Friday, July 23, 2010

Tempe Town Lake: A Perfect Analogy

In typical Arizona fashion, the government of Tempe saw it fit, several years ago, to create an artificial lake on the (artificially dried out) Salt River bed by letting water in, and keeping it there with a rubber curtain.

See the sense in that?

I thought you wouldn't.

Yeah, rubber doesn't stand up too good in the desert.
I knew this the day these bozos put up that silly rubber curtain to create a grandiose aquatic getaway they called Tempe Town Lake, that it was just about the craziest thing anyone could do. But this is Arizona, and the crazy is normal.

Well, guess what, the rubber curtain which created the lake burst yesterday (7-21-10), and drained the entire lake.

It would have been funny, if it hadn't been for all those poor doomed fishes flopping around.

When I saw it happen live at around midnight, a strange feeling of depression came over me.

How like those doomed fishes are we Americans. How much like that silly rubber curtain is our economy, and basically everything that is supposed to be holding this country together.
Its really a good analogy.

These Tempe idiots said it was a great idea to create an artificial lake based on a rubber curtain. Our Wall Street idiots thought it was a great idea to base our banking infrastructure on the trade of junk derivatives -our idiotic government thought so too.

Well, guess what: sooner or later you pay for irresponsible stupidity, and a lot of (innocent) fishes die.

Yeah, how alike are we to all those fishes. Silly, clueless beings living out our meagre existence in the insane habitat they created for us, and dying with it when the wall finally bursts.