Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Obamacare Rabbit Hole

Obamacare is a scam – a delusion to convince the American people to let themselves be suckered into fascist socialist healthcare plan that will increase the profits of the medical conglomerates to new heights.

A great part of the plan consists of ‘end of life’ planning and restrictions on just how much healthcare Americans will have access to – which isn’t going to be much.

But one thing it will do – it will make Americans part of an added surveillance system.


It will require that every American acquire the new smart card national ID congress approved in 2008 – as a health insurance card, of course.

This new Obamacare card will contain very private information like your address, social security number, a description of your appearance, an iris scan, and DNA information, all inside a smart chip card which will also act as a tracker and transmitter.

Like social security, the Obamacare card WILL be eventually used as a national ID.

Obamacare also represents a complete takeover of medicine by a fascist public-private government consortium with absolute authority over how much doctors will earn and even how much capital (clinical space and equipment) they can own.

In other words, the American people will be asked to pay through the nose for an obligatory private health insurance plan (unsurprisingly, there are no restrictions on how much health care plans can charge).

So Americans will be forced to invest in private health insurance plans for which they will pay half while the other half is paid with their own tax dollars.

Obamacare is a win-win for the medical industry, which wrote the plan in the first place.

It is a forceful fascist law with the sole purpose of making money for corporate medical conglomerates through the use of government coercion.

Which is a shocking statement on the present day corporate America – the entire shebang has gone completely fascist!

American corporations see nothing wrong in using government to FORCE the American public into earning them a profit.

This is criminal power-based fascist behavior, and it is an indicator of just how far American corporations have degenerated.

The end result of Obamacare will be a socialist, European-style health care system under corporate control which will milk, dictate, force, coerce and guide the American public into the health care they are allowed to have instead of  the health care they really need.

Because it will be profit-based, it will function in the interests of profit…not health.

The American public will be spoon fed a bare minimum of health care while paying for it through the nose.

Those costing the health care system too much money will be allowed to die or perhaps even be killed (euthanasia).

In its final form, Obamacare will amount to a coercive system under which people will be registered, tracked, numbered, judged, graded, restricted, and forced into all types of invasive procedures like vaccination, DNA registration, iris registration over which they will have no choice.

The likely punishment for refusing to participate in the Obamacare system will most likely start with exclusion from medical attention and eventually increase to suspension of civil rights (driving license, welfare, etc) or imprisonment.

In a very short time, Obamacare will become as obligatory as Social Security, but with a lot more demands and requirements.

The final result of Obamacare will be a hellish coercive socialist medical dystopia, where Americans no longer have any rights over their own bodies and medicine itself is in the hands of an arbitrary fascist authority.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Warning to America


Your currency is defunct.

Your armed forces have been reduced to a police force.

You are on the verge of economic collapse.

You face polarization and civil war

Your presidency is occupied by a traitor who is reducing the armed forces, betraying state secrets and disassembling your nuclear force...and betraying you to the enemy.

Your Dollar is finished.

Make plans for a new currency NOW.

Default on your debt of $17 trillion.

Ask the Federal Reserve to absolve its portion of your debt (two thirds of it).

If it refuses...abolish it.

Keep your obligations only to private and overseas holders of it.

Liberalize your economy – remove the excessive obligations of business owners, doctors and entrepreneurs to enable your small businesses (90% of your economy) to begin hiring.

Cease your military folly.

Stop deploying your armies in the Middle East.

The Middle East is a trap.

The enemy is about to strike you in the back!

Your allies are in Europe and Asia, not the Middle East.

Remove your armies from the Middle East and reposition them to safeguard the vital gateways of South Korea and Germany.

Re-make your armies into the conventional heavy forces you will need to defend the West.

Reinforce and support your REAL allies.

Turn back from your unconstitutional, arbitrary and illegal corruption of US law by your courts, your police and your government which are turning the country into a retrograde police state.

Turn away from brutalizing your own population and turn instead to reforming your new and outrageous laws.

Understand NOW that your Executive branch is occupied by traitors who work against you and for your destruction.

Move against them NOW.

Members of Congress, Intelligence agencies, police agencies and the armed forces turn against these traitors, sabotage and whistle-blow their plans and operations and frustrate their designs.

Make up your mind to OPPOSE THEM NOW until they can be removed or permanently neutralized.

If strife and separation should occur, deal with it in a civilized manner,not a communist police state.

The minute the American government begins killing Americans is the day it loses its legitimacy.

The day foreign troops set foot on American soil is the day America dies as a sovereign nation.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Warning to Europe

Europe, you have been disarmed.

Your nations have ended all conscription.

Your armies are small and useless.

You are left open for invasion.

You are ripe for the plucking.

Even your dream of a European Union has been thrown in your face and you are now an economic shambles.

A sovereign Western Europe WILL NOT be the light of the world.

It will be a Marxist Russian-occupied Europe that will set the stage for the New World Order.

Europe, discard your economic fantasies.

Give greater sovereignty to your nations.

Re-institute the draft and prepare for war.

Like states of Ancient Greece, your nations derive their power from sovereignty, not subjection.

Pull back your defenses to Poland and Czechoslovakia and prepare to defend your society, your civilization and your culture.

Do not count on the help of the United States which will be nullified.

Prepare for your defense or you will be overrun and subjected under an iron rule.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Warning to China


You are being set up for the fall.

Your Marxist leadership has betrayed not only its own principles, but the principles of Chinese culture and society.

Your one-child policy has stunted your mighty population, left Chinese men as empty bachelors and (like the West) guaranteed that China will become a country of old men and women.

Your economic revolution has ripped up the peasants from the fields and put them in cities to live like dogs.

Your eminent right policies have left your peasants landless and miserable.

Violent desperate rebellions happen every week.

Masses of jobless and landless men scour your countryside.

Under your leadership you have made the kind-hearted and traditional Chinese people brutal and materialistic.

Chinese government you have lost the Huang Ti – the Mandate of Heaven!

The masses that will rebel against you are already gathering in the South....and right at your doorstep.

The population of your own capital hate you.

Your own military has second thoughts.

You live in a delusion that you are soon to become the next world leader.

But this is a lie.

EUROPE will be the core of the New World Order, not China.

China will be the footstool for the New World Order, not its leader.

Already see how your one-child policy has shunted your military.

How many Chinese parents are willing to sacrifice their one and only son to war.

How many of your soldiers are ready to sacrifice the continuation of their family name by dying for you?


You think the Russians are your allies, but they are not.

Russia has already limited the transfer of submarine technology – the only technology – that would have helped you defeat the US Navy.

All your submarine projects fail and are sabotaged by erroneous information from your 'friends' the Russians.

Your submarine fleet is a malfunctioning joke...and not by accident.

The same applies to combat aircraft technology.

A large part your country stands to be destroyed one way or another during the creation of the New World Order.

Your are a tool for the New World Order, not its sovereign.

Like Japan in 1940, you are destined to be drawn out and quartered.

Your overconfidence has been nurtured by Europe and America.

But your confidence is false...and it is a trap.

Turn back to your own 4000 years of history, culture, medicine, science and philosophy.

Stop following the dictates of a Jewish hermit and come up with your own CHINESE solutions.

Stop being the Western World's and Russia's monkey.

Put the peasants back in the land.

Remove the one-child policy.

Stop trying to imitate capitalistic greed.

Turn back to Chinese medicine, Chinese science and Chinese philosophy.

Become China once again...

...or face the flaying the New World Order has planned for you.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Warning To Japan


Your country has been attacked and your people have been betrayed.

The parasitic postwar political entity has finally shown its gills by permitting and then hiding the third nuclear attack in your history – Fukushima.

Now it conceals the extent of the crime and encourages all Japanese to DIE obediently.

Japan, consider Fukushima the equivalent of a nuclear strike upon you by the Illuminati.

Your pro-Western politicians have shown themselves to be traitors and destroyers of the Japanese race.

Japan is dying.

This is a state of urgency.

Instead of turning Fukushima into a unifying national project for salvation, your politicians have concealed the crime...and worse...they are allowing it to run its course.

If there ever was a propitious moment for a military coup now is the time.

Japan is dying while its politicians sit on their hands and cover up the fact.

Leaders of the Japanese Self Defense Forces – your sacred duty is to defend Japan.

If there is any patriotism left amongst your top leadership, your will carry out a military coup NOW, declare a state of emergency, mobilize the country and deal with the Fukushima disaster.

Quickly assemble the nuclear weapons you need to safeguard your existence and your sovereignty and build the air and naval forces capable of truly defending your islands.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Banks and Congress Destroyed the Economy

In 1998 Congress removed the head of the CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission) Brooksley Born for blowing the whistle on the trading of derivatives by banks – a type of trading that was totally illegal.

A derivative is something that is traded amongst banks as if it were something of value when it really isn't.

The word derivative comes from the fact that the value derives from something else.

When you hold a bag of mortgages, all you are holding is a bag of IOUs.

There is no guarantee you will get paid.

As such, it is like gambling.

But the banks did not care.

The banks began trading in derivatives in 1994 – in spite of it being completely illegal.

When Brooksley Born, the head of the CFTC found out and blew the whistle, the banks mobilized Congressional leadership, the Head of the Fed and the Secretary of the Treasury to destroy Brooksley Born and disempower the CFTC.

This they did with single-minded efficiency...

...and to make sure no more trouble brewed up, they installed a Goldman & Sachs employee as the new head of the CFTC.

But more needed to be done.

The cat was out of the bag.

Nothing was left to do then but MAKE THE WHOLE THING LEGAL.

So they went to Congress and DEMANDED a new law.

That Congress acquiesced to such a law is proof that Congress is no longer a representative body, but a representatives of the banks and the political lobbies.

This is why they passed the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999 (aka the Financial Services Modernization Act).

This 'act' repealed the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933 which prohibited banks from speculation and trading and generally acting like investment firms.

Glass-Steagall was important.

It was important because it was passed in reaction to the rampant banking speculation which led to the Great Depression.

Now that safety measure was once again removed.

Banks were legally on their way to being permitted to do whatever they pleased.

Gramm-Leach-Bliley not only removed all the restrictions of Glass-Steagall, but also allowed them to 'expand into other areas of service' without any government supervision as well as being allows to 'merge and expand into other types of financial institutions' and 'new lines of business.'

In other words, banks were no longer just banks, they were (once more) houses of speculation.

When the Clintonista Boom of 1994-1998 popped and the bubble of 1999 popped, the banking institutions (along with the Fed) began to inflate the next big bubble – the Real Estate Mortgage Bubble.

They began it with a flurry of loans made possible by cheap Fed money and government-guaranteed mortgages.


Than means even the people you gave the mortgage to default, the government pays you the loan!

The above was made possible by twisting the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 beyond recognition (again, courtesy of Congress) into a universal loan-guarantee act.

In other words, banks could float mortgages to whomever they pleased because the government was guaranteeing all of them!

It was like a guaranteed gambling spree at Vegas.

And the banks went on a wild (guaranteed) gambling spree - giving mortgages to every Tom, Dick and Harry that showed up or relented after being asked if he wanted one.

The banks gave out mortgages like candy.

And why not?

Weren't all the mortgages guaranteed by government?

This was the real reason the government came to the rescue with the TARP bailout.

The Government did so because it was LEGALLY OBLIGATED TO DO SO by the Financial Services Modernization Act and the newly perverted Community Reinvestment Act!

The banks lost all their government-guaranteed mortgages and the government was OBLIGATED BY LAW to make good on all those losses.

The results of this have become obvious.

The Banks and Congress destroyed our economy.

No one else is to blame for our debacle.

The Banks and Congress did it.

Or better said, the Banks and the Congress which serves THEM, not us.

So thank you Congress.

Thank you Banks.

Thank you, Federal Reserve.

Here, grab by hand as we all take a long leisurely slide...