Saturday, July 12, 2014

Infiltration: How Nations Are Brought Down

In looking at forthcoming changes in America we would do well to look at how ‘changes’ came about in the French and Russian Revolutions.

It’s curious how writers emphasize the chaos and brutality of these ‘revolutions’ while ignoring the fact that the governments of France and Russia respectively in 1789 and 1917 had basically abolished themselves before any 'revolution' took place.

In France, the Police and the Army had been virtually shut down by ‘bankruptcy.' Also, the King had abdicated and a new ‘parliament,’ a new constitution and a new government had already been established.

In Russia, the Czar had already abdicated and a new ‘provisionary’ government under Prince Lvov and then under Kerensky put in his place.  Did I mention Kerensky gleefully proceeded to also abolish the Army and Police?

In both instances, this left local society open to the chaos and brutality of the revolutionaries.

But the main point is that these governments and societies basically abolished THEMSELVES before being overrun by any revolutionary terror.

Which brings me to a second series of factors.

Both societies had invested heavily in a military industrial complex (which ended up bankrupting them).

Both societies had turned into national security states (infiltrated by security and spy agencies).

Both societies had masses of foreigners enter them in order to carry out the bloody excesses of the revolution.

The governments of both societies were infiltrated by ‘agents’ of the national security state, which, instead of helping, brought down the government and the society.

Both societies abolished their original form of government and replaced it with a new government (which didn’t do well at all).

Finally, both societies were bankrupt.

Now let’s see...the rise of provoked instability and chaos accompanied the build up of a national security state with a gigantic spy apparatus as well as gigantic debt.

Sound familiar?


Both societies basically abolished themselves before any revolution (and its accompanying excesses) had taken place.

The so-called ‘revolutionaries’ both Jacobin (France) and Bolshevik (Russia) were merely trampling societies whose governments had already been abolished by their own deputies and officials.

But let’s be honest here.

REAL governments and societies never terminate themselves.

The French and Russian governments abolished themselves because they had been gradually infiltrated by Freemasonic, Financial and Intelligence agents all under the direction of the international financial elite which had proceeded to abolished those societies...PRIOR to any revolution taking place.

In other words, France and Russia were already political and socio-economic corpses before the revolutionaries even appeared.

This is why the ‘revolutionaries’ could always do whatever they pleased, with whoever they wanted and there was no one there to stop them.

In fact, the very same national security agencies which had been created to halt any revolutionary activity actually HELPED the revolutionaries gain power!

The French ‘secret service’ (founded by Louis XV) and the Russian Okhrana (founded by Alexander II) not only actively prepared the ground for but also actively aided the revolutionaries in bringing down the government...while PRETENDING to protect the state.

If you look at our present ‘security’ situation, with our border left wide open, and with terrorists and plague-carrying illegal ‘immigrants’ being transported to the interior of our country by our very own Department of Homeland SECURITY, you know what I am talking about.

Like France and Russia, our very own national security state has begun to act against the very people it is in charge of protecting.

Why is that?

Once more: infiltration.

At the moment, I don’t know what parts of America to call America anymore.

This country has been so heavily infiltrated by the national security establishment that we no longer know who is who.

We have a president who is a CIA asset as well as a closet Marxist.

We had a Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, who is also a CIA asset and is being set up to be our next president.

We have a facade society as our supposed ‘leaders’ turn out to be nothing more than national security agents - senators, representatives, judges, governors, mayors, sheriffs, police chiefs, university heads and even corportate CEOs are turning out to be nothing but CIA AGENTS in disguise.

Leave the rest of the positions to be fleshed out by outright Illuminat, Freemasonic, financial, and communist agents and you have a de-facto occupied government.

Let me give you just a short list of CIA assets in our government:

-President Bush-I
-President Clinton
-President Bush-II
-President Obama
-Janet Napolitano
-Rahm Emmanuel (now mayor of Chicago)
-Michael Chertoff
-Sen. Dianne Feinstein
-Michael Crow (president of Arizona State University)
-Donald Rumsfeld
-Henry Kissinger
-Gen. David Petraeus
-Rudolph Giuliani (ex-mayor of New York)
-Mike Bloomberg (present mayor of New York)
-Zbigniew Brzezinski
-Sen. John McCain
-Gov. Rick Perry (of Texas)
-Rick Garcetti (mayor of Los Angeles)
-Sheriff Joe Arpaio (Maricopa County Sheriff in AZ)(sorry, it’s true)
-Anderson Cooper (TV reporter)

....I could go on and on, but why bother, a large swathe of our society has been infiltrated by national security assets.

So when you ask yourself why your local sheriff is fusing with the FBI and has bought a tank to help enforce the law...its because he is already one of them.

And when you ask yourself why your local Congressman has systematically approved Constitution-abolishing laws, now you know why.

All these people are basically national security assets (NSA, DIA, DEA, ATF, Mossad...but mostly CIA) masquerading as public servants.

And they have been for quite some time.

In other words what we already have is a society and a government which is hopelessly fused with our spy agencies.

We don’t know who is what anymore.

The purge of all these ‘assets’ should have begun in the 1950‘s with Dean Acheson and escalated after Eisenhower’s ‘military industrial complex’ speech...but it never happened.

The big pay off for the banker-controlled national security state came in 1963 with the murder of John F. Kennedy and the waterproof cover up which followed.

Such a thing could only happen if the players around the event - secret service, police chiefs, judges, mayors, committee chairs, congressmen...and vice presidents were all members of the same team - the national security team.

Like France in 1789 and Russia in 1917, we are becoming a National Security State because people in power have been replaced by National Security Assets.

This is why Police and Sheriff Deputies now CARRY OUT assassinations of American citizens while Judges cover it up (like they did with Philip Marshall and his family).

If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and swims like a duck...guess what.

This is why we have our public servants acting like assets of Homeland’s because many of them ARE!

At present there are so many of these ‘assets’ occupying seats of government and law enforcement that they are turning this country into a maximum security prison.

Should that come as a surprise?

Worse yet....

...these people are not in the service of national security, but ultimately at the service of the international central bankers who control the national security apparatus and HAVE been since its inception.

The same international central bankers who consist of the Illuminati.

The same financiers who brought about the immolation of France and Russia...and who hope to do the same thing to America.

So we are no longer talking about national security here...but national destruction (for which national security is only a cover).

And the Illuminati use the same technique over and over again to bring about bloody revolutionary change.

Prior to its revolution France was infiltrated by it secret service.

Prior to the Russian Revolution, Russia was infiltrated by its Okhrana.

Prior to the rise of the Nazis, Germany was infiltrated by ITS national security agency, the Abwehr, of which Hitler was an agent.

Today we have an America infiltrated by the CIA and Homeland Security.

The results are going to be pretty similar....abolishment, collapse, ‘revolution’ and dictatorship.

The Illuminati central bankers WILL the intelligence assets they control which are now flooding the nation to destroy our country and rebuild it as something more to their liking.

Don’t believe our own national security state is destroying the nation?

Did you see what happened on 9/11 as it stood down and AIDED that event?

Did you see how the Boston Bombing happened in spite of us having surrendered all our freedoms to the national security state?

Do you see the present situation at our border, where illegals, cartel members and terrorists are being BUSSED into the country by Homeland Security?

Oh no, the CIA, the NSA and Homeland Security (not to mention the other affiliated alphabet soup agencies: ATF, FBI, DEA, DIA, etc) are now in the business of DESTROYING the country....and they are doing it before our very eyes...even as the assets pretending to be our Congressmen, Governors, Sheriffs and Police stand by and do NOTHING.

This is how France fell.

This is how Russia fell.

As the ‘revolutionaries’ (mostly foreigners, just like the ones coming across the border) ran pell mell over the population and murdered who they pleased.

By the time that happened there was no more Army and there was no more Police - they had all been disbanded by the new ‘provisionary’ government.


Which brings me to the process by which these revolutions.

Step-1: infiltration of society by members of the intelligence community

Step-2: abolishment of established government and institutions by them

Step-3: amidst the chaos...the rise of a well financed, well organized and well coordinated ‘revolutionary’ group which takes over.

In America, we are seeing the realization of the final stages take place.

1) All law enforcement is being centralized under Homeland Security

2) The border is being left wide open to let in the ‘revolutionaries’

3) We have been bankrupted and the economy is ready to collapse

4) Foreign ‘agents’ (terrorists, Chinese, Russians, illegals, etc) who will do all the bloody revolutionary murdering have been let into the country

5) Death camps pre-established by our own government

6) Blacklists have been created by our own NSA to pass on to the revolutionary killers

What next?

Government will abolish itself.

7) The abolishment of the Constitution and the creation of a new constitution (presented to the public by way of a constitutional convention) with a corresponding new provisionary government (under which things will only get worse)

8) Abolishment of the Army (under the pretext of bankruptcy)

9) Abolishment of the Police (all departments have been unified under Homeland Security, this will be easy through the collapse of Homeland Security.

10) The creation of a new ‘revolutionary’ force (CIA special forces led murderous militias, this is your hour)

11) the collapse of the United States into a state of civil war and anarchy

12) The consolidation of political power under a well financed dictatorial group financed by Russia, China and the Central Banks

All you need to do to guess what these people are doing is study the French and Russian Revolutions.

The Illuminati operate exactly the same way every single time.


In a virtual country which pretends to be sovereign, but which is in reality has become an Illuminati construct...anything can (and will) happen.

You have to understand, we live in a country which gets its money by borrowing it from a private world central bank branch attached (the Federal Reserve) (which creates money out of nothing) and deposits most of the taxes it collects into the coffers of that same central bank as payment of debt.

You have to understand, we live in a Masonically created and Masonically controlled country which (in spite of its 50 states) Freemasonry serves as the basis for political machines, banks, the mafia and entire corporations, not to mention law and law enforcement.

You have to understand that in spite of our varied and decentralized political structure, most of our political, social and legal make up has been infiltrated by assets of national security and central intelligence.

And that leaves us just about where we are now...

...our southern border being opened to the four winds...

...illegals being welcomed into the country and being treated better than Americans...

...the US Government dealing and collaborating with the Cartels...

...intelligence assets within our government planning the disarmament of the American public...

...the building of concentration and death camps within the US in which to house Americans...

....the purposeful economic destruction of our country...

...purges of our most loyal military officers (replaced by obedient intellience assets)...

...the slow abolition of our Armed forces....

...the NSA blackmailing of our Congress and our Courts....

Does this sound like the acts of a sovereign and legitimate government of the United States to you?

Or does this sound like a mere series of coincidences, accidents and honest but mistaken decisions by our government?


We are, in fact, a country OCCUPIED by our own intelligence spy agencies who serve not us, but the international Illuminati central bankers.

THEY are the ones in charge.

THEY are the ones calling the shots in this developing nightmare.

But we don’t have to play along.

Quit pandering to ex special forces, ex FBI, ex CIA, ex Fed, Masonic people trying to ‘rally the troops’...the only thing these guys are rallying for is your DEATH.

Get rid of them!!!

Quit tolerating Fed infiltration of our society and most of all UN infiltration.

Quit being so greedy and selling our your state, your country and yourself for some Federal subsidy or bribe.

Quite telling the truth on all those queries asking you if you will ‘fire on the American public’...LIE...say you will...then SHOOT the people who give you the orders to do it.

Miscarry to collect weapons...lose equipment...lose paperwork...STOP OBEYING THE DESTROYERS OF THIS COUNTRY!

Take your own State Government into your own hands, say to hell with Federal subsidies and UPHOLD law and order!

Quite collaborating with DHS, CIA and FBI, turn away from them as you turn away from a rotting corpse.

Do not surrender your guns under any circumstances...and if necessary resist their confiscation with lethal force.

This is it.

This is the final endgame.

They are coming for your blood.

If you don’t believe it, then just read about the Jacobin Terror of the French Revolution, the Red Terror of the Russian Revolution or the purges of the Chinese and Cambodian Communist Revolutions.

The Terror is coming to America.


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