Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The New Centralized Education Plan

Education is going bankrupt.

Money is running out and public schools will soon be left a shadow of their former selves.

But this means OPPORTUNITY to the corporate entrepreneurs.

Their beady eyes are lighting up with greed and excitement.

Their latest mantra is “invest in education!”

But how?  One might ask.

Isn’t the Government bankrupt?

Aren’t educational funds being cut across the board?

Isn’t student attendance drying up due to Hispanic emigration?

Well, yes.

Then, isn’t education a bad investment?


INVEST IN EDUCATION, the investors say as they stick out their chests and play the part of benefactor.

“It’s an investment in the nation’s future!” they howl patriotically.

Actually, it’s just an investment and an opportunity for THEM.

The coming bankruptcy of the public school system will require a restructuring of the educational system.

This restructuring will translate into PRIVATIZATION as governemnt outsources education to the private sector.

That’s right, Private Corporations will pick up the pieces after Americas’ over-funded, bloated and unsustainable educational system comes tumbling down.

In short, America’s education will be privatized - doled out to the corporations.

The so-called Charter School system has showed that it can educate a student for a fraction of what it costs a public school.

The latest corporate plan for what a Charter School should look like consists of a building with rows and rows of computers, before which students sit and are ‘educated.’

Neat, clean, simple...

....and very profitable...because a major expense will be eliminated: TEACHERS!

Under Federal direction, the Department of Education of the respective states are already lowering the requirements of becoming a teacher to those of a hot dog vendor.

Anyone with a bachelor can become a teacher in less than a year.

New applicants can become teachers in less than two years.

The new mantra is that ANYONE can become a teacher…and many are.

The old saying: “those that can’t do, teach” has become a reality.

This new under-educated, under-prepared, under-motivated teaching corps is gradually replacing real teachers.


State Departments of Education (under Federal guidance) have declared these new instant teachers to be just as good as a real ones.

The result? 

The teaching field is falling apart.

Capable professionals are being replaced by incompetent nobodies – instant teachers who have no idea about what they’re doing, but which society now honors with the title of “Highly Qualified” as all the real experienced teachers are turned out to the streets.

These new teachers – who are no longer called “teachers” but INSTRUCTORS, are the perfect fodder for the new corporate cyber schools of tomorrow.

These are the people now staffing the floors of the new computerized curriculum schools awaiting the influx of students that will be fleeing from bankrupt and shut down public schools.

Building after building of these new cyber schools are being built by gigantic investment companies because they know what’s coming and they know they will all be filled.

The new modus of education will be that of the New World Order.

One centralized curriculum, coming from one centralized location directly to the screens of millions of students – no more teachers with all their smart comments, analytical observations or exploratory questioning.

One Curriculum. One Lesson. One Instructor. One Idea…all probably occurring at the same hour, minute and second.

That’s right.

The collapse of America’s Public Education System (bet you don’t see too many conspiracy sites discussing this, do you?) will be used as an excuse for the introduction of a cyber-curriculum which will be transmitted directly out of Washington DC.

No more lesson plans.

No more teachers.

No more creativity in the classroom.

Everybody on the same sheet of music…at the same time.

And when this stuff is implemented, the new NEO-TEACHERS they are creating, the phony ‘instructors’ and ‘facilitators’ (who know as much about teaching as pigs know about flying) will not only not complain, but encourage the entire process.

This is why they are getting rid of the real teachers and hiring these young untalented phonies.

The result will ultimately be your child being educated (facilitated) by someone with the qualifications to flip burgers while all the learning is transmitted through computers directly to your child’s brain without any comment or question from the ‘instructor.’

The new outsourced and privatized educational system monitored by glorified babysitters will net billions for the ‘education investors’ while your child receives the equivalent of a prison education.

Creative destruction indeed.

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