Sunday, June 24, 2012

Warning to Europe

Europe, you have been disarmed.

Your nations have ended all conscription.

Your armies are small and useless.

You are left open for invasion.

You are ripe for the plucking.

Even your dream of a European Union has been thrown in your face and you are now an economic shambles.

A sovereign Western Europe WILL NOT be the light of the world.

It will be a Marxist Russian-occupied Europe that will set the stage for the New World Order.

Europe, discard your economic fantasies.

Give greater sovereignty to your nations.

Re-institute the draft and prepare for war.

Like states of Ancient Greece, your nations derive their power from sovereignty, not subjection.

Pull back your defenses to Poland and Czechoslovakia and prepare to defend your society, your civilization and your culture.

Do not count on the help of the United States which will be nullified.

Prepare for your defense or you will be overrun and subjected under an iron rule.

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