Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Obamacare Rabbit Hole

Obamacare is a scam – a delusion to convince the American people to let themselves be suckered into fascist socialist healthcare plan that will increase the profits of the medical conglomerates to new heights.

A great part of the plan consists of ‘end of life’ planning and restrictions on just how much healthcare Americans will have access to – which isn’t going to be much.

But one thing it will do – it will make Americans part of an added surveillance system.


It will require that every American acquire the new smart card national ID congress approved in 2008 – as a health insurance card, of course.

This new Obamacare card will contain very private information like your address, social security number, a description of your appearance, an iris scan, and DNA information, all inside a smart chip card which will also act as a tracker and transmitter.

Like social security, the Obamacare card WILL be eventually used as a national ID.

Obamacare also represents a complete takeover of medicine by a fascist public-private government consortium with absolute authority over how much doctors will earn and even how much capital (clinical space and equipment) they can own.

In other words, the American people will be asked to pay through the nose for an obligatory private health insurance plan (unsurprisingly, there are no restrictions on how much health care plans can charge).

So Americans will be forced to invest in private health insurance plans for which they will pay half while the other half is paid with their own tax dollars.

Obamacare is a win-win for the medical industry, which wrote the plan in the first place.

It is a forceful fascist law with the sole purpose of making money for corporate medical conglomerates through the use of government coercion.

Which is a shocking statement on the present day corporate America – the entire shebang has gone completely fascist!

American corporations see nothing wrong in using government to FORCE the American public into earning them a profit.

This is criminal power-based fascist behavior, and it is an indicator of just how far American corporations have degenerated.

The end result of Obamacare will be a socialist, European-style health care system under corporate control which will milk, dictate, force, coerce and guide the American public into the health care they are allowed to have instead of  the health care they really need.

Because it will be profit-based, it will function in the interests of profit…not health.

The American public will be spoon fed a bare minimum of health care while paying for it through the nose.

Those costing the health care system too much money will be allowed to die or perhaps even be killed (euthanasia).

In its final form, Obamacare will amount to a coercive system under which people will be registered, tracked, numbered, judged, graded, restricted, and forced into all types of invasive procedures like vaccination, DNA registration, iris registration over which they will have no choice.

The likely punishment for refusing to participate in the Obamacare system will most likely start with exclusion from medical attention and eventually increase to suspension of civil rights (driving license, welfare, etc) or imprisonment.

In a very short time, Obamacare will become as obligatory as Social Security, but with a lot more demands and requirements.

The final result of Obamacare will be a hellish coercive socialist medical dystopia, where Americans no longer have any rights over their own bodies and medicine itself is in the hands of an arbitrary fascist authority.


  1. what else can he do? I believed that american can't have another president like this.

    1. Unfortunately, with Hillary, we stand to have another president like this...and probably our last one.