Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Patriot J.T. Ready: Murder and Cover Up

J.T. Ready was an up and coming figure in Arizona.

He organized the US Border Guard militia border patrol group.

This group was supposedly responsible for the killing of two Mexican ‘Zetas’ (Mexican troops working for the cartels) in the Arizona desert.

His volunteers also seized $4.5 million in Cartel narcotics trying to make itself across the Arizona border.

His accomplishments led to a brief alliance with Arizona State Senate President Russell Pearce.

Ready was hoping to top off his achievements by presenting himself as a candidate in the elections to replace outgoing Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu.

In other words, Ready was becoming a well known and popular public figure in Arizona not only willing, but successfully mobilizing citizens to secure the border.

This could become a cause of possible trouble because the border (and the cartels) have become Federal Government domain (with the Feds are arming the Cartels).

So it was not surprising to hear a couple of days ago that J.T. Ready and his entire adopted family were murdered on Wednesday, May 2, 2012.

The first news out was that a Cartel assassination squad had done it (murdering the entire family of those causing them difficulties is standard Cartel practice).

But then the reports changed.

The new versions that same day began squeaking that ol’ J.T. himself  (up and coming successful figure that the was) suddenly decided to kill his entire adopted family and himself.

These were immediately followed by reports the next day stressing how rotten and evil J.T. Ready was (without going further into the details of the crime).

Instead, the reports overdid themselves in describing Ready as a racist neo-nazi…and a domestic abuser.


Is this  why he was cohabitating with a Hispanic girlfriend named Mederos and her Hispanic kids?

When the story began changing the same day he was killed, I told everybody:

“The FBI is gonna show up at this crime scene, seal it off and take control of the invesitgation because it’s a cover up!”

And that is exactly what happened!

What do I see in my Friday morning newspaper if it not the FBI windbreaker squad hogging up the crime scene.
(like they always do when they are covering up Federally coordinated or executed murders)

Indeed, how did the FBI cover up team show up right after J.T. Ready’s dead face hit the ground.

It seems the FBI got access to the crime scene before the Gilbert Police did!

Anytime the FBI shows up at a local crime scene you have to be suspicious.

This is because the FBI likes to ‘take charge’ at scenes of Federally-contracted assassinations.

They keep it all nice and neat, confiscate evidence, 'advise' witnesses and leave the scene clean and tidy.

In this instance, they have sequestered the sole surviving witness to the massacre – one of Ready’s girlfriend’s daughters who hid successfully during the massacre (whoops). 

Also, it turns out there is another witness outside of the home…who described two carloads of assassins embarking and speeding away from the scene of the crime (whoops).

You’ve got one hell of a mess to clean up now, FBI.

But whatever the case I can’t (yet) say exactly what happened.

Did the Cartels do Ready?

Did the Hell’s Angels do Ready?

Did someone else do Ready?

Did Ready do himself?

Yeah, you heard right. 

Ready had enough of the hallmarks of a possible government-programmed agent provocateur:

A blustering neo-Nazi who pushed racism and armed confrontation – and had all the right connections to boot.

In other words, Ready was the stereotype of a militia the Feds want the American public to believe in – white, racist, violent, hate-filed and gun-owning.

Was J.T. Ready a programmed government plant whose programming self-destructed?

I don’t know, but its worth pondering along with everything else.

But the immediate appearance of the FBI at a local crime scene (which should have been handled by the city of Gilbert Police) is more than enough of an indicator that the Federal Government had its claws in on this one.

The Federal Government has already been caught sending guns to the cartels.

If it is now caught covering up cartel murder, then how long before the American people start considering the Federal Government…as just another cartel?

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