Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Civil War 2: Just Who Did You Say Was Leading Us?

With all the talk about Civil War in the air, my question is:

Just who exactly is going to lead us in this act of rebellion?

Will it be the Police, the Sheriff’s Departments, the Departments of Public Safety?

Will it be all those state law enforcers accepting Federal money and guidance to institute SWAT murder teams, black helicopters, armored assault vehicles,  universal TASER use, paranoia-inducing workshops where police are told they can be murdered by a pencil so that its better just to kill troublemakers?

Will it be the State Legislatures that keep accepting Federal Funds and following Federal Guidelines on everything from education to environmentalism to vaccination?

Will it be people like Texan Governor Rick Perry - who has openly speculated on secession…right after he attended a BILDERBERG MEETING?

If there is really all this stately ill will against the Federal Government’s crushing of the Constitution, then whey do State Officials keep accepting Federal Money and following Federal guidelines?

You would think there would be some sort of build up, right?

-State officials kicking out Federal ‘workshop’ directors for preaching brutality against the American people and for saying the Founding Fathers were terrorists.

-State officials rejecting use of Federal combat hardware like drones, armored personnel carriers, machineguns and tanks by their police forces on account of it being excessive force.

-State officials rejecting Federal educational guidelines as obscene and dysfunctional.

-State officials kicking out EPA Gestapo for denying their farmers the water they need to grow their crops.

-State officials rejecting the all-black Federally mandated uniform for their police

-State officials rejecting Homeland Security encroachments upon their turf.

-State officials making a big stink about Federal confiscation of their National Guard

-State officials rejecting the Federally-funded universal use of cameras on their streets and sidewalks because it makes their cities look like ‘prisons.’
But none of this is happening.

None of this is happening because Federal money keeps rolling in and our corrupt State Officials keep playing along.

So are THESE the officials who are going to ask us to fight a Civil War against the Federal Government?

(How much you want to bet 80% of them are Freemasons?)

What cue are these people waiting for?

The conclusion of the next Bilderberg Meeting?

Because there sure doesn’t seem to be any spot of rebellion so far.

And when the day comes, are these the corrupt yahoos who are going to line us up like nine pins to be bowled over by Federal automatic fire?

Are these the new rebel leaders who will come up with uniforms and insignia…and with about as much military skill as a turnip.

When all the killing is done…are these the people who will get off as scott-free as all the blood-drenched leaders of the Confederacy did (after they misdirected that civil war)?

So my feeling on the upcoming American Civil War is this:

The Illuminati NEED a civil war in this country because it is the only way they can tear this country apart in preparation for the New World Order.

In this endeavor…

…we are being led by a bunch of phonies…

…and we are probably not being led to any good place.

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