Monday, July 14, 2014

Mass Graves of Children

Sorry to bring this up again...but the corpses are showing up again...this time in Ireland...

...the corpses of dead children.

Mass Grave: 800 Dead Babies in Ireland

...and it seems they were at it for decades...

...killing these defenseless little people roughly from 1930- 1960.

I guess the ‘good ol’ days’ were not as good as we thought they were.

And it seems the murderers of these little children were nothing less than God’s own representatives...the very same CATHOLIC CHURCH!!!

How appropriate.

Let us learn a lesson from this, shall we?

The wolves always dress up in sheep’s clothing.

As a Catholic, I always questioned the inability of the Catholic Church to clamp down on homosexual child abusing priests.

There are few institutions which know more about its own membership...and what happens within its own ranks...on a daily basis...than the Catholic Church.

I understood the ‘institutional’ need to cover-up rather than advertise shortcomings, but that did not explain the cover-up and continued retention of these criminals within the ranks of the Church.

Now I find out the Catholic Church seems to have been involved in the mass murder and the accompanying cover-up, using nothing less than one of the most loyally Catholic governments in the world - that of Ireland.

But oh, they weren’t alone.

They seem to have collaborated with a local ‘catholic’ hospital and a set of medical doctors who conducted ‘medical’ trials...uh yes of course, anything to somehow justify the mass murder of children - the RITUAL...right?

Abortion, medical trials, health care...brings to mind the 100,000 Israeli Sephardic children who had their skulls lethally irradiated by their own fellow ‘Jews’ in experiments financed by the ‘US Government.’

Mass Killing: Israeli Children

Anything to justify the murder of the little ones.


Hear about the 28 mass graves found at joint Anglican-Catholic-United Church run Indian Residential Schools which were operated in conjunction with the Canadian Government...and in which lie buried the bodies of Native American minors murdered between 1900 and 1975.

A particular method of murdering these children was....excuse electric chair!?!


Mass Graves of Native American Children in Canada

Or how about this more recent tid-bit of a mass grave containing the corpses of 30 children discovered in Texas... unexpected twist to the discovery of the Texas mass grave is just how fast the government and ‘local’ authorities covered up the story.

Included in the article are the TV news stories which document the cover up.

Mass Grave: 30 Dead Children in Texas

So forgive me...but WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO when confronted with long-term documented evidence of the MURDER of our children by Political, Religious and Medical authorities acting in unison?

Sometimes (even though I don’t believe it) the explanation of us being ruled by shape shifting reptilians seems to make perfect sense!

How could they have covered up a crime of such magnitude for so long?

And is there anything to learn from this?

I believe there is.

One important thing.

Knowing that the ONLY thing that could have saved these children...would have been a rock solid FAMILY and EXTENDED FAMILY structure.

That’s right: Mother, Father, Grand Parents, Uncle, Brothers, Sisters, Cousins.

Reading this has made me realize how CRUCIAL is the family and how TERRIBLE are the consequences of doing away with it. this world, it is the FAMILY which keeps our children from turning into dog food.

And it has become glaringly obvious that those in charge are NOT above slaughtering our kids....and in fact...have been slaughtering them for DECADES.

The above information has made me realize that our babies are worth only as much as we are willing to prize and protect them.

Without their parents and their extended family children are slaughterable calves.

Which makes the purposeful and organized attack on the family by our government make much more logical.

Now Child Protective Services (CPS) has been given the authority to confiscate your child, drug your child up and drop your child off in a foster home to be raped or even registered criminals.

All this is on record.

You know, in the olden days, when you tried to take somebody’s child, they filled you up with buckshot.

Now all types of niceties, restraints and legalities must be observed as you child is confiscated and, raped...and even killed.

What type of society are we when we let our children be confiscated without proof, without trial and without legal procedure by an army of child molesters, like the CPS has proven itself to be?

The way I see it and as far as I am concerned, a child alone is defenseless and WILL be victimized by the PREDATORS who apparently occupy the lofty heights of our society.


Just like the ones they’ve got in the jungle...

...going after the same type of prey the jungle predators go after:...

...the young, the weak, the old and the infirm.

From all the information above, it is apparent that there are a bunch of child-murderers up there in charge of the whole thing.

The proof of it all, the MASS GRAVES ARE BEING DUG UP  AS YOU READ THIS!!!!

And it’s been going on for quite some time!!!

They’ve been consuming our children like veal!

This is why i got so sick when I saw all those immigrant children being flown and bussed into our border by a well organized child-trafficking network.

I don’t know how many of these children will ever see their parents again.

These Illuminati predators love kids...they love to rape them...they love to torture them...they love to drink their blood...they love to pervert them...and they love to kill them.

So please...look at all the mass graves...look at all vaccine damage...look at all the child abuse...look at all the cover up...look at all the proof....

...hold on fast to you kids....and protect them with your lives.





How many of those things were granted to all those little occupants of the mass graves?

Something ain’t right folks.

Something ain’t right with the people at the top.

This is why we preserve our right to privacy, our right to bear arms, our right to our children, our right to home school, our right to home birth, our right to not vaccinate...there is a VERY good reason why we do this...AND WE WILL KEEP THESE RIGHTS!!!

The side-effects of the monstrous reason of why we keep these rights are filling those mass graves from Ireland to Canada to America.


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    1. Cool, but i heard that yoga
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  2. I told my parents and i was banned from my ipod for 5 days... My mum looked at me as if she knew alot about something when i said the word "illuminati".
    If you have any idea why they did this and acted like that leave a comment, please, i dont want to like with a family keeping secrets, i need answers, please reply

    1. If your mum can let you go to sex ed at the school and give you access to Internet Porn, she can let you read about the Illuminati.