Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Civil War 2: Just Who Did You Say Was Leading Us?

With all the talk about Civil War in the air, my question is:

Just who exactly is going to lead us in this act of rebellion?

Will it be the Police, the Sheriff’s Departments, the Departments of Public Safety?

Will it be all those state law enforcers accepting Federal money and guidance to institute SWAT murder teams, black helicopters, armored assault vehicles,  universal TASER use, paranoia-inducing workshops where police are told they can be murdered by a pencil so that its better just to kill troublemakers?

Will it be the State Legislatures that keep accepting Federal Funds and following Federal Guidelines on everything from education to environmentalism to vaccination?

Will it be people like Texan Governor Rick Perry - who has openly speculated on secession…right after he attended a BILDERBERG MEETING?

If there is really all this stately ill will against the Federal Government’s crushing of the Constitution, then whey do State Officials keep accepting Federal Money and following Federal guidelines?

You would think there would be some sort of build up, right?

-State officials kicking out Federal ‘workshop’ directors for preaching brutality against the American people and for saying the Founding Fathers were terrorists.

-State officials rejecting use of Federal combat hardware like drones, armored personnel carriers, machineguns and tanks by their police forces on account of it being excessive force.

-State officials rejecting Federal educational guidelines as obscene and dysfunctional.

-State officials kicking out EPA Gestapo for denying their farmers the water they need to grow their crops.

-State officials rejecting the all-black Federally mandated uniform for their police

-State officials rejecting Homeland Security encroachments upon their turf.

-State officials making a big stink about Federal confiscation of their National Guard

-State officials rejecting the Federally-funded universal use of cameras on their streets and sidewalks because it makes their cities look like ‘prisons.’
But none of this is happening.

None of this is happening because Federal money keeps rolling in and our corrupt State Officials keep playing along.

So are THESE the officials who are going to ask us to fight a Civil War against the Federal Government?

(How much you want to bet 80% of them are Freemasons?)

What cue are these people waiting for?

The conclusion of the next Bilderberg Meeting?

Because there sure doesn’t seem to be any spot of rebellion so far.

And when the day comes, are these the corrupt yahoos who are going to line us up like nine pins to be bowled over by Federal automatic fire?

Are these the new rebel leaders who will come up with uniforms and insignia…and with about as much military skill as a turnip.

When all the killing is done…are these the people who will get off as scott-free as all the blood-drenched leaders of the Confederacy did (after they misdirected that civil war)?

So my feeling on the upcoming American Civil War is this:

The Illuminati NEED a civil war in this country because it is the only way they can tear this country apart in preparation for the New World Order.

In this endeavor…

…we are being led by a bunch of phonies…

…and we are probably not being led to any good place.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Food From China Poisoning America

Our relationship with the “People’s Republic of China” can be described as TOXIC.

China is a toxic nation.

It is toxic politically, socially, spiritually, economically and physically.

It is no wonder then that the products that come from China are themselves toxic.

Toxic toys, toxic stucco, toxic paints, toxic creams, toxic dog food, etc.

Is it a coincidence all this stuff is toxic, or are the Chinese really trying to poison us?

Most worrying are the recent Chinese initiatives to start putting their toxic products in our mouths.

That’s right...China is now trying to take over our food production just like it took over our industrial production.

And the ‘food’ that’s coming in from China is just as toxic as their products.

China is DOMINATING certain sectors of the food industry.

And, yes, the food is turning out to be TOXIC!

China’s takeover of the American food industry is one of the closest held secrets since the recipe for KFC.

The media doesn’t talk about it.

Too much money is being made by selling toxic Chinese processed food to Americans.

So let me fill you in on a big list of secrets:

Most of our Apple Juice comes from China (most of it carrying highly toxic amounts of ARSENIC)

Most of our JUICE CONCENTRATES come from China.

Most of the elements (90%) that go into your VITAMINS come from China (how healthy do you feel now?)

Most SPIRULINA comes from China.

Most STEVIA natural sweeteners come from China.

Most HONEY comes from China (most of it containing illegal antibiotics and adulterating sugar).

Most KELP comes from China.

Most GARLIC used in processed food supplements come from China.

Most EPHEDRINE used in uppers comes from China.

Most off-brand BREADED CHICKEN PRODUCTS come from China.

Most BREADED FISH PRODUCTS come from China

Most DOG TREATS come from China.

It is rumored that most ORGANIC FROZEN FOODS come from China.

It is rumored that most of the elements going into BABY FORMULAS now come from China (this is why it has been adulterated with corn syrup and MELAMINE).

It is rumored that most POWDERED MILK comes from China.

Most of the FLUORIDE they put in your drinking water comes from China (it has already been found to contain additional poisons and be RADIOACTIVE).

Agenda-21 envisions a gross reduction of the human population – what better way to accomplish this than to have it us consume toxic Chinese processed food?

PS: keeping with the unhealthy line, here are some more things that come from China:

Most Shoes
Most Stucco
Most Furniture
Most of the Lead Graphite in your children's pencils

To top it all off, our pharmaceutical companies have made our drugs extra unsafe by having it tested and approved in seedy laboratories…IN INDIA.

That’s right.

And in this anything goes world economy, the FDA is letting American pharmaceuticals outsource the testing and approval of new drugs to Indian lab companies and accepting the word of these crooked Indian for-profit labs as good enough to put the pharmaceuticals on the American market.

Is it then any wonder that we and our children are dying at an accelerated rate? 

People stay safe...and watch carefully what you put in your mouthes.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Police: Thugs By Design

When it comes to the police, it’s the same everywhere you go.

You go to Europe, or Israel, or China, or any Third World country and you see the bully police – thugs with badges who think they own the place.

This is what happens with cops when you disarm the population and give the police machineguns.

Police thuggery and the disarming of the population go hand-in-hand.

Believe it or not, American cops were (until recently) the most restrained and official cops in the world.

They had a protocol to follow when dealing with the population…until recently.

The rot started after 9/11 on the East Coast, with the New York cops starting to behave like thugs due to the ‘War on Terror’ (notice that New York is a disarmed state).

From there it spread to Chicago and the West.

I have traveled the world and have talked to others who have travelled the world, and the word on the world’s cops has been the same – arrogant thugs with guns (the only possible exception being the British Bobbies).

Whether you traveled to France, or Italy or Spain, or Germany, the cops were always the same – arrogant, threatening and off-handedly threatening and insulting (with exception of the German cops whose arrogance expressed itself in a humorless and harried Gestapo like behavior).


Because those countries have had their own  “war on terror’ through a series of terrorist bombings which turned those societies into prisons (the Illuminati process seems to be the same everywhere, doesn’t it?).

European cops will not bat an eyelid before shooting an unarmed man in the back for running away.

They also show a surprising lack of respect for the public, shoving them aside, grabbing them, and verbally insulting them.

Now it is the turn of our own police to be turned into thugs (which is happening through Federal training programs which encourage them to ‘project’ imperiousness).

Not surprisingly, many of these programs are being run by Israeli companies, who train the criminal thug cops of that nation.

And Israeli cops are not just disrespectful and brutal against Arabs, but against the Israelis themselves.

A favorite tactic is for them to secure you, grab your head between their two hands and shake it up and down until your brains are scrambled.

You see, your brain really just floating in a liquid medium inside your skull, and when they do that it’s like pre-scrambling an egg inside its shell.

So you have all these brain-damaged victims (people with permanent dizziness and nausea, people who can’t stand up) because of this.

Expect this technique to make it to your local police department in the near future, and when it does, know that the Israelis taught them.

Our police is now just becoming like police in Europe, Russia, China and Israel have been all along – sadistic, brutal, arrogant thugs.

We aren’t creating anything new here, we are just joining the club.

We have to become like everyone else in order to join the New World Order.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The New Centralized Education Plan

Education is going bankrupt.

Money is running out and public schools will soon be left a shadow of their former selves.

But this means OPPORTUNITY to the corporate entrepreneurs.

Their beady eyes are lighting up with greed and excitement.

Their latest mantra is “invest in education!”

But how?  One might ask.

Isn’t the Government bankrupt?

Aren’t educational funds being cut across the board?

Isn’t student attendance drying up due to Hispanic emigration?

Well, yes.

Then, isn’t education a bad investment?


INVEST IN EDUCATION, the investors say as they stick out their chests and play the part of benefactor.

“It’s an investment in the nation’s future!” they howl patriotically.

Actually, it’s just an investment and an opportunity for THEM.

The coming bankruptcy of the public school system will require a restructuring of the educational system.

This restructuring will translate into PRIVATIZATION as governemnt outsources education to the private sector.

That’s right, Private Corporations will pick up the pieces after Americas’ over-funded, bloated and unsustainable educational system comes tumbling down.

In short, America’s education will be privatized - doled out to the corporations.

The so-called Charter School system has showed that it can educate a student for a fraction of what it costs a public school.

The latest corporate plan for what a Charter School should look like consists of a building with rows and rows of computers, before which students sit and are ‘educated.’

Neat, clean, simple...

....and very profitable...because a major expense will be eliminated: TEACHERS!

Under Federal direction, the Department of Education of the respective states are already lowering the requirements of becoming a teacher to those of a hot dog vendor.

Anyone with a bachelor can become a teacher in less than a year.

New applicants can become teachers in less than two years.

The new mantra is that ANYONE can become a teacher…and many are.

The old saying: “those that can’t do, teach” has become a reality.

This new under-educated, under-prepared, under-motivated teaching corps is gradually replacing real teachers.


State Departments of Education (under Federal guidance) have declared these new instant teachers to be just as good as a real ones.

The result? 

The teaching field is falling apart.

Capable professionals are being replaced by incompetent nobodies – instant teachers who have no idea about what they’re doing, but which society now honors with the title of “Highly Qualified” as all the real experienced teachers are turned out to the streets.

These new teachers – who are no longer called “teachers” but INSTRUCTORS, are the perfect fodder for the new corporate cyber schools of tomorrow.

These are the people now staffing the floors of the new computerized curriculum schools awaiting the influx of students that will be fleeing from bankrupt and shut down public schools.

Building after building of these new cyber schools are being built by gigantic investment companies because they know what’s coming and they know they will all be filled.

The new modus of education will be that of the New World Order.

One centralized curriculum, coming from one centralized location directly to the screens of millions of students – no more teachers with all their smart comments, analytical observations or exploratory questioning.

One Curriculum. One Lesson. One Instructor. One Idea…all probably occurring at the same hour, minute and second.

That’s right.

The collapse of America’s Public Education System (bet you don’t see too many conspiracy sites discussing this, do you?) will be used as an excuse for the introduction of a cyber-curriculum which will be transmitted directly out of Washington DC.

No more lesson plans.

No more teachers.

No more creativity in the classroom.

Everybody on the same sheet of music…at the same time.

And when this stuff is implemented, the new NEO-TEACHERS they are creating, the phony ‘instructors’ and ‘facilitators’ (who know as much about teaching as pigs know about flying) will not only not complain, but encourage the entire process.

This is why they are getting rid of the real teachers and hiring these young untalented phonies.

The result will ultimately be your child being educated (facilitated) by someone with the qualifications to flip burgers while all the learning is transmitted through computers directly to your child’s brain without any comment or question from the ‘instructor.’

The new outsourced and privatized educational system monitored by glorified babysitters will net billions for the ‘education investors’ while your child receives the equivalent of a prison education.

Creative destruction indeed.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

An Alien Visits Earth

I am an extraterrestrial visiting Earth for the first time in the name of my world.

I land in my UFO on the front porch of the United Nations.

It seems to be as good a place as any, especially since this seems to be a planetary parliament.

The introductions begin and I soon notice that the ‘delegates’ sent to greet me to the planet are all sub-standard material.

Not great leaders at all, bland, unremarkable men reeking of corruption.

I am shocked when I am introduced to the specimens representing the three most powerful nations on Earth: Russia, China and the United States.

Then I finally understand.

These are figureheads.

Undistinguished nobodies who serve only as the mouthpieces for the true oligarchy of the planet.

An oligarchy that seems distant and shy about showing itself.

But with time, I come to learn…about Earth.

It’s a planet with more than a hundred nations, but with every single one of them controlled by a wealth-authority called a Central Bank, which lords itself over each nations respective wealth.

Indeed, each Central Bank is in turn part of a planetary system of wealth control concentrated in the hands of a single coordinating bank: the Bank of International Settlements or BIS.

These wealth authorities count each unit of currency any nation prints as a debt to the International Banking System.

As such, every 'nation' is enslaved by ‘debt’ - in actuality a receipt of economic subjection.

In addition, I see human civilization overrun with Secret Societies, most of which the people ignore or pretend to ignore by  calling them charities.

These societies (especially one calling itself Freemasonry) are behind most so-called international events.

The main tools of the Freemasons, are something called Intelligence Agencies, which masquerade as secretive watchtowers for public good, but which are really secret executorial agencies which carry out Masonic plans – much of which consists of making sure the Third and Second World remain firmly in the hands of the First.

90% of the population of this planet lives in deprivation and poverty, without running water, electricity or sewers, while the 10% technocratic populations of the First World control, use and make sure the rest of the population is enslaved under one First-World educated dictator.

The leaders of the world themselves are members of the 
Intelligence Agencies, if not also Freemasons.

And in this fashion, I begin seeing the power structure of this planet as (if I may use one of your Earthly animals as an example) a chameleon of many spots and patterns, but consisting basically of one giant lizard – consisting of Secret Societies controlling Banks and Intelligence Agencies.

The entire planet has grown poorer and more deprived within the last two decades as its overlords seek to create a one-world system.
The parliaments of all the nations are run by members of internationalist political clubs called Round Tables, the American of which is called the Council on Foreign Relations and the European the Club Rome.

An elite racial, ethnic, religious group seems to dominate all the major affairs of the planet while labeling itself a persecuted minority.

This elite group has within itself a very secret supreme secret society, which remains unknown to humanity and whose very name they have asked me not to mention.

The members of this supreme secret society are the supreme powers of the planet.

In recent years, most all of the wealth of the planet has been secretly concentrated in the hands of fewer humans while the masses have been given the illusion of sustained wealth by being supplied with cheap food and entertainment.

The goal of this ultimate authority (which has finally established contact with me), is to bring the planet back to a Feudal Structure. Most of the population living as landless wards of a World Government consisting of what would amount to royalty.

It is not my place to criticize or interfere with this plan, but it is shocking to see that it includes the death of millions of this world’s inhabitants.

This, I have come to find out, has more to do with the religious blood requirements of this supreme society as much as it does with subjugation and control.

I have seen enough. I am ready to leave this sad world.

I or someone like me will probably return in another 200 years.

We will keep an eye on this world, again without ever interfering.

But I believe we have little or nothing to fear.

This world eats itself.

And there is every indication that it will continue to do so.

Friday, May 11, 2012

US Betrays Chinese Dissident

Chen Guangchen, the blind Chinese dissident and hero who was held, incarcerated, tortured and handled for more than ten years by the Communist Chinese dictatorship made what was to be the epic triumph of his long and sacrificed career:

He escaped his eternal home-bound imprisonment and made it to the American embassy in Beijing.

But what he found is what a lot of Anti-Communist heroes find when they finally do get to meet the American authorities:

The American authorities have sold out to the Communists and many are Communist agents themselves.

This was certainly the attitude of the American Ambassador, who immediately encouraged him to leave.

Chen was puzzled.

It was not only he who had been imprisoned and tortured, but his wife had been beaten to a pulp on the kitchen floor by so-called Chinese authorities.

In fact, it was not only he who had been threatened with DEATH, but his entire family.

Chinese Communist authorities (and Communist authorities in general) are not beyond threatening one’s own wife and children to get you to cooperate.

So you can imagine how Chen felt when instead of getting a giant bear hug, he was treated like an undesirable cockroach by the embassy personnel.

The US Ambassador kept encouraging him to go back out the door through which he had entered and back into the clutches of the Communist Chinese torture squad.

And then the embassy started LYING.

Its incredible how LIES are always part of the general equation nowadays.

The Embassy began stating that Chen did not want to leave the country at all, but simply wanted an assurance and an opportunity to attend a Chinese university.

During the whole twisted process, the embassy allowed Chen’s pursuers and torturers to contact him again.

Of course, what followed was a death threat against his entire family if he did not leave the Embassy.

The US Ambassadors ‘get-the-hell-out’ attitude, along with the promise that Chen’s wife would be beaten to a bloody pulp and his son surrendered to an orphanage finally got results with the Chinese troublemaker.

Chen agreed to leave the embassy under duress.

However, to sugar down and cover up the entire incident, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, along with the Embassy joined in crowing that they were honoring Chen’s ‘desire to stay in China.’

Chen left (in reality, was taken from) the embassy and put in a nearby hospital, where he was again threatened , drugged…and tortured.

From his confines, somehow,  this poor, desperate, tortured and wounded hero put a call in directly to a Congressional Hearing pleading that America HELP HIM LEAVE CHINA IMMEDIATELY.

He stated that he was extremely concerned for the safety of his blood family as well as that of his wife and child.

This apparently reverberated back to the comatose US Embassy in China which then stated (without any proof) that it was finally arranging a deal with the Chinese government for Chen to leave mainland China for the US with his wife and kid.

The reaction of the US Embassy in China was not only a slap in the face to Chen, but to the entire Chinese dissident movement.

The US Embassy (whose ambassadors are selected on the basis of being closet Marxists) acted like a bunch of Communist gofers, instead of the sovereign territory of the freest and most democratic nation on earth.

It was a message received loud and clear by the dissidents:

“America is now a far left Marxist pseudo-democracy. We no longer support freedom seekers or even freedom itself. Instead, what we now do is support and encourage Communism. And we will turn back any dissident creating problems for our good comrade, Communist China.”

Chen must now leave China safe and sound along with his family or America’s word and standing as a bastion of freedom and democracy will no longer carry any weight or meaning.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Patriot J.T. Ready: Murder and Cover Up

J.T. Ready was an up and coming figure in Arizona.

He organized the US Border Guard militia border patrol group.

This group was supposedly responsible for the killing of two Mexican ‘Zetas’ (Mexican troops working for the cartels) in the Arizona desert.

His volunteers also seized $4.5 million in Cartel narcotics trying to make itself across the Arizona border.

His accomplishments led to a brief alliance with Arizona State Senate President Russell Pearce.

Ready was hoping to top off his achievements by presenting himself as a candidate in the elections to replace outgoing Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu.

In other words, Ready was becoming a well known and popular public figure in Arizona not only willing, but successfully mobilizing citizens to secure the border.

This could become a cause of possible trouble because the border (and the cartels) have become Federal Government domain (with the Feds are arming the Cartels).

So it was not surprising to hear a couple of days ago that J.T. Ready and his entire adopted family were murdered on Wednesday, May 2, 2012.

The first news out was that a Cartel assassination squad had done it (murdering the entire family of those causing them difficulties is standard Cartel practice).

But then the reports changed.

The new versions that same day began squeaking that ol’ J.T. himself  (up and coming successful figure that the was) suddenly decided to kill his entire adopted family and himself.

These were immediately followed by reports the next day stressing how rotten and evil J.T. Ready was (without going further into the details of the crime).

Instead, the reports overdid themselves in describing Ready as a racist neo-nazi…and a domestic abuser.


Is this  why he was cohabitating with a Hispanic girlfriend named Mederos and her Hispanic kids?

When the story began changing the same day he was killed, I told everybody:

“The FBI is gonna show up at this crime scene, seal it off and take control of the invesitgation because it’s a cover up!”

And that is exactly what happened!

What do I see in my Friday morning newspaper if it not the FBI windbreaker squad hogging up the crime scene.
(like they always do when they are covering up Federally coordinated or executed murders)

Indeed, how did the FBI cover up team show up right after J.T. Ready’s dead face hit the ground.

It seems the FBI got access to the crime scene before the Gilbert Police did!

Anytime the FBI shows up at a local crime scene you have to be suspicious.

This is because the FBI likes to ‘take charge’ at scenes of Federally-contracted assassinations.

They keep it all nice and neat, confiscate evidence, 'advise' witnesses and leave the scene clean and tidy.

In this instance, they have sequestered the sole surviving witness to the massacre – one of Ready’s girlfriend’s daughters who hid successfully during the massacre (whoops). 

Also, it turns out there is another witness outside of the home…who described two carloads of assassins embarking and speeding away from the scene of the crime (whoops).

You’ve got one hell of a mess to clean up now, FBI.

But whatever the case I can’t (yet) say exactly what happened.

Did the Cartels do Ready?

Did the Hell’s Angels do Ready?

Did someone else do Ready?

Did Ready do himself?

Yeah, you heard right. 

Ready had enough of the hallmarks of a possible government-programmed agent provocateur:

A blustering neo-Nazi who pushed racism and armed confrontation – and had all the right connections to boot.

In other words, Ready was the stereotype of a militia the Feds want the American public to believe in – white, racist, violent, hate-filed and gun-owning.

Was J.T. Ready a programmed government plant whose programming self-destructed?

I don’t know, but its worth pondering along with everything else.

But the immediate appearance of the FBI at a local crime scene (which should have been handled by the city of Gilbert Police) is more than enough of an indicator that the Federal Government had its claws in on this one.

The Federal Government has already been caught sending guns to the cartels.

If it is now caught covering up cartel murder, then how long before the American people start considering the Federal Government…as just another cartel?