Saturday, June 23, 2012

Warning to China


You are being set up for the fall.

Your Marxist leadership has betrayed not only its own principles, but the principles of Chinese culture and society.

Your one-child policy has stunted your mighty population, left Chinese men as empty bachelors and (like the West) guaranteed that China will become a country of old men and women.

Your economic revolution has ripped up the peasants from the fields and put them in cities to live like dogs.

Your eminent right policies have left your peasants landless and miserable.

Violent desperate rebellions happen every week.

Masses of jobless and landless men scour your countryside.

Under your leadership you have made the kind-hearted and traditional Chinese people brutal and materialistic.

Chinese government you have lost the Huang Ti – the Mandate of Heaven!

The masses that will rebel against you are already gathering in the South....and right at your doorstep.

The population of your own capital hate you.

Your own military has second thoughts.

You live in a delusion that you are soon to become the next world leader.

But this is a lie.

EUROPE will be the core of the New World Order, not China.

China will be the footstool for the New World Order, not its leader.

Already see how your one-child policy has shunted your military.

How many Chinese parents are willing to sacrifice their one and only son to war.

How many of your soldiers are ready to sacrifice the continuation of their family name by dying for you?


You think the Russians are your allies, but they are not.

Russia has already limited the transfer of submarine technology – the only technology – that would have helped you defeat the US Navy.

All your submarine projects fail and are sabotaged by erroneous information from your 'friends' the Russians.

Your submarine fleet is a malfunctioning joke...and not by accident.

The same applies to combat aircraft technology.

A large part your country stands to be destroyed one way or another during the creation of the New World Order.

Your are a tool for the New World Order, not its sovereign.

Like Japan in 1940, you are destined to be drawn out and quartered.

Your overconfidence has been nurtured by Europe and America.

But your confidence is false...and it is a trap.

Turn back to your own 4000 years of history, culture, medicine, science and philosophy.

Stop following the dictates of a Jewish hermit and come up with your own CHINESE solutions.

Stop being the Western World's and Russia's monkey.

Put the peasants back in the land.

Remove the one-child policy.

Stop trying to imitate capitalistic greed.

Turn back to Chinese medicine, Chinese science and Chinese philosophy.

Become China once again...

...or face the flaying the New World Order has planned for you.

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