Wednesday, July 30, 2014

USA: What a Collapsed Economy Looks Like

I just thought I would write about what an economically collapsed country looks like.

I am in a position to do so because I am writing from within the United States of America.

I should have known when I approached my friendly neighborhood Jack in the Box for a bit of high class fast food to see it had a giant banner hanging above the front window saying “We Accept EBTs”

For the uninitiated, EBT stands for ‘Electronic Benefit Transfer’ which is a more politically correct term for Food Stamps.

It is a weird phenomenon of this collapsing socioeconomic arena that Food Stamps have become much more hip, discreet and acceptable.

The government has taken great pains to CONCEAL the appearance and stigma of food stamps in order to make them more appealing.

In the olden days you had to take out a hand full of colorful food stamp coupons in front of the entire line of people and basically advertise that you were so poor you had to have the government feed you.

Now all you have to do is take out your ‘EBT Card’ handily concealed in the palm of your hand and pass it through the scanner - BEEP!.

That’s it. Your free to go and enjoy your groceries, sir!

BEEP! Indistinguishable from a real working American swiping a debit or credit card.

So now Food me...EBT Cards have become fashionable.

I see the local hipsters line up at my local Whole Foods at the beginning of each month in gigantic crowds which fill up all the registers because at the beginning of the month is when their EBTs get replenished and the losers have depleted their cards (probably by shopping at Whole Foods) a week prior.

Now Whole Foods is probably THE most expensive super market you could shop at, but that doesn’t keep the new high class preppy food stamp dependent losers who swamping Whole Foods with their EBT cards because gosh darn it, they deserve it!

That’s right, the preppies deserve high priced food because they are them! They’re sophisticated and they have good high class taste in food so why not spurge your EBT Food Stamp benefits on cuisine worthy of being served in a luxury liner?

You go to your local super market at the beginning of each month and you will see the same phenomenon - all the registers full, cram packed with lines of people cashing in their EBTs!

When I forget to avoid my local store on those dates and see the soup line mess, I just turn around and leave.

And that is what they are - the Soup Lines of the 21st Century.

The Soup Lines are here!

The only difference between 1934 and 2014 is they have been disguised and hidden by the government in order to hide the ghastliness of the economic collapse and the ensuing panic.

From what I see, most all college students have accepted having an EBT food card as a fact of life.

That’s right. Beg for your tuition money, splurge some of it on the town and get food stamps so you can dine on the dole.

If you can hide the soup lines and somehow convince people that everything is still ok, you can have some modicum of control over the population.


Which brings me back to my Jack in the Box adventure.

When I saw the EBT sign hanging out the front window I should have just turned around and left.

As I parked my car, the first thing I see is something that looks like a Mexican cartel assassin leaning on his girl against a car.

As I exit my car, I know what comes next.

I get ‘mad dogged’ (which means I get stared at in an aggressive fashion) as I exit my car and go into the restaurant.

Upon entering my good old neighborhood Jack in the Box, I see what looks like a 500 pound ex-gang banger shifting his weight around, throwing stuff trays around and glaring at people.

It took me some time to understand this guy was actually the manager.

So I order my food from the cashier, with the 500 pound gorilla (who has stopped his stomping and tray tossing) stopped and started glaring at her and me from behind the cashier (for some reason).

When stuff like this happens, my nose and chin just instinctively go up a bit higher in the air and an expression of distaste fills my face.

I finish my order and the pleasant ‘senorita’ cashier says she’ll have it right out and the 500 pound gorilla lets out what seems like a disparaging snort.

I sit down to read my book and shortly thereafter an entire family enters mom, pop, three kids and two grand parents.

At this point I am asking myself, what would attract a nice good looking family like this to enter a joint like what my ol Jack in the Box has become?

The answer soon becomes apparent.

After ordering a huge meal, the dad flips out his EBT card.


Soon my food is done, I pick it up and eat it (as is my custom) absorbed in my book and totally ignoring the humanity around me when the 500 pound gorilla starts stomping around, literally throwing his weight around and seemingly putting on what macho airs his obese 500 pound body can muster.

Soon I notice the probable cause of this animal’s posturing.

It seems the gorilla’s diminutive girl friend has just entered the establishment, has been served and now has to be shown whose in charge of the general area.

I finish my food, quietly resolving the ol’ Jack in the Box is not what it used to be and that I shall never return.

I ate my food slowly and deliberately. I enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed slowly reading my book. It took a long time.

When I leave, guess who is still in the parking lot.

The Cartel pimp is still there, still forcing his ‘senorita’ against the back of a parked car.

As I go towards my car, the senorita (of course) looks at me and smiles.

Uh oh.

Mad dogging time the Cartel pimp turns around and gives me the look of death, which I return with the non-chalance stare of looking at two as if they were a couple logs lying by the road.

Jack in the Box...sigh...oh the memories long past.

Signs of a collapsed economy?

Since we are on the subject of fast food, how about fast food places no longer being able to sell their dollar menu...without accepting EBT cards?


Have you checked out the local Goodwill and Salvation Army stores lately?

Talk about doing great business.

I didn’t even know Goodwill stores had lines (smelly stinky, slightly deranged lines) you had to wait in before paying for your used item.

Now they do!

The big surprise is when I go to the Goodwill parking lot and see all the Cadillacs, Mercedes, Infinities and BMWs there.

I’ll let you speculate on the socioeconomics of that.

Or how about Walmart and Target.

Have you noticed Walmart and Target are starting to resemble grocery stores instead of malls?

Well, there’s a reason for this.

People are so poor, they can no longer buy ‘things’

All they can do nowadays is reach for their EBT cards and purchase some junk food.

Get it?

Walmart and Target are switching to food because that is all people can buy!

So you now have these mega stores pushing aside all the cheap Chinese manufactured items and replacing it with FOOD!

That’s right. The new luxury item in today’s America is no longer cheap Chinese trinkets...but cheap tasty junk food!

Eat some cheap EBT junk food, you’ll feel better.

That $20.00 Chinese iPod imitation you can’t afford wasn’t worth it anyway.

Most of the 99 Cent stores I know of are going bankrupt as they are unable to sell even their one-dollar trinkets...and are changing over to food.


Which brings me to the subject we are all just about one paycheck from becoming: beggars.

I have never seen so many beggars.

Old beggars, young beggars, male beggars, female beggars, hippy beggars, child beggars (with mommy beggar hiding close by in the general area) well dressed beggars surfer beggars...heck, I even ran into a family of beggars the other day.

You know what...I’ve even run into motorized beggars, begging for money from a running car.

I always surrender exactly $1.00 when they ask and consider it a contribution to the American economy and to my karma.

But seriously folks, the begging is a bit out of control.

It’s gotten to the point where there is a beggar in strip mall on every corner of a crossroads and just about every highway exit!

Unfortunately, begging has become something Americans have become rather good at.

I see begging at the job site, I see begging when small businesses mess up your order and you want your money back. I see begging from friends and relatives.

People, man up a little.

Whatever happened to ‘it’s better to starve than beg’?

I guess that went out with the beginning of Obama’s America.


I should have known America was on the dumps when the national TV networks chose NOT to air America’s World Cup tournament against Belgium.

Now I am sure that the game was available on cable some it was (sigh) on the Spanish networks...but isn’t a World Cup championship game featuring the US worthy of being shown on national American TV?

I guess not.

There is all this talk about the need to make soccer popular in the US...well, given the enthusiasm of the TV networks...good luck with that.


The job fairs we have now are job fairs of crud.

I had to do a double take when I saw the local school district advertising on their (expensive, modern, top rate) light signs that there was going to be a job fair....for school crossing guards.


I mean, do you really need a job fair for a crud job like that?

A teacher friend of mine says that all they are looking to hire at the teacher job fair these days are young first timer teachers who will work for peanuts. Older experience teachers are disdained.

My friend says older, experienced teachers are pre-judged to be too expensive, too opinionated and too questioning for the school districts.

From what I see on the managerial staff of stores and corporations, the same thing seems to apply to them.

The last ‘store manager’ I asked to see at my local Albertsons looked like an 8th grader...and the last ‘bank manager’ who acquiesced to talk to me didn't look a year over 23.

Youth, inexperience and cluelessness is the byword in today’s managerial positions.


There has never been so many whores in America as there are now.

These dire times have turned America into a whore-mongers paradise.

All types of young, nubile, beautiful whores (most from middle class families) are just a phone call away.

Many advertise operate under the guise of ‘escorts’...or massage parlors or some other innocent sounding name.

There is a thing on the Internet called ‘Back Page’ in which all these (seemingly limitless) young beautiful whores advertise with their picture their uh ‘escort’ services with open insinuations that what you will get is something far beyond company.

The quality and quantity of the merchandise is not only jaw-droppingly astounding, but grimly depressing.

Back Page is CRAM PACKED with pretty youngsters (many 18 or slightly over) who are giving up their dignity, their morality and their self -respect for the almighty dollar.

I was shocked not only at the kids who are advertising there, but at their appearance (many definitely middle class and upper middle class) but at the sheer quantity of the advertisements!

I mean...this is America....not Bangkok!

I looked at back page only once (after seeing it mentioned in a news story) and it was this one time that the sheer weight of it hit me.

These youngsters have no sense of morality...or shame...or even simple human dignity.

I should have gotten a clue when i found out the new fad amongst the younger crowd was to text each other pictures of their breasts and testicles.

What we have in Back Page is gallery of spoiled young girls who have been brought up with no sense of modesty, shame, morality or principles, and who have grown up accustomed to ‘asking’ and getting things. First fro their parents...then from the government...finally from the Johns.

Back Page is a painful and scathing reminder that our young girls are not only broke...but lost.

And you see these whores walking up and down the neighborhood (a solid middle class neighborhood) making home visits...all the time.

In America today, dialing up a first rate whore has gotten as easy and as common as ordering a pizza.


Cable TV?

Have you read a programming guide lately?

Eight continuous hours of ‘Cajun Pawn’...with commercials...and we are supposed to pay for that?

Most people I know are getting ready to drop their cable service mostly because they can no longer afford it and secondly because they have discovered that what they get for their money is next to nothing.

That’s right.

Cable TV is going the way of the dinosaur...and being absorbed (along with everything else) by the Internet.

Internet TV is the new thing. And of course, you are going to pay for it.

Services like Hulu and Netflix are the new frontier as the clueless turn to the Internet for their entertainment.

If you can imagine a property-less, bankrupt and broke individual with no hope staring at a screen connected to the Internet, you have a pretty good idea of the future.


And let’s not even get started on immigration.

Alright...let’s get started on it.

Our impostor in chief, Obama has (as you know) torn open the border to let the desperate, sick, impoverished, ignorant and criminal multitudes of the Third World into our country.

Sort of like opening the gates of hades, but TV says its a humanitarian gesture and that we should step up.

Step up?

Like you ‘stepped up’ to save all those dying veterans at the VA which would have lived if the government had only ‘stepped up’?

Like you stepped up to save all those American families from being made homeless during the housing market collapse?

Like you stepped up to fix the collapsing American infrastructure?

Not only are there MORE illegals now than ever before, but there are more varieties of them, as the government finds ingenious ways to pilfer more in from countries as far away as Bosnia and Somalia.

A disturbing number of the ‘others’ just happen to be Muslim.

And the first thing these people do on arrival (many with their multiple wives disguised as single moms) is to get on welfare and check into your local Section-8 subsidized apartment housing...all while reinforcing their particular brand of fundamentalist Islam, of course.

My question to these people is...if you are so religious and so fundamentalist, what are you doing here?

Didn’t you hear America is the Great Satan?

Meanwhile there seems to be a Latin American Illegal Renaissance!

That’s if you are an illegal you are a preferred honorary be treated better than an police let you go at traffic stops...and airport security wave you you get free welfare, food stamps, medical insurance and subsidized housing.

So its no wonder that the new Illegals are starting to get an attitude.

Formerly the humble, hard working and low key underclass of American culture, the illegals are starting to stick their chest out.

With institutions like Mecha, Aztlan and La Raza egging them on to ‘re-take’ America and the government bending over backwards to make them at home...its no wonder.

These people will now stare you down and beat you up for looking at them crooked...and the police will let them go if they apprehend them for doing so.

They will let them go because Illegals are the wards of the Federal Government and local police have no jurisdiction over them...and the Federal Government JUST LETS THEM GO!!!

So these people are in wonderland right now.

Wouldn’t you love it if you could just disembark in Sweden, receive free welfare, medical insurance, housing and food, break the law and the police couldn’t touch you?

Sign me up for that!

I had to step outside when (during a remodeling of the town homes) one of these no-speak illegals in charge was loudly mocking and putting down an elderly resident who was asking why the job had not been completed on her particular home. The guy calmed down after I walked out, but still, you just didn’t see stuff like this happening before.

You didn’t see no-speak illegals shouting down bonafide American citizens and telling them to go to hell.

Yes indeed, the illegals are sporting a new attitude to go along with their new residency status.

And now, it turns out...they are starting entire gangs of wet backs.

They hang out at street corners and give you the ol’ mad dog as you drive by.

This is THEIR territory.

You see these illegals at the DMV, inside buses, stores, etc, talking extra loudly into their cell phones, brushing up against you and even shoving you aside.

Do something and you might end up with a puncture wound...while the guy that holed you gets released the following week.

Deal with the problem violently and YOU will go to prison.

 After all, the police have jurisdiction over YOU, not the illegals, right?

Hey, the master race has returned to Aztlan!

These are the new protected wards of our new Babylon.

Our streets are being overrun by arrogant, government subsidized illegals...

...only in America.


Meanwhile our ‘food items’ are beginning to turn up a the same price (or slightly higher) in ever smaller containers...and tasting like crap.

This is the system’s way of hoping you don’t notice the climbing prices.

I started noticing this when I bit into a Taco Bell Bean and Cheese Burrito and nearly spit the whole thing out.

The ‘taste’ had degenerated terribly, and for a nearly tasteless concoction of bean and cheese, this is saying a lot.

I don’t normally eat fast food...this is why I always notice the awful degeneration that takes place over time.

Meanwhile, the biggest (known) secret is they are serving up horse meat at all the cheap Mexican Food and Burger joints, not to mention the ‘hamburger’ you buy at your local supermarket.

Horse meat is IN!

The entire scandal erupted a few months ago, and got larger and larger and larger until it looked like it was going to engulf some of the major fast food brands...then it quietly went away.

Out of site, out of mind.

Now the horse meat scandal has been replaced by the chicken-from-China controversy which HAS engulfed the fast food brands of McDonalds, Pizza Hut and KFC.


Did you see the video of the Chinese workers scooping the Chicken McNugget paste off the factory floor?

Chicken from China?


What happened McDonalds, Pizza Hut and KFC...and others?

Not enough illegal Mexican workers or sweatshop factories or to cheapen the price of your home-grown chicken?

You can just smell subsidies, kickbacks and corruption on this China chicken deal.

Which is probably the same type of thing powering the enthusiastic drive by the US food industry to - get this - raise the chickens here...then ship them to China for ‘processing’ then ship them back here.

Does that make any financial or...ugh...hygienic sense to you?

Just how is it that this export/processing/import scheme is supposed to lower the price of ‘processing’ chicken without MAJOR Federal and Chinese kickbacks?

Doest it have something to do with (barf) China buying up all our factory farm producers of pork and chicken?

There are definite GOOD reasons people stay away from fast food nowadays.

Chocolate bars and candy are also losing out on the taste test as they begin tasting like the cheap imitation of their former selves that they are, along with all packaged junk food.

Beers are also going downhill, which is the number one reason for bars brewing their own. The swill they call beer nowadays is so obnoxious and sickening, many people just switch over to ‘home brewed.’

I have already seen this phenomenon in the Third World when the economy begins to collapse - the packaged food stuffs begin to taste really bad as the manufacturers begin to skimp and cheat on ingredients.

The result, of course, is people start tasting the difference and begin NOT buying the food anymore...which leads the bankruptcy of the ingredient substituting food cheats.

All this, of course, in a situation where an associate of mine (who apparently doesn’t give a hoot) admitted the reason he makes SURE his kids are at school on time is to make the school feed them (because he can’t). Believe me...there are a lot of other Americans doing the same thing for the same reason. Meanwhile, my other teachie friend admits that the free food is basically what makes many kids attend school regularly - they attend so they can eat.


Many self-employed Americans involved in the economic squeeze are now asking for pay in advance.

It happens regularly in the home repair industry, but I was taken aback when my mechanic asked me for half the amount in advance for car repairs.

Yep. Pay me half of the amount NOW or I won’t event start!

I am seeing more and more of this.

‘Pay me half the amount NOW or I won’t even bother starting the work.’

Plumbers, electricians, mechanics, tilers, babysitters etc are all joining in on the new pay-in-advance tradition.


Which brings me to one of the major barometers of economic collapse: housing.

Simply put, the way people house themselves is the way the economy is looking.

And the trend I see in American housing nowadays is communism.

I see more and more houses where, it seems, entire communes of disparate types of people live in.

This is because the rooms of houses are being sub-rented.

It used to be a phenomenon with with illegals or college students, but now the arrangement is becoming part of mainstream America.

Entire families are sub-renting a room in a house they share with the ‘owner’ and the other renters.

The ‘commune’ is becoming a standard part of the American economic phenomenon.

Not a comfortable arrangement by far, but perhaps the only one people who are on the verge of sleeping on the street.

Meanwhile the comfortable difference is being made by a new swath of section-8 (subsidized housing) projects carried out nationwide on a scale not seen since the Pyramids or the Great Wall of China.

Recently I have seen entire business districts vacated in my very middle class town demolished and turned into massive section-8 housing projects to house the masses of homeless humanity now inhabiting the country.

Now I have seen a section-8 apartment housing project here and there, but I have never seen entire city blocks and entire neighborhoods of them!

As our towns start to resemble the tenement ghettos of Ancient Rome, it is becoming clear what the REAL reason behind Agenda-21 really is!

Ghettos of section-8 tenement buildings for the homeless.


Did I mention our infrastructure is starting to rot on the vine?

Bridges are collapsing.

Water mains are exploding and unleashing spectacular floods.

Faulty and rotting rails are derailing trains.

Roads are starting to look like something out of Mad Max or the Book of Eli.

Those axle-breaking pot holes have brought back some Third World memories

Our rusty power grid is beginning to fail often and catastrophically.

Our geriatric nuclear power plants are starting to leak.

Is it just me or does anyone else think the $5 trillion spent on occupying Iraq could have come in quite handy just now?

Yup, our infrastructure is rotting...and getting seedier by the minute...and there seems to be little our government can or will do about it....yet it always seems to have more than enough money to waste on expensive foreign entanglements.


Did you hear?

The Space Shuttle has been mothballed.

And with it all American contact with the International Space Station.

We now depend on the RUSSIANS to get our astronauts to and from a space station which is 90% ours!

Think about THAT, time you decide to tick off Putin.

The abandonment of our space program is being sweetened with optimistic phrases like ‘the space shuttle is obsolete’ and  ‘we have something else, something better.’

Well, where is that ‘something else’?

Private companies are offering their own cheap versions of parachute shuttle capsules, but NASA apparently doesn’t even have the funds to purchase even these cheap devices...and continues to depend on the Russians
to keep the International Space Station in working order.


Our soldiers are paid a pittance (below minimum wage) and upon their deaths or crippling while in combat, the government is starting to reneges on their military insurance.

Our soldiers are constantly being deployed with equipment that is non-functioning and falling apart and frequently left without food or even water while serving their country in foreign lands.

As such, the Armed forces have become the refuge of the derelict, the homeless and the unemployed.

The Veterans Administration (VA) is leaving our combat-disabled veterans to die through a comprehensive system of ‘death lists.’


Our economy has already collapsed.

The government is keeping things cosmetically concealed with things like EBT Cards, TV, and cheap food, but this is a bit like making a corpse keep looking like Miss America.

It can’t last very long.

As our economy collapses, the morally vacuous state of the American character is being made evident as all the nice young, hip Americans line up at their Starbucks and expensive restaurants with their EBT cards....and young American girls who have run slightly short of funds whore themselves out for bubblegum money.

The US Federal government is clearly now a foreign entity, introducing, housing and protecting foreigners supplanted in American soil, and enforcing its will not through Constitutional law, but through the barrel of a gun.

Our local police forces have become extensions of this Federal tyranny simply because they are PAID OFF regularly and are granted the power to torture and kill whomever they please by the paid-off judges and police unions.

What is left of the American citizen is being shot, tased, choked and stomped to death on the streets of America by the ‘police’ while illegal immigrant criminals are let go and treated like royalty.

Meanwhile (and this is the most incredible thing) Americans are continuing to act, behave and believe as if they were living in 1995.

Hey America, Bill Clinton and his shining economy went the way of the Dodo a LONG time ago.

What we have now is a collapsed state masquerading as a viable society through massive efforts of facade, concealment, embellishment, pretend...and make believe.

That’s right, we are PRETENDING and somehow brainwashing ourselves into believing everything is alright as we turn on our TVs inside our tenement buildings and swipe our EBT cards while collecting welfare...never believing (or refusing to accept) that sometime very soon all that will END.

Some day, the welfare checks will stop arriving, the EBT cards will stop working...and the only free tenement housing available will resemble a concentration camp.

What will Americans do then?

The answer to that is vague...but it will most likely require bigger and louder TVs to make all the escape and pretend easier.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Power Structure...We Need to Get Rid Of

At the height of its fall, the emaciated body of our country makes more and more evident the skeletal structure which controls it.

Let’s get rid of all the nonsense, shall we?

An elected Congress and an elected President DO NOT control this country.

The unelected officials of Freemasonry, the Federal Reserve, the Council on Foreign Relations and the CIA are a much more accurate description of our rulers.

Have you started noticing how your local police, sheriffs and city managers APING the ‘national security’ talking points of the CIA and DHS?

Is it because DHS is so convincing or is it because they ARE the infiltrated assets of the CIA?

Nobody has bothered to look into the matter.

Did you get a load of the fancy new TANK and DRONES your local police department has seen fit to acquire in order to squash YOU?

Does that sound like Sheriff Andy Griffith to anybody?

The truth is WE never had a choice or a vote.

We never had a choice in Vietnam...we never had a choice in Afghanistan and Iraq...we never had a choice in our crazy immigration policy...we never voted to export all our industry to China...we never approved to have $17 trillion debt...we never voted for the banker bailout...and WE NEVER WANTED OBAMACARE!

We got all of the above because the MASTERS decided...and then ran the spin to convince us it was our decision...or the sensible decision...or a sad mistake...or unavoidable.

We simply take what is given to us and then we accept what is taken from or done to us.

The Media is in charge of justifying and sugar-coating whatever type of RAPE has just been inflicted on the American public.

And we continue to go along as long as we get to EAT and be ENTERTAINED.

Enough of this nonsense. Enough pretending.

Let’s look at the REAL power structure of this country.

Our country was founded through the actions of a secret society which is based on a pagan mystery religion- called Freemasonry.

This same secret society which has been responsible for the (supposedly fortuitous) creation of the United States has also been the guiding force behind the major immolating events in American the American Civil War.

The A Freemasonic branch called the Knights of the Golden Circle (which inhabited the centers of power in both North and South) made the Civil War happen. The Civil War was a fratricidal war as well as the bloodiest war in American history.

So why haven’t we gotten rid of the Freemasons?

In 1913, the Masons in alliance with their Grandmasters,  the Rothschilds, re-instituted America’s central bank and called it the Federal Reserve (to hide the fact that it was the same old Bank of the United States).

We gave this central bank the power to create or diminish the money supply as well as the authority to write receipts over our wealth and count it as debt to itself.

We did this under the belief that the Fed would expand or contract the money supply scientifically according to need in order to avoid the boom and bust cycles of eras past.

We were lied to.

The Fed contracted the money supply so completely that it created the biggest economic depression in US history...and kept it contracted!

All this in spite of it having promised to maintain an ‘elastic currency’ (contracting or expanding the money supply according to need in order to maintain a stable economy).

The Great Depression lasted 10 years as the Fed dried up the money supply and dropped America into the lap of deprivation and poverty.

The Federal Reserve failed in its supposed mission...and failed badly...on purpose.

So why do we still have a Federal Reserve?

A political club called the Council on Foreign Relations was founded in 1923 as the American branch of the international British Round Table Groups.

In time, CFR members came to dominate the Federal Government until it acquired control the Roosevelt Administration, instituting renewed support for the Fed, a useless New Deal, America’s entry into WW-II and blind support for the Soviet Union.

The influence of Council of Foreign Relations members on the US government only grew with time and it was CFR members who came to bring us such fiascos as Korea, Vietnam, the Great Society, inflation and the export of our industry to China.

Since its founding in 1923, we have seen not only the growing international involvement by the United States, but the ballooning debt which comes with  it.

Not only have we become internationally involved and bankrupt, but we have done so to the benefit of Russia and China (please note our exportation of our industry to China).

Presently, the Council members (which dominate our three branches of government) are in charge of the social, economic and political strategies which are running our country into the ground.

So why do we still have a Council on Foreign Relations?

In 1947, Truman authorized the creation of the CIA under the National Security Act of 1947.

Since its creation, the CIA, a secretive institution guided by appointees from Wall Street has not only consistently failed to predict anything, but gave us splendid failures like Korea, Cuba, Bay of Pigs, the Kennedy Assasination, Vietnam, 9/11, Afghanistan, Iraq, Abu Ghraib, and the loss of Latin America to US-hating Marxist presidencies.

Truman later regretted ever having created ‘the agency.’

The CIA has worked systematically to make sure the next international incident comes as completely unexpected (note how they missed the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Taliban, 9/11, the Afghan quagmire, the Iraq quagmire, and the Benghazi Embassy massacre).

Now they are saying that the Syrian Rebels are trusted patriots (not Muslim fundamentalists) and that China is deploying troops on the North Korean border to help us intimidate North Korea.

The CIA has systematically betrayed its spies and masses of American technology to Israel, Russia and China. 

So why do we still have a CIA?


In spite of all the damage they have done to our country, we still have all these institutions: the Freemasons, the Federal Reserve, the Council on Foreign Relations and the CIA - because the masters of this country WANT them there.

The truth is, of course, that since 1947, America has been under the direct control not of Congress, but of the  Freemasonic-Federal Reserve-Council on Foreign Relations-CIA axis.

This direction has been absolute, non-democratic and unimpeachable. No matter what the size, scale and manner of outrage they perpetrate on the United States, these institutions are always in charge.

And make no mistake,  the Civil War, the Great Depression, the Kennedy Assassination, Vietnam, the destruction of our economy and the Iraq-Afghanistan quagmires are nothing but gigantic outrages against the American public.

Yet the march towards the destruction of America continues unabated under these four institutions while we pretend that democracy and our ‘representatives’ are responsible for it all.

Instead, we should take a close hard look a the gremlins.

The people in charge of regulating our corporations...are corporate executives!

The people in charge of regulating our banks...are bankers!

Many of our ‘representatives’ are members of either the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the CIA or all three...not representatives of the People!

The CIA has infiltrated American government across the board - at the municipal, county, state and Federal level. 

This why we are devolving into a national security state.

Corporations created and maintained by the Federal Reserve (which creates money out of nothing) control our economy.

Our elected officials do not represent the States, the American people, and special interests, but Freemasonry, the CFR and the CIA.

Masons, Spooks, Council Members and Banks are in charge of the entirety of what was once known as the United States of America...directing the country at the behest of the banks which own the Federal Reserve....which in turn serve the occult Jewish dynasty of the House of Rothschild.

The Freemasons, the Federal Reserve, the Council on Foreign Relations, the CIA...are all institutions this country would be better off WITHOUT.

They have demonstrated time and time again that they are under the orders of obscure institutions OTHER than the American People (most probably the occult House of Rothschild).

It is WAY PAST TIME we got rid of these parasitic institutions which are in the process of DESTROYING AMERICA.

Why is it so many shills keep talking about abolishing this ‘corrupt’ Government...but few if any talk about abolishing Freemasonry, the Fed, the CFR  and the CIA?

Let’s go after the disease, not the symptoms shall we?

It’s about time the American public knew and understood the facts.

This rotten quad (Masonry, Fed, CFR, CIA) have been slowly rotting America from within, with the final purpose of DESTROYING it.

Let’s stop pretending.

These institutions are ENEMIES of the state.

They plot and execute operations inimical to the existence United States of America on a REGULAR BASIS.

Let’s get real.

We get rid of them...or they will get rid of us.

Appropriate action in some near future towards the  complete abolition of  Freemasonry, the Federal Reserve, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Central Intelligence Agency would guarantee the continued existence of our nation as a free and sovereign country.

On the other hand, continued tolerance of these destructive parasites will guarantee our slow and eventual death.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

CIA: 66 Years of Betrayal

The Central Intelligence Agency or CIA was created by President Truman through the National Security Act of 1947.

Truman later regretted having created the CIA and proclaimed he was misinformed and tricked into signing the monster into existence.

The CIA developed from the already existing OSS (office of strategic studies), which had murdered Patton for vocally opposing the Soviet Union and weak-kneed American policy towards the same.

The OSS under the leadership of its Wall Street connected ‘Wild’ Bill Donovan - a traitor who planned and directed the assassination of General George S. Patton - set the trend for what the CIA was to become - a treacherous intelligence operation which would facilitate the victory of Communism.

Like the British/Soviet-infiltrated Abwehr which destroyed Germany during WW-II, the CIA’s mission was to help destroy America during (and after) the cold war.

With its occult top echelon dominated by representatives from Wall Street, the CIA serves the policies of the international bankers....NOT the United States.

Meanwhile a symbolic ‘Director of Central Intelligence’ (generally an obedient low level ex-CIA employee), serves as a figure head appointee in a clueless temporary position.

The true leadership of the CIA lies below the throne, beginning with the ‘deputy’ positions.

As a mechanism of the international bankers who seek to facilitate America’s fall to Communism, the CIA’s mission is concurrent with that of the Ford Foundation, whose mission is to create the conditions under which “we can comfortably be merged with the Soviet Union.”

As such a device with such a mission, it goes without saying that the ‘service’ of the CIA has been...without fail...detrimental to the United States of America.

Always misunderstood and underestimated by historians has been the power of disinformation, misinformation and non-disclosure on the foreign policy of a nation.

As stated before, the Abwehr, Germany’s intelligence agency during WW-II contributed to the defeat of Germany by doing things like not reporting Soviet spies in the Nazi government, under-reporting the military capabilities of the Soviet Union and mis-predicting or not predicting obvious Allied offensives.

The CIA is playing pretty much the same treacherous game with the United States of America.

Since its creation it has failed to predict EVERY SINGLE MAJOR EVENT in the Cold War while organizing and directing some of the major boondoggles and contributing some of the worse advice ever given.

President Truman regretted having created the CIA.

President Kennedy lost his temper and swore to dismantle the CIA after it organized the Bay of Pigs fiasco and tricked him into approving it.

The CIA directed the assassination of President Diem of South Vietnam, a unifying figure who was bringing the Viet Cong under control...and then proceeded to execute a series of military coups which kept the South Vietnamese government off balance.

Without fail, the CIA has been at the service of Communism.

This can be seen by it unblemished series of failed predictions.

Let's see what the CIA failed to predict shall we?:

    -failed to predict the failure of the Soviet Union or dis-occupy Eastern Europe     

-failed to predict the Soviet cut-off of West Berlin
     -failed to predict the attack of North Korea on South Korea in 1950
     -failed to predict the Communist Chinese intervention in the Korean War
     -organized the Bay of Pigs fiasco under Kennedy
     -helped cover-up the Kennedy Assassination
     -consistently and mistakenly described Mao Tse Tung, Ho Chi Minh and Fidel Castro as democratic agrarian reformers
     -organized the removal of pro-American leaders like Diem, Batista, Trujjillo, Somoza, Stroessner, Musharraf,
      -failed to predict the Tet Offensive
     -failed to predict that the Mujahedeen of Afghanistan were Islamic fundamentalists
     -failed to keep Islamic Fundamentalists from taking over the Mujahedeen
     -failed to predict the fall of the Soviet Union
     -failed to predict 9/11
Meanwhile the Wall Street background of the CIA was made cevident when Alvin Bernard “Buzzy” Krongard, the executive director of the CIA and (unsurprisingly) a Wall Street trader, was caught making puts on the destruction of the World Trade Center just prior to 9/11.

Guess what. The CIA helped organize 9/11.

CIA counter-intelligence chief James Jesus Angleton not only covered up the Kennedy Assassination, but personally removed all of (CIA asset?) J. Edgar Hoover’s papers upon Hoover’s death.

Lately, the CIA has been totally ignoring the collapse of Latin American democracies into Marxist, anti-American governments and the total loss of American influence in Latin America and Africa...and their new alliances with China and Russia.

Which makes the CIA THE instrument par excellence of  the demise of American foreign policy.

Lately, the CIA has been illegally involved in placing its assets within the internal confines of our own state, federal and local government.

Legally the CIA CANNOT operate within the United States, but has done so consistently since the late 1950‘s...and is now (through the placing of its agents) converting the country into a national security state through ITS agents.

Folks...these CIA assets should be hunted down and hanged!

So to make a long story short, the CIA (a Wall Street controlled institution) has been ASSISTING in the demise of the United States since 1947, perhaps fitting in neatly with the Ford Foundations admitted mission to make it so that “we can be comfortably merged” with Russia.

Since the inception of the CIA we have basically LOST every war we have fought (including the Iraq and Afghanistan).

Since the inception of the CIA, CIA intelligence assets like Clinton, Bush-I, Bush-II and Obama have been running the country into the ground even as they abolish our basic freedoms and make the Constitution irrelevant.

The CIA has been a thorn on the side of America since its creation (it was hated not only by Truman (who created it), but by Eisenhower, Kennedy (who was murdered by it), Nixon (who was removed by it) and Reagan.

We avoid this monkey wrench in the machinery of America only at our own peril.

The CIA has shown itself to be an anti-American, anti-democratic, anti-constitutional and pro-communist institution.

It is long time past we got rid of it.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

WW-III: We Are Being Set Up to Lose...Again

What would happen if someone gave a war and nobody came?

Well, in the case of WW-III this might be a good idea.

WW-III is now being planned and put together by the same people who brought us Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Do any of these names produce a feeling euphoric and victory in your mind?

Of course not.

This is because all four titles are the names of America’s continuous LOSING STREAK when it comes to war.

It didn’t happen by accident.

We didn’t LOSE in Korea, in Vietnam, in Afghanistan and in Iraq by mistake.

Now...after all this defeat...those in charge think ‘its time’ to take on our old enemies (yes, the same ones who have been defeating us steadily in the Cold War) - Russia and China.


Do you think that’s a good idea?

Especially after we were pushed back by China in Korea, kicked out by North Vietnam in 1973 and unraveled by the Taliban and insurgents in Aghanistan and Iraq?

Listen, our batting record is 0 for 0.

What do you think our chances are THIS time.

And I am not just talking statistics here.

-Europe and America no longer have conscription or military service.

-Our armies have been reduced to constabulary forces.

-Our  air forces and navies are not only being reduced, but new equipment is either few in number or non-functional (see F-22, F-35, stealth ship, etc).

-NATO has spread itself to the four winds, deploying its forces across the globe in the Baltics, Ukraine, Africa, Middle East and Central Asia.

-All this while it has disassembled the old West German NATO infrastructure and failing to build up anything in the ‘new frontier’ - Poland - that’s right - no depots, no air bases, no military bases, no stockpiled nothing!

-To wrap it all up, NATO has had a chronic problem keeping itself supplied with ammunition during wartime running out of it during the ‘Yugoslavian crisis,  the ‘Libyan crisis’ and Operation Iraqi Freedom.

My question is how are we expected to win ANYTHING with THIS!!!!

The answer is, of course...we won’t.

Which makes all the saber rattling rather puzzling by the likes of NATO, Obama, Senator McCain, Senator Feinstein, Secretary of State John Kerry and Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel and French President Hollande.

These people are rattling butter knives!

Lately, some of the clueless American people have also started parroting the mass media and saying we SHOULD ‘hit’ Russia and China.

Talk about total delusion before the fall.

I can’t believe it...but these people are actually talking about going to war without a draft...without industry...without equipment...and without ammunition.

Can you spell d-i-s-a-s-t-r-o-u-s  d-e-f-e-a-t?

That’s why I say, WW-III is a party best left unattended...especially by us and NATO.

Let’s not delude ourselves.

The same warmongers who handed us Korea, Vietnam and the Middle East are getting ready to hand us our greatest defeat yet.

Let’s not allow these pranksters to put another one on us.

Haven’t we learned anything from all the previous defeats?


Obama is a closet Marxist caught conspiring with Russian President Medvedev over a hot mike.

Angela Merkel is a Communist Agitation and Propaganda agent.

President Hollande of France is a KGB agent and an open Communist.

Do you really think these people will lead us to victory over secretly communist Russia and openly communist China?

These aren’t war leaders...they are Judas Goats.

So let’s NOT attend this latest war they are planning.

Let’s NOT go to the Baltic States, the Ukraine, Poland, Iran or whatever other God forsaken place they have selected to send us to DIE.

Let’s make WW-III the war nobody attended.

And if you REALLY want to fight...dig down in Germany, South Korea and Japan.

War will probably come soon enough...whether we seek it or not.

But that doesn’t mean we have to stick our head into the noose.

Forget WW-III, vote the warmongers our of office, refuse to collaborate, refuse to cheer and maybe the whole misconceived nightmare will go away.

We can do without the mass-surrenders, the economic collapse, the degradation and the embarrassment.

Let’s make WW-III the war to which nobody came.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Malaysian Flight MH-17: Many Questions

The downing of Malaysian Airlines flight MH-17 is already starting to stink.

For starters, its the same company - Malaysian Airlines - that had the same model of aircraft disappear over the pacific in March of this year (Flight MH-370).

Now Malaysian Airlines loses another one (just four months later), this time over Eastern Ukraine (rebel controlled area).

There was no Mayday call from the aircraft indicating it was going down.

There is no video of the aircraft actually coming down and hitting the ground (the footage of the fireball - which somehow missed the aircraft entirely) reminds me of the Pentagon footage on 9/11.

All this ignores the question of why the passenger liner was flying over a war zone to begin with - a war zone in which aircraft were already being shot down.

Meanwhile, there are certain laws of physics that must be addressed.

If the aircraft was struck by a missile at 33,000 ft, the missile strike would have violated the physical integrity of the aircraft.

Passenger liners are not combat aircraft.

They carry no reinforced areas, no armor, no hard points.

Basically, a passenger jet liner is a huge flying piece of reinforced aluminum.

A missile strike would have structurally catastrophic consequences.

Even a partial damage of the superstructure would have led to the eventual total disintegration of the entire structure as the entire plane went into its death dive.

The dive itself would have disintegrated the fragile aluminum aircraft before it even hit the ground.

The result would have been wreckage and bodies over a very wide area.

So it is strange that the aircraft (or a large remainder of the aircraft) hit the ground in one if it was in a kamikaze dive.

We have been shown the ‘impact zone’ of an airliner that supposedly dove into the ground (without a mayday call) from 33,000 ft.

People...these aircraft are not designed to dive into the ground from 33,000 ft...they will disintegrate a few seconds into the dive.

The mystery continues with the  missing black box (which puts out a signal to help it being found) not being found.

And it is all topped off by a quantity of bloodless decomposing corpses (speculated to have been biomedical cargo) polluting the area.

Where did these bloodless corpses come from?

Was the airline carrying preserved human cadavers for the medical industry...or were human cadavers ‘placed’ in the aircraft before it crashed?

Who are these cadavers?

No answers yet.

...but plenty of questions.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Mass Graves of Children

Sorry to bring this up again...but the corpses are showing up again...this time in Ireland...

...the corpses of dead children.

Mass Grave: 800 Dead Babies in Ireland

...and it seems they were at it for decades...

...killing these defenseless little people roughly from 1930- 1960.

I guess the ‘good ol’ days’ were not as good as we thought they were.

And it seems the murderers of these little children were nothing less than God’s own representatives...the very same CATHOLIC CHURCH!!!

How appropriate.

Let us learn a lesson from this, shall we?

The wolves always dress up in sheep’s clothing.

As a Catholic, I always questioned the inability of the Catholic Church to clamp down on homosexual child abusing priests.

There are few institutions which know more about its own membership...and what happens within its own ranks...on a daily basis...than the Catholic Church.

I understood the ‘institutional’ need to cover-up rather than advertise shortcomings, but that did not explain the cover-up and continued retention of these criminals within the ranks of the Church.

Now I find out the Catholic Church seems to have been involved in the mass murder and the accompanying cover-up, using nothing less than one of the most loyally Catholic governments in the world - that of Ireland.

But oh, they weren’t alone.

They seem to have collaborated with a local ‘catholic’ hospital and a set of medical doctors who conducted ‘medical’ trials...uh yes of course, anything to somehow justify the mass murder of children - the RITUAL...right?

Abortion, medical trials, health care...brings to mind the 100,000 Israeli Sephardic children who had their skulls lethally irradiated by their own fellow ‘Jews’ in experiments financed by the ‘US Government.’

Mass Killing: Israeli Children

Anything to justify the murder of the little ones.


Hear about the 28 mass graves found at joint Anglican-Catholic-United Church run Indian Residential Schools which were operated in conjunction with the Canadian Government...and in which lie buried the bodies of Native American minors murdered between 1900 and 1975.

A particular method of murdering these children was....excuse electric chair!?!


Mass Graves of Native American Children in Canada

Or how about this more recent tid-bit of a mass grave containing the corpses of 30 children discovered in Texas... unexpected twist to the discovery of the Texas mass grave is just how fast the government and ‘local’ authorities covered up the story.

Included in the article are the TV news stories which document the cover up.

Mass Grave: 30 Dead Children in Texas

So forgive me...but WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO when confronted with long-term documented evidence of the MURDER of our children by Political, Religious and Medical authorities acting in unison?

Sometimes (even though I don’t believe it) the explanation of us being ruled by shape shifting reptilians seems to make perfect sense!

How could they have covered up a crime of such magnitude for so long?

And is there anything to learn from this?

I believe there is.

One important thing.

Knowing that the ONLY thing that could have saved these children...would have been a rock solid FAMILY and EXTENDED FAMILY structure.

That’s right: Mother, Father, Grand Parents, Uncle, Brothers, Sisters, Cousins.

Reading this has made me realize how CRUCIAL is the family and how TERRIBLE are the consequences of doing away with it. this world, it is the FAMILY which keeps our children from turning into dog food.

And it has become glaringly obvious that those in charge are NOT above slaughtering our kids....and in fact...have been slaughtering them for DECADES.

The above information has made me realize that our babies are worth only as much as we are willing to prize and protect them.

Without their parents and their extended family children are slaughterable calves.

Which makes the purposeful and organized attack on the family by our government make much more logical.

Now Child Protective Services (CPS) has been given the authority to confiscate your child, drug your child up and drop your child off in a foster home to be raped or even registered criminals.

All this is on record.

You know, in the olden days, when you tried to take somebody’s child, they filled you up with buckshot.

Now all types of niceties, restraints and legalities must be observed as you child is confiscated and, raped...and even killed.

What type of society are we when we let our children be confiscated without proof, without trial and without legal procedure by an army of child molesters, like the CPS has proven itself to be?

The way I see it and as far as I am concerned, a child alone is defenseless and WILL be victimized by the PREDATORS who apparently occupy the lofty heights of our society.


Just like the ones they’ve got in the jungle...

...going after the same type of prey the jungle predators go after:...

...the young, the weak, the old and the infirm.

From all the information above, it is apparent that there are a bunch of child-murderers up there in charge of the whole thing.

The proof of it all, the MASS GRAVES ARE BEING DUG UP  AS YOU READ THIS!!!!

And it’s been going on for quite some time!!!

They’ve been consuming our children like veal!

This is why i got so sick when I saw all those immigrant children being flown and bussed into our border by a well organized child-trafficking network.

I don’t know how many of these children will ever see their parents again.

These Illuminati predators love kids...they love to rape them...they love to torture them...they love to drink their blood...they love to pervert them...and they love to kill them.

So please...look at all the mass graves...look at all vaccine damage...look at all the child abuse...look at all the cover up...look at all the proof....

...hold on fast to you kids....and protect them with your lives.





How many of those things were granted to all those little occupants of the mass graves?

Something ain’t right folks.

Something ain’t right with the people at the top.

This is why we preserve our right to privacy, our right to bear arms, our right to our children, our right to home school, our right to home birth, our right to not vaccinate...there is a VERY good reason why we do this...AND WE WILL KEEP THESE RIGHTS!!!

The side-effects of the monstrous reason of why we keep these rights are filling those mass graves from Ireland to Canada to America.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Infiltration: How Nations Are Brought Down

In looking at forthcoming changes in America we would do well to look at how ‘changes’ came about in the French and Russian Revolutions.

It’s curious how writers emphasize the chaos and brutality of these ‘revolutions’ while ignoring the fact that the governments of France and Russia respectively in 1789 and 1917 had basically abolished themselves before any 'revolution' took place.

In France, the Police and the Army had been virtually shut down by ‘bankruptcy.' Also, the King had abdicated and a new ‘parliament,’ a new constitution and a new government had already been established.

In Russia, the Czar had already abdicated and a new ‘provisionary’ government under Prince Lvov and then under Kerensky put in his place.  Did I mention Kerensky gleefully proceeded to also abolish the Army and Police?

In both instances, this left local society open to the chaos and brutality of the revolutionaries.

But the main point is that these governments and societies basically abolished THEMSELVES before being overrun by any revolutionary terror.

Which brings me to a second series of factors.

Both societies had invested heavily in a military industrial complex (which ended up bankrupting them).

Both societies had turned into national security states (infiltrated by security and spy agencies).

Both societies had masses of foreigners enter them in order to carry out the bloody excesses of the revolution.

The governments of both societies were infiltrated by ‘agents’ of the national security state, which, instead of helping, brought down the government and the society.

Both societies abolished their original form of government and replaced it with a new government (which didn’t do well at all).

Finally, both societies were bankrupt.

Now let’s see...the rise of provoked instability and chaos accompanied the build up of a national security state with a gigantic spy apparatus as well as gigantic debt.

Sound familiar?


Both societies basically abolished themselves before any revolution (and its accompanying excesses) had taken place.

The so-called ‘revolutionaries’ both Jacobin (France) and Bolshevik (Russia) were merely trampling societies whose governments had already been abolished by their own deputies and officials.

But let’s be honest here.

REAL governments and societies never terminate themselves.

The French and Russian governments abolished themselves because they had been gradually infiltrated by Freemasonic, Financial and Intelligence agents all under the direction of the international financial elite which had proceeded to abolished those societies...PRIOR to any revolution taking place.

In other words, France and Russia were already political and socio-economic corpses before the revolutionaries even appeared.

This is why the ‘revolutionaries’ could always do whatever they pleased, with whoever they wanted and there was no one there to stop them.

In fact, the very same national security agencies which had been created to halt any revolutionary activity actually HELPED the revolutionaries gain power!

The French ‘secret service’ (founded by Louis XV) and the Russian Okhrana (founded by Alexander II) not only actively prepared the ground for but also actively aided the revolutionaries in bringing down the government...while PRETENDING to protect the state.

If you look at our present ‘security’ situation, with our border left wide open, and with terrorists and plague-carrying illegal ‘immigrants’ being transported to the interior of our country by our very own Department of Homeland SECURITY, you know what I am talking about.

Like France and Russia, our very own national security state has begun to act against the very people it is in charge of protecting.

Why is that?

Once more: infiltration.

At the moment, I don’t know what parts of America to call America anymore.

This country has been so heavily infiltrated by the national security establishment that we no longer know who is who.

We have a president who is a CIA asset as well as a closet Marxist.

We had a Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, who is also a CIA asset and is being set up to be our next president.

We have a facade society as our supposed ‘leaders’ turn out to be nothing more than national security agents - senators, representatives, judges, governors, mayors, sheriffs, police chiefs, university heads and even corportate CEOs are turning out to be nothing but CIA AGENTS in disguise.

Leave the rest of the positions to be fleshed out by outright Illuminat, Freemasonic, financial, and communist agents and you have a de-facto occupied government.

Let me give you just a short list of CIA assets in our government:

-President Bush-I
-President Clinton
-President Bush-II
-President Obama
-Janet Napolitano
-Rahm Emmanuel (now mayor of Chicago)
-Michael Chertoff
-Sen. Dianne Feinstein
-Michael Crow (president of Arizona State University)
-Donald Rumsfeld
-Henry Kissinger
-Gen. David Petraeus
-Rudolph Giuliani (ex-mayor of New York)
-Mike Bloomberg (present mayor of New York)
-Zbigniew Brzezinski
-Sen. John McCain
-Gov. Rick Perry (of Texas)
-Rick Garcetti (mayor of Los Angeles)
-Sheriff Joe Arpaio (Maricopa County Sheriff in AZ)(sorry, it’s true)
-Anderson Cooper (TV reporter)

....I could go on and on, but why bother, a large swathe of our society has been infiltrated by national security assets.

So when you ask yourself why your local sheriff is fusing with the FBI and has bought a tank to help enforce the law...its because he is already one of them.

And when you ask yourself why your local Congressman has systematically approved Constitution-abolishing laws, now you know why.

All these people are basically national security assets (NSA, DIA, DEA, ATF, Mossad...but mostly CIA) masquerading as public servants.

And they have been for quite some time.

In other words what we already have is a society and a government which is hopelessly fused with our spy agencies.

We don’t know who is what anymore.

The purge of all these ‘assets’ should have begun in the 1950‘s with Dean Acheson and escalated after Eisenhower’s ‘military industrial complex’ speech...but it never happened.

The big pay off for the banker-controlled national security state came in 1963 with the murder of John F. Kennedy and the waterproof cover up which followed.

Such a thing could only happen if the players around the event - secret service, police chiefs, judges, mayors, committee chairs, congressmen...and vice presidents were all members of the same team - the national security team.

Like France in 1789 and Russia in 1917, we are becoming a National Security State because people in power have been replaced by National Security Assets.

This is why Police and Sheriff Deputies now CARRY OUT assassinations of American citizens while Judges cover it up (like they did with Philip Marshall and his family).

If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and swims like a duck...guess what.

This is why we have our public servants acting like assets of Homeland’s because many of them ARE!

At present there are so many of these ‘assets’ occupying seats of government and law enforcement that they are turning this country into a maximum security prison.

Should that come as a surprise?

Worse yet....

...these people are not in the service of national security, but ultimately at the service of the international central bankers who control the national security apparatus and HAVE been since its inception.

The same international central bankers who consist of the Illuminati.

The same financiers who brought about the immolation of France and Russia...and who hope to do the same thing to America.

So we are no longer talking about national security here...but national destruction (for which national security is only a cover).

And the Illuminati use the same technique over and over again to bring about bloody revolutionary change.

Prior to its revolution France was infiltrated by it secret service.

Prior to the Russian Revolution, Russia was infiltrated by its Okhrana.

Prior to the rise of the Nazis, Germany was infiltrated by ITS national security agency, the Abwehr, of which Hitler was an agent.

Today we have an America infiltrated by the CIA and Homeland Security.

The results are going to be pretty similar....abolishment, collapse, ‘revolution’ and dictatorship.

The Illuminati central bankers WILL the intelligence assets they control which are now flooding the nation to destroy our country and rebuild it as something more to their liking.

Don’t believe our own national security state is destroying the nation?

Did you see what happened on 9/11 as it stood down and AIDED that event?

Did you see how the Boston Bombing happened in spite of us having surrendered all our freedoms to the national security state?

Do you see the present situation at our border, where illegals, cartel members and terrorists are being BUSSED into the country by Homeland Security?

Oh no, the CIA, the NSA and Homeland Security (not to mention the other affiliated alphabet soup agencies: ATF, FBI, DEA, DIA, etc) are now in the business of DESTROYING the country....and they are doing it before our very eyes...even as the assets pretending to be our Congressmen, Governors, Sheriffs and Police stand by and do NOTHING.

This is how France fell.

This is how Russia fell.

As the ‘revolutionaries’ (mostly foreigners, just like the ones coming across the border) ran pell mell over the population and murdered who they pleased.

By the time that happened there was no more Army and there was no more Police - they had all been disbanded by the new ‘provisionary’ government.


Which brings me to the process by which these revolutions.

Step-1: infiltration of society by members of the intelligence community

Step-2: abolishment of established government and institutions by them

Step-3: amidst the chaos...the rise of a well financed, well organized and well coordinated ‘revolutionary’ group which takes over.

In America, we are seeing the realization of the final stages take place.

1) All law enforcement is being centralized under Homeland Security

2) The border is being left wide open to let in the ‘revolutionaries’

3) We have been bankrupted and the economy is ready to collapse

4) Foreign ‘agents’ (terrorists, Chinese, Russians, illegals, etc) who will do all the bloody revolutionary murdering have been let into the country

5) Death camps pre-established by our own government

6) Blacklists have been created by our own NSA to pass on to the revolutionary killers

What next?

Government will abolish itself.

7) The abolishment of the Constitution and the creation of a new constitution (presented to the public by way of a constitutional convention) with a corresponding new provisionary government (under which things will only get worse)

8) Abolishment of the Army (under the pretext of bankruptcy)

9) Abolishment of the Police (all departments have been unified under Homeland Security, this will be easy through the collapse of Homeland Security.

10) The creation of a new ‘revolutionary’ force (CIA special forces led murderous militias, this is your hour)

11) the collapse of the United States into a state of civil war and anarchy

12) The consolidation of political power under a well financed dictatorial group financed by Russia, China and the Central Banks

All you need to do to guess what these people are doing is study the French and Russian Revolutions.

The Illuminati operate exactly the same way every single time.


In a virtual country which pretends to be sovereign, but which is in reality has become an Illuminati construct...anything can (and will) happen.

You have to understand, we live in a country which gets its money by borrowing it from a private world central bank branch attached (the Federal Reserve) (which creates money out of nothing) and deposits most of the taxes it collects into the coffers of that same central bank as payment of debt.

You have to understand, we live in a Masonically created and Masonically controlled country which (in spite of its 50 states) Freemasonry serves as the basis for political machines, banks, the mafia and entire corporations, not to mention law and law enforcement.

You have to understand that in spite of our varied and decentralized political structure, most of our political, social and legal make up has been infiltrated by assets of national security and central intelligence.

And that leaves us just about where we are now...

...our southern border being opened to the four winds...

...illegals being welcomed into the country and being treated better than Americans...

...the US Government dealing and collaborating with the Cartels...

...intelligence assets within our government planning the disarmament of the American public...

...the building of concentration and death camps within the US in which to house Americans...

....the purposeful economic destruction of our country...

...purges of our most loyal military officers (replaced by obedient intellience assets)...

...the slow abolition of our Armed forces....

...the NSA blackmailing of our Congress and our Courts....

Does this sound like the acts of a sovereign and legitimate government of the United States to you?

Or does this sound like a mere series of coincidences, accidents and honest but mistaken decisions by our government?


We are, in fact, a country OCCUPIED by our own intelligence spy agencies who serve not us, but the international Illuminati central bankers.

THEY are the ones in charge.

THEY are the ones calling the shots in this developing nightmare.

But we don’t have to play along.

Quit pandering to ex special forces, ex FBI, ex CIA, ex Fed, Masonic people trying to ‘rally the troops’...the only thing these guys are rallying for is your DEATH.

Get rid of them!!!

Quit tolerating Fed infiltration of our society and most of all UN infiltration.

Quit being so greedy and selling our your state, your country and yourself for some Federal subsidy or bribe.

Quite telling the truth on all those queries asking you if you will ‘fire on the American public’...LIE...say you will...then SHOOT the people who give you the orders to do it.

Miscarry to collect weapons...lose equipment...lose paperwork...STOP OBEYING THE DESTROYERS OF THIS COUNTRY!

Take your own State Government into your own hands, say to hell with Federal subsidies and UPHOLD law and order!

Quite collaborating with DHS, CIA and FBI, turn away from them as you turn away from a rotting corpse.

Do not surrender your guns under any circumstances...and if necessary resist their confiscation with lethal force.

This is it.

This is the final endgame.

They are coming for your blood.

If you don’t believe it, then just read about the Jacobin Terror of the French Revolution, the Red Terror of the Russian Revolution or the purges of the Chinese and Cambodian Communist Revolutions.

The Terror is coming to America.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Medical Establishment Panicks America

The medical establishment is stampeding the American public into thinking they are morbidly ill.

It is doing so the way it has always done - through LYING.

The reason it is doing this is to PANIC the public into consuming all its mass-produced and expensive medication.

Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar readings are a good indicator of this.

High Blood Pressure used to be diagnosed when one had a blood pressure above 160. I have medical books that prove this.

Now you have high blood pressure (hypertension) if you have a reading over 140.

Diabetes used to be diagnosed if you had a reading over 140.

Now you are diagnosed with diabetes if your blood sugar level is anything over 126.

To make things worse, the new Blood Pressure Measurement Devices are giving readings 10 to 20 points above actual reading. I have proven this with a whole set of BP measurement devices.

The result?

The public is being provoked into a mass panic and hysterical consumption of establishment medication.

By the way, that ‘medication’ (more often than not) has severe side effects which are often worse than the symptoms they suppress.

And while all this is taking place...

...where are the courts...

...where are the universities...

...where are the doctors and medical establishments...

...where is the law...

...while all this LYING and CHICANERY is takes place?

The Medical Industry says whatever it wants and remakes reality at will while the unthinking American public jumps up in a panic and consumes their poison.

In medicine (like in many other places) history, fact and reality have no more meaning.

Whatever the ‘authorities’ say is what counts!

That is all well and good if the authorities don’t turn out to be a MAFIA, like our Government and our Corporations are turning out to be.

The Medical Establishment kills MILLIONS every year with their poisonous medication, their Frankenstein operations and their hospitals.

Now it is warping reality itself by bringing down the levels at which someone is judged to have Diabetes and High Blood Pressure.

While doing that, it is also coming out with a whole slew of new diseases you are supposed to have if you happen to come up with a few innocuous symptoms (of course, the medications to treat them are now available!).

This is a disgrace.

It is a disgrace how fact and reality have no meaning anymore...

...and how what is real depends solely on what comes out of the mouthes of the authorities.

Which serves to underline my old mantra:

“Get out away from standard medicine as soon as you can...if you haven’t already!”

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Illegal Immigrants Bringing the Plague!

One of the most bizarre incidents in recent history has been the sudden collapse of the US-Mexican border and the the massive influx of illegals across it...and into the interior of the country.

That’s right.

This horde of illegals is being transported towards the interior of the country by the Department of Homeland Security.

A less reported phenomenon are the diseases breaking out at military bases and FEMA Camps and across the country by way of these illegals.

More suspiciously, the CDC has now washed its hands of all responsibility, jurisdiction or involvement with any of the plague-carrying illegals or the outbreaks they are causing at bases and camps across the country.

Now that is VERY strange. Because the main preoccupation of the CDC...IS almost exclusively to track and prevent the outbreak of contagious diseases within the country.

Why is the CDC standing down?

Because a biological 9/11 attack is in the making...that’s why.

Just like NORAD had to be stood down during 9/11 to make attack happen, the CDC is being stood down in 2014 to let the plague take its course.

You’ve got to remember that the devastating 1918 Swine Flu epidemic started at army bases across the nation.

Similarly (and just like in 1918), this new Swine Flu epidemic is starting at the FEMA Camps and Army bases where the illegals are being housed.

The illegals have been infected with plague.

They could have been infected in Mexico by the same network that is transporting them in mass to the border.

Or (more likely) they could have been infected once inside the US by the FEMA vaccination squads.

That’s right.

The first thing FEMA did to all these illegals once they were across the border was to give them a battery of vaccinations.

Just what were in these vaccines?

Want to jump endless hurdles labeled ‘national security’ to try and find out?

Is this why all these apparently healthy illegals are now suddenly breaking out with the Swine Flu at their fostering military bases?

But it doesn’t end there.

FEMA has now decided to move the illegal immigrant children into foster homes at a neighborhoods across the country.

See what is happening here?

A sudden mass of unknown humanity is allowed into the country.

This untracked, unknown and unidentified horde is then mass vaccinated by FEMA.

Once vaccinated, this crowd is being transported towards the interior of the country and installed in military bases and FEMA Camps across America.

There are now incidents of Swine Flu and Plague breaking out at these bases and camps, with members of the Border Patrol itself testing positive for tuberculosis, Swine Flu and Plague.

Even as this happens, the infected children are being quickly transported into foster homes in neighborhoods across America.

See the picture?

Can you spell O-U-T-B-R-E-A-K?

This is the next 9/11 they were talking about - a biological one.

What we have to look forward to now is the breaking out of the old Swine Flu, Ebola and Pneumonic Plague viruses these people have been so busily reviving in their laboratories (remember that?)

A few years back, I remember the temporary alarm that was sounded when it was reported by the drivers that they were transporting truckloads of vials of Bubonic Plague in their trailers somewhere in the Southwest.

The report was limited to the testimony of a few unidentified drivers over the Internet and soon died down after raising a few alarms when no outbreak of plague happened.

But the fact is the vials might indeed have been transported to the Southwest to await their eventual targets.

The targets are now here.

The conveyors of the new plague are this mass illegal immigrants, promptly moved across the border and injected by FEMA with plague, then transported towards the interior of the country in order to create a pandemic.


My conclusion?

Get ready for a major outbreak of the Plague across this country, beginning with all the military bases and FEMA Camps where these illegals are being housed...and continuing to a neighborhood near you as the illegal children start falling ill in their foster homes...and hospitals across the land.

What an ingenious plan to infect America!


Once the Plague breaks out, you can look forward to the same FEMA that caused it to go into emergency mode and begin the mass-vaccination and quarantine of the American public.

Many (though not all) of the vaccines which FEMA will be giving out WILL contain MORE plague.

In other words, when you take a FEMA vaccine, you will be playing Russian Roulette with your life.

People who become sick after receiving the vaccination will be said to have received the vaccination too late....therefore accelerating the hysteria for even more vaccination.

People who refuse will be ‘quarantined’ and taken to a facility where they will be stripped naked, hosed down and forced-vaccinated anyway...and given prison coveralls to wear.

So you’ll have an attack from two directions:

   -the naturally progressing plague
   -the FEMA death injector campaign.

All adding up to one hell of an aggravated plague ride.

If it comes to this, these will indeed be trying times.

The whole scenario has been practiced over and over again by select individuals within your own local Fire Department.

Once the genie is out of the bottle, fear, hysteria, lunacy and zero tolerance will be the order of the day.

People who refuse the FEMA death vaccines will be labeled ‘domestic terrorists’ and a ‘threat to national security.’

People who accept vaccination will become part of the burgeoning plague epidemic.

When all this starts happening, just remember four things:

-Homeland Security let the immigrants in

-Homeland Security vaccinated the immigrants with plague

-Homeland Security transported the plague conveyors across the country

-The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) washed its hands of the whole affair even as plague started breaking out.

My personal opinion if all this happens is to hell with FEMA and to hell with Homeland Security.

They are traitors, destroyers of the nation, and a threat to the existence of the United States...and should be dealt with accordingly.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Obamacare / VA Plans = Tyranny for Americans

There are institutions in America that have become untenable.

A prime example of this are health care plans.

Do not be part of a planned economy...or a planned health care plan.

Planned health care plans are now being used to blacklist, label and arrest people under the clause of mental instability.

Just like in the old Soviet Union...where being critical of the government was reason enough for being committed (after all, what sane human being could possibly be against the communist paradise?).

Which brings me to our so called ‘health care plans.’

We’ve got two going: public and private.

The incoming public plan is Obamacare...which is presently evolving into a fusing of public and private plans.

Yes...the government and the private sector are teaming up to share information and provide healthcare.

Any health care plan, especially if it is public, comes with a set of requirements you MUST follow in order to keep the plan.

Recently, these ‘requirements’ have become more and more intolerable.

Psychological evaluations are now being given by the VA and served by the local police...who are now providing ‘Wellness Checks’ on the veterans.

Are you kidding me?

Armed thugs dropping by to check up on you, see if you’re healthy?

Just what qualifications do these armed thugs have to either confirm or deny somebody is or is not ‘well’?

Of course, these visits have an alternate motive.

The police are there to take your guns under the cover of a piece of paper issued by the VA saying you might not be mentally stable.

They are there to take your guns because you are a veteran.

Across the country, veterans are being questioned, observed and tested with the purpose of being labeled mentally unstable.

Mental instability is a new law paradigm that makes it unlawful for mentally unstable people to own guns.

Of course, with the amount of psychotropic drugs issued to our soldiers to help them deal with combat stress, you can bet MOST of our veterans have ALREADY been labeled and issued these brain pills while still in the service.

The result?

As they come out of the service, their mental instability record follows them....

...and is matched to them in civilian life.... their guns can be confiscated for recorded mental instability.

And they are.

Frequently this is done by cops serving ‘wellness checks’ on behalf of the VA.


When COPS turn up to check on your wellness, you can bet they are there for no good reason.

Compounding this new ridiculous state of affairs is the new standing of our local police as Federal gofers.

So if you are on Medicaid, or Obamacare or under a VA plan, the ‘requirements’ for you to stay in those plans will become more and more unconstitutional.

Zero tolerance vaccination plans...obligatory psychological choice private interviews with your children...forced diet and exercise plans...and...

...confiscation of your guns based on the health care plan’s opinion on your mental health.

So, if there is a time to get out of health care plans (especially public ones), the time is now.

The typical health care plan has become just one more tool in the tracking, recording, labeling, reporting, blackmailing of the American citizen....

...and are presently being used to CONFISCATE your guns and even your children...on account of your supposed mental health.

Veterans are especially susceptible (mostly through the nefarious VA), which creates ‘mental health’ records to justify the confiscation of the Veteran’s guns, assets...and even his children.

Of course, the set up is very convenient.

If any Veteran reacts in an armed fashion to defend his constitutionally guaranteed Second Amendment rights, he can be labeled a gun carrying crazy in the news media.

The supposedly ‘caring’ and ‘humane’ attention to our veterans’ mental problems is actually a psychological labeling scheme designed to take away their right to own guns.

The clamp down will happen when a nationwide law is passed to make any person with psychological ‘problems’  unable to keep and bare arms - in fact, it is already happening at the local level in many states.

People forget that under present military medical labeling programs, MOST of our veterans are theoretically INSANE on paper.

During times of deployment stress they have been COAXED by their local field medic to take prescribed psychotropic drugs like candy - prescriptions and psychological profiles which then proceed to follow them even after they leave the military.

And once they start taking the guns from all these ‘deranged’ veterans, who would want oppose them?

You want these Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome crazies owning guns?!!!!

They could go off at any moment!!!!

For the love and safety of your kids, let’s go after the vets!!!

When describing all the hysteria, let’s remember the hysterical fact that the State Department (through the VA) has already labeled half the veterans as having PTSD or PTSD-like symptoms.

Divide and conquer.

Great way to turn the American public against the very people who will stand up for them during any form of hostile takeover.

Divide and conquer.

And while your at it, don’t forget the Constitution, Tea Party and Pro Gun Crazies as well!!!!

We’ll be coming after THEM next, so keep you eyes peeled!!!

Do it for the KIDS!!!

Hail the Homeland!