Thursday, October 6, 2016

Hillary Is Totally Mind Controlled!

 With time I have learned to distrust the mainstream media.

More recently I have learned to mistrust the ‘independent’ media as well.

This is because the Federal Government and other governments have been infiltrating the independent media in order to spout a lot of DISINFORMATION.

Many ‘spins’ have been launched by the so-called ‘independent’ outlets including:
    ‘Putin is our friend’
    ‘the New World Order is on the run’
    ‘the New World Order is collapsing’
    ‘China is against the New World Order’
    ‘Hitler was not as bad as they say’
    ‘Fukushima has killed the entire Pacific Ocean’
    ‘Trump is our greatest hope’   
    ‘Trump will win without a doubt’   

    ‘Hillary Clinton is ill’

Right from the beginning, when Hillary starting having coughing fits they began squawking “Hillary is mortally ill!”
Now coughing is the oldest ‘getting sick’ stereotype in the book and goes way back to the novels of Victorian England:

“Cough, cough, I’m really alright, just a cold cough, cough, don’t worry darling, our dream honeymoon will...cough“

Coughing is a sign of a mortal disease?

Well, I guess you can SPIN it that way.

Also...Hillary might have just smoked too many cigars the night before the speech.

The truth is I have been skeptical about Hillary’s ‘terminal condition’ ever since the ‘alternate media’ began talking so much about it.

For one, Hillary has always been a pretty healthy and strong individual.

Larry Nichols (Hillary’s ex-partner in crime) has said on the Alex Jones Show that Hillary is ‘FAKING IT’ to garner sympathy and to make a ‘miraculous comeback' in front of the entire nation.

(You might have noticed this is exactly what she did in her first debate against Donald Trump)

Also, the Establishment would NEVER put a sick goat before the world as its candidate...and if so, they would have used all the medical miracle cures and procedures they regularly use on themselves to make the sick goat get well.

If Hillary was their choice, and she had any sort of medical inconvenience, the secret establishment’s medical procedures would have taken care of it IMMEDIATELY.

(Just look at the eternal David Rockefeller and the surprisingly newly athletic Dick Cheney)

Hillary’s coughing sounds have always sounded contrived and fake.

The first time she used her coughing fits was to make her Benghazi testimony before the Senate as short as possible.

And what’s up with those “lozenges” she keeps popping?

She sounds fine before taking them...after taking them she can’t even talk...and the coughing INCREASES!

Those “lozenges” HELP her cough and make her NOT able to talk.


She uses her fake coughing again here the minute the name Bill Clinton is mentioned (notice how ‘well’ she sounded at the beginning of the interview).


Please notice she always takes that “lozenge” and right after doing so, she can’t talk anymore because of the non-stop coughing and because she begins losing her voice.

So I don’t think Hillary is “ill.”

Is she totally off her rocker and under mind-control?


What gave this fact away was the INSANE bobble head smiling Hillary which was filmed in front of the cameras.


The trustworthy ‘independent media’ said it was a ‘seizure.’

How is this event a seizure?

Hillary’s head is bobbing up and down as her grin gets bigger and bigger and she has the perfect balance to go along with all the bouncing and even ENJOY all the bobble headed action.

Have you even seen a person have a real seizure?

The person becomes totally stiff and twitches rapidly while gritting their teeth.

No smiles.

Ever see an epileptic SMILE during a seizure?

It looked to me like Hillary was ENJOYING an electrically stimulated neural trip her brain was taking

Look at the footage closely.

Hillary is ENJOYING the sudden ride!

It looked more like her controller had accidentally tripped her pleasure-reward chip in her brain.

And speaking of controller...who was that serious-lesbo-looking Black woman who sneaks up and stands very close to her just before the seizure?

Also notice that this Black woman is not at all surprised by Hillary’s reaction and even seems to smile unconcernedly at it.

No clue?

Is it too much to suggest...she is Hillary’s HANDLER and CONTROLLER?

What's a Handler?

A handler is a medically trained professional who is almost always close or nearby ...even within touching range of ‘the subject’ - the mind-controlled person controlled by the handler reacts much like a remote-controlled toy reacts to  radio-transmitted instructions.

The truth is Hillary is not sick - she is a TOTALLY MIND CONTROLLED BASKET CASE.

This was proven in this first Presidential debate, when Hillary looked like a strong, decisive, healthy and resolute presidential candidate (it was Trump who looked like a wet blanket).

Hey...not one cough from Hillary!

Then there’s Hillary’s face when the balloons were released at the Democratic Convention.

And look at Hillary’s laser copy expression on the Jimmy Kimmel show
It looks like somebody flipped a switch and Hillary’s face contorted into this Baby Huey expression right on command.

Note the exact same expression!

And her husband Bill Clinton’s reaction was also intriguing enough that it was  featured on that same Jimmy Kimmel episode


There is a list of ongoing facial Hillary puts on as if activated on demand - the exact same expressions!

I have noticed this a lot in mind controlled subjects.

The exact same facial expression is ‘activated’ over and over again when the occasions demands.

Repetitive facial expressions are a sign of a mind control... are the frequent blank facial expressions...Hillary frequently zones into as well.

Many in the ‘independent media’ allude to these blank expressions to Hillary listening to her ever-present ear piece.

Listening to what?

Orders? Commands? Code Words?

And why is she ALWAYS wearing an ear piece?

Why is she always closely escorted by a HANDLER who is controlling her like a puppet?

It’s because she is a remote-controlled Manchurian candidate.

See what happens when you climb up too high on the Illuminati ladder, Hillary?

You become a pathetic mind-controlled basket case.

In keeping with the times, Hillary’s mind controllers seem to be mostly African-American. I guess it's to stay with the politically correct times, with all the Hip Hop music and the consistently Black police chiefs.

And what a trip for the Black controller controlling that whacked out White Cracker!

Hey, a Black handler attracts much less attention ( a Black person in charge of the President, who would believe that?).

Ergo Hillary’s latest handler (she seems to go through a lot of them) is an obese Black doctor called Todd Madison, who always seems to be just a few steps behind her (and sometimes closer).

(Mind controlling handlers are nothing new, Hitler had Rudolph Hess and later Martin Bormann (when Hess left for England)

Todd Madison (if that is indeed his name) is a high ranking Secret Service official IN CHARGE of Hillary’s ENTIRE Secret Service detail.

In addition, Madison is a medical doctor, apparently well versed in the PSYCHOLOGICAL manipulation of Hillary Clinton and carrying some type of cylindrical instrument which has been called everything from a flashlight to a laser pointer to an injector or even a mind control device.

Why not all three?

(There is footage of Madison using his ‘cylinder’ as a laser or flashlight to indicate to Hillary in which direction she is supposed to be looking and in which direction is supposed to be walking.)

And the cylinder also DOES look like an Epipen-type injector.

The only scenario the ‘independent’ media always fails to mention is that the device is a mind-control device which can remote control Hillary Clinton!

No better indication that Hillary is a mind-controlled slave that the footage below:


Please note how Hillary went into a ‘trance’ after she failed to respond to her hecklers and the good doctor came running on stage,  to put his arm around her and ordering her to “keep talking” while PUSHING AWAY and dismissing the all the Secret Service guys.

This is one Fat man who IS in CHARGE!

You can tell when Hillary stares to the right and shuts down 8-seconds into the clip.

And look at the body language.

Hillary is standing there like this guy’s proud BITCH as ‘Madison’ actually rubs his body against her’s and puts his hand on her shoulder.

Notice how Hillary’s body actually shifts over and faces this confidant, even as he proceeds to rub himself on her.

She is standing there like the guy’s girlfriend, happy to be protected by ‘her man.’

And the handler finally just raises his voice as he pushes off all the Secret Service and tells her (in no friendly tone) “keep talking, KEEP TALKING!”

This man is frequently within intimate touching distance of Hillary frequently violates here space...all the time.

Match this to Hillary’s eyes losing focus and going in different directions and you’ve got the perfect showcase of a mind-controlled, mind-fucked basket case.


In cases of mental trauma, the eyes going in different direction indicates massive brain damage.

In cases where the eyes momentarily go in different directions, it indicates a case of MASSIVE brain intervention.

What we have in Hillary is a massively mind-controlled individual, which makes the handler standing next to her the REAL President of the United States should she ever be elected.

This woman is not sick...she is under total mind control.

She has a powerful network behind her helping her win elections (like she did against Bernie Sanders).

And if elected..she will become America’s first FULLY MIND-CONTROLLED PRESIDENT.

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