Monday, July 4, 2011

Flood: Are They Opening the Floodgates?

The recent flooding along the Mississippi, Souris and Missouri Rivers has begged a bag-full of questions.

The ‘flooding’ is just as weird as it is terrible.

To gulp down the reports, we are being asked to believe a set of criteria that seem to challenge established laws of physics, not to mention laws of nature.

Which brings me to my first question:

1) Why the late snow melt?

Snow melt happens in early spring, not early summer.

So why did this catastrophic snow melt begin in the early part of (a very hot) Summer?

Three months of Spring weren't hot enough to melt the ice?

Which leads to my next question, about the extent of the snowmelt…

2) Why is there record snow melt only in some places.

It there is a record snow melt, there should be a record snow melt everywhere.

Why are only a few select regions suffering from this universal record snow melt?

3) Why didn’t all the rivers flood at the same time?

Record snow melt in North America.

So why aren’t all our rivers flooding?

Better yet, why are the affected rivers flooding in sequence, one after the other?

Shouldn’t they be flooding at the same time?

First the Mississippi.

Then the Souris River (North Dakota)

Thirdly (finally) the Missouri River (we were all scratching our heads waiting for this one).

But wait, it gets even weirder.

4) Why is the flooding sequential?

No only are NOT all the rivers flooding, but the flooding that takes place on the rivers that do flood is sequential.

This means the river floods in sequence, beginning with the flood beginning at the top and working itself down.

As the previously flooded regions recede, the lower regions become flooded.

This is the trademark effect of sequentially opened floodgates, not a river-wide flood.

A true flood would flood the entire river.

ALL the dams would be opened simultaneously to spread the flood along the ENTIRE river, not in catastrophic sequential packets.

But this never happened, which leads to the question…

5) Why aren’t all the dams open?

In this age of walkie-talkies, GPS, satellite communications and super computers, it is perfectly possible to coordinate the opening up every dike, levee and dam simultaneously from top to the bottom in a controlled manner so as to let the river flood simultaneously along its entire length.

This has been done before many times.

Why aren’t they doing this now?

Instead, they are flooding out towns in sequence down the river.

As the flood in one devastated area recedes, the next area is catastrophically flooded, as the area after it awaits its fate.

If you can imagine the lump of a snake swallowing a rabbit, that’s what the flooding looks like: a huge lump going down-river.

This is a characteristic behavior of sequential (and non-simultaneous) floodgate opening.

Are they just plain opening the dikes, levees and dams and just plain flooding us out like rats?

The physics of ongoing events certainly seem to suggest so.

It would only take the releasing of the dam at the top of the flood chain to trigger the rest of the events downstream.

With today’s establishment-controlled media and a propensity for leaving high risk areas in the hands of Mossad-operated security firms, the flooding of American becomes doable reality.

You’ve got to remember they blew up the World Trade Center in front of our faces and told us the fires melted the steel beams…and we believed it!

How impossible is it really to just start openings the top upstream levees, dikes and dams, say in Canada, to start creating havoc downstream?

With a dedicated group of experts, scientists and government officials parroting the official line that record-snow melt will submerge America, they can make us believe it, it, just like they made us believe the Twin Towers were disintegrated by a building fire.

To further brainwash us, they have already introduced the concept of dams, dikes and levees failing catastrophically.

If we had a normal, functioning, investigative media, this scenario would be impossible.

But we don’t.

What we have are a bunch of corporate gofers who call themselves reporters, but who do nothing more than line up before one government official or government-recommended expert after another and report what they have to say.

You want to control reality?

Just control the experts before which the media is being directed to line up for answers.

But back to the subject of dams, dikes and levees.

These structures are very solid.

As for dams, anybody who has seen how these things are constructed knows they cannot fail catastrophically.

Even when the British bombed several huge dams during WW-II, the results were not only anti-climactic, but disappointing.

Its very hard for anything ‘catastrophic’ to happen to a a gigantic structure made out of cement and thick steel mesh…

…barring some well placed explosives.

Brings back memories of Katrina, doesn’t it?

Remember the ongoing rumors and witnesses saying that the New Orleans levees were blown up during Katrina?

Well, maybe they are planning on some more “structural failures” in our near future.

The reality control mechanism is certainly in place to make it all happen.

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