Thursday, July 24, 2014

CIA: 66 Years of Betrayal

The Central Intelligence Agency or CIA was created by President Truman through the National Security Act of 1947.

Truman later regretted having created the CIA and proclaimed he was misinformed and tricked into signing the monster into existence.

The CIA developed from the already existing OSS (office of strategic studies), which had murdered Patton for vocally opposing the Soviet Union and weak-kneed American policy towards the same.

The OSS under the leadership of its Wall Street connected ‘Wild’ Bill Donovan - a traitor who planned and directed the assassination of General George S. Patton - set the trend for what the CIA was to become - a treacherous intelligence operation which would facilitate the victory of Communism.

Like the British/Soviet-infiltrated Abwehr which destroyed Germany during WW-II, the CIA’s mission was to help destroy America during (and after) the cold war.

With its occult top echelon dominated by representatives from Wall Street, the CIA serves the policies of the international bankers....NOT the United States.

Meanwhile a symbolic ‘Director of Central Intelligence’ (generally an obedient low level ex-CIA employee), serves as a figure head appointee in a clueless temporary position.

The true leadership of the CIA lies below the throne, beginning with the ‘deputy’ positions.

As a mechanism of the international bankers who seek to facilitate America’s fall to Communism, the CIA’s mission is concurrent with that of the Ford Foundation, whose mission is to create the conditions under which “we can comfortably be merged with the Soviet Union.”

As such a device with such a mission, it goes without saying that the ‘service’ of the CIA has been...without fail...detrimental to the United States of America.

Always misunderstood and underestimated by historians has been the power of disinformation, misinformation and non-disclosure on the foreign policy of a nation.

As stated before, the Abwehr, Germany’s intelligence agency during WW-II contributed to the defeat of Germany by doing things like not reporting Soviet spies in the Nazi government, under-reporting the military capabilities of the Soviet Union and mis-predicting or not predicting obvious Allied offensives.

The CIA is playing pretty much the same treacherous game with the United States of America.

Since its creation it has failed to predict EVERY SINGLE MAJOR EVENT in the Cold War while organizing and directing some of the major boondoggles and contributing some of the worse advice ever given.

President Truman regretted having created the CIA.

President Kennedy lost his temper and swore to dismantle the CIA after it organized the Bay of Pigs fiasco and tricked him into approving it.

The CIA directed the assassination of President Diem of South Vietnam, a unifying figure who was bringing the Viet Cong under control...and then proceeded to execute a series of military coups which kept the South Vietnamese government off balance.

Without fail, the CIA has been at the service of Communism.

This can be seen by it unblemished series of failed predictions.

Let's see what the CIA failed to predict shall we?:

    -failed to predict the failure of the Soviet Union or dis-occupy Eastern Europe     

-failed to predict the Soviet cut-off of West Berlin
     -failed to predict the attack of North Korea on South Korea in 1950
     -failed to predict the Communist Chinese intervention in the Korean War
     -organized the Bay of Pigs fiasco under Kennedy
     -helped cover-up the Kennedy Assassination
     -consistently and mistakenly described Mao Tse Tung, Ho Chi Minh and Fidel Castro as democratic agrarian reformers
     -organized the removal of pro-American leaders like Diem, Batista, Trujjillo, Somoza, Stroessner, Musharraf,
      -failed to predict the Tet Offensive
     -failed to predict that the Mujahedeen of Afghanistan were Islamic fundamentalists
     -failed to keep Islamic Fundamentalists from taking over the Mujahedeen
     -failed to predict the fall of the Soviet Union
     -failed to predict 9/11
Meanwhile the Wall Street background of the CIA was made cevident when Alvin Bernard “Buzzy” Krongard, the executive director of the CIA and (unsurprisingly) a Wall Street trader, was caught making puts on the destruction of the World Trade Center just prior to 9/11.

Guess what. The CIA helped organize 9/11.

CIA counter-intelligence chief James Jesus Angleton not only covered up the Kennedy Assassination, but personally removed all of (CIA asset?) J. Edgar Hoover’s papers upon Hoover’s death.

Lately, the CIA has been totally ignoring the collapse of Latin American democracies into Marxist, anti-American governments and the total loss of American influence in Latin America and Africa...and their new alliances with China and Russia.

Which makes the CIA THE instrument par excellence of  the demise of American foreign policy.

Lately, the CIA has been illegally involved in placing its assets within the internal confines of our own state, federal and local government.

Legally the CIA CANNOT operate within the United States, but has done so consistently since the late 1950‘s...and is now (through the placing of its agents) converting the country into a national security state through ITS agents.

Folks...these CIA assets should be hunted down and hanged!

So to make a long story short, the CIA (a Wall Street controlled institution) has been ASSISTING in the demise of the United States since 1947, perhaps fitting in neatly with the Ford Foundations admitted mission to make it so that “we can be comfortably merged” with Russia.

Since the inception of the CIA we have basically LOST every war we have fought (including the Iraq and Afghanistan).

Since the inception of the CIA, CIA intelligence assets like Clinton, Bush-I, Bush-II and Obama have been running the country into the ground even as they abolish our basic freedoms and make the Constitution irrelevant.

The CIA has been a thorn on the side of America since its creation (it was hated not only by Truman (who created it), but by Eisenhower, Kennedy (who was murdered by it), Nixon (who was removed by it) and Reagan.

We avoid this monkey wrench in the machinery of America only at our own peril.

The CIA has shown itself to be an anti-American, anti-democratic, anti-constitutional and pro-communist institution.

It is long time past we got rid of it.

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