Friday, October 12, 2018

Republicans Might LOSE Midterm Elections

The midterm elections are coming up, and the Conservative-Republican-Patriots are up to their eyeballs in reassuring propaganda with lines like “The New World Order is on the Run” – “The Deep State is Desperate” – “The Establishment is Falling Apart” – “A Red Tide is Coming” -  “The Democrats are Collapsing”…

In other words, we are deluded and overconfident in a lopsided victory for ourselves.

Meanwhile, Trump, has given the executive order to simply RELEASE the illegal immigrants hordes marching across the border INTO the United States, hand-in-hand with religious and social groups which”help” arrange transport, living quarters and contact with relatives already living in the United States…and spreading them throughout the country…while having already let in 2 million refugees!

No one has noticed this latest Trumpian change in government policy.

This in combination with COMPLETE CENSORSHIP of the Conservative-Republican-Patriot side on the Internet (right on the eve of the elections)…in combination with sheep-like acceptance of Electronic Voting  by the American Public and UNLIMITED funding for Leftist-Communist candidates….and a ready, willing and organized electorate composed of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS puts the elections in danger…and a surprise victory for the Democrats.

Gone…completely gone from the American consciousness is the ongoing scam of electronic voting which already WON the Democrats the popular vote in the last election (Hillary only lost because Congress voted for Trump because (lets be honest – it feared for its life under Hillary).

To make things worse, it seems the Electronic Voting infrastructure has been taken over by LEFTIST-LIBERAL-COMMUNISTS.

Don’t believe me?

Just look at the Smartmatic Corporation, which is in charge of a lot of these electronic voting machines:

Smartmatic (get this) is a Communist Venezuelan-owned Company, operating in the United States (and run from England) which is largely responsible for enthroning the Communist Hugo Chavez and his successor,
Nicolas Maduro, causing some very funny electronic electorate results (like ‘the people’ reelecting him…in spite of starving to death!)…

…to makes thing worse, it must be underlined that Smartmatic BOUGHT OUT the other big electronic voting firm Sequoia Voting Systems now itself being run from Canada (isn’t it funny how many companies which run American elections are being run from OUTSIDE the United States?).

Sequia is one of the largest providers of electronic voting systems in the United States.

Nobody noticed the scam?

Of course they did, with government insiders being the most vociferous:

Chicago City Alderman Edward R. Burke stated:
“We've stumbled on what we think could be an international conspiracy to subvert the capital of voter fraud (and the Mafia) so if the Chicago Alderman states it is an “international conspiracy to subvert the electoral process of the electoral process of the United States” you can bet he knows what he’s talking about.

In alarm, Representative Carolyn B. Maloney (D-NY) exclaimed that “It doesn't seem like the deal (the sale of Sequoia to the Venezuelans) was vetted by our government and I want to know why.”

Absolutely, Carolyn. The sale of an electronic voting company to a company owned by Communist Venezuelans couldn’t be legal, but it actually happened under President Obama.

The truth is the voting infrastructure IS being taken over Communists and the “interference” is not by Putin and Trump, but an insidious penetration by leftist interests in American elections.

Check Out my previous article on electronic takeover on the link below:

China Will Run US Elections

Feeling reassured?

Don’t worry, a George Soros owned Spanish vote-counting company in Spain called Scytl is in charge of counting all overseas votes in our American elections.

So, in conclusion, no, I DO NOT see a basis for the Conservative-Right-Republican-Nationalists to have ANY confidence in a “red tide” overtaking Congress in these Midterm elections of 2018.

Across the nation all the crypto-Communist candidates are presenting themselves to the public with unlimited funds like David Garcia (running for governor of Arizona) and Krysten Sinema (running for Congress) right here in Arizona (and believe me, these people are well funded!). Check your own list of candidates for your state to locate the Crypto-Communist candidates (chances are they are suddenly running neck and neck with their competitiors – according to the “polls.”

Meanwhile I can’t help but run into one Kristen Sinema political ad after another…after another, because they are showing them back to back and Grant??? Woods (Arizona’s ex-Attorney General) has just come out backing Krysten I-am-a-dyed in-the-wool-socialist Sinema.

All this as the fake media begins pushing a narrative that the American public is turning against Trump because he is a corrupt, abusive,  sexist, racist, chauvinist, etc, etc, etc and Conservatives well, because they support Trump and that the American public has ‘had enough.’

Yeah right, has had enough legitimate elections…you mean.

So…against this army of illegal voting immigrants, communist and  foreign-controlled electronic voting machines, crypto-communist candidates,, unlimited funding, fascist-style total suppression of the Conservative media…the Conservatives are standing tall and confident as Republicnas promise to turn America Republican again.

I say: Don’t start counting your chickens until they’ve hatched.


The chances of Republicans winning this election hands down against the Democrats is rather na├»ve given the way our democratic process has been altered and…if you’ve got an ounce of common sense...looks rather grim.

The fraudulent electoral system won the ‘popular vote’ for Hillary in 2016.

It was only the Electors at the US Senate (suddenly aware and seeking to preserve itself) who voted for Trump and got him elected through the Constitutional electoral process. I guess the Founding Fathers had good reason to have an Electoral process in which the vote of the “Electors” counts more than the “popular vote.”

What makes anyone think the RIGGED electronic voting system will not let the Democrats win AGAIN in the midterm elections of 2018?

Monday, October 1, 2018

The Muslims Move In...Next Door

My ex-neighbor had dropped by to visit his previous house, which he had been renting, so I used the opportunity to stop by and talk to him.

An alpha male, who had moved to Chandler, and was married to a woman, with whom he now had a kid – a little girl he seemed to be meticulous about teaching manners and social graces.

The house he was renting had seen one group after another of “room mates” move in and leave after only an average of 4 months (when which time they were unable to pay).

So after a couple of years of this unprofitable, nerve-wracking and wasteful endeavor, he told me he had decided to “sell” the house.

“Really, what are you asking for it?” I asked.

He quoted a  top market price, and I wished him luck.

It was two days later when I saw him drop my again?

“How’s the house sale going?”

“Good” he said “in fact, I am concluding the sale today.”

I automatically asked him how much he ended up getting for it.

He hemmed and hawed…and hesitated, then finally quoted me a price which was 30-40 thousand dollars LESS than what he had been asking for.

(‘cheap turds,’ I thought).

Then I realized my ex-neighbor must have been in some sort of financial difficulty to have sold his house so cheaply.

He seemed to be waiting and loitering around the empty house waiting for either a phone call, or for somebody to arrive.

He got the phone call, and took off.

“Well, I said to myself, the new neighbors should be arriving next week”

They arrived that night! (only a few hours later)

It was 11:30 pm at night when they came.

And one couldn’t fail to notice.

Gutteral screams and shouts in a foreign language could be heard in the middle of the night, accompanied by what sounded (and felt) like furniture being thrown around in the house.

This aggressive ‘ruckus’ apparently failed to bring any of the neighbors out, who where probably trying to sleep so they could wake up and go to work in 5 hours.

Were these the ‘people’ my neighbor had sold the house to?

And then, in the middle of the night, amidst all the shouting, screaming and tossing (I swear) some woman took it upon herself to SCREAM an apparent prayer of thanks right up to the night, apparently not giving a damn who she woke up.

It was a very dark night, with no moon and very little lighting, it making impossible to see what these people looked like.

It was at this time, that I came to the conclusion that our new neighbors were Muslims and perhaps North African Muslims (since I figured Arabs would not behave like this).

Anyway, I figured they were in a mad rush to get into the house as soon as possible….a house they had just paid for only a few hours before.

Absent from the mad and loud festivities next door was any sort of moving truck – they just seemed to ferry all their stuff in cars, drop it off and then rush off (to some nearby location)…and it wasn’t much, either: some chairs, some mattresses and blankets.

It seemed more like a Gypsy relocation than a move.

I cringed at ‘meeting these new neighbors.’

The entire Muslim ‘move-in’ had seemed more like a conquest than a celebration of having found a new house.

The only thing missing was a flag being planted in the ground and this land being  proclaimed as part of some Caliphate.

It was apparent to me these people were here to conquer, not make friends or neighbors, and they were very loud and boisterous about it as any conqueror would be.

Time went by.

I noticed none of them seemed to work.

I sure did notice their cars, though – beautiful brand new ones: an SUV and a sports car, both with the dealership license plates.

Peripheral investigation led me to the conclusion that these people had moved in from the Section-8 Buildings right beside our townhouse complex – a place so cram-packed with Muslims, they began turning away homeless Americans and even kicking Americans out last year.

These Muslims had obviously had enough of the Section-8 living and they figured they were moving up in world.

After about a month, I was actually thankful to see one car leaving very early every morning apparently driving to work.

(and speaking of Muslims working, I still uncomfortably remember a young Black Somalian Muslim smiling and telling me he had a job…loading suitcases on planes at the airport – a job “given” to him by our government!).

Catching glimpse of an orange vest on the male Muslim neighbor that goes to work early every morning I thought, its either construction or the air port...I figure the airport.

Being the snoopy bastard that I am, I tried spying on the Muslims in my own discreet fashion.

What I started seeing was a little disconcerting.

I started seeing White people at the Muslim house.

Some were helping with the cleaning, others were talking to them in American English.

Some seemed like bureaucrats who just dropped by periodically to do a safety check and see how things were going.

I saw white kids, a black and even a red head girld doing some sweeping for them.

In fact the whole thing started to look like some set up by Al-shabaab, a Muslim terrorist organization famous for taking on recruits from all races (uncomfortable images of a red-headed woman carrying out murders in the Nairobi Mall massacre).

The one weekend I saw a group of young men standing around my drive way, like they owned the place…grabbing my car antenna…grabbing leaves off my lemon tree…picking at my car paint.

I went out to see what was up.

To my surprise, they answered me in perfect American English.

These were not Muslims, but part of the ‘care bear’ brigade that was in charge of welcoming the new neighbors and making them comfortable.

Anyway, I immediately did not like them.

They behaved with too much license (more even than the Muslims).

I interrogated them somewhat, and they were rather close lipped (as if they were part of a secret operation or something).

Immediately getting on my nerves was a pencil-nicked Jewish looking geek who seemed to be ‘in charge’ of everything and treating my driveway, my car and and lemon tree as his personal property.

And the welcome visits to the Muslims by these Americans continued for the entire next two months.

They seemed to be from an organization branch of some other organization…that was connected to the United Nations.

Strange…I don’t remember any law putting the United Nations in charge of our immigration policy.

But why not, what is the US Government any more except some gofer institution at the service of the United Nations?

In fact, you know what?

The Muslims (of which only one works) don’t seem to ever have had the money to buy the $220,000 townhouse they presently occupy in the first place. So who did?

In fact, they seem to have been GIVEN this townhouse by the United Nations (which paid my ex-neighbor for it at liquidation prices)…calling the Muslims to move the minute the sale was concluded.

So the Muslims didn’t pay for the house.

Yet they also (all of them) seem to be living rather better than the common man, who drives a lemon and works for his rent.

New cars, designer sneakers, expensive cologne, all seem to be part of the package they seem to be guaranteed the minute they enter the United States, and let’s not forget expensive entertainment systems I can hear blaring form within their house all day.

The red-carpet treatment given to these Muslims by the UN reminds me of the UNCEASING calls by ‘investors’ looking to buy up my house ‘as is’ (and I am sure they are calling all my neighbors too)…to do what with it, exactly? – move in more Muslims?

A house across the street form me just put up a For Sale sign.

I called the real estate agent whose number was on the sign.

As it turned out, the number was from New York (from which the whole operation was apparently being run) and they told me that they had already received an ‘offer’ and that the house was already ‘in transaction’ but that they would list my name as an interested party, but essentially, a buyer had already reserved the house (they day it went up for sale?).

Am I looking at a second group of Muslims moving in across from me as well?

And you know, the place where I live is a university town and lately, I have never seem so many Muslim male students populating the strip – pizza parlors, restaurants, stores – not to mention the university itself.

Are they in the middle of turning Tempe, AZ into a Muslim brigehead?

I remember a public housing secretary quipping to me that Tempe had been earmarked as a center for refugees and immigration (ergo the Section-8 crisis for Americans).

Are all these investors calling people up in the middle of the nigh offering to buy their homes really the United Nations looking to snatch up more houses for the Muslims?

The ‘wealth’ of these new Muslims refugees is a bit puzzling…considering the average American lives like shit…and a lot of them as homeless shit...especially when the local section-8 refuses to let them rent.

So what I see happening now is our neighboring Section-8 apartment complex being used as a bridgehead to inject Muslims into our townhouse complex (what good use of government property!) while Americans wonder the streets homeless.

It has been some time since that neighboring section-8 apartment complex has been an unpleasant Muslim stronghold. I remember daring to cut across their parking lot while walking my dog, only to have some 6-year-old kid repeatedly scream at me that “dogs are not allowed here!” while following me…and , apparently working up such a ruckus that his older sister or aunt came out to hold his hand while looking at me accusingly and keep looking at me even after I had left the parking lot and entered my complex. (I could only think, “don’t you people ever try to be likeable?)

It was the first time I had encountered the Muslim “stare down.”

But enough unpleasantries.

One day I noticed two females ringing my back yard door gate bell.

I went out very curious, and saw that it was a young teenage girl (dressed normally) and what seemed like her Mom in a traditional Hijab covering.

“Hand over the package” the girl demanded.

Now this girl I had seen before lifting her nose at our presence, avoiding us at all costs and giving us stares.

Now she was here demanding her package.

Then it occurred to me that I had received a mis-named packaged (containing a laptop cord) which had MY address, but a totally alien name, which I had opened out of curiosity.

I told the girl that the package had my address and if she was the name on the package (to which she did not answer), then I pointed to the number on her house and to the different number on my house and told her to make sure she got the addresses right next time.

I went inside and retrieved the package, which I gave to the girl with the uplifted and demanding nose, who then turned around and left without a word.

“thank you” murmured her traditionally-dressed Mom in broken English (who at least had a modicum of civility).

I myself decided to turn in the next “mis-delivered” directly to the Post Office.

Trump, when are you gonna get us out of the United Nations…or at lease stop them from running our immigration policy?

But it wasn’t my only pleasant encounter with Muslim manners.

One day, had gotten up too early, and having lots of time before work, I decided to sweep up the covered driveway.
I hear the neighbor’s back door open and a guy come out reasonably well dressed (and cologned) for work proceeds to walk toward his car. The situation is a little awkward, so I give him a friendly “good morning.” The guy stops in his tracks and gives me a stare down, like I had just challenged him to a knife fight. Talk about a STARE DOWN. He doesn’t say a word, but proceeds to glare at me down his nose. I go back to sweeping, thinking, so this is were the teenage girl learned to raise her nose at us.

I got a little angry, but later reasoned out this is how one treats a surrendered, population of poop people, whose elected representatives have open the gates wide to an ignorant population of filthy immigrants, supply them with welfare, and whose police are instructed to turn the other cheek when these ‘immigrants’ commit heinous crimes (hear about the police dismantling the Muslim death training camp in New Mexico –where they were training kids how to kill other kids at school and in which the corpse of a child was discovered? They let these North African Black Muslims go!).

And yes, I was the poop person, and I understood the attitude.

You think these people don’t see what’s going on?

You think, they aren’t amazed at how the red carpet is rolled out for them by the strangely cowed Western World?

You think they don’t notice this “miracle”?

Of course they do!

And they give all thanks to Allah for it.

Like the Muslim lady screaming thanks to the heavens in the middle of the night.

Don’t ever think they are going to give America any thanks!

The only thanks we will get are the thanks the Mayflower Pilgrims gave to God for ‘influencing the mind of the savages’ so that they began helping them during the winter where the Pligrims began STARVING TO DEATH.

Get it?

No thanks to the good hearted Indians, only thanks to ‘the lord’ for having influenced their evil savage hearts.

Same with the Spanish Conquistadors, towards which the Native American attitude was one of friendship and kindness and who helped the exposed, starving conquistadors plenty of times with food and water to keep them from DYING (due to the influence of the good Lord, no doubt).

How did the Conquistadors pay back the Native Americans?

You guessed: death, torture and slavery.

(by the way, slavery is still legal under Islam).

Well, if you think these new Islamic immigrants (drawn from the most ignorant and fanatical population the world has to offer) are thankful to anyone but Allah for their good fortune, you are sadly mistaken!

They are thanking Allah and laughing at our Allah-influence weak minds. In fact the word I hear most spoken in the Muslim household (said  over and over again) is 'Allah,' Allah this, Allah that, what sounds like 'Allahlallahallah.' (talk about taking the name of God in vain(.

It’s all a miracle brought about by Allah’s favor to themselves (his people).

We are simply the heathen Western masses destined to be downtrodden by the Muslims (and they know it).

Meanwhile, I am noticing some Muslim customs.

They tend to go out mostly at night, when there is less of a chance of them being seen in public (I still have recent memories of a Muslim ‘father’ taking his family for a meal at the local Subway) The ‘father’ was a young punk dressed like a gang banger, while wife paraded around completely enclosed by a Hijab.

Real trendy.

And you have to admit, these Muslims have great tolerance for heat.

One always sees them in the middle of Summer (remember this is Arizona) dressed in Winter clothing that belongs in a snow storm as they wait for buses or fuel up their cars (which they barely know how to drive).

And I can see the benefit of housing Muslims.

The Section-8 apartments next door lost their air conditioning during the Summer, and it was 114 degrees Fahrenheit…and it remained broken for more than a month.

If it was Americans, we would have been out in the streets protesting (perhaps even rioting). The Muslims took it all in stride.

Not one peep.

The entire section-8 remained as quiet as a mouse.

Nobody protested, nobody complained…a few windows were left open to let in the air, but that was it.

What a nice, cooperative bunch of tenants! They are used to liviing in a desert without any air conditioning.

I bet the landlord was sure pleased!

They are also very quiet, especially when they are proceeding to infest…er occupy… the local section-8 apartment complex. Not a peep!

Yeah, these neighbors we have do suddenly go into spontaneous bouts of screaming and shouting (the spontaneous alarm in our house is “the Muslims are screaming! the Muslims are screaming!) but they for the most part, exist very quietly (apart from the night one night they barged…er…moved in).

Nice, new gleaming cars, containing other well dressed Muslims occasionally stop by and honk their horns, shortly which the Muslim teenage girl comes running out to get in.

But other than that…quiet.

And speaking of the devil, this town of Tempe is slowly starting to become crawling with Muslims.

I was visiting a neighbor, when her daughter suddenly came out with a nice looking Black Somalian, who said “helloo there” in the most alluring gay sounding voice I ever heard from a male. I asked him his name “Mmmoohammed” came back the answer.

‘How does your father feel about raising a fruit cake?’ and ‘don’t you think you should change your name?’ I was temped to ask…but didn’t).

So there you have it.

When you look for sinfulness and rottenness amongst these Muslims, you don’t have to dig very deep - Chile molesters, child fuckers, corrupt minors, prostitution, wife beaters, (secret) homosexuals, murderers , drug users…(ever hear of the dancing boys of Afghanistan?) take your pick.

Their holiness is not in their acts, but in their lifestyle, just like sinful Christians of all sorts get off on their holiness because they were ‘born again and accepted the Christ as their personal savior’ (has anyone ever calculated how many assholes are going to be in heaven if this is the law of God?)

Vivid memories of a giant Black Muslim slapping his fist into his palm loudly and repeatedly at the exit of my local Walgreens while his wife shambled around in her Hijab looking for something she forgot to buy (but there was no doubt what this guy was thinking about).

Perhaps I’ll write a future piece on this ‘rise of Islam’ we are witnessing, but meanwhile,  like many Americans…I am getting to experience this change…in person.

And its happening very quickly.