Friday, May 11, 2012

US Betrays Chinese Dissident

Chen Guangchen, the blind Chinese dissident and hero who was held, incarcerated, tortured and handled for more than ten years by the Communist Chinese dictatorship made what was to be the epic triumph of his long and sacrificed career:

He escaped his eternal home-bound imprisonment and made it to the American embassy in Beijing.

But what he found is what a lot of Anti-Communist heroes find when they finally do get to meet the American authorities:

The American authorities have sold out to the Communists and many are Communist agents themselves.

This was certainly the attitude of the American Ambassador, who immediately encouraged him to leave.

Chen was puzzled.

It was not only he who had been imprisoned and tortured, but his wife had been beaten to a pulp on the kitchen floor by so-called Chinese authorities.

In fact, it was not only he who had been threatened with DEATH, but his entire family.

Chinese Communist authorities (and Communist authorities in general) are not beyond threatening one’s own wife and children to get you to cooperate.

So you can imagine how Chen felt when instead of getting a giant bear hug, he was treated like an undesirable cockroach by the embassy personnel.

The US Ambassador kept encouraging him to go back out the door through which he had entered and back into the clutches of the Communist Chinese torture squad.

And then the embassy started LYING.

Its incredible how LIES are always part of the general equation nowadays.

The Embassy began stating that Chen did not want to leave the country at all, but simply wanted an assurance and an opportunity to attend a Chinese university.

During the whole twisted process, the embassy allowed Chen’s pursuers and torturers to contact him again.

Of course, what followed was a death threat against his entire family if he did not leave the Embassy.

The US Ambassadors ‘get-the-hell-out’ attitude, along with the promise that Chen’s wife would be beaten to a bloody pulp and his son surrendered to an orphanage finally got results with the Chinese troublemaker.

Chen agreed to leave the embassy under duress.

However, to sugar down and cover up the entire incident, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, along with the Embassy joined in crowing that they were honoring Chen’s ‘desire to stay in China.’

Chen left (in reality, was taken from) the embassy and put in a nearby hospital, where he was again threatened , drugged…and tortured.

From his confines, somehow,  this poor, desperate, tortured and wounded hero put a call in directly to a Congressional Hearing pleading that America HELP HIM LEAVE CHINA IMMEDIATELY.

He stated that he was extremely concerned for the safety of his blood family as well as that of his wife and child.

This apparently reverberated back to the comatose US Embassy in China which then stated (without any proof) that it was finally arranging a deal with the Chinese government for Chen to leave mainland China for the US with his wife and kid.

The reaction of the US Embassy in China was not only a slap in the face to Chen, but to the entire Chinese dissident movement.

The US Embassy (whose ambassadors are selected on the basis of being closet Marxists) acted like a bunch of Communist gofers, instead of the sovereign territory of the freest and most democratic nation on earth.

It was a message received loud and clear by the dissidents:

“America is now a far left Marxist pseudo-democracy. We no longer support freedom seekers or even freedom itself. Instead, what we now do is support and encourage Communism. And we will turn back any dissident creating problems for our good comrade, Communist China.”

Chen must now leave China safe and sound along with his family or America’s word and standing as a bastion of freedom and democracy will no longer carry any weight or meaning.

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