the Patriot Act as is, but he has extended and renewed its continuation as law.

What the hell, the guy voted for its renewal as Senator.

So one might ask oneself, where did all the criticism come from, if Obama now decides not to modify one line of the Patriot Act…and renew its standing.

I guess all the criticism he put forth when he was running for President was all hot air.

Obama likes the Patriot Act!

People thought they were electing another Martin Luther King (whose voice modulations Obama likes to imitate).

Instead they elected Martin Luther Same.

Obama’s opposition to the Patriot Act was a lie.

Obama Increases White House Secrecy
Not only has Obama renewed the Patriot Act, but he has increased secrecy within the White House.

Want to know who vists the White House?

Too bad.

All those records are now sealed (just like Obama’s records at Columbia University).

Obama promised “increased clarity” in his White House.

Instead he has given us increases obfuscation.

Another Obama whopper.

Obama Keeps Guantamo Bay Open
Nothing stands out more in the Obama campaign than his condemnation of the Guantanamo torture center.

Obama said he was going to close Guantanamo.

Another big fat lie.

Guantanamo continues open for business.

Not only is it still open, but it is still operating at full strength, with absolutely no further inquiry from the White House or the Media.

The tortures, brain scramblings, insanity-inducing deprivation and misery continue at Guantanamo as if the Bush era never passed.

The only difference is neither the Media nor the President mention Guantanamo anymore.

Out of sight out of mind.

The American public is left to assume that Guantanamo has been kid-gloved.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Guantanamo continues to deprive, torture and murder as ever before.

Obama Orders the Release of Russian Communist Spies
One hot day in July, 2010, the FBI announced they had arrested a ten-member Russian spy ring they had been monitoring for years.

There must have been one hell of a celebration at FBI headquarters that evening.

All that time, money and effort invested into the security of our nation was about to pay off.

Thank God for the Patriot Act.

And what a career-builder!

Or so they thought.

The news, however, was not so well received at the White House, which immediately set about arranging the release of the Russian spies directly into Russian custody…as soon as possible.

In fact, Obama officials openly stated they were “eager” to win the release of the Russian spies.

Get those suckers shipped home yesterday!

No detention, no interviewing, no questioning, no cross-questioning, no deprivation, no inconvenience, no fuss.

I mean, you’d think they would like to have at least a prolonged conversation with the Russian spies over tea about their activities and contacts within our country. After all, the FBI spent 10 years tracking and doing surveillance on these people - 10 YEARS!


It seems it was no longer fashionable to mention there are Russian spies in America.

The quicker this awkward situation was resolved, the better.

The spies were shipped home that same month!

When they got home, Putin celebrated with them by way of a full course dinner where they all got drunk and sang old COMMUNIST songs.

One of the spies, Anna Chapman, even became sort of a popular celebrity in the West, because, well…she was pretty.

Talk about a clueless, shafted population.

Meanwhile all initiatives regarding Russian spying or Russian Mafia activity (same thing) have been put on hold by Obama, so the FBI can concentrate on ‘gettin’ the terr’ists.’

Obama Disarmes Our Nuclear Forces
Right after Obama became President, Russia started pushing its weight around.

It wanted all our defensive missiles removed from Poland and Turkey.

It re-located its nuclear submarines right off the coast of America.

It flew bombers right up against Alaska.

It held giant strategic war exercises in Russia and joint tactical exercises with China.

Putin lambasted and threatened America.

After all this threat and disrespect, comrade Obama went ahead and removed all the missiles from Poland and Turkey.

Then, after all this Russian bs, Obama went over to Russia hat-in-hand and signed a nuclear disarmament treaty called START

Just what it was the Russians did to warrant such a treaty is a good question.

Was it the insults, the threats, the military demonstrations, or the disrespect?

Obama just came back from a visit to Russia with – surprise! - a new disarmament treaty - a drastically modified renewal of the old START Treaty.

The kicker was that no one even seemed to know Obama was even negotiating any treaty with the Russians in the first place.

No meeting, no talks, no accords, no nothing!

It was just a case of the President of the United States coming back from a visit to Russia with a freaking TREATY in his hands for the Senate to sign.

For all appearances, Putin gave him the treaty to sign just before Obama got on the plane.

Well, apparently Obama WAS secretly negotiating a disarmament treaty with the Russians, and he dropped by Russia to pick up the final result.…

…and he presented the results to the American public as a fait accompli.

Nobody called Obama on the secret negotiation and preparation of the disarmament treaty without any knowledge of Congress or the American people.

In fact, the Senate signed the thing without a whimper!

What happened?

Did all the Senators receive blackmail calls in the middle of the night threatening to reveal all their page-screwing activities unless they signed it?

The fact was the Senate signed without much comment or outrage.

The result of the treaty?

Here it is:

**the destruction of one third of our nuclear warheads

**the destruction of HALF of our nuclear missiles


This treaty alone destroyed more of our nuclear force than would an actual nuclear first strike.

No serious methods have been delineated as to just how we will confirm the Russians are actually destroying their nuclear force by the same ratio.

In fact, relations have cooled so much with Russia that few if any American officials are admitted into that country any more.

But the treaty has been passed…and we are told we are held to it for the next 10 years.

Obama Cancels Out USAF Air Superiority
The F-22 stealth fighter (the only one of its type in the world) was cancelled, throwing away our technological edge in the air, with the full backing of Obama.

Again, Congress cooperated with little dissent.

Did it make any difference that airpower is America’s only trump card in foreign policy and its own national security?

I guess not.

America was left with its 40-year-old F-15 fighter fleet as its main line of defense.

Obama Destroys Cohesion & Morale Within the US Armed Forces
Official acceptance of homosexuality within the US armed forces was made a fact with Obama’s full support of the repealing of ‘don’t ask, don’t tell.”

This dealt a death blow to morale within the US armed forces, who will now have to bunk, shower, obey and accept punishment from open homosexuals.

This comes hand-in-hand with the decision to stationing women aboard submarines.

Obama Signs NDAA 2012 Tyranny Act
Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012, which classifies America as a 'battlefield' and every American as a possible enemy combatant to be treated as such by the armed forces which are now given police (judge-jury and executioner) powers.

He signed it although he said he wasn't going to sign it.

But by this stage of the game nobody believed him.

The poor man is a habitual liar.

Later it was revealed that Obama was really holding out because the 'act' did not give him the amount of dictatorial power he was wanted.

That small problem was solved by our treacherous and weak-kneed Congressmen, and he signed!

Obama Gives Classified Strategic Missile Secrets to the Russians
In another fait accompli declaration, Obama communicated to Congress he was planning to provide Russia with data for the SM-3 strategic defense missile.

The SM-3 is launched from US warships stationed off coastal cities to offer strategic  protection both to ourselves and our allies against incoming ballistic missiles.

Congress became so alarmed that it quickly snuck into NDAA 2012, section 1227, which prohibited any funds for the delivery of any missile technology to the Russians without Congress first receiving a full report on the secrets to be shared.

In response, Obama issued a 'signing statement' when he signed NDAA 2012 which stated that Congress' interference in his strategic technology giveaway could 'impede his foreign policy authority' and boldly stated during the signing ceremony that he did not feel bound by the requirements of section 1227.

It seems the Commander-in-Traitor has sole jurisdiction when it comes to giving away our strategic secrets to the Russians.

Who needs spies when you've got a president that delivers like this one does? 

Obama Forces Fascist Medical Insurance Program on America
Given absolutely no chance of passing by the media, ‘Obamacare’ was put on the table regardless (a much more popular president - Clinton - had already tried to pass healthcare and failed miserably).

Amazingly, Obamacare passed the House. The media then started ballyhooing how the law had absolutely no chance of passing the Senate.

Obamacare passed the Senate.

Obama signed the bill immediately to avoid any more investigation.

The truth was the act was passed without anyone knowing much about it, and most of it was kept secret from the public while Speake Pelosi told the House to hurry up and pass the bill so they could find out what it was.

As it turned out, the act is nothing but a fascist sell-out to the medical industry to get our taxes to pay for no-longer-affordable medical costs while eliminating our health rights.

(read the whole sordid detailed Obamacare story here)

Obamacare also carried a lot of hidden legislation attached to it like ticks on a cow.

One important addendum consisted of having all Americans buying a half-once of gold or more to register on a national database. This is a blacklist for future gold confiscation by the American government.

The passage and looming implementation this earmark is bringing the gold market to a screeching halt because the gold experts know it spells the end of gold as an investment.

What did the gold-registration requirement have to do with healthcare?


But it happened because Obama is who he is.

Again – absolutely no coverage by the mass media.

Obama Creates Mandatory E-verify For All Americans
Its official.

All employers must now report all new hires to government.

In a virtual giant E-Verify, your new employer instantly tells the Federal Government they have just hired you.

Before, the Federal Government had to go to the IRS, who, in turn, had to wait for you to fill out your employer-supplied W2 form to get this information (if one was filled at all).

Not any more.

You change jobs, they know it. Your new employer snitches on you.

Would you believe this all grew out of a problem involving Black farmers not getting their fair share of subsidies?

That’s right.

The Claims Resolution Act of 2010 enacted by the 111th Congress and signed into law by Obama on December 8, 2010 as a response to the Pigford v. Glickman case, where black farmers were found to have been discriminated against between 1983 and 1997 by the Department of Agriculture when applying for loans and assistance to start and maintain farms.

What does that have to do with the Federal Government tracking your employment?


The law was just tagged on to the Claims Resolution Act of 2010 when nobody was looking (and we all know our Congressmen don’t really read the laws they vote for anyway).

So it passed.

One more police state tracking device installed and switched on, courtesy of your new ‘change’ President.

A slight attempt was made to justify the new spy-law by stating it was part of the war against hiring illegal immigrant.

But this justification turned out to be nonsense when Obama declared he would no longer prosecute illegal immigrants who have committed no felony.

So they made a big hullabaloo about illegal immigrants, then they tagged this law to legislation to help us out, then it turns out the whole thing was another put-on.

Another Obama masterpiece.

Obama Opens Door to Illegal Immigrant Occupation of America
Obama's declaration that the US Government will no longer prosecute Illegal Immigrants with no felonies opens a pandora's box of an immigration flood.

Its not just the declaration, but the increased assurances and benefits illegal immigrants have received from Obama, such as guaranteed primary, secondary and college education, along with guaranteed health care and finally...guaranty from prosecution under US law.

Why bother protecting our borders at all.

Obama has made walk-in occupation of this country totally legal.

The rumor is he's going to make it official with the official inauguration of the new North American Union Treaty.

For the moment, all good citizens get doubly tracked by the Government while illegals have more rights and benefits than ever.

Talk about getting the shaft.

As you can see, Obama is doing a lot.

It’s just that all he’s doing is happening under the table.

No one hears it.

No one talks about it.

No one mentions it.

For all this he has the cooperative Media to thank.