Friday, September 17, 2010


Excuse me?! The solution to America’s health care crisis is: ‘get health care or else’?

WTF, Obama?

The reason we can’t buy healthcare is because we are penniless!

Oh, don’t worry, the government will help you pay.

Yeah right, do you know how long it takes the government to process you through for a payment? And how much of it will the government help me pay anyhow. How much will my taxes be increased to help finance this bullshit.

The get-health-insurance-or-else law is here to stay.

A perfect melding of corporate and federal power, a perfect union of private capital and public money. A seamless fusing of the rich corporations and government. In other times this was called fascism (see your dictionary), but in the present it is called Obamacare.

The entire process for the first time revealed Obama to be a ‘house negro’ of the corporate establishment.

Now let me give you the definition of what a house negro is. A house negro was a slave (mostly in his later years) who had earned the complete trust of his masters to the extent that he was given full run of the house. In other words, he not only performed domestic chores, but accepted deliveries and received bills, and lived within his own master’s house.

No better definition than that fits our President.

Obama is an establishment - special interest – corporate confidant house negro.

Don’t get me wrong, I was actually supportive of the guy.

Perhaps I was just thankful he was elected instead of McCain because under Bush and the Neocons (like McCain) I was seeing this country inexorably turned into a full-fledged national police state, complete with concentration camps and a national thug force.

Obama seemed like a very needed brake from all that. At least he had to stand for something else besides the concentration-camping of America by way of his own party and platform.

And, of course, he did…but in the system’s way.

Let me tell you the system’s way…

…the system works like this: the Republicans are elected, and they build their half of the system’s despicable agenda. Then the Democrats get elected and they construct the other half.

Get it?

Two parties constructing their own respective halves of the beast at their own respective times. It’s still the same beast, just having its different parts built at different times by the same two parties.

Of course, this type of construction precludes that the incoming party and president don’t undo what the outgoing party and president have constructed.

Notice how Obama has rescinded ZERO (meaning NADA) of the Patriot Act or Patriot Act II and has in fact renewed that act. Really Barry? You didn’t find one objectionable paragraph inside that repulsive piece of fascist garbage you didn’t like?

Well, as it turns out, such a thing could never be constructed under Bush, his entire platform was based on tax cuts (supported by massive debt) and deregulation (letting corporations do what they wilt). Bush could not go on pretending to be a Republican by passing massive welfare laws –that’s the other guy’s specialty.

Ergo, out Bush Republicans, in Obama Democrats.

Now the beast can go on being constructed in the social sense…

…by introducing a massive and monstrous health care program that will makes us all subjects of the health care industry and the medical monopoly.

Like everyone else, I was deceived.

Many Presidents before Obama tried pushing through a comprehensive healthcare system. Clinton was the last one, and he failed (and he was pretty damn popular).

What chance did Obama have?

I was reassured warmly by the media that any healthcare plan had absolutely no chance of passing, and I believed them. Why not? What chance did a controversial president in a politically divided country and Congress have of passing a universal health care plan?

Zilcho! or so I thought.

Then I started seeing the big guns – the healthcare industry – lining up, physically lining up behind Obama and stating in one unified voice that they supported ‘health care reform.’ That made my skin crawl.

I never saw special interest line up behind the President on behalf of socialist laws unless it would benefit THEM.

Then started the commercials against Obamacare. It would hurt this, and it would end that and it would cost this. Whatever. Things looked to be going back to normal. That vision I saw on TV of the health care industry representatives lining up behind Obama must have been some weird dream, or maybe I just thought I was seeing that.

This was followed by the rowdy town hall meetings and Tea Party protests which threatened that we’d better NOT get socialist medicine or else! Well, that made me a lot more comfortable, because I saw America wasn’t deceived. In fact, we were pissed off, and that meant the thing was not going to pass. I believed that. But like some wizened old gentleman told me on the street once, ‘you can believe whatever you want, that doesn’t mean it’s true.’

It was a special day in Karen Ignani, head of the medical lobby of all medical lobbies, America’s Health Insurance Plans stand up in Obama’s presence and proclaim to all gathered that she fully supported the President’s plan.


Here we have the head of the most gigantic health insurance lobby in America standing up and proclaiming for all to hear that her lobby stood solidly behind the president on his health care plan (notice it was not called a universal health care plan at this point because this upset a lot of people more than they were already upset).

So the head of the health insurance industry lobby supports the President’s controversial healthcare plan (not that anybody knew exactly what that plan was in the first place).

Remember that skin crawling sensation I mentioned before?

Right there and then I knew something rotten was afoot, along with a lot of trickery, lies and false leads.

Remember all those medical industry anti-Obama care commercials? What did they all mean in the first place? Why did they suddenly disappear off the airways? All they attacked were “hidden taxes,” not a public health care plane per se. Well, what do you think ‘get health insurance or else’ Obama plan means? That is a huge tax and a forced private transaction on the private citizen.

What was going on?

I guess all those health industry honchos lining up behind Obama was not an illusion after all.

They really WERE behind him on this one.

All that stuff with the anti-Obamacare commercials on TV seemed to have been just an expensive smoke screen to feign opposition to Obama. It was just Br’er Rabbit begging not to be thrown into the briar patch. Anyone familiar with the story knows getting thrown in the briar patch was exactly what Br’er Rabbit wanted his enemies to do to him. And, it seems, Obamacare was exactly what the medical industry wanted to happen all along. At the last round, they were suddenly pulling off their mean anti-socialist medicine masks, and cheering Obama for the last lap!

What a huge, cunning, calculated and deceptive lie!

Remember now – THESE Machiavellians are the people who will be running our universal healthcare. What possible good can you expect from them?

Anyway, it turns out – get this – that Obama got the entire plan directly from the hands of the health care industry – they wrote it! I kid you not. Ex-employees of the health care lobby wrote the thing.

You get that?

The health care industry wrote Obamacare…
…Obama just grabbed it and put it before Congress…
…and Congress passed it (illegally)…
…and Obama signed it.

Again, I ask the question:

Are those our representatives sitting up there, or are they simply direct liaisons to the corporate world?

Are we a republic or a corporate plutocracy?

Ladies and Gentlemen: WTF!!!!!!!!!!!????????

We’ve been couped!

Government by corporations (see the old Rollerball movie) has become a reality!!!

The move itself was more Emmanuelesque than Obama. The hand of Rahm ‘the cruel’ Emmanuel showed right through on this one. Calm down the opposition, prepare things behind the scenes, then suddenly and brutally stab them in the back. HA HA!!!

Let the media crow and babble on about how your healthcare plan hasn’t a chance of passing the house.

Then it passes.

Let the media continue to babble on how it hasn’t a chance of passing the Senate.

Then it does.

Let the media continue blathering on how it doesn’t stand a chance of passing Congress…

…and see how the House leadership rams it through illegally.

What a piece of Machiavellian political masterpiece.

Oh, by the way…

Where was the media getting all its information from on this one? How could they pull such a huge boner?

Oh, I forgot. The media have turned into nothing more than people who pick up press releases and report them to the public (knew there was an explanation).

Folks, we’ve been royally screwed. Like Emmanuel likes to scream, we are “DEAD!” right before stabbing steak knife into a table (true story).

You can see the whole sickening event on “Frontline: Obama’s Deal”