Monday, July 11, 2011

The Second Civil War

The smell of Civil War is in the air.

The American people are being provoked.

In the airports the government takes naked pictures of children and their parents and punished those refusing by tightly gripping their testicles.

The new “health care plan” arbitrarily orders us to “get healthcare or else” and to pay for it or go to prison.

Our police are being trained by the Federal government to brutalize, torture and kill at the smallest provocation.

SWAT teams enter and murder innocent civilians at a whim.

An entire army command (Northern Command) has been created INSIDE our country to make war on Americans.

Illegals are being given the same standing as legitimate American citizens.

Farmers are having their water cut off and their crops destroyed by environmental laws.

Americans are being threatened with forced vaccination and detention camps.

Our President openly negotiates away the sovereignty of the United States behind the backs of both Congress and the American people.

Public money is being taken from American citizens and given to corrupt banks which have bankrupted themselves through criminal activity.

For crying out loud…

...they have installed a President who can’t even prove he was born in America!

One unpopular war after another is started against the will of Congress and the American people as the President gives both the cold shoulder...and starts more wars.

The American Government has become the most hated government in the world both without and within the United States.

A lot of Americans and statesmen are angry and nearing a point of open revolt.

In addition, many State leaders have introduced the concept of secession (separation) from the United States of America.

This is the part that gives me pause.

My question is this:

Do You Really Think It’s All Happening by Chance?

I’ll tell you what I do believe.

The Illuminati want us to start killing each other.

These people WANT America to sink into a Second Civil War.


Because an internal Civil War is the ONLY way America can be weakened to the point of being viably occupied by the foreign troops of the New World Order.

See the equation?

It’s impossible to invade America.

It’s impossible to nuke America without America taking half the world with it.

Finally, its impossible to rely on the American Government to subjugate and remake America into a socialist internationalist nation.

The Founding Fathers designed America that way.

We lack a strong and predominant revolutionary party which any socialist ‘revolution’ needs to remake a country.

We could be made to fall victim to a military coup.

But even under a military dictatorship, the Armed Forces would not turn this country into the Marxist socialist tyranny the Illuminati want the New World Order to be.


Because it’s not in their blood.

The end result of a military coup might just be a more conservative, more united, more Christian and a more militarily stronger America.


Because that’s the culture of our military.

Anyone who has been in the military knows you begin by swearing an oath to uphold the Constitution before God.

An America dominated by the military would still be a giant square peg as far as the New World Order is concerned.

This is why the whole country has to be torn apart, thrown to the winds…and occupied.

Just like Germany was.

Just like Japan was.

But I digress.

I know that what follows will put off a lot of Patriots who are biting at the bit for confrontation with the Federal Government.

They can’t wait for their local Governor to declare secession and establish a State Militia.

They want it so bad they can taste it.

Emotionally, I am with them, but intellectually I hesitate.

My comment to these men is this:

Be careful what you wish for.

Civil Wars tend to get really nasty, really fast.

Just look at the Russian Civil War, the Spanish Civil War, the Vietnamese Civil War, the Cambodian Civil War and the Yugoslavian Civil War.

Just look at our OWN Civil War.

More Americans died during the American Civil War than in ALL OUR OTHER WARS COMBINED – that’s 700,000 dead. The wounded were not even counted, though it is thought to be another million –for a rough total of 2 MILLION CASUALTIES.

That’s 2 million Americans dead or crippled.

And that was 150 years ago.

Think how many casualties can be caused with today’s technology.

So no…I am not wishing for a Second Civil War.

I see a Second Civil War as the planned immolation of America.

And I believe the establishment media and their shills are slowly spinning the concept of patriotism, civil disobedience, civil protest, civil confrontation and civil resistance into the concept of CIVIL WAR.


Because the Illuminati want us to rip each other apart, to totally destroy, separate and alienate our country to the point of leaving it prostrate and ready for foreign occupation.

Just look at what happened to the country of Yugoslavia.

I knew several Yugoslavians.

As far as I could see, that was a pretty decent country.

What did its civil war do to it?

Murder, genocide, hatred, alienation, secession...

...and eventual occupation by foreign troops.

A Civil War here will have equally permanent divisive, crippling, destructive, and impoverishing effect on America.

And it won't be by accident.

This effect is necessary to break America apart and prepare the country for eventual occupation by foreign troops.

It just can't happen any other way.

Trying to fix the devastating effects of a Second Civil War would be like trying to put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

Once we crack, we will remain cracked (just like Yugoslavia).

Whether the States or the Feds ‘win’ (and I think neither really will) the results will be permanent damage to the continued viability of this country.

Much more likely (according to my sources) such a war will end in a crippling stalemate – neither side being able to win and both sides virtually collapsing not only socially and economically, but politically and militarily as well

This is not 1861.

Things have changed.

Very different factors dominate reality nowadays.

A Second Civil War will not even come close to resembling the first one.

The situation is different.

No matter which side 'wins' (if any), it will spell the dissolution of the United States.

This will happen because of the following reasons:

1) the United States is bankrupt (you can’t start a war without money)

2) the Dollar is finished (you can’t import anything without a valid foreign exchange currency)

3) we have been de-industrialized (no industry, no war production)

5) the draft is no longer part of American culture (Americans won't accept it)

6) an expensive and small professional army incapable fighting a continental war

Let’s be real here – a Civil War today will destroy a lot while going nowhere.

But that’s not the way the fools on both sides are seeing it.

We have angry and secessionist state governments who figure they are attached to a steadily decomposing corpse.

And we have a delusional Federal Government which believes it can kill, bomb, murder and torture its way to the top.

Just go brutal, it always works.

Finally, we have a delusional President (a foreign agent?) who openly associates closely with Abraham Lincoln (the ‘great preserver of the Union’).

Finally we have millions of pissed off and heavily armed Americans who are going to get even more pissed off once the government terminates Social Security, Medicaid, Welfare, Unemployment Benefits, public retirement accounts and all sorts of government aid…while raising taxes.

The heads of our State Legislatures are already talking in whispers about how to separate from the delusional rotting corpse which is the Federal United States of America…

…and finding new international trade arrangements with foreign countries like China, Russia, Latin America, Africa, you name it.

The nation is ripe for confrontation at a State vs Federal level and few people (besides those at the top) seem to notice.

Texas Governor Rick Perry has spoken of it.

Sarah Palin has spoken of it.

Palin’s husband is a member of an Alaskan secessionist group.

Think tanks are beginning to speak of the economic benefits of secession and how it makes sense.

The Federal government has not only spoken of it, but made plans and created an entire military command to make war upon the states of this country – Northern Command.

Russian intellectuals are already making plans for reclaiming Alaska.

The Chinese are making plans for the occupation of California.

Everybody is on the same sheet of music.

Yes indeed, everybody is preparing for their role…in the dismemberment of the United States of America.

The states are beginning to confront the Federal Government legally by confronting them over issues of immigration (a Federal domain).

Immigration is just a smoke screen used by the states to justify the real challenge to the Federal Government – taking away the Feds power to decide immigration issues.

State legislatures are already passing or in the process of passing laws which give them the right to disobey Federal mandates if the states interpret them to be unconstitutional.

County sheriffs are confronting Federal bureaucrats over what actions they take in the counties.

Several legislatures are pushing through legislature to create state militias.

Right here in Arizona, we’ve got southern Arizona trying to secede from northern Arizona.

Southern California now wants to secede from northern California.

The smell of secession is in the air.

And let’s not forget the Psyops.

Video games, novels, comic books, movies etc are beginning to emphasize the subject of a national civil war (presumably for the enjoyment of the public).

Finally, let’s not forget the Freemasons.

They are starting to tell their acolytes to 'get ready for something big.’

In fact, Freemasonry is what’s going to coordinate the actions of the various states and counties in confronting the Feds (just like they did during the first civil war).

And all these Freemasons are going to blindly obey any order from a superior brother because that’s what they’ve been trained to do since the day they joined.

This is how you’re going to see several things happening spontaneously in various states at the same time.

The Second Civil War will take America (and the world) completely by surprise.

Something that both State and Fed governments see as nothing more than a minor event will blown up into something unforeseen and nasty.

A more reasonable alternative to war would be total state and public rejection of illegal Federal laws.

I am talking about a massive across-the-board rejection by the public, the cities, the counties and the states and at the Congressional level.

If the states and the people simply choose not to go along, all the putrid Fed policies will disintegrate in place.

Instead, what we see are the states going along with the Federal program (like turning your local police force into SWAT murder squad) and accepting Federal money while all the while scheming to cause separatist chaos.

What's that all about?

If the states are really pro-state and anti-Fed, why are they going along so meekly with all those Federal laws.

Hear about the threatened no-fly zone Homeland Security threatened Texas with when that state voted to stop TSA groping?

The Feds seem ready for blood (in fact, it looks like the fools can't wait!)

How stupid can you be?

Do the words Iraq and Afghanistan mean anything to you Fed fools?

Let me remind you that the country of Iraq was smaller than California...

...and you couldn't even win that one.

The sad truth is that if we go to war on ourselves, its the beginning of the end not only for America but for the entire Free World.



...Secession Will Ignite WW-III

The effects of a Second American Civil War will have massive consequences for the entire Free World which now depends on us 100% for its protection.

America's collapse into civil war will be Russia's and China's signal to begin WW-III by invading Europe and Asia.

What America and the 'Free World' are being prepared for is total and complete subjugation by the New World Order.

The New World Order will come to us at the point of a bayonet and the crush of military boots.

A Civil War will demolish our defense machinery because the different parts of our weapons are manufactured in different states.

State secessions and hostilities will cut off naval and air force bases from resupply, making our naval and air forces next to useless.

A disruption of our food-producing Midwest will create starvation.

An America absorbed with Civil War will be UNABLE to help Europe, South Korea or Japan when Russian and Chinese troops roll over them.

Following that catastrophe, the ragged Post-Civil War remnants of what used to be America will then be unable to prevent a gradual build-up of Chinese troops in Mexico and eventual Russian occupation of Canada.

In short order, we will have what's left of the remaining ragged republics of America unable to defend an invasion of the United States from Canada and Mexico not only by Russian and Chinese troops, but by Latin American troops from the new Marxist governments now being established there.

Once America is occupied by these Marxist forces, then one can't but expect the great AMERICAN GENOCIDE to begin.

See The Detailed Explanation for This Plan Below

Communist Occupation of America: The Secret Plan

The typical American has no idea how much danger he or she is in...

...or the waves of escalating misery, deprivation, violence and brutality we will be subjected to on the way to building a New World Order.

Meanwhile many Americans keep believing that China is our friend, Russia is a harmless basket case and that Latin America is our backyard.

Like an Ancient Greek proverb says:

"Those who the Gods wish to destroy, they first make blind."

We don't just need to wake up at this point, we need to get our sight back.

A second civil war will spell disaster not only for America, but the entire free world.


  1. I'm starting to think the world is coming to an end if I die I know ill be in a better place for ever unlike these godless evil doers/manipulators who only think of the moments greed what ever comes around goes around and the sun will fall say good nite media lites are out its to late for the french air car that uses no oil or maintenance!

    1. WWIII will be fought betwen Israel and muslims who are getting into power around it. That will get rid of many troops. After that who knows.
      I know illuminati have it all well planned, but no idea about when it will start. Sure these next few years wont be easy

    2. Reading this makes my theories even more compelling. Many things are happening around these times in the history of mankind with America at the focal point and the rest of the world in tow. I carry a dire feeling inside that all of what we know now is coming to a uncanny conclusion of suffering, maybe the end of the mordern world and man?

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