Thursday, October 29, 2015

Disturbing Cable Commercials

I started being disturbed by commercials from Cox Cable when I saw the same commercial was being shown over and over again, like a weird sort of programming.

So I decided to sit down and really WATCH this commercial.

What I discovered is that Cox is a totally evil Illuminati-led company which not only brainwashes, but enjoys laughing at its, excuse me, customers.

The Cox Gigablast commercial promises a big change to the Internet.

The big change?

You'll be able to print your food from your computer!

Of course that is a big LIE, you'll be able to do no such thing, but Cox likes to mention nonsense over the airwaves as part of an operation (whose name I don't yet know) based on mentioning so much nonsense over the media that the human mind melts into non-criticality, accepting EVERYTHING that comes across the TV...and forgetting it just as fast.

So this kid of indeterminate gender comes on the TV and promises nonsense.

The rest of the commercial consists of everyday people enjoying all types of groovy, crazy looking food they have printed out on their computers.

The commercial is sheer nonsense, but it attacks the brain at a subconscious level.

To begin with, it is nonsense, that you are supposed to watch with a straight face.

Secondly, and more ominously, the word 'food' figures prominently.

It's the first time I got the gist Cox was laughing at us.

With a gigantic food crisis coming, Cox is celebrating "food, glorious food"  (as it is sung in the song) and celebrates abundant eating.

Get it? 

Soon there won't be any food. Cox is celebrating what we have less and less of. HA HA HA. Well, i guess you have to be an Illuminati to see the humor in that one.

But it is promising your subconscious, if you have Cox Gigabyte, you'll never go hungry, a cornucopia of food will be printed right at home!


And, like I said, the new media training is un-criticallity or absent minded acceptance of whatever comes over the TV or media.

The campaign extends into YouTube as well, where the incredible and unbelievable is  being broadcast wholesale (and linked to some well known alternate media websites) as truth.

Some sample of the above are a flying motorcycle, a set of mechanical flying wings which allow the user to fly like a bird and a ship which disappeared in the 1920's appearing floating and intact off the coast of Cuba.

In fact there are entire 'news' websites DEDICATED to putting out LIES without making any retractions - this is called the new type of 'humor.'

The website RENSE is big on linking a lot of these articles as spectacular and truthful stories.

OK. Cox Gigablast Commercial #2.

The second Gigablast commercial is even more cynical and threatening.

Nobody even knows exactly how the Internet will change through Gigablast.

My guess is it won't change at all.

All that extra bandwith will probably just be eaten up by ads, commercials and spyware from the Federal Government.

Which brings me to the song of this second Cox Gigabyte commercial.

You see, Cox Cable KNOWS all that bandwith will be used to to SPY on you BIG TIME, not only through Internet use, but through Smart Meters, Smart Homes, Alarm Systems and the Internet of Things.

They KNOW Gigablast will be used for this.

So listen to the words of the (Rose Murphy) song for this commercial:

"Peekaboo, I see you, 
Don't you try to hide from you know who
peekaboo, peekaboo
I see you"

Yep, Gigablast will ultimately be all about seeing YOU, and Cox knows it.

And it makes fun of the fact in front of all of its sheep customers.

Oh, and what is the commercial about? What does it promise?

Holographic gaming right in your living room - yes, you'll be chased by monsters right there in your house.

Needless to say another LIE meant to further the non-criticality programming.

The commercial is nonsense, but Cox gets to take another dig at a customer and population base it obviously despises.

Don't even TRY to hide.

You-Know-Who can see you.

 Again, this commercial, like all the Cox commercials is on over and over and over again.

People I talk to remember the commercial...but for the life of them they can never remember what the commercial is advertising.

 A third example of this new type of programming is the PRISM TV commercial for CenturyLink.

I would call this another sheeple commercial.

I guess they psychologists and scientist have judged the general population to be so sheep-like that they decided to use a big, threatening, bearded, terrorist-looking fat man as their spokesman.

Make no mistake about it. This guy is threatening, even though he speaks in a calm, soothing voice.

And his quiet Zen-like voice has a more calm-before-the-storm or dormant volcano type effect than open friendliness.

And yeah, you don't want this guy losing it within 20 feet of you, because he looks like a serial killer.

The psychological trick is obvious: the sheep respect and obey threatening authority figures instead of turning away from them in disgust.

"So, let's try a quietly threatening man to put the sheep in their place and make them pay attention to the commercial." 


Remember, each one of these commercials are created through committees of psychological experts after weeks if not months of meetings. 

Every frame is carefully crafted for effect.

Nothing is an accident.


  1. Great article, great blog

    1. Thank You...and...If you like this article, Google "Illuminati Conspiracy Blog" for a list of might be surprised at what you find.

    2. We are all being watched every don't kid yourself. Think about our technological advancements the web is just a stepping stone in all areas of communication,remember b&w tv,pagers,and bag phones.this is not star trek or star wars. What you see on Cox commercial is hocum.3d printers don't work like that,and halodecs don't exist yet. You sir are a wacko,as far as the Illuminati being involved.What! Please study the Illuminati a little deeper,you'll find they really could care less. Might I suggest you get off the computer in your moms basement with your regular diet of pizza pockets and yoo and get a frigging job. The government is probably watching you you crazy bastard. This reply is directed to the writer of this senseless babble.

  2. I love this article I was really trying to Google the the peek a boo song Cox sampled and came across this I want to share this illuminate conspiracies are interesting to me but this is on point it makes a lot of sense

  3. Food, glorious food" is from a broadway play, "Pippin" -- about orphans, or a generation of lost boys. You might want to factor that into your thinking too. I find all of the Cox commercials to be scary. The company is scary too. I had a job interview with them in a 8 x 10 cell with a 20 ft. ceiling. It looked like a police interrogation room. I didn't notice the camera and mike up there on the ceiling until nearly the end of the interview. Creepy. Maybe they just want to capitalize on fear in their commercials since we are living in such a fearful world now.

    1. Sorry, I meant "Oliver."

  4. It reminded me too much of the Terminator movie Genesis. Where the program they use is called "Genesis" and it used by everyone until…well I don't want to spoil the movie.

  5. Printing 3d food is possible. In fact there's all kinds of things that can be printed 3d. Cars, houses, guns, body parts replicas on yourself. He'll you can even print a 3d printer. I believe the gigblast commercial is saying Cox will soon be able to provide more Internet streaming for bigger things not just to watch movies and surf the web. I work for a mobile communications company and we just dramatically lowered the prices on our internet. That tells me something bigger is coming. I wouldn't sweat it man. Embrace change.

    1. Remember 3D printing is fairly new and guite expensive you must start w a solid, what can be printed is limited.remember this is just a fancy grinder/dremmel tool.

  6. Is it just me or does anyone else see the magic jewels come out of the pig's butt in the peekaboo commercial? They are like little magic blue turds. I have never seen blue turds before. Nor have I seen anything magic come out of pig's butt. Let me clarify that I don't hang around pig farms looking at pig butts. I digress.

    1. Yes,I noticed that! But that was after I wrote the article. More Illuminati humor?

  7. How is any of this connected to the illuminati? Sorry man there's so many holes in your assertion.

    1. Read the responses above - not all people agree!

    2. Who cares if not all people agree? You people that believe this crap of the Illuminati are wasting precious moments of your remaining lives. Just stay the hell away from me because when you lose your minds I might have to use my zombie apocalypse stash on you.

    3. Cox pay you well? We've noticed an impressive amount of Cox paid trolls on the Internet.

  8. Sitting in the corner.. Looking Kinda Blue.. Dont you try to hide, you know whooo, Peek a boo peek a boo, I see you.

    The funny part is the cox cable box is sitting in the corner of my living room, and its display is " Kinda Blue" If you ask me :) This commercial has far reaching implications, especially when you pair it with the 1994 passing of CALEA. Which coincides with Cox's Rise in the Business world through federal legislation. It all paints a complete totalitarian picture that is being masked by a public democratic process that is circumvented and spun through our national Media chains with heroic pictures and stories, catchy piano tunes, Xylophone notes, fast upbeat guitar notes and triumphant horns thus giving us " hope " Yes ladies and gentlemen,A few Images and certain sounds played to those images has the ability to change our moods INSTANTLY.(Pavlovs Dog)

    I can go on for hours, but to make a long story short. If you feel something is wrong, FOLLOW THE MONEY. Then once you have finally figured out whos in charge of it all. You will be left with one answer. What i found out is this.

    "If you cant Beat em, Join em."

    Use your knowledge or your "Illumination" to your benefit. You too can be an Illuminati!

    1. Well, don't be so sure, Illuminati get whacked too... all the time. Check it out:

  9. Century Link uses deceptive wording too. In one commercial, prospective clients ask "Does Prism TV have all the commercials that we watch?" Creepy guy responds, "Prism TV has all the commercials that I watch."

    Hey, wait a minute, you didn't answer the question. Who cares what YOU watch?

    And on the Peek A Boo commercial, why does dad wear a tie that is only like six inches long?

    It's all just dopey and I will be glad when the commercials stop. Until then, I will either mute or FF past the commercial.

  10. Has anyone noticed that these commercials are on almost ALL THE TIME...CONTINUOUSLY? It's gotten to the point where I can't get the 'Peek-A-Boo' song out of my head, where it is looping for all eternity!

    1. I just wanted to Google that song because I wanted to see what year it was made. That was directly after seeing that commercial on my living room tv. When I googled it I found this article and in the short time it took me to read this and walk to the bathroom I heard it playing on two different tvs in the bedrooms on two different channels than the one I was watching at nearly identical times.

  11. Wow. Just reading this article walking through my house I heard that peekaboo commercial playing twice on two different channels, one on ABC and one on food network.

  12. Is there a hidden subconscious message in the commercial we have to be exposed to several times a day? Wouldn't surprise me.

  13. Fuck the commercial and especially Cox cable, but that commercial is really subconsciously, sexually subjective to people that struggle with being sexually attracted to teenage boys... I'm sorry but that commercial is not appropriate what-so-ever showing that cute skinny boy in boxers and then eating the '3-D printed whatever, that commercial certainly got me aroused. c'mon! 3-D printed food!? Get outta here!

  14. What about the one that shows the little girl asking her invalid grandpa to dance? I guess with the new service we'll be able to go to the hospital and get a heart patient up and walking to the park. Just click on the heart icon!
    This is irresponsible at best..........

  15. Look at the little girl winking and presenting her hand...

  16. Honestly, if you look closely at the Cox Commercials, you begin to see that they are filmed from a suggestive pedophilia angle. But they aren't the only ones, the phenomenon is spreading as society gets closer to declaring children 'sovereign individuals' with 'rights.'

  17. As to the Co around the house (which I said was impossible) it actually might be possible with Pokemon Go! type applications - only that you will have to chase the monsters through your Smart Phone viewer.

  18. I see now that they pulled the little girl commercial and have replaced it with the boy making a mobile for the baby brother.