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Speculation: The Illuminati Weapon

Speculation is something most people know little about.

Which is sad because some day...speculation might cause you to starve.

Speculation is a breaking of the rules of physical reality and an acceptance of an imagined fantasy as reality.

Speculation turns reality on its head and makes us part of its surreal nightmare.

The Illuminati invented speculation.

They continue to use it basically to fuck up the entire world.

Let’s talk about speculation, shall we?

Speculation is the buying and selling of a product without actually taking delivery of it.

Get it?

Tons of product can be bought and sold and the markets affected without the product actually going anywhere.

Let me give you an example.

You live in a small one-supermarket town.

I buy the entire shelf stock out of this supermarket.

Your supermarket accepts my money and gives me a receipt.

The entire content of the supermarket is now mine.

While I decide what to do with all this product, the stuff just sits there.

The supermarket cannot sell it because it belongs to me.

So when people come up to buy food they can’t.

Physically the super market has locked its doors.

The most it can do is charge me a ‘rent’ to keep storing my food there.

Meanwhile you get to starve.

As for me, I might just sit on all that stuff until demand for food has made it so expensive that I can sell it for a huge profit.

The supermarket re-opens its doors and you get to eat...but you must now pay dearly for what goes down your throat.

I get rich.

Great for me.

Too bad for you.

Of course, your little starvation session would never have happened if there were laws saying the buyer of anything had to take immediate delivery of whatever it is he bought or simply have the product and his money returned.

But there is no such law.

That’s the catch.

The Illuminati always make sure no such law emerges.

Speculation violates not only the laws of physics, but of reality, finance and morality itself.

Speculation is an actual la la land where the fantastic happens, the rich get filthy rich in fantastic ways while the non-rich get screwed.

I could go into the history of speculation, which started around the turn of the 17th century under a guy named John Law, who founded the Bank of England which in turn fueled the world’s first speculative bubble

Or I could go into how the Federal Reserve busted the American economy with this country’s first speculative bubble only 15 years after its creation.

(the connection between central banks and speculation is obvious)

But in the name of brevity I will spare you that.

Instead, let’s start our short history trip in the mid 1990’s.

It can now be said with certainty that in the second half of the 90’s and the first half of the new millennium, speculatory fantasy reached unimagined heights of surrealism.


A LOT of money was injected into the system.

Money fuels speculation.

And central banks supply all that is needed.

Can’t have speculation without a splurge of money.

And you can’t have speculation without a central bank...

...because the central banking structure makes all the money it needs out of nothing.

So there’s always enough money (at least for the banks) to speculate with...

...and for you to get screwed.

There are two parts to speculation:

The first part is to get government on your side and use government itself to make it so that you can set up your scam legally.

The second part is to get people to invest in your scam.

The third part is to take the people’s money while making the collapse of your scam look like an unavoidable and unfortunate economic phenomenon.

The fourth part is to justify the scam legally, morally and financially (with help from the government and the media) so people, the law, the lawyers and the courts don’t get you.

Now the supermarket example was just an example.

Let’s look at some real speculation that really happened during the last 15 years.

**Cities sold their public transit trains to speculators who then rented the trains back to the city for a price. The cities ran out of money with which to pay the speculators and the trains had to sit idle because the speculators had not gotten paid. See DC transit.

**Cities sold government buildings to speculators and then rented them back. Arizona took the cake when it sold its state capitol building and paid rent to continue meeting there.

**Parents pre-paid into secure ’state education trusts’ to use the money in the future for the education of their kids when they reached college age. The states spent all the money instead and now the kids get nothing.

**Corporations took out secret life insurance policies on sick or elderly employees and cashed in on them upon their deaths – Ka-Ching! The employees’ families got nothing. You just try to do that (oh, I forgot, you are not a corporation).

**Many people invested in Bernie Madoff’s investment scam only to have the money funneled to a bank in Israel and the trail ignored by government.

**Speculators pre-bought entire megawatts of electricity amounting to a large portion of a power plants’ yearly output. Once that limit was reached, the plants needed to pay the speculators their price in order to continue producing electricity. Can’t pay? The plant shuts down. Can pay? The plant passes down the increase to the consumer. This led to the infamous California brownouts. It gets better. The scam is still operational and will be the major cause behind your increased electrical bill and the accompanying brown outs in the near future.

**The secure ‘lock-box’ of Social Security was grabbed and used up by the Federal Government which left a bunch of IOUs in the lock-box in its stead. Now the government can’t pay all those IOUs, so its telling the people Social Security is no longer tenable.

**Cities, counties, states and the Federal government went Vegas by investing their employees’ retirement funds into the stock market (and skimming the profits). Now the big secret is ITS ALL GONE, evaporated down the speculative bubble drain. I mean talk about gambling with people’s lives! The time will soon come when the public employer will tell you your retirement payments will be reduced, or better yet, that your retirement is all gone.

**Speculation in India led to grain shortages and starvation. But there was really no grain shortage. All the grain was parked either in the fields or rotting in storage depots. The speculators had basically frozen up the market.

**Speculation in oil led to $5.00 a gallon. There was no oil shortage, just speculation. It was all done with paper. But, of course, the media keeps blaming the Arabs, although they have little or nothing to do with skyrocketing prices.

Oh, lets not forget the big one:

The junking of the American economy.

An illegal derivatives market carried out by the major banks was kept not only functional but secret from the American public from 1996 to 2009.

During this time, the banks carried out what amounted to illegal butt piracy involving capital and their investors money with the complete help and backing of the American Government.

Let’s take a look at this masterpiece, shall we?

Step-1) get the US government to guarantee all your mortgage loans (which is really a bit like having them guarantee your gambling spree)

Step-2) start giving out mortgages to every Tom, Dick and Harry who comes along and create a mortgage bubble

Step-3) gather all this mortgage debt into packages labeled AAA commodities and sell them to your neighboring bank and investment firms as ‘valuable assets.’

(Of course, banks and investment firms were the only ones trading amongst each other with this crud, but they are really the ones that matter. They weren’t really excited about the crud derivatives, what they were excited about was all YOUR MONEY they were giving each other in exchange for it).

Let’s take a short time out here.

Right there is a miracle of alchemy!

By turning massive debt into assets, the banks were basically turning crap into gold.

But let’s continue.

Step-4) offer your massive debt-based IOUs as valuable investment packages to the public so that investment firms and governments can invest retirees’ entire life savings into them through the 401K system.

Step-5) watch the bubble burst and go crying to the government to keep its promise about insuring all your mortgage investments

Step-6) get trillions of dollars from the government (in addition to all the dollars you have already traded amongst fellow banks and investors for useless mortgage derivatives).

*This is the big secret nobody is mentioning. The government HAD to give those banks all those trillions because it had foolishly guaranteed all their mortgages by law!

Step-7) invest all that money into Gold as the multi-trillion bailout destroys the dollar and all the other currencies which tag their worth to it (while promising the US government and the public that you will re-invest all those trillions back into the economy- A BIG FAT LIE)

Step-8) invest all those gold-backed trillions into forming your shining New World Order while the nations starve.

What a piece of work.

And we fell for it.

Well, really it was our bacchanalia Congress who fell for it, encouraged by lobbyists, corruption and greed…but, of course, it is us who have to pay the piper.

But let’s get back to the meat of the matter here.

All great revolutions are accompanied by starvation created through speculation.

This is what happened in the French Revolution and this is what happened in the Russian Revolution.

It gives the population that special desperate energy and hungry edge revolutions need to create riots and out-control behavior.

The government could all prevent this with a few simple laws NOW.

You know, a simple law like ‘You buy it, you take it, or goes back to the seller within 24 hours.’

But that’s hard to do in a society that regularly uses the word ‘futures’ alongside words like wheat, corn and oil.

You see, that’s what a 'future' is - a piece of speculation.

Buy all of it today so you can sell it tomorrow at an inflated price.

As it stands today, your electricity, your food, your fuel, your public transit, your government buildings and your retirement are all subject to the whims of speculation.

In other words, our entire physical reality is open to speculation, even people (see life-insurance scam featured above).

Our society is presently ripe to be torn apart through speculation.

Just remember, when we become penniless, without food, without fuel, and without electricity, and the government will offers you a truckload of lies as to why it’s all happening...

...when you are poor, cold (or hot) and starving, you will know it was because...


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