Monday, October 26, 2015

Spy Agencies RULE the World

At the risk of sounding redundant, I state again the reality that everyone is trying to avoid:

We...and the nations of the world are totally run by spy agencies.

Another name for spy agencies is 'intelligence' or 'intelligence agencies' or 'national security agencies.'

The extent of this control is always underestimated down from smothering totality that it is.

The most prominent spy agencies are those of the US, Britain, France and Russia.

The names of these agencies are, the CIA, MI-6, DGSE and KGB (now known as FSB).

These agencies  have not only national but INTERNATIONAL power...that is, power over nations outside of their other power.

Prior to the 1900's, political power was projected directly through the Masonic networks and their agents.

Freemasonry installed its candidates in political office with the coordinated support of the Lodges, the most powerful being the Scottish Rite in England - the creator of Freemasonry.

Simply put, up until 1900, world events were decided by Masonic Lodge and their candidates. The American and French Revolution are good examples of this power structure.

But the system became somewhat cumbersome and sloppy (notice the failure of the American Revolution to create an Illuminati system), with the direct participation of Masons, who frequently talked and KNEW who they were working for, so the 'intelligence apparatus' was created to smooth things over...beginning with MI-6.

MI-6 was a 100% Masonic creation and through its tentacles, and those of England's affiliated international Masonic networks, England was able to basically control the affairs of the world.

The intelligence agency structure made the Masonic conspiracies more secret and the maneuvers of the International Banks more opaque because a tool was created in with which to recruit 'assets' who would carry out the will of these institutions in total ignorance.

International British agents - Freemasons from all countries of the world already operating under direction of the central lodge from England - were fluidly recruited as agents of MI-6, and empowered (with money from the international central banking system which makes it out of nothing) with abundant financial support.

The high point came not long afterward.

Mandell House (a Freemasonic MI-6 agent) was appointed as chief advisor to President Woodrow Wilson, who proceeded to (with British agents in American government) force through the Income Tax and the Federal Reserve Central Bank.

The Federal Reserve was merely the last step in consolidating the World Central Banking System to finance World War I.

It was during WW-I that the intelligence assets came out with a vengeance, frequently telling the supposed 'great men of history' what to do and basically what they could do with themselves.

House DICTATED to Wilson on what had to be done, especially when it came to entering the war.

Prussian Chancellor Bethman-Hollweg blurted out the the fearful Kaiser  "you will have war whether you like it or not!"

While Clemenceau of France was himself an intelligence agent suspected of being in British pay and a known for plotter against the Napoleon-III and, later, the Jules Ferry Cabinet

To top things off you had military intelligence asset Paul Von Hindenburg who would later not only play a part in losing the war and deposing the Kaiser, but in putting Adolf Hitler in 1933!

 The masonic intelligence collaboration did not end there. Collaboration became international, flying above petty things like nation states, patriotism or competing interests.

German intelligence, in collaboration with British intelligence, along with both German and British banks ORAGANIZED and FUNDED the Bolshevik Revolution!

The Czar's intelligence agency, the Okhrana, passed intact into the service of the Bolsheviks and helped carry out the mass murder of the Russian upper and middle classes.

So...if things were this bad by can imagine how they were in 1940.

That's right. 

Churchill was an intelligence asset. Stalin was an intelligence asset - an original member of the 'sealed train' sent to Russian by German intelligence in conjunction with British intelligence, Roosevelt was an intelligence asset (Naval Intelligence) and...yes...Hitler was an intelligence asset.

The Hitler reality is one of the most secret in human history.

Why else do you think Britain sealed all records pertaining to WW-II...FOR 100 YEARS?

Well...the truth is Hitler was an asset of the Abwehr - German military intelligence...

...and the Abwehr was itself a tool of British Intelligence.

Why else do you think that the head of the Abwehr, Admiral Canaris...was himself a BRITISH AGENT!

You know things aren't going to go well for you during war when the head of your spy agencey is working for the enemy!

The BIG SECRET Britain is trying to keep is that Nazi Germany was run by MI-6!

During the whole war, Britain was receiving German military information in REAL TIME from highest levels of the Nazi oligarchy.

The British called this real time reception of information directly from the German Government "ULTRA," and said it was the secret name of their code breaking operation.


Code breaking within MINUTES after the messages were sent?

The real truth is British Intelligence knew the location of every U-Boat, every battleship and every every unit...and their orders before they even carried them out!

Why do you think Britain has SEALED its WW-II records for 100 YEARS?

Folks...the world was run by intelligence agencies since 1905 right through the 1940's.

Why do you think the CIA got along so fluidly with the Nazi scientists after the war?

Why do you think Hitler escaped?

I could go on, but why bother.

If the world was like this in can imagine what it was like AFTER the war.

It was worse.

The former Masonic networks used to control the Third World were replaced by intelligence networks run directly by MI-6, the CIA, French Intelligence and the KGB.

In other words, the leaders of the Third World were,  from 1950 onward became direct AGENTS OF FIRST WORLD INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES. 

Look at the resume of any Third World leader...and notice...were he's been educated.

This man has left his native country for prolonged periods of time and has been brought up intellectually in a First World university, either in the US, UK, France or Russia....where he has been RECRUITED by an intelligence agency.

Why do you think Kim Jong Un, present communist dictator of North Korea....was educated in SWITZERLAND?

I rest my case...

...and I raise my new case...

...just how controlled do you think WE are TODAY?

We are literally RUN by intelligence agencies...and have been for the last 100 YEARS.

And when is the last time your local conspiracy pundit has brought up the sensitive subject of total spy agency infiltration?

Don't you think it's about time?

Its been 100 years!

The failure to see ourselves as a civilization RUN by spy agencies involves a bit of Orwellian Doublethink.

Yes, you see KGB (FSB) all over the place. 

Yes, you see CIA and MI-6 all over the place.

But the fact is just accepted as "yeah, they're just all over the place", instead of the logical conclusion: "hey, they control us!"

Well, they CONTROL us for sure. They control us for their masters, the International Banks with whose personnel occupy the most powerful position within the spy agencies.

While Third World leadership are assets of intelligence agencies, ENTIRE SOCIETIES are under control on the intelligence agencies in Europe and America. That's right: from top to bottom!

The investigation into the Kennedy discovered CIA all over the place, from top to bottom, involved up to their eyeballs not only in the assassination, but in its cover-up.

All this in spite of the CIA's charter PROHIBITING it from staging any operations inside the US!

Let's get it straight.

A president of the United States shot from many directions by multiple shooters and murdered in front of millions watching him both live TV and in person.

A single patsy arrested, and the made-up ballistics of how he  killed the President proven to be IMPOSSIBLE.

The single patsy murdered soon after.

All of it just a coincidence.

No investigative journalism.

No serious Congressional inquiry (just another COVER-UP by intelligence assets called The Warren Commision).

No independent FBI investigation. You can forget about an independent CIA investigation.

What a clean and tidy wrap up to an EPIC ASSASSINATION of an American President!

No newspaper editor, no Congressman, no Governor, no head of ANY Government Agency stood up and questioned the facts.

Why do you think that is?

Could it be because the majority of them were ASSETS themselves?

How do you think they could not only execute but COVER UP 9/11?

They're all in on it!

The NSA ran it, the CIA facilitated it, the FBI covered it up.

Which brings me to America today.

Why do you think they can spray chemtrails with no story, no inquiry and no curiosity from neither media nor Congress?

Why do you think they can put fluoride in our water, cancer viruses in our vaccines, microwaves in our environment...all without raising an eyebrow.

Why do you think they can spy on all our phone calls, all our emails, all our monetary transactions while putting cameras on all our main streets...without notice?

Why do you think government leaders ROUTINELY agree to pass legislation empowering the spy agencies and dis-empowering the American people, while our leaders act like spies running secret operations?.

Why do you think elected officials act more like secret agents than the representatives of the people?

Have you heard of Gulf of Tonkin, Watergate, October Surprise, 9/11, Fast and Furious, and  Benghazi?

Did you know our last four Presidents have been CIA assets, beginning with George H.W. Bush, continuing with Clinton, crossing over with George W. Bush and keeping tradition with Obama?

More and more people I know keep mentioning they were approached by the CIA for recruitment (many have probably accepted, but don't admit to that).

Today we have Congressmen, Governors, Judges, Mayors, Publishers, Journalists, University Presidents, Police Chiefs, and 'community organizers' who serve the CIA.

Is really such a mystery why the Police are regularly kept away from riots, facilitate drug running and even assassinate people....why do you think they cover up assassinations and go after people investigating the government?

Why do you think the Chicago Police Department has an entire building dedicated to making people disappear?

Why do you think your local police department are fusing with the CIA and the FBI?

Why do you think this country is honey-combed with underground bases, tunnels and buildings nobody knows anything about?

Is it really surprising the 'media' is able to keep leak proof seals on every crooked government conspiracy out there while presenting every government LIE as reality?

People, the CIA is in charge of this country!

They and the NSA have every member of Congress blackmailed!

The control reaches down right to our local mayors and police!

This is why we get the sensation that our government is no longer our own, but resembles a foreign occupation force.

Most people in government ARE intelligence assets.

And you know what the most surprising thing is?

The most surprising thing is that WE DON'T KNOW THEY ARE! 

The whole thing reminds me a bit of the old Soviet Union, where something like 20% of the population worked directly or indirectly for the KGB!

We don't live in a nation state, we live in a national security state..THAT is the biggest secret...

...and the greatest miracle is...they have kept us UNAWARE of it!

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