Thursday, June 28, 2012

Warning to America


Your currency is defunct.

Your armed forces have been reduced to a police force.

You are on the verge of economic collapse.

You face polarization and civil war

Your presidency is occupied by a traitor who is reducing the armed forces, betraying state secrets and disassembling your nuclear force...and betraying you to the enemy.

Your Dollar is finished.

Make plans for a new currency NOW.

Default on your debt of $17 trillion.

Ask the Federal Reserve to absolve its portion of your debt (two thirds of it).

If it refuses...abolish it.

Keep your obligations only to private and overseas holders of it.

Liberalize your economy – remove the excessive obligations of business owners, doctors and entrepreneurs to enable your small businesses (90% of your economy) to begin hiring.

Cease your military folly.

Stop deploying your armies in the Middle East.

The Middle East is a trap.

The enemy is about to strike you in the back!

Your allies are in Europe and Asia, not the Middle East.

Remove your armies from the Middle East and reposition them to safeguard the vital gateways of South Korea and Germany.

Re-make your armies into the conventional heavy forces you will need to defend the West.

Reinforce and support your REAL allies.

Turn back from your unconstitutional, arbitrary and illegal corruption of US law by your courts, your police and your government which are turning the country into a retrograde police state.

Turn away from brutalizing your own population and turn instead to reforming your new and outrageous laws.

Understand NOW that your Executive branch is occupied by traitors who work against you and for your destruction.

Move against them NOW.

Members of Congress, Intelligence agencies, police agencies and the armed forces turn against these traitors, sabotage and whistle-blow their plans and operations and frustrate their designs.

Make up your mind to OPPOSE THEM NOW until they can be removed or permanently neutralized.

If strife and separation should occur, deal with it in a civilized manner,not a communist police state.

The minute the American government begins killing Americans is the day it loses its legitimacy.

The day foreign troops set foot on American soil is the day America dies as a sovereign nation.

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