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America: The Great Betrayer

A little known historical fact is that America is a great betrayer.

In fact, since the 1920's, betrayal seems to be America's standard type of foreign policy.


By 1920, America was supporting the White Russians - the Russians who were trying to save Czarist Russia and crush the Communists. We even went so far as to land Marines at Archangel, Russia to supply them.

Unfortunately, our determination veered off. Probably had something to do with the press calling the Communists "agricultural reformers."

The result - America abandoned the Russian Monarchists, leaving them without the ammunition and supplies they needed to fight the Communists. The end was not long in coming.


During the 1930's, American foreign policy was Japan-friendly, treating the up and coming Asian country as an equal and even as a prospective ally (uh...against Russia...who America had multiple trade and industrial agreements with).

The arrangement might have been a good one, with Japan counter-balancing the Russian threat in Asia (as it had been doing since 1905).

All the encouragement and friendship (naval and industrial technology from both the UK and US) had bolstered Japan's confidence to the point that the Japanese set out the feelers to see how the allies would feel about a Japanese incursion into China.

Go ahead! said America.

Japan first timidly nibbled at the bit by invading Manchuria in 1931...then when it saw that America had no negative reaction...invaded China proper in 1937.

The Americans really did nothing, giving Japan a wink in its endeavors, even when Japan invaded the traditional foreign controlled port of Shanghai - capital of the imperial powers, America brushed it off.

Japan, getting all the winks and go-get-em's, thought it really had a friend in the United States (on which it depended for 80% of its oil) even as it established its own little empire.

Then it started having second thoughts when it became apparent the United States was supplying the Chinese forces to fight Japan.

In reality, what America was doing was putting Japan's head in the noose.

All America had to do in 1935 was merely WARN Japan of an embargo should that nation ever invade China and China would never have been invaded.

Instead, what America did was encourage Japan to get waist deep into the Chinese morass before opening the trap door.

  So it was in 1940 - out of nowhere - that the United States suddenly inflicted an oil embargo on Japan to be kept in effect until Japan pulled all its troops out of China.

Yes...the oil embargo on Japan was a betrayal.

The American command to pull out of China after 9 years and its accompanying embargo was an ACT OF WAR...and the American Government knew it.

What we did to our 'friend' between 1942 and 1945 is well known and needs no repeating here.


Once WW-II got started, the great hope of the captive nations was that America (not Communist Russia) would liberate the European countries from Nazi tyranny.

It only happened half way.

America betrayed Eastern Europe - including half of Germany - to the Communist hordes.

American commanders protested loudly when ordered to halt and let Russian troops 'liberate' such areas as Czechoslovakia and eastern Germany which were already controlled by Americans...in fact, many commanders were told to PULL BACK (amidst formerly cheering and grateful but then confused crowds) to let the Communists forces re-occupy the zones that had been already liberated.

Was that the end of the European betrayal?


Millions of German, Polish, Balts, Ukrainians, Cossacks  and other ex-Soviet citizens who had been fighting against Russia and were grateful to surrender to the Americans...were forcefully gathered up at bayonet point and turned right over into the hands of the Soviets..were an assured death awaited them.

American witnesses remember the ghastly inhuman 'groan' that came out of these unfortunate masses the moment they found out they were being herded back into the hands of the Soviets....by their 'friends' the Americans.


The Chinese who the Americans had helped so much against Japan...now found themselves betrayed by the American...to the Communists.

In 1949, America CUT OFF ALL AMMUNITION to the Chinese forces trying to fight off the well-equipped Communist forces of Mao Tse Tung.

The result?

China fell to the Communist forces, who managed to kill 100 million more Chinese through bloody purges.


Hungary rebelled against Russian occupation in 1956. America - the great hope of freedom - did not lift a finger (even verbally or politically) as the Hungarians (who had expected such help) were crushed by the Russians.


Czechoslovakia rebelled against Soviet occupation in 1968. Not a peep from America, even though Russia was at the time supplying the North Vietnamese who were killing American boys in Vietnam.

The desperation of the rebels once they found out they had been betrayed and abandoned by the American is one of the most heart breaking accounts in history..as they continued calling for help or political support by radio to the very end.


The US abandoned its "friend" Batista, the President of Cuba, in the middle of a Communist mercenary attack.

  America basically blockaded Cuba to keep it from getting the arms and ammunition the needed to fight a well-funded Communists.

Cuba fell to Communism.


Close American anti-Communist ally Taiwan was shown the door in 1974, when the US suddenly decided to no longer recognize it as a country.

(You see, it's what China, America's new friend, wanted)

To follow up on its treachery, America threw its full weight in support for Taiwan to be kicked out of the United Nations.

Today Taiwan remains (inexplicably) a close friend of America counts on American aid should China ever invade.

If I were Taiwan...I wouldn't be so sure.


In 1975, after a long war, the US abandoned its friend, South Vietnamese and it left them without air support, and without ammunition during the much expected invasion by North Vietnam


At about the same time America was betraying Vietnam, she also betrayed her good friend Cambodia, leaving the Cambodian military without any fuel or ammunition to fight the well-armed Khmer Rouge.

Cambodia fell to the Communists...1 million Cambodians were murdered by the victorious Communists in what became known as the Cambodian Genocide or the Killing Fields.


America betrayed its friend, the free and liberal nation of Iran as it tried to stave off terrorism, rioting and uprising by Muslim Fundamentalists.

America boycotted Iran economically, politically and militarily until the government collapsed.

Iran fell to Islamic Fundamentalism


The same thing America did with Cuba in 1959, it did to Nicaragua in 1979 as it BLOCKADED that American ally at the very moment it came under attack by well-funded and supplied Communist forces from Honduras and Costa Rica.

Nicaragua, totally cut, ran out of ammunition with which to fight the Communists and fell to the enemy.


The Afghan resistance to the Soviet invasion of 1979 consisted of a great majority of nationalist and anti-communist fighters who were NOT Muslim fundamentalists.

America betrayed these fighters after their victory over the Russians by not only cutting off all their funding and supply, but continuing to fund the Muslim Fundamentalist Taliban...who eventually took over the entire country.


This friendly, pro-American country used to be called Burma, that is, until America decided to stab in the back the military junta which it called a friend...backing, instead, a revolutionary junta, which got rid of America's friends.


Change of Burma's name to Myanmar...and the allegiance Myanmar...to China.


America first encouraged, then stomped on their friend Sadam Hussein when he invaded Kuwait (with American blessings)

This was followed up by a 10-year total blockade (which killed 1 million Iraqis) and another invasion in 2003...leaving Iraq a disintegrating basket case.


Long unhappy with Pakistan's support for Islamic fundamentalists, several Pakistani officers began cracking down on the support which was given them by Pakistani Intelligence.

Things came to a head when Pervez Musharraf, President of Pakistan decided to clamp down both on the Fundamentalists and Pakistani Intelligence because the Fundamentalists had begun to kill Pakistani troops in the north of the country.

Why even try to do something good?

Musharraff (and Pakistan) were betrayed by America and with American help to be replaced with a pro-Islamic Fundamentalist puppet government which now funds the Taliban and Isis.


In 2003, the stalwart pro-American Turkish generals (who traditionally kept a short leash on the Muslim Fundamentalists) were betrayed when they were told by America to LET the Islamic Fundamentalist Government of Tayip Erdogan assume power.

Normally Turkish generals kept Islamic Fundamentalists at bay by removing them from power when they got out of control

This time, with the full blessing of the United States, the Pro-America Turkish generals were PURGED by the new Islamic Government.

Turkey fell to a Islamic Fundamentalist Pro-Isis Government.


Egypt had become a good friend of the United States ever since it signed a peace treaty with Israel through American efforts

Things just got better from there as Egypt became America's major friend in the Middle East.

This lasted until 2010, when Egypt decided to start cracking down on the Saudi-financed Islamic Fundamentalists.

America stabbed Egypt in the back in 2011 by boycotting the government and backing an Islamic Fundamentalist takeover, and jailing long-time American buddy Hosni Mubarak.

The Egyptian population reacted getting rid of the fundamentalists...

...only to fall under the claws of a Mossad agent called Abdel Fatah El Sisi...who basically runs Egypt for Israel.


By the year 2005, Libya had done an about face in its relation with America.

Formerly a terrorist-sponsoring country, Libya cut all its contacts with Arab terrorist organizations and trashed its weapons of mass destruction program.

Not only that, but Libya was at the forefront of fighting Islamic Fundamentalism, which it saw as a threat to the entire Islamic world and soon became a good friend of America.

Big mistake

In 2011 the US blockaded Libya...and bombed its armies...as - you guessed it - the country came under attack from Islamic Fundamentalist mercenaries from Egypt and tunisia.

Libya fell to the Islamic Fundamentalists (who are now fighting the Libyan tribes who are NOT Islamic fundamentalists).

So much for Libya's friendship with America.


American regularly betrays all it spies.

During the late 1980's it betrayed most of its spies in Russia through errand boy Jonathan Pollard (who passed over the identity of the spies through Israel).

During the mid 1990's it betrayed what was left of its spy apparatus in Russia through errand boy Aldrich Ames.

Errand boys, because all they were doing is passing down the line the betrayal meted out by higher ups in the intelligence organization.

Word of mouth in the spy community is...if you spy for America you will end up dead...because somehow...the enemy always finds out.

They find out because the American spy apparatus betrays all of them on a regular basis.

I feel sorry for people who spy for America...not because I don't want America to spy....but because America will eventually betray all of them.


So the big question is why choose America as a friend at all?

Most of the friends wind up with the American dagger firmly implanted in their back.

Recently America betrayed German confidence when she was caught spying on the government of a close friend - Germany.

All the pro-American nationalists in Latin America have been betrayed through lack of support in losing power to Anti-American Marxist Socialists.

Does America gain some sort of subtle influence through all these betrayals?

Are these masterful chess moves (like Taiwan's exchange for China) which somehow benefit America in immediate or near future?

Well, it does not seem to have been the case because today America stands alone and isolated before the entire world.

The betrayal policy has not paid off.

Is it really that surprising?

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