Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Warning To Japan


Your country has been attacked and your people have been betrayed.

The parasitic postwar political entity has finally shown its gills by permitting and then hiding the third nuclear attack in your history – Fukushima.

Now it conceals the extent of the crime and encourages all Japanese to DIE obediently.

Japan, consider Fukushima the equivalent of a nuclear strike upon you by the Illuminati.

Your pro-Western politicians have shown themselves to be traitors and destroyers of the Japanese race.

Japan is dying.

This is a state of urgency.

Instead of turning Fukushima into a unifying national project for salvation, your politicians have concealed the crime...and worse...they are allowing it to run its course.

If there ever was a propitious moment for a military coup now is the time.

Japan is dying while its politicians sit on their hands and cover up the fact.

Leaders of the Japanese Self Defense Forces – your sacred duty is to defend Japan.

If there is any patriotism left amongst your top leadership, your will carry out a military coup NOW, declare a state of emergency, mobilize the country and deal with the Fukushima disaster.

Quickly assemble the nuclear weapons you need to safeguard your existence and your sovereignty and build the air and naval forces capable of truly defending your islands.

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