Saturday, May 19, 2012

Police: Thugs By Design

When it comes to the police, it’s the same everywhere you go.

You go to Europe, or Israel, or China, or any Third World country and you see the bully police – thugs with badges who think they own the place.

This is what happens with cops when you disarm the population and give the police machineguns.

Police thuggery and the disarming of the population go hand-in-hand.

Believe it or not, American cops were (until recently) the most restrained and official cops in the world.

They had a protocol to follow when dealing with the population…until recently.

The rot started after 9/11 on the East Coast, with the New York cops starting to behave like thugs due to the ‘War on Terror’ (notice that New York is a disarmed state).

From there it spread to Chicago and the West.

I have traveled the world and have talked to others who have travelled the world, and the word on the world’s cops has been the same – arrogant thugs with guns (the only possible exception being the British Bobbies).

Whether you traveled to France, or Italy or Spain, or Germany, the cops were always the same – arrogant, threatening and off-handedly threatening and insulting (with exception of the German cops whose arrogance expressed itself in a humorless and harried Gestapo like behavior).


Because those countries have had their own  “war on terror’ through a series of terrorist bombings which turned those societies into prisons (the Illuminati process seems to be the same everywhere, doesn’t it?).

European cops will not bat an eyelid before shooting an unarmed man in the back for running away.

They also show a surprising lack of respect for the public, shoving them aside, grabbing them, and verbally insulting them.

Now it is the turn of our own police to be turned into thugs (which is happening through Federal training programs which encourage them to ‘project’ imperiousness).

Not surprisingly, many of these programs are being run by Israeli companies, who train the criminal thug cops of that nation.

And Israeli cops are not just disrespectful and brutal against Arabs, but against the Israelis themselves.

A favorite tactic is for them to secure you, grab your head between their two hands and shake it up and down until your brains are scrambled.

You see, your brain really just floating in a liquid medium inside your skull, and when they do that it’s like pre-scrambling an egg inside its shell.

So you have all these brain-damaged victims (people with permanent dizziness and nausea, people who can’t stand up) because of this.

Expect this technique to make it to your local police department in the near future, and when it does, know that the Israelis taught them.

Our police is now just becoming like police in Europe, Russia, China and Israel have been all along – sadistic, brutal, arrogant thugs.

We aren’t creating anything new here, we are just joining the club.

We have to become like everyone else in order to join the New World Order.

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