Friday, June 10, 2011

30 Murdered Children....

On Monday June 6, 2011, a grotesque find was reported in all the news channels in Liberty County, Texas, in the area between Hardin and Daisetta.

The bodies of 30 dismembered children were reported found in the backyard of a home at the intersections of County Roads 2048 and 2049 in Liberty County.

This was announced as ‘breaking news’ across the nation.

It was also announced as breaking news across countries like Canada, Brazil and Europe.

Here is a quote from a Fox News Transmission on June 7, 2011.

“Authorities in Texas say as many as 30 bodies have been found buried at the intersection of two county roads in the southeastern part of the state. A Houston TV station is now reporting, quoting local authorities in Liberty country, Texas, quoting the sheriffs department there saying these are all bodies of children. The FBI has apparently been called into assist in this investigation. And this is quoting from the liberty county sheriff’s office: 25-30 bodies buried at the intersection of County Roads 2049 and 2048.”

When I heard that the FBI had suddenly become involved, my suspicions were immediately aroused.
The FBI is a Federal cover-up and clean-up agency dedicated to concealing government/establishment crimes.

It is the establishment’s janitorial crime scene agency.

They have covered up Ruby Ridge, Waco, the murder of Senator Wellstone, 9/11, the shooting of Representative Giffords and a host of other criminal acts across the world.

Please click on the Links below to follow the breaking of the story along with the cover-up that followed.

See the news of the dead bodies start to break below:

The News Reaches FOX

The News Reaches Australia
Link the FBI involved, it came as little surprise to me when the news began to announce the next day that no discovery had ever happened.

See the denial and the cover-up take place by clicking on the link below:

The News is Covered Up by Associated Press

In other words, we are asked to believe that the entire Sheriff’s investigation was launched (and announced to the world) based on tips from a ‘tipster’ who later turned out to be a psychic (excuse me?).

Finally, they said no bodies were found and that the whole thing was just one huge misunderstanding.

A shifty-eyed 'Liberty County Sheriff' called 'Captain Rex Evans' announced to the media that no bodies were found and that the whole thing was just a big mistake.

See the total denial below:

The News is Denied by 'Sheriff Captain' Rex Evans

The entire event, from discovery, to official announcement to media reporting to official cover-up and denial occurred in just two days.

It's always interesting to see how cover-ups work.

First, the leak (30 dead kids).

Then a small adjustment to the leak (no discovery, only investigation)

Followed by a factoid that disintegrates credibility (investigation launched by a ‘tipster).

Finally the debunking (tipster misled Sheriffs into a wild goose chase).

I don’t know where all those dead kids are now.

But I am damn sure they are in a much, much better place than this shit hole.

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