Sunday, October 23, 2016

The Solar Flare / Nuclear EMP LIE!

So much of what occurs on our way down the road to the New World Order consists of make believe, that I am wondering if we aren’t on a trip to the magical land of Oz.

9/11 for instance.

Two skyscrapers demolished before our eyes.

Passenger planes were seen to ‘hit’ the buildings...yet not a single titanium engine was recovered from the debris.

Later, another plane was said to have gone down in Pennsylvania...yet not one piece of wreckage or body was ever recovered.

When the two towers collapsed, the one hit second actually collapsed first!

As if that wasn’t enough WTC-7, a smaller building in the WTC complex caught fire and also collapsed...without anything hitting it!

The Pentagon itself was hit by a plane of which no footage exists in spite of all the street cameras present. The FBI say they have the footage, but refuse to release it.

The hole made in the Pentagon was too small for the passenger jet or its engines to fit through...and little or no plane wreckage was found...including the two large titanium engines.

Later, recordings made of passengers on the hijacked planes talking from their cellphones from impossible altitudes from which cellphone use was impossible.

Other footage shows the planes going THROUGH the World Trade Center as if it were made of glass....and the nose of the plane emerging out the other side of the building... impossibility given that the building was made of steel and concrete and the nose of the plane was made of plastic and aluminum.

So many fairy tales we have to swallow on our way to believing the two towers were hit by planes...which caused a fire....which melted the steel...which collapsed the towers.

Sandy Hook is another example.

We are supposed to believe one young man broke into an elementary school with a gun and killed 20 children and six teachers...while leaving only two wounded (in an act of extremely good shooting). No video of the shooting.

(It’s always funny how there never is any video evidence of all these shootings considering how many cameras we have everywhere)

Few if any ambulances arrived at the scene in Sandy Hook.

Later we were treated to footage of children marching through the school in an obvious drill...and children that were supposed to be among the victims appearing quite alive in photographs and videos...and of a ‘grief-stricken’ ‘father’ breaking into a broad smile before coming back into character and talking about his ‘dead’ little girl....and across the fact that the Sandy Hook school DID NOT EVEN EXIST.

The pretend goes on and on with the Boston Bombing (in which actors were caught red handed feigning wounds), the San Bernardino Massacre (in which the scene looked more like a boring drill than a crime scene)

The Orlando Shooting followed pretty much the same low-key presentation (notice the complete lack of ambulances for such a giant massacre)...with the killer's Muslim fundamentalist dad being allowed to stand in the audience behind Hillary as she later delivered a speech.

Are we really expected to believe all this nonsense?

Apparently, the American public - long accustomed to staring at all the make-believe coming across their smart phones - are.

Fukushima was another one.

Nuclear catastrophe in Japan and coastal dead zones in Alaska and California...but none in Japan?

Explain that, please!

Pretty soon they were telling us the ENTIRE PACIFIC was dead...which was not true...considering the massive commercial fishing taking place there and the abundant catches that go along with it.

When Saddam Hussein set fire to the Kuwaiti oil wells they told us to expect a nuclear winter from the smoke of all the burning oil never happened.

In 1999 they expected an electronic holocaust from all the computers shutting down because they would think 2001 was actually 1901.

Nothing happened.

I am cataloging all this in order to make a point.

The American public has shown itself open to be mind-manipulated into a panic!

Note the time we were drawn to believe Mars was invading Earth in 1938.

Or how about the present NATIONAL HYSTERIA involving CLOWNS and panicking all city governments and police?

The American public has always behaved like mindless boobs when it comes to propaganda.

The establishment loves to throw us into a gigantic panic, especially when it comes to covering up acts of its own SABOTAGE.

Case in point is the present panic about an EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse) attack which could supposedly knock out all our electronics, eliminate the power grid, paralyze our cars and re-make us into the Stone Age.

An EMP attack is caused by a large nuclear bomb exploding in the stratosphere 20 - 100miles above the Earth.

The physical damage is non-existent, but the electromagnetic wave it produces will supposedly to ‘fry’ all electronics within a 1000 mile radius.

This would mean no more computers, no telephones, no televisions, no electricity, no functioning car and perhaps even no water (since water is pumped and directed by electronics).

There is just one problem.

It has never has never been tried...and the dreadful results have never been produced...even when they tried it in 1962!

That was the year the Starfish Prime atmospheric nuclear detonation test was carried out.

A missile was launched from Johnston Atoll southwest of Hawaii and exploded with 1.4 megaton nuclear warhead 250 miles above the Earth, producing a bright red aurora.

Now 1962 wasn’t exactly the Stone Age.

Plenty of TVs, plenty of radios, plenty of appliances and a ubiquitous power grid and radio communication network

All Starfish Prime EMP did...was turn off 300 streetlights and knock out ONE microwave antenna on the island of Oahu.

Which is a pretty pathetic event on which to base all this end of the world EMP paranoia!

As far as an EMP catastrophe went, Starfish Prime was a DUD...which is strange since it is the BASIS for all this back-to-the-stone age EMP event!

Especially revealing was the total lack of the electromagnetic effects on radio, television and radar antennas as well as the power grid itself...

In fact, ALL antennas outside of ONE phone telecommunication microwave antenna were unaffected. This was especially surprising considering that antennas are virtual MAGNETS for EMP effects.

So...nothing much happened, really.

This was the BIG event and warning they are now using a single bomb detonated 100 miles above America can take us back to the Stone Age.

Me thinks they exaggerate just a bit much.

But they keep on INSISTING.

Today they tell us EVERYTHING is operated by computers, and that because of this a mass apocalypse will happen that couldn’t happen in 1962.

Listen...if the EMP in Starfish Prime could not destroy a single power station, radar, radio or TV could it paralyze our entire civilization?

The 300 streetlights were  most probably knocked out by a power surge produced by the EMP effect directly on the hanging power other words, a simple type of surge that today is protected at by fuses and surge-protectors.

So using this VERY FLIMSY evidence , they are telling us an EMP can PARALYZE America and throw it back to the Neolithic.

But the ‘experts’ don’t stop there.

More recently they have begun to scream that the SUN ITSELF could wipe out civilization as we know it...with a (hold on to something) flare!

Their basis?

An event which happened in 1859...and on which they have little or no measured scientific information whatsoever!

Let me remind you - 1859: we're talking cowboys and Indians, wagons, muskets, candles and kerosene lamps and steam engines.

At this time (1859) the ‘Carrington Event’ took place - a large solar flare which produced auroras around the world.

And that’s the extent of their basis for saying the sun could end civilization as we know it through a solar flare!

The basis is a bit hard to prove considering the number of electronics and electronic scientific instruments in 1859 was...ZERO!

And remember this event took place before the Civil War.

So with the very rough scientific information from that era, mixed in with the effects of the dud Starfish Prime test...and a lot of fantasizing...our ‘scientists’ are now telling us that any day now, civilization will end if the Sun burps!

Things got a bit more serious in the Land of Oz when President Obama announced just this week (Oct 13, 2016) the:

“Executive Order (which apparently has no number yet) Coordinating Efforts to Prepare the Nation for Space Weather Events.”

The Executive Order can be found here:

Space Weather Events Executive Order

This is an Executive Order which commands the country’s resources be aimed dealing with continent-wide outage caused by a solar flare.

When I read I was alarmed...but not at the Sun.

Present scientific observation indicates the Sun is actually very DORMANT when it comes to solar flairs.

The Sun is, in fact, very INACTIVE when it comes to solar flair activity.

But regardless and even if it does become more active...THERE IS NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER which indicates that any type of solar flair would or could ever destroy the electrical and electronic infrastructure of this planet.

And what worried me was not solar flares, but the simple suggestion that our nation was about to be SHUT DOWN...while most probably using a solar flair as a cover...

...just like they used crashing passenger planes as a cover for blowing up the World Trade Center.

In 2013, Janet Napolitano, gave an explicit warning on her last day as the head of Homeland Security, saying that it was not a matter of ‘WHEN BUT IF’ a cyber-attack would ever take out the country.

She felt so sure of this fact that she had repeatedly brought up the subject in previous occasions.

Janet Napolitano Warns of Cyber Grid Take Out

This lady definitely knew something everyone else was ignoring.

Today the Department of Homeland Security is always stressing that Americans should have at least a week’s worth of food stocked up at home.

Federal paranoia?

Or do they know something we don’t?

And what a coincidence that right in the middle of the threshold of elections, economic depression, war and immigration crisis...

...the Sun is suddenly ready to belch out a grid-frying Solar Flare!

What a coincidence right on the eve of economic collapse and WW-III the Sun and nature themselves are joining together to become one more boogie man.

It is a lot more probable that the Chinese or Russians would take out our grid with a computer virus.

But I guess that is not epic enough...and besides...too many questions might arise like why was our grid so insecure, how did the enemy know exactly how to take it out and who is responsible?

No, no a Solar Flare would be much neater, no one to blame, after all, how can you fight the Sun itself

How can you shut down the power grid and not get blamed for it?

How about blaming a solar flare for it?

It makes as much sense as blaming video holograms of planes as responsible for the World Trade Center collapse....

...or humidity and jet engines for chemtrails...

...or cow farts and carbon dioxide for global warming...

...or us being well-off for terrorism...

...or peoples’ lifestyles for rates of skyrocketing cancer....

...or more effective medical diagnosis for autism (according to them we always had autistic people, we just didn't know it!)...

...or out-of-state gun availability for gun crimes in Chicago...

...or racism on any anti-Obama opinion...

...or mother nature on our blowtorch-like forest fires...

The establishment will ALWAYS find SOMETHING to blame and use as cover for THEIR acts.

And this includes blaming the Sun (of all things) for shutting down our power grid.

So let’s do some pre-solar flare mind storming, shall we?

If a giant solar flare should really and truly down our power grid, it won’t just happen’ll happen all over the Northern Hemisphere.

So once the Sun burps and the lights go out, please check the situation in places like Turkmenistan, Kazakhatan, Pakistan, Northern China - their lights should be out as well.

If not, then that is PROOF we have been lied to, since solar flares are not known for being selective and exclusive .

So...if there is a solar flare event, it will be world wide, or a the very least a Hemisphere-wide event.

If the event does occur as above, the explanation is it is a mere COVER, NOT the cause.


When the time comes, it is not the sun or some orbital nuke which will shut down the power grid.

THE GOVERNMENT ITSELF WILL SHUT DOWN THE POWER GRID...or at the very least, COLLABORATE with Russia and or China to shut it down.

Why do you think the Feds have been regularly inviting Russian and Chinese observers to our GridEx wargames which simulates dealing with a nationwide power grid failure? Is it so they can get it right when they DO shut it down?

So when the outage happens, please ignore the alternate explanation and lies which follow.

Either the entire hemisphere gets it or it's a LIE!

So having been appropriately alarmed by Obama’s new Solar Flare Executive Order...

...and now having been fore-warned of a possible upcoming Power Grid Take Out by the GOVERNMENT itself (with or without collaboration of outsiders)and using solar flare activity as a cover...

...I advise you to NOT to believe or even hear (or even see)...

...and look at the more down-to-earth explanation for what has or will happened... more government-created crisis... increase the power of the government over... they can abolish the constitution, our liberties and our way of life.

Also, look for the instant occupation of our power grid by FEMA and Homeland KEEP it shut down.

Solar Flares and orbital bombs my ass.

The Government is about to shut down the grid

So they can enforce MARTIAL LAW and take away the guns.

If we believed all the alarmist bullshit fantasy the alternative media is feeding us, from Y2K to 911, Fukushima and beyond, the Pacific would be dead, Putin would be the benevolent King of the World, and a doomsday asteroid would have ended all life on Earth...ten times over.

Come on!

The EMP theory is bullshit.

The Solar Flare EMP is even bigger bullshit.

The mechanism which will create all these crises will be the GOVERNMENT.

Screw them!

No matter what crisis they pull out of their ass, keep your guns, don’t open the door or cooperate with these traitors.

The Solar Flare / Nuclear EMP boogie man fairy tale is just one more effort to scare the population and provide a cover for ONE MORE Government sponsored terrorist operation - the take down of our nationwide power grid.


Thursday, October 13, 2016

WW-III: We've Been Sabotaged

My first experience with the possibility of sabotage occurred in the Army the early 1990‘s.

It was the tank mechanics who told me they were finding electronic parts inside the tanks which said ‘Made in Japan.’

Japan was/is a friend of the United States, but that it still got me thinking: 

“What if Japan breaks up with the United States?”

I reckoned our tank fleet would become sorely in no longer functional.

I have not checked US Army vehicles lately, but it is pretty much an accepted fact that they are now carrying electronic parts which say 'MADE IN CHINA.'

Am I becoming unreasonably scared about Chinese parts inside our weapon systems?

Am I a victim of unfounded paranoia?

Well, in case you haven’t heard, we have imported the bulk of our industry to China...and that includes our electronics industry.

The truth is the BULK of our electronics comes from China, regardless of whether it says Motorola or Intel.

I was there when they were bringing in the Chinese workers down to the local our American workers could train them...BEFORE GETTING FIRED...and their jobs exported to China!

So what is your reality?

Do you really think Communist Chinese parts are NOT inside our weapons systems?

Well, let’s see.

Let's just take the Royal Navy, Royal Air Force and the French Navy as an example.

In  January 2009 the Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force were attacked by a virus that infected the computer systems of more than 24 RAF bases and 75 per cent of the Royal Navy fleet including the aircraft carrier Ark Royal.

In very efficient manner, the British Ministry of Defence put a blanket on the extensive DAMAGE and INCAPACITATION the hardware-purveyed virus had caused to the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force.

In February of 2009, the aircraft of the French Navy were suddenly unable to download the computerized flight plans necessary for their missions because the French Navy’s entire computer network was OUT.

In addition, the ‘virus’ carried within electronic hardware had taken out the French Navy’s complex communications systems, which forced the French Navy to resort to telephone, fax...and paper mail (!) to communicate.

Military personnel were prohibited from turning on ANY Navy computers.

Meanwhile all French Navy aircraft were indefinitely grounded.

See the article below:


One can honestly say that this type of situation happening on the eve of a major conflict would be a disaster.

Early reports on the incident DID say that the ’virus’ was in fact FIRMWARE (the software which runs the hardware of an electronic device) and that the electronics responsible for this treacherous firmware had originated in China.

Later, around 2013, the tech-savy media was suddenly buzzing with the news that Chinese USB Flash Drives contained dangerous and damaging FIRMWARE which infected the computers of their users, and were exremely difficult hard to detect and counter.

It was shortly thereafter that news came out about MILLIONS of computers in America and Europe becoming 'Zombies.'

A Zombie Computer is a computer which has been taken over by a virus which secretly and separately becomes part of a secret bot network which tells it what to do unbeknown and unnoticed by the user.

So, while the user is checking email, the Zombie Computer could be spreading viruses or (with a million other computers) helping overwhelm a Government website.

Zombie computers operate independently, following the instructions of the virus, or a secret hack network to which it secretly belongs.

Needless to say, a Zombie program is more complex than a simple virus.

It is this type of virus program which is carried in FIRMWARE, which runs the electronic devices installed in computers the minute they are manufactured.

Imagine our armed forces putting all those Chinese-made electronics (and their firmware) into our weapon systems...and you have the ingredients for a major melt down.

Could it happen?

Well, to answer that question you would have to know how many traitors can dance on the head of a pin..headed bureaucracy.

Indications are not encouraging.

In 1968 the US nuclear attack submarine USS Scorpion ‘disappeared’ southwest of the Azores while tracking a Soviet naval task force.

In 2007 Ed Offley published his book ‘Scorpion Down’ which used recent information from both the US and Russia... exposed the fact that a KGB spy within the US Navy - John Anthony Walker Jr. - had given the Soviets the COMMUNICATIONS CODE to EVERY US Navy submarine.

Result: the Soviets could from then on intercept, track and ambush US submarines whenever they wanted...

...which is exactly what they did with the USS Scorpion.

 So...reality check:

Our submarine communications codes have been known to the Russians since 1968.

And an unending parade of traitors seem to be standing by to keep betraying us to the Russians every day... Robert Hanssen who committed in the “worst intelligence disaster in US history”...

...who along with Aldrich Ames helped destroy the entire CIA network in Russia.

And neither are we any more secure at home with our Intelligence Agencies farming out intelligence work to PRIVATE CONTRACTORS (like the ones Edward Snowden worked for), a KGB plant recruited by the NSA, who has escaped to Russia and keeps transmitting new information revealed to the Russians by other traitors within the US intelligence community.

The release of true information about our corrupt government is welcome, but note that all releases from all these ‘heroes’ is always one-side and degrades ONE target: the US (nothing ever coming out against Russia, China or North Korea). And all these traitors who keep releasing all this classified information are infiltrated CIA (Communist Infiltration Agency) assets who are HANDED top secret information by treacherous higher ups (also working for the CIA...against us).

My point in all this beside-the-point babble?

Well, it seems we ARE stupid and corrupt enough to have installed Chinese Firmware-containing hardware within our weapon systems...and our weapons ARE compromised. KGB chief have loudly exclaimed their surprise at how CHEAPLY Americans are willing to sell their country down the river.

The indications and test-runs of our demise have already happened.

Notice the shut down of the cruiser USS Cooke by Russia in 2014.

This warship was SHUT DOWN electronically as if somebody flipped a switch (which is probably what the Russians did).

A single Russian jet transmitted a signal which SHUT THE ENTIRE SHIP DOWN from bow to stern.

Accounts say she became a defenseless, floating piece of junk...unable to operate or even move.

All accounts were quickly suppressed and the sailors sworn to secrecy under threat of court martial.

No matter what the ‘experts’ may say about EMP weapons, no weapon can shut down a ship so completely...unless the ship’s electronic systems have been compromised to the enemy.

27 crew members (probably officers) quickly caught on to the fact that their weapons had been betrayed and wrote letters of resignation.

But back to that compromised Chinese firmware-containing hardware.

Do you doubt these fools and traitors have managed to install that stuff inside our weapon systems?

Think about it.

What more proof do you need? We are being warned of such an event over and over again.

In 2003 the new Battlestar Galactica mini-series was launched on the Sci-Fi Network.

The new production had ONE major difference from the original.

Instead of there being an epic battle between the humans and the Cylons, there is  only a slaughter of humanity, as the computers aboard ENTIRE human fleet are shut down by infiltrated enemy computer software.

Instead of acts of valor, the viewer is treated to the human fleet turned into defenseless junk, floating aimlessly through space as the Cylons arrive and simply slaughter it with the human crews screaming inside their  vessels.

Just how close does this sound to the demise of the USS Cooke?

Have the Illuminati given us a warning of what is going to happen to our armed forces?

A few years back, all this suspicion of our forces being electronically compromised was put to the back of my head as I proceeded with my everyday responsibilities...

...until I came across a Clancyesque-style book by Rick Campbell called ‘Empire Rising.’

The book came out in 2015 and is written by a retired US Navy Commander with 33 years experience aboard nuclear attack submarines and inside the Navy’s Undersea Weapons Program.

So this is a book written by a US Navy commander who knows his stuff well, ESPECIALLY since he was a specialist in weapon systems under the Navy’s Undersea WEAPONS Program.

So what have we here?

A military officer with decades of experience and enough US Navy connections to sink the Titanic...who decides to suddenly write a 'fiction' novel?

The book is indeed an exciting read...

...unfortunately, it seems to be one of those books written as a WARNING, by a government employee who cannot legally reveal the classified truth...except through fiction.

It begins by describing a sudden naval war with China...which turns out to be, for the US Navy, a slaughter as surprising, unexpected and terrifying defeat, as the slaughter of the humans in Battlestar Galactica

So much so, that I was thinking “this guy just copied Battlestar Galactica”

But as I read more, I began taking it as the serious muffled warning that it was.

You see, the book describes the COMPLETE DESTRUCTION of the US Pacific Fleet through the use of embedded Chinese malware in US Navy weapon systems.

In the war, the Chinese launch masses of anti-ship missiles at our Navy...whose ships, when the most crucial of moment arrives, are unable to fire.

In fact, the Navy's missile systems just keep re-setting themselves over and over... the rain of Chinese missiles arrive.

The demise of our carrier borne aircraft is also suspicious as masses of Chinese cruise missiles seem to hit them in flight with unerring accuracy...and even follow them around as the fighters carry out evasive maneuvers.

The entire technique of just how the Chinese infiltrated their malware amongst all our weapon systems is not totally revealed in the book (probably due to legal and political pressures), but the end results are obvious.

From then on, things only get worse.

US submarines launch torpedoes at Chinese submarines only to have their torpedoes shut down in mid run by Chinese sonar...

...which then use their Sonar to locate and destroy the useless American subs.

Needless to say, the American fleet is massacred.

And the massacre in the book goes overboard as carrier after carrier, ship after ship, sub after sub, is sent to the bottom or left a floating funeral pyre.

The negativity is so overpowering that the reader just assumes that the hero of the moment will probably be dead within the next few pages.

The happy and least probable of all happy endings (probably demanded by the editor) saves the United States by using the Chinese’s own medicine against them.

Which isn’t very convincing.

In real life, if you’ve lost your entire fleet to the enemy, there isn’t much chance of any happy whatsoever.

Campell is not Clancy.

And this isn’t a Tom Clancy novel where everything works as advertised, our weapons are always the best, and America comes out on top.

No, this is about the most anti-Tom Clancy novel you can imagine.

Nothing works...and everybody dies.

Now if this was a novel written by some cheap hack, I would disregard it, but please note, it was written by a US Navy Commander with more than three decades experience in the weapons development for the Navy.

This is not some hack turning out pages to pay the rent, this is a high ranking Navy officer giving us a WARNING.

And the warning is:

‘All our weapon systems have been compromised and are totally vulnerable - DO NOT go to war against China under these circumstances.

Will anyone listen?

The book is moderately successful, ranking 1000th in the Amazon techno-thriller category... I guess not as many might be listening as the author had hoped.

But there it is.

One more warning from the top of the Military brass.

The weapons with which we are expected to fight WW-III have been compromised.

When the time comes they will NOT work as advertised!


Because we have been betrayed by our own CIA and military industrial complex.

Did you know that part of the (newly discovered to be useless) F-35 fighter bomber was designed in RUSSIA?

Read more about it here:


Did you know Bill Clinton GAVE North Korea the two nuclear reactors it used to manufacture the nuclear weapons with which it is today threatening us?

Normally, people who cannot keep friends are known as self-destructive assholes.

But nations who can’t are referred to in much more respectable (though undeserved) terms.

For example...

Did you know the Federal Government helped Israel create the Lavi fighter jet...and canceled it when it was found Israel was leaking our technology to Russia?...and that Israel later sold the plans to Communist China....which now flies the Lavi under the name J-10...against America?

Did you know Japan sold to Russia high tech grinders which Russia used to make their sub propellers UNDETECTABLE to US sonar?

Did you hear about Hillary leaking all her classified emails to the Russians?

Yes, America this IS the government which WOULD sell you down the river by inserting enemy hardware into your weapon systems.

And thus knowing that we have been betrayed and hung out to dry by our own government...

...why go to war at all?

The war itself would be a trap.

All those people on duty in the US Air Force, Navy and Army...

...stand a good chance of dying immediate, meaningless and useless deaths at the hands of the enemy.

If I were in any of those institutions now I WOULD QUIT and if recalled to service as a reservist I WOULD NOT APPEAR.

Stay out of this upcoming stupid war.

Our weapon systems have been compromised

The odds have been fixed.

We have been betrayed.

Better to stay right here at home in America and fight for what rights and sovereignty we have left...

...rather than die betrayed to a meaningless death in some backwater battlefield.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Hillary Is Totally Mind Controlled!

 With time I have learned to distrust the mainstream media.

More recently I have learned to mistrust the ‘independent’ media as well.

This is because the Federal Government and other governments have been infiltrating the independent media in order to spout a lot of DISINFORMATION.

Many ‘spins’ have been launched by the so-called ‘independent’ outlets including:
    ‘Putin is our friend’
    ‘the New World Order is on the run’
    ‘the New World Order is collapsing’
    ‘China is against the New World Order’
    ‘Hitler was not as bad as they say’
    ‘Fukushima has killed the entire Pacific Ocean’
    ‘Trump is our greatest hope’   
    ‘Trump will win without a doubt’   

    ‘Hillary Clinton is ill’

Right from the beginning, when Hillary starting having coughing fits they began squawking “Hillary is mortally ill!”
Now coughing is the oldest ‘getting sick’ stereotype in the book and goes way back to the novels of Victorian England:

“Cough, cough, I’m really alright, just a cold cough, cough, don’t worry darling, our dream honeymoon will...cough“

Coughing is a sign of a mortal disease?

Well, I guess you can SPIN it that way.

Also...Hillary might have just smoked too many cigars the night before the speech.

The truth is I have been skeptical about Hillary’s ‘terminal condition’ ever since the ‘alternate media’ began talking so much about it.

For one, Hillary has always been a pretty healthy and strong individual.

Larry Nichols (Hillary’s ex-partner in crime) has said on the Alex Jones Show that Hillary is ‘FAKING IT’ to garner sympathy and to make a ‘miraculous comeback' in front of the entire nation.

(You might have noticed this is exactly what she did in her first debate against Donald Trump)

Also, the Establishment would NEVER put a sick goat before the world as its candidate...and if so, they would have used all the medical miracle cures and procedures they regularly use on themselves to make the sick goat get well.

If Hillary was their choice, and she had any sort of medical inconvenience, the secret establishment’s medical procedures would have taken care of it IMMEDIATELY.

(Just look at the eternal David Rockefeller and the surprisingly newly athletic Dick Cheney)

Hillary’s coughing sounds have always sounded contrived and fake.

The first time she used her coughing fits was to make her Benghazi testimony before the Senate as short as possible.

And what’s up with those “lozenges” she keeps popping?

She sounds fine before taking them...after taking them she can’t even talk...and the coughing INCREASES!

Those “lozenges” HELP her cough and make her NOT able to talk.


She uses her fake coughing again here the minute the name Bill Clinton is mentioned (notice how ‘well’ she sounded at the beginning of the interview).


Please notice she always takes that “lozenge” and right after doing so, she can’t talk anymore because of the non-stop coughing and because she begins losing her voice.

So I don’t think Hillary is “ill.”

Is she totally off her rocker and under mind-control?


What gave this fact away was the INSANE bobble head smiling Hillary which was filmed in front of the cameras.


The trustworthy ‘independent media’ said it was a ‘seizure.’

How is this event a seizure?

Hillary’s head is bobbing up and down as her grin gets bigger and bigger and she has the perfect balance to go along with all the bouncing and even ENJOY all the bobble headed action.

Have you even seen a person have a real seizure?

The person becomes totally stiff and twitches rapidly while gritting their teeth.

No smiles.

Ever see an epileptic SMILE during a seizure?

It looked to me like Hillary was ENJOYING an electrically stimulated neural trip her brain was taking

Look at the footage closely.

Hillary is ENJOYING the sudden ride!

It looked more like her controller had accidentally tripped her pleasure-reward chip in her brain.

And speaking of controller...who was that serious-lesbo-looking Black woman who sneaks up and stands very close to her just before the seizure?

Also notice that this Black woman is not at all surprised by Hillary’s reaction and even seems to smile unconcernedly at it.

No clue?

Is it too much to suggest...she is Hillary’s HANDLER and CONTROLLER?

What's a Handler?

A handler is a medically trained professional who is almost always close or nearby ...even within touching range of ‘the subject’ - the mind-controlled person controlled by the handler reacts much like a remote-controlled toy reacts to  radio-transmitted instructions.

The truth is Hillary is not sick - she is a TOTALLY MIND CONTROLLED BASKET CASE.

This was proven in this first Presidential debate, when Hillary looked like a strong, decisive, healthy and resolute presidential candidate (it was Trump who looked like a wet blanket).

Hey...not one cough from Hillary!

Then there’s Hillary’s face when the balloons were released at the Democratic Convention.

And look at Hillary’s laser copy expression on the Jimmy Kimmel show
It looks like somebody flipped a switch and Hillary’s face contorted into this Baby Huey expression right on command.

Note the exact same expression!

And her husband Bill Clinton’s reaction was also intriguing enough that it was  featured on that same Jimmy Kimmel episode


There is a list of ongoing facial Hillary puts on as if activated on demand - the exact same expressions!

I have noticed this a lot in mind controlled subjects.

The exact same facial expression is ‘activated’ over and over again when the occasions demands.

Repetitive facial expressions are a sign of a mind control... are the frequent blank facial expressions...Hillary frequently zones into as well.

Many in the ‘independent media’ allude to these blank expressions to Hillary listening to her ever-present ear piece.

Listening to what?

Orders? Commands? Code Words?

And why is she ALWAYS wearing an ear piece?

Why is she always closely escorted by a HANDLER who is controlling her like a puppet?

It’s because she is a remote-controlled Manchurian candidate.

See what happens when you climb up too high on the Illuminati ladder, Hillary?

You become a pathetic mind-controlled basket case.

In keeping with the times, Hillary’s mind controllers seem to be mostly African-American. I guess it's to stay with the politically correct times, with all the Hip Hop music and the consistently Black police chiefs.

And what a trip for the Black controller controlling that whacked out White Cracker!

Hey, a Black handler attracts much less attention ( a Black person in charge of the President, who would believe that?).

Ergo Hillary’s latest handler (she seems to go through a lot of them) is an obese Black doctor called Todd Madison, who always seems to be just a few steps behind her (and sometimes closer).

(Mind controlling handlers are nothing new, Hitler had Rudolph Hess and later Martin Bormann (when Hess left for England)

Todd Madison (if that is indeed his name) is a high ranking Secret Service official IN CHARGE of Hillary’s ENTIRE Secret Service detail.

In addition, Madison is a medical doctor, apparently well versed in the PSYCHOLOGICAL manipulation of Hillary Clinton and carrying some type of cylindrical instrument which has been called everything from a flashlight to a laser pointer to an injector or even a mind control device.

Why not all three?

(There is footage of Madison using his ‘cylinder’ as a laser or flashlight to indicate to Hillary in which direction she is supposed to be looking and in which direction is supposed to be walking.)

And the cylinder also DOES look like an Epipen-type injector.

The only scenario the ‘independent’ media always fails to mention is that the device is a mind-control device which can remote control Hillary Clinton!

No better indication that Hillary is a mind-controlled slave that the footage below:


Please note how Hillary went into a ‘trance’ after she failed to respond to her hecklers and the good doctor came running on stage,  to put his arm around her and ordering her to “keep talking” while PUSHING AWAY and dismissing the all the Secret Service guys.

This is one Fat man who IS in CHARGE!

You can tell when Hillary stares to the right and shuts down 8-seconds into the clip.

And look at the body language.

Hillary is standing there like this guy’s proud BITCH as ‘Madison’ actually rubs his body against her’s and puts his hand on her shoulder.

Notice how Hillary’s body actually shifts over and faces this confidant, even as he proceeds to rub himself on her.

She is standing there like the guy’s girlfriend, happy to be protected by ‘her man.’

And the handler finally just raises his voice as he pushes off all the Secret Service and tells her (in no friendly tone) “keep talking, KEEP TALKING!”

This man is frequently within intimate touching distance of Hillary frequently violates here space...all the time.

Match this to Hillary’s eyes losing focus and going in different directions and you’ve got the perfect showcase of a mind-controlled, mind-fucked basket case.


In cases of mental trauma, the eyes going in different direction indicates massive brain damage.

In cases where the eyes momentarily go in different directions, it indicates a case of MASSIVE brain intervention.

What we have in Hillary is a massively mind-controlled individual, which makes the handler standing next to her the REAL President of the United States should she ever be elected.

This woman is not sick...she is under total mind control.

She has a powerful network behind her helping her win elections (like she did against Bernie Sanders).

And if elected..she will become America’s first FULLY MIND-CONTROLLED PRESIDENT.