Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Civilization: The Great Con Game

From the beginning, it seems civilization has always been a con game.

Believe it or not, democracy was tribal.

It was civilization that took it away…

…and forced man to kneel before ‘god-kings’ and a plethora of nonsense.

The civilized Ancient Greeks reintroduced democracy and took credit for inventing it.

But they did not actually invent democracy, they just introduced it to civilization for the first time.

Unfortunately Civilization can’t be completely democratic (and most weren't) because it has too many things to organize:
-build roads
-build bridges
-build walls
-dig wells
-collect taxes
-carry out justice
-defend the realm
-making war

A democratic system would put the wrench in the works very quickly.

Even the most democratic civilization has its undemocratic side (in our case, it’s the Executive Branch).

In this manner, civilization is like the workplace.

And the everyone knows the workplace is not democratic.

‘American’ democracy has kept this innate non-democratic side of civilization by making the Executive Branch the most powerful and non-democratic branch of the United States government.

And that’s the reason.

Too many things to do, too many tasks to carry out, too many projects to build…to be asking everybody about their opinion.

A good enough justification...

...and a good reason to keep civilization's government as small as possible

Oh, what's that?

We've done the opposite?

I wonder why?

Is it because civilization tends to evolve into a giant control-freak requiring a huge bureaucracy to keep its subjects under control?

Again, I wonder why?

I suspect it is because of the following:

Eventually, after all the roads, bridges, walls , wells were built and the crops harvested…

…you had a periodically inactive citizenry just sitting back, relaxing and thinking about how to get ahead.

The people with free time and thinking?

Civilization got paranoid.

Civilization got scared.

And civilization started LYING.

This is because at any given time….

…civilization had a mass of unoccupied busybodies thinking about self-gain, self-improvement and self-enrichment.

While the truth had always been that civilization's ‘ORGANIZERS’ had utilized the excuse of civilized necessity….


What if the busybodies found out?

Something had to be done.

Keep them busy bodies...busy!

Keep their minds distracted and their brains focused on things other than politics and wealth.

Harvest season is over and the workers are inactive!

Have seasonal fairs, holidays and celebrations.

And...put all the busy bodies to work BUILDING GIGANTIC WORTHLESS MONUMENTS.

Tell them the Gods wish it and threaten them with holy annihilation if they didn’t.

Tax the crap out of them while allowing them just enough to eat, shelter themselves and share in a few distractions.

Lie to them.

Finally, tell them the king himself is an appointee of the Gods…

…or better yet…

…tell them the king IS a god.

And it didn't help Civilization any that the most ruthless sociopaths (ruthless, guilt-free individuals) were the ones who tended to make it to the top.

Finally, keep the masses content and distracted with "Bread and Circuses."

But let’s time-warp to the present.

Our modern monuments are now military industrial complexes.

The Ancient Egyptians built pyramids.

We build stadiums, skyscrapers, aircraft carriers, and space programs.

I can’t list the endless lies citizens have been told by the 'organizers' throughout the ages, but by studying the present can get an idea.

The lies are so many and so massive that the citizenry (now made more aware by the Internet) have come to call it a ‘conspiracy.’

The truth is civilization has always been a conspiracy against truth by the few at the top
to justify their exploitation of the many under them.

The difference today is the Internet has simply made us aware of it.

And boy are we in shock!

Have you ever heard of the term ‘Byzantine’?

Byzantium was a civilization that existed 1500 years ago.

Or how about ‘Machiavellian’ ?

Machiavelli was a plotter who existed 500 years ago.

All these terms refer to the viper-like qualities of civilization and government going at the time - a long, long time ago.

Just like the very same conspiracy of WEALTH we have going on today.

It is actually a very old conspiracy.

Concerning the delusion, control and robbery of the masses... the very exploiters at the top.

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