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WW-III: We've Been Sabotaged

My first experience with the possibility of sabotage occurred in the Army the early 1990‘s.

It was the tank mechanics who told me they were finding electronic parts inside the tanks which said ‘Made in Japan.’

Japan was/is a friend of the United States, but that it still got me thinking: 

“What if Japan breaks up with the United States?”

I reckoned our tank fleet would become sorely in no longer functional.

I have not checked US Army vehicles lately, but it is pretty much an accepted fact that they are now carrying electronic parts which say 'MADE IN CHINA.'

Am I becoming unreasonably scared about Chinese parts inside our weapon systems?

Am I a victim of unfounded paranoia?

Well, in case you haven’t heard, we have imported the bulk of our industry to China...and that includes our electronics industry.

The truth is the BULK of our electronics comes from China, regardless of whether it says Motorola or Intel.

I was there when they were bringing in the Chinese workers down to the local our American workers could train them...BEFORE GETTING FIRED...and their jobs exported to China!

So what is your reality?

Do you really think Communist Chinese parts are NOT inside our weapons systems?

Well, let’s see.

Let's just take the Royal Navy, Royal Air Force and the French Navy as an example.

In  January 2009 the Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force were attacked by a virus that infected the computer systems of more than 24 RAF bases and 75 per cent of the Royal Navy fleet including the aircraft carrier Ark Royal.

In very efficient manner, the British Ministry of Defence put a blanket on the extensive DAMAGE and INCAPACITATION the hardware-purveyed virus had caused to the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force.

In February of 2009, the aircraft of the French Navy were suddenly unable to download the computerized flight plans necessary for their missions because the French Navy’s entire computer network was OUT.

In addition, the ‘virus’ carried within electronic hardware had taken out the French Navy’s complex communications systems, which forced the French Navy to resort to telephone, fax...and paper mail (!) to communicate.

Military personnel were prohibited from turning on ANY Navy computers.

Meanwhile all French Navy aircraft were indefinitely grounded.

See the article below:


One can honestly say that this type of situation happening on the eve of a major conflict would be a disaster.

Early reports on the incident DID say that the ’virus’ was in fact FIRMWARE (the software which runs the hardware of an electronic device) and that the electronics responsible for this treacherous firmware had originated in China.

Later, around 2013, the tech-savy media was suddenly buzzing with the news that Chinese USB Flash Drives contained dangerous and damaging FIRMWARE which infected the computers of their users, and were exremely difficult hard to detect and counter.

It was shortly thereafter that news came out about MILLIONS of computers in America and Europe becoming 'Zombies.'

A Zombie Computer is a computer which has been taken over by a virus which secretly and separately becomes part of a secret bot network which tells it what to do unbeknown and unnoticed by the user.

So, while the user is checking email, the Zombie Computer could be spreading viruses or (with a million other computers) helping overwhelm a Government website.

Zombie computers operate independently, following the instructions of the virus, or a secret hack network to which it secretly belongs.

Needless to say, a Zombie program is more complex than a simple virus.

It is this type of virus program which is carried in FIRMWARE, which runs the electronic devices installed in computers the minute they are manufactured.

Imagine our armed forces putting all those Chinese-made electronics (and their firmware) into our weapon systems...and you have the ingredients for a major melt down.

Could it happen?

Well, to answer that question you would have to know how many traitors can dance on the head of a pin..headed bureaucracy.

Indications are not encouraging.

In 1968 the US nuclear attack submarine USS Scorpion ‘disappeared’ southwest of the Azores while tracking a Soviet naval task force.

In 2007 Ed Offley published his book ‘Scorpion Down’ which used recent information from both the US and Russia... exposed the fact that a KGB spy within the US Navy - John Anthony Walker Jr. - had given the Soviets the COMMUNICATIONS CODE to EVERY US Navy submarine.

Result: the Soviets could from then on intercept, track and ambush US submarines whenever they wanted...

...which is exactly what they did with the USS Scorpion.

 So...reality check:

Our submarine communications codes have been known to the Russians since 1968.

And an unending parade of traitors seem to be standing by to keep betraying us to the Russians every day... Robert Hanssen who committed in the “worst intelligence disaster in US history”...

...who along with Aldrich Ames helped destroy the entire CIA network in Russia.

And neither are we any more secure at home with our Intelligence Agencies farming out intelligence work to PRIVATE CONTRACTORS (like the ones Edward Snowden worked for), a KGB plant recruited by the NSA, who has escaped to Russia and keeps transmitting new information revealed to the Russians by other traitors within the US intelligence community.

The release of true information about our corrupt government is welcome, but note that all releases from all these ‘heroes’ is always one-side and degrades ONE target: the US (nothing ever coming out against Russia, China or North Korea). And all these traitors who keep releasing all this classified information are infiltrated CIA (Communist Infiltration Agency) assets who are HANDED top secret information by treacherous higher ups (also working for the CIA...against us).

My point in all this beside-the-point babble?

Well, it seems we ARE stupid and corrupt enough to have installed Chinese Firmware-containing hardware within our weapon systems...and our weapons ARE compromised. KGB chief have loudly exclaimed their surprise at how CHEAPLY Americans are willing to sell their country down the river.

The indications and test-runs of our demise have already happened.

Notice the shut down of the cruiser USS Cooke by Russia in 2014.

This warship was SHUT DOWN electronically as if somebody flipped a switch (which is probably what the Russians did).

A single Russian jet transmitted a signal which SHUT THE ENTIRE SHIP DOWN from bow to stern.

Accounts say she became a defenseless, floating piece of junk...unable to operate or even move.

All accounts were quickly suppressed and the sailors sworn to secrecy under threat of court martial.

No matter what the ‘experts’ may say about EMP weapons, no weapon can shut down a ship so completely...unless the ship’s electronic systems have been compromised to the enemy.

27 crew members (probably officers) quickly caught on to the fact that their weapons had been betrayed and wrote letters of resignation.

But back to that compromised Chinese firmware-containing hardware.

Do you doubt these fools and traitors have managed to install that stuff inside our weapon systems?

Think about it.

What more proof do you need? We are being warned of such an event over and over again.

In 2003 the new Battlestar Galactica mini-series was launched on the Sci-Fi Network.

The new production had ONE major difference from the original.

Instead of there being an epic battle between the humans and the Cylons, there is  only a slaughter of humanity, as the computers aboard ENTIRE human fleet are shut down by infiltrated enemy computer software.

Instead of acts of valor, the viewer is treated to the human fleet turned into defenseless junk, floating aimlessly through space as the Cylons arrive and simply slaughter it with the human crews screaming inside their  vessels.

Just how close does this sound to the demise of the USS Cooke?

Have the Illuminati given us a warning of what is going to happen to our armed forces?

A few years back, all this suspicion of our forces being electronically compromised was put to the back of my head as I proceeded with my everyday responsibilities...

...until I came across a Clancyesque-style book by Rick Campbell called ‘Empire Rising.’

The book came out in 2015 and is written by a retired US Navy Commander with 33 years experience aboard nuclear attack submarines and inside the Navy’s Undersea Weapons Program.

So this is a book written by a US Navy commander who knows his stuff well, ESPECIALLY since he was a specialist in weapon systems under the Navy’s Undersea WEAPONS Program.

So what have we here?

A military officer with decades of experience and enough US Navy connections to sink the Titanic...who decides to suddenly write a 'fiction' novel?

The book is indeed an exciting read...

...unfortunately, it seems to be one of those books written as a WARNING, by a government employee who cannot legally reveal the classified truth...except through fiction.

It begins by describing a sudden naval war with China...which turns out to be, for the US Navy, a slaughter as surprising, unexpected and terrifying defeat, as the slaughter of the humans in Battlestar Galactica

So much so, that I was thinking “this guy just copied Battlestar Galactica”

But as I read more, I began taking it as the serious muffled warning that it was.

You see, the book describes the COMPLETE DESTRUCTION of the US Pacific Fleet through the use of embedded Chinese malware in US Navy weapon systems.

In the war, the Chinese launch masses of anti-ship missiles at our Navy...whose ships, when the most crucial of moment arrives, are unable to fire.

In fact, the Navy's missile systems just keep re-setting themselves over and over... the rain of Chinese missiles arrive.

The demise of our carrier borne aircraft is also suspicious as masses of Chinese cruise missiles seem to hit them in flight with unerring accuracy...and even follow them around as the fighters carry out evasive maneuvers.

The entire technique of just how the Chinese infiltrated their malware amongst all our weapon systems is not totally revealed in the book (probably due to legal and political pressures), but the end results are obvious.

From then on, things only get worse.

US submarines launch torpedoes at Chinese submarines only to have their torpedoes shut down in mid run by Chinese sonar...

...which then use their Sonar to locate and destroy the useless American subs.

Needless to say, the American fleet is massacred.

And the massacre in the book goes overboard as carrier after carrier, ship after ship, sub after sub, is sent to the bottom or left a floating funeral pyre.

The negativity is so overpowering that the reader just assumes that the hero of the moment will probably be dead within the next few pages.

The happy and least probable of all happy endings (probably demanded by the editor) saves the United States by using the Chinese’s own medicine against them.

Which isn’t very convincing.

In real life, if you’ve lost your entire fleet to the enemy, there isn’t much chance of any happy whatsoever.

Campell is not Clancy.

And this isn’t a Tom Clancy novel where everything works as advertised, our weapons are always the best, and America comes out on top.

No, this is about the most anti-Tom Clancy novel you can imagine.

Nothing works...and everybody dies.

Now if this was a novel written by some cheap hack, I would disregard it, but please note, it was written by a US Navy Commander with more than three decades experience in the weapons development for the Navy.

This is not some hack turning out pages to pay the rent, this is a high ranking Navy officer giving us a WARNING.

And the warning is:

‘All our weapon systems have been compromised and are totally vulnerable - DO NOT go to war against China under these circumstances.

Will anyone listen?

The book is moderately successful, ranking 1000th in the Amazon techno-thriller category... I guess not as many might be listening as the author had hoped.

But there it is.

One more warning from the top of the Military brass.

The weapons with which we are expected to fight WW-III have been compromised.

When the time comes they will NOT work as advertised!


Because we have been betrayed by our own CIA and military industrial complex.

Did you know that part of the (newly discovered to be useless) F-35 fighter bomber was designed in RUSSIA?

Read more about it here:


Did you know Bill Clinton GAVE North Korea the two nuclear reactors it used to manufacture the nuclear weapons with which it is today threatening us?

Normally, people who cannot keep friends are known as self-destructive assholes.

But nations who can’t are referred to in much more respectable (though undeserved) terms.

For example...

Did you know the Federal Government helped Israel create the Lavi fighter jet...and canceled it when it was found Israel was leaking our technology to Russia?...and that Israel later sold the plans to Communist China....which now flies the Lavi under the name J-10...against America?

Did you know Japan sold to Russia high tech grinders which Russia used to make their sub propellers UNDETECTABLE to US sonar?

Did you hear about Hillary leaking all her classified emails to the Russians?

Yes, America this IS the government which WOULD sell you down the river by inserting enemy hardware into your weapon systems.

And thus knowing that we have been betrayed and hung out to dry by our own government...

...why go to war at all?

The war itself would be a trap.

All those people on duty in the US Air Force, Navy and Army...

...stand a good chance of dying immediate, meaningless and useless deaths at the hands of the enemy.

If I were in any of those institutions now I WOULD QUIT and if recalled to service as a reservist I WOULD NOT APPEAR.

Stay out of this upcoming stupid war.

Our weapon systems have been compromised

The odds have been fixed.

We have been betrayed.

Better to stay right here at home in America and fight for what rights and sovereignty we have left...

...rather than die betrayed to a meaningless death in some backwater battlefield.

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