Saturday, November 28, 2015

The Mystery of Capital Cities

The Illuminati must have a separate map of the world, in which the names of cities and countries are not the same as we know them.

The names of small towns across America itself have names rooted in the Masonic mythology of their founders.

Babylon, NY...Phoenicia, NY...Memphis, TN...Carthage, NC...Tyre, NY...Alexandria, VA... Tempe, AZ...Athens, GA....

And what are some of these weird monuments peppering the land around us.

The Washington Monument is a reproduction of Cleopatra's Needle - a phallic symbol - as are the Eiffel Tower and the Tokyo Tower.

The Statue of Liberty is an onion peel of occult meaning...beginning with the representation of the Goddess Columbia...and descending to what it is: a statue of the god Apollo, the Sun god. 

Which brings me to the names of our capitals.

It is not generally known that the capitals of the world have a separate official name - the name under which the capital city was founded or denominated.

Strangely enough, when one starts looking at the full name and title of our capital cities, one starts getting  a very weird feeling:

That they are not the capital cities of the countries they occupy, but of regions...and a part of an occult entities.

Is there an occult geography here, making up what amounts to an occult empire?

We squabble, argue, trade and even go to war against each other (human sacrificial ceremonies) inside an occult empire...but all in all, we are all part of it.

So is it really strange then that our capitals would have names denominating them as part of strange regions or separate entities from the country which surrounds them?

Let's take a look.

Washington D.C. for instance.

Washington is the name the most famous of our Founding Fathers and our first President...but what about D.C.?

District of Columbia.

A district is a territory marked off for some political, administrative or sociological purpose.

But what is the District of Columbia?

Is it a district CALLED Columbia...or is it a district OF some obscure entity called Columbia?

But whatever it is, the title does not include "United States" in any of it.

So let's say Washington is a city within the District of Columbia.

So Columbia District or this District belonging to Columbia is a part of what exactly?

We have electoral districts, school districts, judicial districts....what group of districts does the District of Columbia belong to?  

And if unique, what type of district is it?

An occult district?

If one looks at the occult architecture of the City of Washington, this concept won't seem so fantastic.

But whatever the case may be, why not just call it U.S. Capital of Washington?

You might have heard all the legalities and rumors that Washington D.C. is the only Federal piece of real estate and that Federal Laws and taxes apply only to its denizens, etc, but the underlining piece of reality with Washington and other capitals are its defining terms of being APART from the USA.

It's the same with capitals the world over.

Let's take a look at some of these names:

officially known as the 'Federal State of Berlin.'

officially known as 'The Isle of France.'

And it continues...

Autonomous Community of Madrid

Mexico City:
Federal District of Mexico

Buenos Aires:
Autonomous City of Buenos Aires

Commune of Rome

Ottawa (capital of Canada):
National Capital Region of Ottawa

Moscow (here's a ducey)
Federal Subject of Moscow within the Central Federal District

Province of Tehran

County of Nairobi

Brasilia (capital of Brazil):
Federal District of Brazil

Again, the importance of having the capital seem like neutral territory uninfluenced by the state or region upon which it is located IS important.

It might make sense to denominate the city as neutral territory...but why also denominate the territory upon which it sits as part of an obscure something else?

Why not just call it: (nationality) Capital city of so and so?

Why all the weird names denominating capital cities as being separate from the nation yet simultaneously part of something?

The name game can get complex.

The most curious example is the City of London.

Region of London

The City of London is actually a tiny region within London.

Look how tiny it is!

It is from here where the world's banking system (both commercial and central) is said to be run and the price of precious metals fixed every morning.

How's THAT for a powerful "capital city"?


Saturday, November 21, 2015

Martial Law: It Can Come Quickly and Easily

Now that France has been thrown into martial law by way of a single coordinated terrorist attack on Paris, one can see what an easy thing it is.

The French Government let in the murderers, housed them, fed them and acted clueless as they disappeared from the refugee camps and finally killed en masse... the French Government of Communist President Hollande to take away what little human rights the French had in that guilded cage of theirs, called French Society while placing the blame for this national security disaster...on no one.

The side effect?

France joining the assault on Syrian infrastructure (under the retarded excuse that 'the terrorists' came from there).



The population...Clueless.

Which brings me to the point: Just how difficult will it be to bring MARTIAL LAW to the land of the free and the home of the brave?

Not very.

We just 'feel' strong, powerful and secure because we neglect to see how the structure has been hollowed out from inside by traitors.

One-hundred some dead in the capital brought marital law to France.

No more privacy.

No more rights.

No more warrants.

No more guns.

How much will it take to submerge the United States of America into martial law?

Unfortunately, not much.

Not much because the country has already been prepared for martial law, legally, politically, and physically

People imagine that it would take a string of mini-nukes being set off in 12 cities to bring it.

I would say it would take no such thing,

What people forget is that the Illuminati prefer ordered and controlled chaos, not true chaos to bring about social change.

Why do you think access to the computers that control our power grid have been left WIDE OPEN?

Why do you think access to the computers of our biggest banks have been left WIDE OPEN.

Does anyone understand the meaning of the word 'firewall'?

The 'cybersecurity' firms responisble for this fiasco are all, of course, run by the CIA or other intelligence agencies (like McAffee, which is run by bisexual British Intelligence asset John McAffee...who now happens to be a super hero on the Alex Jones Show).

  Agencies like these keep reassuring their 'customers' that everything is secure while any second rate hacker will tell you "there are no firewalls" and that the situation is the same from the power grid to the banks and the Pentagon.

To make things worse.

The only cyber-security drills designed to predict, simulate and protect against a cyber-attack on our power grid - GridX - were minutely observed by 'representatives' from Russia and China which had been INVITED there.

Russia and China?

Aren't those countries most likely to launch a cyber-attack on our power grid?

Talk about enforced national INSECURITY!

The result of GridX-II?

Our power grid is grotesquely vulnerable - a clumsily interconnected hodge podge of obsolete equipment centrally controlled by openly vulnerable computers.

Were the Russian and Chinese observers carefully made aware of this fact?

The best type of virus to bring about power-grid failure would be of the Stuxnet type (created by the Mossad and CIA) which actually burns out electrical equipment - like it did in Iran and (unknown to many) Fukushima.

This thing literally destroys electrical equipment (like generators and transformers) by  over-reving them until they burn and explode.

To make thing worse, critical hardware, like power-substations and giant transformers are made to order, not stockpiled...meaning we will have to wait a long time to have these things manufactured before installing them.


...imagine how easy it would be to launch a cyber-attack against the US power grid and knock out at least a third (at least!) of its electrical grid.

And the best part is, the attack would most likely be untraceable to the culprits.

That's right.

What are the odds that the cyber-attackers would be inserting their viruses into the US power grid from third party countries like Brazil or Morocco?

All this in addition to the fact that cyber-attacks difficult to trace in the first place.

I mean, they were never able to find the true culprits who did 9/11, were they?

How much of a far cry is that from not knowing who carried out a cyber-attack?

So yes...

...martial law could come overnight as the American public wakes up to an ever increasing nightmare which expands as...their air conditioners begin not to work...their super markets begin to not stock enough food...and their water supply begins to run the talking head of the President tells everyone to remain calm.

That easy.

A few strokes on the computer board and wallah!

Overnight and immediately.


Militarized police.

Gun confiscation (you can bet some Americans will begin seizing food and water at gun point)

Warrantless searches.


Homeland Security takeover of city management.

It wouldn't take much.

So called Civil War is pretty much the same thing.

They've got CIA assets masquerading as elected Governors, Judges and Police Chiefs ready to pull off the theatrical confrontation with the Feds.

Just get a few of these governors or sheriffs to uh 'confront' the Feds and lead to a 'situation', maybe even get a few people killed.

It doesn't have to be a universal uprising (the typical American sheep is incapable of uprising), but merely a situation which gives the Federal Government license to occupy the states.

A governor declares he will no longer obey Federal mandates and mobilizes the National Guard.

The Feds move in and  assault the governor's building along with the state legislature (notice that they are now practicing helicopter assaults for just such an event) and 'arrest' them.

A new state of emergency is declared with the Feds in charge of running the states.

So much for civil war.

And the governor and friends?

They surrender peacefully to the Feds, modeling the surrender-monkey behavior for the rest of the citizens to follow instead of fighting to the death.

Remember, all the Federal Government is doing is looking for an INCIDENT which will JUSTIFY its occupation of sovereign state territory, state legislature and state courts.

The CIA assets presiding in those places are ready to provide the excuse.

How quickly do you think that can happen?

All you need are the CIA asset Governors, Police Chiefs and Sheriffs to put on a symbolic show of force to the Feds, and then surrender and let their territories be occupied.

How about a Fundamentalist Muslim terrorist attack.

It can come quickly and easily. 

More than 22 -count them, twenty-two - terrorist training camps run openly right under the nose of the American public by  Jamaat al-Fuqra.

Recently more camps have been discovered across the border in Mexico.

Here Fundamentalist Muslims receive excellent training in how to kill people with small arms.

The 'assets' who will kill Americans are already in place across America, ready to kill on command, preferably in disarmed cities and states where gun ownership is prohibited and where the targets are defenseless.

Read about these US terrorist training camps below:


So between these three 'ready to serve' scenarios, yes a state of crisis CAN now be created OVERNIGHT which can easily lead to a state of emergency and martial law.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are closer to the premier than most of us think.

The game board has been built...

...the pawns are in place...

...America is ready for its National Emergency Day.


Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Bloody Clowns Have Struck

The Bloody Clown Government of Europe has finally struck.

Yesterday, Friday, November 13, 2015 (yes, Friday the 13th) a big terrorist attack struck Paris, France.

The coordinated attacks included suicide bombings at a stadium and a mass hostage situation.

The human cost is said to be 100 as this is written...but I think it will be much higher.

Not that we didn’t see this coming.

The masses of Muslim refugees flooding into Europe was drawing attention for the amount of Islamic, single, military-age males entering the continent.

Furthermore, these young, bloodthirsty characters infiltrating with the refugees were even seen posing with their weapons and promising to inflict bloody chaos.

Finally, what followed shortly before the ‘attack’ were reports of thousands of these ‘refugees’ suddenly disappearing from the camps.

It can’t be said that the world didn’t see this coming.

It all happened right in front of our faces in slow motion.

And the European Governments are old hands at murdering their populations to create the excuse for increased police powers.

Operation Gladio (1956 - 1990) ended up killing hundreds of innocent Europeans - notably French, German and Italian - as their own secret services contrived to murder Europeans to increase state police powers (England had her own version under the MI-6 run IRA).

The bloody Munich Games terrorist attacks were recently found to have been coordinated by the German government - in other words, it was an extension of Gladio.

So the Europeans had a one up on us in having a terrorism-inspired police state way before it was even a concept here.

By the 1970‘s, the Eurpean police were renown for their arrogance and brutality, not to mention their machine gun toting you-run-we-shoot policy.

And, in case you haven’t noticed, this is what is happening to our own police in America under our own ‘Gladio-like’ operation - 9/11.

The you-run-we-shoot policy has not yet been implemented fully in the US, but they are working on it...and it’ll soon be coming to a neighborhood near you.

So the bloody clowns - the EU government - have struck again.

Murdered their disarmed sheep-like populations again.

(and keep in mind, THIS is what happens after they take away your guns - the state murders you in contrived operations to justify further tyranny)

And the result?

Instant State of Emergency, all borders shut down and all rights suspended...indefinitely.

Will anybody be fired for this lapse of security?

Will any bureaucrat’s career end for letting in all those Muslim terrorists in, who, at the right time left their refugee camps and in a carefully coordinated operation killed masses of French civilians?

Will President Hollande step down?

I don’t think so.

And that will be the sure indicator that what happened was supposed to happen...and that nobody did anything wrong.

The whole operation is as old as Babylon.

Create an emergency...declare an official state of emergency...and take power.

And listen...

...its not the end of it.

WE are going to be hit very soon, just like France was.

It will be big, it will be ugly and it will be shocking.

But it shouldn’t be a surprise...considering how we opened our borders, evacuated the Border Patrol...and are letting any Tom, Dick and Harry walk right in as you read this.

Again, reality is being ignored as Border Patrol personnel are reporting prayer mats and Korans being found in the desert.

Folks, ISIS is here.

And they are just waiting for the order to KILL Americans.

And being the way things are, they’ll probably choose a disarmed state like California in which to carry out their bloody attack....but they could still sting us armed states with a chemical, biological or dirty bomb...or even a nuke.

Not a damn thing our guns will be able to do against that.

So yes, I am on alert.

I am expecting for a massacre of Americans to occur shortly...

...and a closing of the borders accompanied by a declared State of National Emergency to follow on its heels.

Having established that, the investigations, the roadblocks, the seizures and confiscations will begin....opening up a whole new bag of worms.

But if the government is stupid enough to go there, oh well.

The guns aren’t  going to be surrendered... matter how many people are massacred.

In fact, they’ll be a good tool for protection against terrorist....

...both Muslim and otherwise.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Running into the National Security State

As a follow up to a blog entry I did little while ago - how the CIA runs the country - I would like to add some anecdotes from personal experience.

The gist of that article was that the United States is run by its intelligence agencies who control the country on behalf of global financial powers.

Here it is:

What I didn't talk about was my increasingly personal run-ins with the national security state, a state which has begun to occupy every corner of this nation down to local level.

What do I mean by local level?

Look at all those cameras above every main crossroad, and please note the fish-eye panoramic view cameras just above the sidewalk.

Few people consider that the  overhead cameras will have (if they don't already have) license plate tracking capability and facial recognition capability.

In the meantime, anybody asking the authorities about these things is told that they merely 'scan traffic' to modify the function of streetlights...but do not actually watch or see anything.

But the national security state is here.

And, by the way, it also isn't wise to ask about all the Wi-Fi 'rabbit' antennas left in my neighborhood from a supposed 'failed' project to wi-fi the streets.

No one wants to be considered a crazy, do they?

And remember...the police now have 'mental health squads' trained to judge on the spot whether you might have mental health issues in order to put you in front of a psychiatrist who in turn...well you now where it goes from there.

One more reason not to talk to the police, if you ask me.

But actually did you know the old Soviet Union hid its massive political prisoner population by confining a sizable portion of them within psychiatric hospitals instead of the gulag? 

Well, the practice is starting to become familiar in the US today.

A while ago they arrested an apartment building's janitor around here for saying the president should be shot.

Where did they take him?

You guessed it: indefinite confinement in a PSYCHIATRIC WARD.

So yes, the situation IS turning a bit Third Reich and KGB-ish.

But the main thing I want to speak of today is the National Security State in your own town.

That's right - you're town.

The whole thing seemed a bit familiar to me since I have spent some of my time in non-democratic Third World countries - basically, military dictatorships.

For starters, you see in these countries the infiltration of the central government in every small city and town.

You see central government (not local) national police patrolling the streets...with helmets and machine guns.

And you 'note' certain mystery buildings in the middle of town which have no know function, and about which you are encouraged not to ask questions.

These are secret government buildings - set in the middle of society - from which the secret police set out to, visit, abduct, question, torture and even kill civilians. All of it, done, of course, within the confines of the building.

Frequently the secret police are themselves watching outside to see who comes close to the building, so you do your best to not look at the structure for too long or linger too much in the general area. 

Normally, at one side of the building or other, there are gates that open and close to let in cars with tinted windows.


Unfortunately...this aspect of the police state has now arrived in these United States.

You might have heard about the Homan Square building in Chicago - a secret building run obstensively by the Chicago PD (and who knows who else) make people disappear off the streets.

Disappear meaning abducted (not arrested - an arrest is an open, documented, official process) as in suddenly taken out of circulation and disappeared without even a phone call.

In other words, the people abducted by the Chicago PD are totally off the grid and totally subject to the whim, their destinies entirely in the hands of the people who operate that building.

The Homan Square secret building has disappeared about 7000 Americans.

Now, hopefully, that means 'disappeared' as in 'gone missing' for a couple of days...not permanently missing...neither the police nor FBI are saying.

Which is scary...because the FBI has neither a missing persons department nor a missing persons database to help track anybody down.

So you see what I mean.

Personally, the National Security State is now hitting me close to home right here in Tempe, Arizona.

The President of Arizona State University, Michael Crow,  is an intelligence asset with national security clearance, who oversees secret government programs within the university involving space vehicles and secret medical research.

The National Security State reality hit even closer to home when I myself ran into a suspicious building in Phoenix.

This nondescript building has no street number.

What first attracted me to the building were a bunch of rather young looking people hanging out by the front door.

Thinking it was some type of college or university, I approached the building later, only to find the doors being the supposed offices of a pool company.

As I looked around, I saw the building had a comprehensive and well placed security camera system.

More spooky still, was that its parking lot was completely empty in the middle of a work day.

So I decided to drive around and soon found it had a mechanical iron gate in the back concealing a walled parking lot.

Peeking through a crack I saw THAT was where all the vehicles were parked - in fact the parking lot was full!

Getting back into my car, I observed a pick-up stop in front of the gate, hesitate when he saw me, and eventually pass an electronic card through the scanner, which opened the gate.

Still...not being completely paranoid...I figured it was just a security measure since South Phoenix IS a high crime area.

Then one day a friend (who I had mentioned the building to) told me that an uncle (who is a police) got really alarmed and upset when my friend asked him what that building was all about.

Well, that whetted my appetite I did what I should have done a long time ago.

I went to the Circle-K convenience store right next to the building, waited until the line ran out and asked the cashier what was that building next door.

The cashier's reaction was surprising.

"What building?"

I repeated the question about the neighboring building next door, and she started describing the building across the street.

I stopped her and repeated the question and pointed dramatically and in an exaggerated manner in the direction of the building next door "NO! THAT...BUILDING...RIGHT...THERE"

The cashier got all quiet and awkward and finally blurted out in a low voice, "its undercover cops."

 Besides the non-existing street number and the mysterious solid iron gate...and the fact that its internal parking lot is filled up at 10 o'clock at night, this building has one more telling sign... has a sizeable telecommunications antenna.

It seems too big an operation to just be Phoenix PD.

More investigation led to the info that it was most likely a DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) building.

Now the DEA (beside supposedly tracking druggies) is THE agency charged with registering and tracking suspicious Americans for the future round up.

Why is that?

The DEA has more feet on the ground to loiter, observe, and register people under the guise of the so-called 'War on Drugs.'

It has the excuse, the personnel and the wherewithal to track and register targets.

And remember, all Federal polic agencies are now under Homeland Security, making the building technically a secret Homeland Security base.

  It is most likely a 'fusion center' housing personnel from the DEA, the Phoenix PD, the FBI and the CIA.

Now when the great purge finally happens, Americans will be shocked to be kidnapped (disappeared), taken to secret buildings such as this (right in the middle of town) to be interrogated, tortured and perhaps even killed  by the Federal Government and its gopher local police in buildings such as these.

And Americans will be equally surprised to see all these buildings taking in all the apprehended Americans...right down the street from them.

As to the discovery of the building, it is happenstance brought about the idiots who placed it there in the first place.

I occupied building with no a street number...with an empty front parking lot....and with a secretive back lot hidden behind a wall and protected by an electronic sheet iron gate...which is full of cars at all times of day and night....and housing a very prominent telecommunications antenna.

What do they expect? 

That the people WON'T notice?

You have to be one arrogant S.O.B to assume people will not notice a structure like that.


....simply an S.O.B. who has stopped caring....just like they have stopped caring about our Laws, our Constitution, our Bill of Rights...and our Country.

The sheep-like convenience mart cashier seemed fully cooperational...without any prompt whatsoever.

As do all these scared clueless sheep to whom you mention the street cameras and respond with standard "What street cameras?"

Maybe the National Security State has become so passe nowadays that it is considered NORMAL to have secret secret police stations all over the country!

Well, that was my one run-in with the National Security State.

But remember, I am just one person, who just bumped into one of these buildings by accident.

How many other 'fusion centers' like this do you think exist in this country from coast to coast?


Tens of thousands?

The National Security Budget is endless, providing they make money out of nothing through the Federal Reserve... endless amounts of it to the captive Federal Government...

...and conceal it under a gigantic Black Budget.

Yes, there are literally trillions of dollars....being invested to build a nation-wide prison system to control and subjugate the American population.

It might just be me - Tempe might very well be a CIA hot spot (they openly recruit as ASU and their cars pollute the campus parking lot) - but my run-ins didn't end.

There was a cooky used bookstore on Baseline in which the owner hardly ever came out to see customers (many just took the books they wanted) the few times he did come out he just sat there sullenly and impatiently looking down at his cash register in a fowl mood. Not a word from this creep, who was about six four, muscular and wore glasses. That store eventually closed.

I don't know what the guy did in the back room, but he sure seemed busy back there, and this pathetic used-book-store was always empty...but it seemed to have stayed open forever.

You'd think that would be the end of my run-ins...but nope.

In reality people run into the National Security State every day...the only difference between me and people is most people don't pay any attention (just go ahead - ask people on the street if they've seen any 'street cameras' yet.)

Anyway,shortly afterwards, an article came out in an underground magazine featuring an article mentioning a Video Editing place in Tempe which is really a CIA outpost frequented by mysterious visitors - he gives the example of an Army Colonel hopelessly hopped up on cocaine - who come and go in the middle of the day.

So needless to say, I set to looking, but already suspected what place the article was talking about.

Yup, you can guess my shock when I find the place was in fact right down the street from me.

So I do the preliminary checking: 

- yes the place has been open forever.

-yes, it offers comprehensive conversion services of anything to anything - and I mean anything to anything.

-oh...and it has a giant telecommunications antenna.

In fact, this is THE giveaway on many of these secret government buildings - they have a vertical telecom antenna right on top of them.

Now unless there is a ham radio enthusiast on the premises who enjoys engaging in his hobby during work hours...there is no practical reason for a business or business office to have a telecommunications antennas on top of their buildings.

Like I said, this giant multi-band antenna is an obvious giveaway...only failing to alarm a public that is hopelessly asleep.

So keep an eye out for buildings who have these radio antennas atop their premises.

And yes, trolls are already expected to start dropping in poo-pooing this antenna reality as well as the writer.

But there it is.

This is what they look like:

The Dead Giveaway

Business + Multi-Band Antenna = Suspicious Building