Saturday, December 26, 2015

Dread and Horror: It's Hillary in 2016

People keep harping on how Hillary is done.

How she doesn’t have a chance.

How Trump is the ‘for-sure’ winner of the Presidency.

What they don’t look at are the bureaucratic machinations that decide all our elections behind the scenes.

The skeletons in Hillary’s closet are numerous and well known by all:
    -Mena, Arkansas murder
    -Vince Foster Murder
    -Bangazi Murders
    -Email scandal
    -non-stop lying

But what people have failed to notice is that all this scandal and  all this criminality has FAILED to put a dent in the Hillary campaign...or Hillery herself.

She has the same Teflon protection that kept her ‘husband’ “Slick Willie” Clinton out of jail or prosecution during the entirety of his terms as Governor of Arkansas and finally as President.

While people keep saying Trump is the lead candidate bar none in the Republican Party, nobody notices Hillary is the only contender in the Democratic Party - the rest consisting of a bunch of unknown losers.

Really! Are all those nobodies astride Hillary the BEST the Democratic Party has to offer?  The most eloquent?  The most charismatic?

All these losers were forced to wait while Queen Hillary-I went to the bathroom during the last Democratic Debate.

In addition, it was HILLARY who was exclusively invited to the last King-making Bildeberger Conference, in which future leadership is crowned.

Hillary should have already been in prison or at lease exiled from government for all her crimes....yet she’s on TOP of the world!!!

So first of all, it’s HILLARY for the Democratic nomination.

Secondly, Trump’s position is not as solid as it seems.

The Republican Party has already turned against Trump, seeing him as somebody that needs to be gotten rid of as soon as possible.

In other words, the Republican Party sees Trump much the same way that it views the Tea Party - something that needs to be squashed.

The Republican Bureaucracy is already pulling the strings to NOT nominate Trump as Republican candidate for the Presidency.

So the only question is:

“How do we get rid of Trump?”

If they had any class or smarts they would have already told Trump he doesn’t have a chance in hell for the nomination....and give him enough time to organize his run as an independent.

If they are stupid they will simply appoint the unpopular mafioso Jeb Bush or unelectable foreign-born Ted Cruz as their candidate.

Either way, the Republican Party LOSES.

Jeb Bush is an unpopular loser.

Ted Cruz is a foreign-born national who constitutionally CANNOT be President.

And an independent run by Donald Trump will SPLIT the Republican vote as Trump draws in the far-right Conservatives....

...and lead to what has always happened during a party is split - victory for the opposing side!

This is what happened when the Democratic Party split in 1860...resulting in the victory of Republicans Lincoln.

This is what happened when the Republican Party split in 1912, resulting in a victory of Democrats Wilson.

This is what happened when the Republican Party split in 1992, resulting in a victory of Democrat Bill Clinton.

...and this is what will happen if the Republican Party splits in 2016.

The common denominator all these past split-party elections have is that they ushered in a loser who otherwise had no chance of becoming President.

The 2016 elections stand to make one unelectable more loser - Hillary Clinton - President of the United States.

For those of you who might have missed all the preparatory Illuminati red carpet programming... might have noticed the CBS series “Madame Secretary” which is an entire TV series devoted to the adventures of a female Secretary of State (Hillary Clinton’s former post) as she puts all things to right.

Also you might have noticed all the pro-female programming along the lines that women are just as good, just as strong, just as smart, just as fact, more good, more strong, more smart and more capable than men... movies like Madame Secretary, Maleficent, Edge of Tomorrow, Interstellar, Hunger Games, Mad Max, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, etc, etc, etc, where the Female reigns supreme and the male serves as a useful idiot to be the female, of course.

Girl Power!

Psychological preparation for “what it’s about time for” - “America’s first” (cue in applause and cheering) “female” (crowd goes wild) “President!” (sounds of delirious celebration).

So the ground has been prepared for “Dame Hillary the First” to become President, starting with the media’s psychological programming, continuing with the Bildeberg coronation, progressing with the appointment of useless competing Democratic contenders, and topping it off with the denial of Donald Trump’s nomination as Republican Party Candidate (not happened yet, but coming soon).

Before getting into what Hillary has to offer, let’s get into Trump’s role is in the game.

Trump is pressure vent.

If you know what a pressure cooker is, you know it has a vent to steadily let off order to keep it from exploding.

Donald Trump is the pressure vent for the American public... a public who is presently in a pressure cooker environment.

You don’t have to be rocket scientist to know what to say to the American public.

The public is frustrated at too many illegals being admitted into the country.

Tell them “No more illegals!”

Public frustrated at unemployment and the economy?

Tell them “America first in employment and the economy!”

Public frustrated at the kid gloves with which terrorists are treated?

“Annihilate the terrorists”

Public angry at letting in more Muslim immigrants?

“No more Muslim immigrants!”

Public upset by higher taxes?

“Lower taxes for all!”

Public in disagreement with increasing government tyranny and war?

“More Internet censorship, more war, less privacy...uh...”

Oh, well, “The Trump” got most of the good stuff down anyway, too bad he believes in expanding the war overseas and increasing tyranny at home (just like the past two Presidents), but he makes you feel good in the other departments, doesn’t he?

And all those feel good pressure-vent statements he’s making fulfill his role as a frustration-releasing mechanism for a very frustrated and angry American public.

And the American public has A LOT to be frustrated about:
    -industry and jobs exported to China
    -remaining jobs taken by illegal and H1B1 visa immigrants
    -higher taxes
    -higher prices
    -decreased pay
    -decreased employment
    -foreign wars
    -being forced to purchase expensive health insurance
    -sick veterans treated like trash
    -US being put under foreign laws and bureaucrats
So Americans have a lot to be frustrated about.

And Trump is the emergency pressure-vent designed to keep the electorate from exploding.

But what is he exactly?

As Trump likes to say, “he” never went bankrupt, but his empire-like corporate capital holdings sure have...


Up until 1991 Trump was an unstoppable can-do-no-wrong capitalist force at the forefront of the capitalist world.

He even wrote a runaway best seller called “The Art of the Deal” in 1987.

Then the powers that be probably decided to show him who the real bosses were....or Trump was just incompetent and...

...his Taj Mahal Casino in Atlantic City went bankrupt in 1991....

....his Trump Plaza Hotel went bankrupt in 1992...

...all his hotels and casinos went bankrupt in 2004...

Simultaneously with this huge bankruptcy, Trump set out to salvage his image through a TV series called ‘The Apprentice’ that same year.

In this TV show, the image of Trump as a confident, powerful, awe-inspiring representation of capitalism was re-established...

The image was kept going through news and gossip media coverage in addition to his ‘game show’ appearances.

Pretty soon Trump was back to super-man status....

... in spite of all ‘Trump Entertainment Resorts’ in general going bankrupt in 2009.

And  since then Trump has remained just that - an image of power and wealth, if not substance.

Cut to the core, Trump is nothing more than a glorified real-estate investor - a speculator, who has contributed nothing to the economy...

...and a member of the system.

In another vein, Trump is just the WWF (World Wrestling Federation) of the capitalist world - a ubiquitous, over the top showman, who projects vast intimidating power and cunning for all the fans to enjoy.

In reality, he is a acolyte of the establishment who has been shown the door, shown his place and been slapped over the head quite a few times, after which he has been salvaged and rebuilt in the eyes of the public.

Trump knows who his masters are.

They tore him down...and they built him up again.

Trump’s interest in politics statesmanship doesn’t extend beyond bribing the local politician to ease his investments.

If he has climbed the political stage it is because his MASTERS have told him to.

And he is there now...serving as a pressure vent....and enjoying all the attention...

...but make no mistake...

...Trump has no ambition in politics...and won’t shed a tear about losing the Republican nomination...

He already has what he wanted: more fame, more celebrity, more status...and a guaranteed place as the spokesman for America.

So he WILL accept NOT being nominated as the Republican Candidate...

...he WILL accept running as a ticket-splitting third party candidate...

...and he WILL accept losing at the polls (whether contrived or not).

And the American people will be left with one more let down and one more false messiah to follow off stage.

Meanwhile....let’s take a look at what we WILL get.

It’s a sign of the times when, in a ‘democracy’ of 320 million people, you have the brother of a previous President against the wife of a previous President...for the Presidency.

Is this a democracy, or a Plutocracy?

Are ‘The People’ running or are two royal Dynasties competing for the throne?

I mean, what’s next?

House Haarkonen vs House Atreides?

Hillary Clinton is simply a direct representation of what’s coming to this country.

She is a criminal.

Partner-in-crime with her ‘husband’ Bill Clinton in drug running, money laundering and murder in Mena Arkansas....

Knowledgeable partner in the killing of White House Counsel (and crime colleague) Vince Foster.

Knowledgeable partner in the assassination-by-air-crash of Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown.

Co-conspirator in the murder of US Ambassador to Libya, John C. Stevens and his Navy Seal escorts as they were abandoned to die at the hands of Muslim Fundamentalists while the Navy watched was ordered to stand Hillary.

Conspirator in setting up a secret, personal, off-the-record email service with which to transact official, top secret and classified US government communications - an act of sabotage, treachery and possible spying for a foreign power.

What foreign power?

Would you believe Israel?

You’ve got to remember, this is the same Hillary who suddenly remembered he grandmother spoke fluent Yiddish.

And let’s not forget ol’ Hillary is also a Lesbian.

That’s right.

Her marriage to Bill Clinton a total scam and contract of convenience which permitted her to cavort with her female lovers while Bill cavorted with his own set.

And let’s not forget Hillary Clinton is a Communist from her days back in College - a well known fact -making her a possible agent for the other side.

In addition, there is a strong rumor that Hillary is a practicing witch (no kidding) - a real bona fide satanic witch who holds her rituals in the White House.

Oh, and one more thing, Hillary, like her husband BIll (and Obama) is a CIA asset, whose ascension to the throne  would make her the fourth consecutive CIA President (after Bush-I, Bush-II and Obama) to enter the White House.

So there you have it.

A criminal, lying, murdering, communist, lesbian witch who works for the CIA.

Once you know all that, you have no problem believing Hillary breaks into laughter every time the subject of DEATH comes up.


(please note her sheer joy and hilarity)


And there you have the criminally deranged, communist, murderous lesbian spy witch traitor that is Hillary Rodham Clinton.

You know, I never falter at having enough negative adjectives when describing the Illuminati slaves I describe on this blog, but in the case of

Hillary Clinton, my words truly fail me - I simply do not have enough words - words fail me - when trying to describe this evil character.

You’ll have to forgive me for saying this...I don’t think America can survive this entity called Hillary Clinton...

...and the prospect of her becoming President...

...has me considering leaving the country.

Good luck with THIS particular monster, America.

You’re going to need it.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Will Multiple Sclerosis Become a Plague?

The new disease is Peripheral Neuropathy.

There is so much of this disease sprouting that an entire new industry has developed, making use of thousands of hours of TV commercials and full-page newspaper ads to purvey the 20 MILLION who have been suddenly afflicted.

“Not to be alarmed” as the media says.

Nothing to see here folks.

Just a “minor complication”....

...that happens to be exploding...

...and isn’t so minor.

In fact Peripheral Neuropathy is a SERIOUS indicator of a possible MASSIVE forthcoming epidemic of autoimmune disease.

Autoimmune disease IS the THE disease everyone should know about...but don’t.

This is no accident.

The media has kept a lid on it for 60 years.


Because Autoimmune disease is a disease caused EXCLUSIVELY by VACCINES!

And Autoimmune disease is increasingly out of control because the establishment’s massive and continuous vaccination campaigns are out of control.

The more vaccination the more Autoimmune disease.

What is Auto-immune disease?

It is a disease in which the body turns against itself and starts rejecting and destroying its own tissue.

Why does the body reject and destroy its own tissue?

Because its tissues have been invaded for foreign DNA injected into it through vaccines.

Sometimes (like in Cancer) the body has a good reason to consume the contaminated tissue.... others (like Multiple Sclerosis) it just seems like a rabid out of control predator, mercilessly destroying itself.

What are the names of the Autoimmune diseases?

-Multiple Sclerosis
-Guillaine Barre
-Graves’s Disease
-autoimmune Hepatitis
...amongst others

Hey! That’s a good portions of the diseases afflicting humanity!

If you or a loved one has, had or will have any of these diseases know that the cause of all of them are vaccination.

The Peripheral Neuropathy that is now afflicting MILLIONS of Americans is a type of autoimmune disease which affects Myelin.

Myelin is the fatty sheath which surrounds our nerves.

If you could look at the human body as an electrical device, and our nerves as wires, then you could look at Myelin as the sheathing on the electrical wires.

Now imagine what would happen to any electrical device if you removed all the sheathing from its wires.

The answer is pretty much what happens to the human body when the sheathing on the nerves is eaten away.

The result is a disease like Multiple Sclerosis (MS) or its smaller brother, Guillaine Barre.

A disease which leads to shaking and paralysis as the connection between Brain and body are interrupted...

...through Demyelination  of the nervous system.

That’s right - the body basically eats away the sheathing from its own nerves.

And if Guillaine Barre is the smaller sibling of Multiple Sclerosis, Peripheral Neuropathy is the baby brother of Guillaine Barre.

In other words, it’s basically the same disease caused by different levels of deterioration of the nervous system.

This is why the new upsurge in Peripheral Neuropathy frightens me.

It’s an indicator of what is to come - widespread nervous system disorders.

If you can imagine an entire portion of the US population afflicted with Multiple Sclerosis, then you can imagine what I am talking about.

The advent of Peripheral Neuropathy is a serous marker or indicator of what is to come.

And nervous disorder diseases caused by Dmyelination are indeed horrible diseases to have.

The secretive and low key indications that a large portion of the American population is coming down en masse with Nervous System Demyelination Disease is a serious indicator of a massive population affliction...

...and a health disaster.

Not that we should focus on Peripheral Neuropathy at the expense of the other blossoming Autoimmune diseases: Cancer, Diabetes and Lupus, but the truth is Demyelinating disease was relatively rare...until now.

Peripheral Neuropathy is simply the Demyelination of the nerves at the periphery or extremeties of the human body.

So it affects the feet, the hands, the head and face, in which area the process of demyelinating begins (and eventually spreads).

The most common symptom of Peripheral Neuropathy is extreme pain in the feet caused by demyelination of the nerves.

This is an affliction Americans do not need, but which has been given to them by their friendly Flu Vaccine provider.

Flu Vaccines are probably the #1 purveyor of this ghastly disease (and of Lupus and Multiple Sclerosis as well) and will continue to increase the incidence even as their use escalates.

The intrusion of this genetic material into our bodies has created a plague of demyelination  plague which expresses itself presently in the outbreak of so-called ‘“Peripheral Neuropathy.”

Hopefully this will subside.

At worse it could explode into a massive outbreak of     Multiple Sclerosis type disease in the American population.

But there is a bright side to this vicious assault on the body by the medical establishment.

The body has the capacity to repair Myelin damage.

But the American population has got to STOP...

...getting Flu Vaccines...

...eating Junk Food...

...start eating healthy...


...STOP submitting itself to Standard Medicine (which is KILLING THEM)...

...and give their bodies a CHANCE TO REPAIR THEMSELVES.

Myelin is fatty tissue.

A good source for repairing Myelin are therefore fatty foods like:

    -Fish Oil
    -Olive Oil
    -nuts and nut oils
    -foods containing all the B vitamins

The consumption of these foods contributes to the repair of Myelin.

American wake up!

The cost of not doing so is too big, too ugly and too horrible to describe!

Friday, December 18, 2015

Tribute: Why We Aren't Free

I finally got around to watching the first three films of the Hunger Games...just recently.

I promised myself I would not read or watch this “franchise” because the week the very first book came out I discovered it was a piece of teen fiction put out by Scholastic (a children’s publisher) which celebrated the torture and murder of children.


Let’s review the facts again.

A children’s book which celebrates the torture and murder of children?

What’s up Scholastic, trying to twist and pervert the little ones?

Whatever the case may be, my button has always been the murder of children on film....or otherwise.

I see it, I turn it off, or leave the theater, throw the book in the garbage, etc.

I saw it for the first time in a movie called ‘The Lord of the Flies’ (the first version)...and when I saw that was the way things were going I turned off the TV.

I walked out of a what looked like pretty interesting film with Kurt Russell called ‘The Soldier’ and later crime drama with Angelina Jolie called ‘The Changeling’ for the same reason.

And its not just me.

There is (still) a social taboo, even in the film industry (for now) against showing children being graphically killed on screen.

In other words our society in general is not ready to accept it.

The killing of children on film therefore always occurs off screen.

How curious then that the entire main premise of ‘The Hunger Games’ is the the murder of a film aimed at a child audience.

Like I said, I was disturbed by it all and swore not to have anything to do with this obviously evil franchise. I have stated...I have recently viewed all three films and might later read the book.


No moralistic posturing here.

There were several reasons:

1) I love science fiction

2) I love distopian films

3) There was a dearth of viewing material to watch on my DVD player

and, more importantly

4) I began suspecting that Hunger Games contained predictive programming involving Illuminati plans...and that I would remain ignorant of these unless I  watched it.

In that I was right.

I can’t say I enjoyed the fact, watching it was a depressing experience...and the film seemed rather stupid at times.

The deaths of children happened, but were kept off the screen
Despite that, the initial scene of the ‘Cornucopia’ not only bothered me, but depressed and haunted me for a long time afterwards.

What my ‘movie-logic’ instinct particularly disliked was the fact of frightened little twelve-year olds were being thrown into an arena against big, murderous, muscled, and trained 18-year-olds.

These little kids didn’t have a chance!

Where was the sportsmanship?

Then I began to analyze the premise of the ritual.

The unfortunate little kids going to the ‘Hunger Games’ were chosen at random because they used government food coupons which put them inside a lottery for the games.

The whole point was not sportsmanship or entertainment, but (as the movie puts it) Tribute.

The kids sent to kill each other in the games are ‘Tribute’ to the Government from the ‘regions’ under its control.


In this case the ‘Tribute’ consisted of underage minors - children - sent to be sacrificed on the altar of the Hunger Games.

Human Tribute.

What then is ‘Tribute’ and what is it’s nature?

The dictionary defines tribute as:

"a stated sum or other valuable consideration paid by one sovereign or state to another in acknowledgment of subjugation”

Get it?

Tribute is a symbolic payment or action which demonstrates subjugation and servitude to an over-power by  a lesser power.

The act of giving tribute has the purpose of PROVING that the giver is a subject to the receiver.

The ancient Persian Emperors asked for the simple tribute of ‘earth and water’ from the territory swearing allegiance to the Persian Empire (you might remember this scene in the movie ‘300’) given in the presence of the subject king and his nobles to Persian noble witnesses.

What a nice inexpensive ritual, right?

Well, it got a bit more expensive afterwards...

...when the subject kings were scheduled to surrender yearly portions of their wealth to the Persian treasury and send regular detachments of their troops to fight within the Persian Army.

But the tribute ritual served its purpose.

The Romans required that kings kneel before the statue of the Roman Emperor...who was worshiped as a god.

The extensive monetary tributes followed in turn.

As it happens, this particular ritual led to severe problems with Jews and Christians who frequently refused to do this because they believed it would damn them before God.

No problem...

...the recalcitrants were themselves turned into ‘tribute’ by either becoming sacrifices to the Colosseum or massacred in the name of Mars.


The symbolic act which proves subjection to a greater authority.

Modern society STILL has its requirements of ‘tribute.’

If I have learned anything in studying the Illuminati and history is that there are constants which hold true century after century...millennia after millennia in society after society and civilization after civilization.

YOU are subject to TRIBUTE...believe it or not.

The equation has never changed.

Remember - a tribute is a symbolic act which PROVES your subjection to the system.

It does not have to be monetary.

Society still extracts its Tribute from its subjects today.

When you submit to tribute, it puts the mind of the masters at ease because it proves that the population are subjected and compliant.

It is a reassurance of servitude and subjection.

The ancient Carthaginians and Phoenicians sacrificed their children to the god Moloch (also called Baal or Lord).

The willingness of the population to shout HELL NO! to this abomination proved they were compliant subjects of the system.

The Romans made human sacrifice fun! Most of the Roman population shouted its approval at the entertaining executions of the arena.

The ancient Druids carried out fiery sacrifices of nobles and children to their gods while the compliant population watched.

In the Middle Ages, public burnings (sacrifices) of ‘witches’ (psychic or intelligent individuals) and heretics (Christians whose belief differed slightly from Church dogma) was happily approved and attended by the local population.

Other ‘tributes’ which were popular at the time was the right of local ‘lords’ to get first dibs on peasant brides the day before they got married.

Add to this the right of life or death over every peasant, denial of the right of private property, the surrender of 60% of the crops (income) to the lord and the royal right to ‘impress’ (enslave) peasants for war...and you have a most  perfect system of tribute.

Symbolic acts of fealty and subjection.

As long as the population complies  unquestioningly and without protest to these acts of subjection, the oligarchy is reassured of its control.

THIS is why any variance, complaint or hesitation to comply with TRIBUTE is treated so HARSHLY by the authorities.

We’ve got some strange tributes ourselves which, unbeknownst to most of the population are part of the tribute which our society demands as proof of our subjection.

Let’s take a look at some of them, shall we?

The most basic type of tribute is the total surrender of all your legal property to an authority.

The right to own private property has been a basic right since the beginning of civilization.

You can’t be more subjected and can’t offer much greater tribute than the surrender of your all the others watch...and accept it as right and just.

Let’s begin with the most petty and most informal of tributes - the authority of your local Home Owner’s Association over your house.

It’s gotten slightly better, but HOAs used to (and some still do) have the authority to apply fines and daily penalties to the property owner,and, if those fines are not paid, shut off your water!

The violations might consist of such paltry infractions as not mowing your lawn, painting your house the wrong color, owning a pet, fixing your car in your garage or having weekly gatherings.

Let these penalties sit a few more months and the HOA claims your house and auctions it off to pay off all those accumulated fines and penalties.

If that is not a flat-out violation of property rights, I don’t know what is!

The HOA system is training for tyranny.

The most petty, power-hungry, aggressively corrupt neighborhood residents become members and quickly find situations in which they can flex their association muscles on the unfortunate home owners.

Violate the city code and your house is declared uninhabitable...and confiscated or demolished.

You don’t have to do much to get into this doo doo.

If you Just possibly own a goat, fail to maintain your yards, have too many people living there, let the paint job peel, have too many possessions (hoarding), park vehicles in your back yard, have too big a tree, have too high a wall, leave parts of your house in disrepair, raise animals, have smells, have your home disconnected from the power grid (by using solar), or sell stuff from your home...then you might be a candidate for serious city code violations.

All that is enough to declare your home to be ‘blight’ or even be declared which case the authorities will ‘seize’ our property, auction it, tear it down, or do whatever else they want with it.

Your title, paid property taxes and paid mortgage be damned.

This guy had his house demolished and his property seized for no reason other than not being able to inhabit the thing on a regular basis!

Yes indeed, the hunger for power runs deep in our veins, starting with your local city council.

And the people stand idly by and accept it

The theory is you own your property until your local city council decides you don’t...and that your city council does!

How’s that for god-like power?

Two more requirements are that the confiscation be for the ‘public good’ and that you be duly compensated for your property

Can you name ONE law, regulation, executive order or war that was not created for ‘the public good’?

I didn’t think so.

Do you really think you will be given blue-book price for your property?

I haven’t seen it happen yet.

What I have seen are entire square miles of productive mom and pop trade stores plowed under to make way for a glorified strip mall called Tempe Marketplace.

Also, I have seen miles of humble mom and pop businesses on Apache Avenue raised to the ground to make way for mile after mile of section -8 (government subsidized housing) cinder block structures which resemble a prison.

(sounds like a great urban development scheme...but I don’t even want to think what Tempe, AZ will look like after Tempe Market Place collapses)

It’s gotten to the point where just having a Walmart move into your neighborhood is good enough reason to confiscate, underpay and vanquish people who have struggles to build a business and clientèle over decades.

Not only that, but the truth is this forced type of relocation basically ENDS the dislocated business due to loss of clientèle (nobody in the controlled media mentions this fact).

As if that weren’t enough, did you know Walmart gets PAID by your own city council to move into your city?

Thought it was the other way around?

Obviously, you don’t under stand the ways of tribute.

Walmart not only demands free infrastructure, but also a payment to the tune of millions of dollars for the ‘honor’ of having mom and pop stores
dislocated and the remainder shut down through unfair competition.

All I can say to the towns which do this is PRAY that the CEOs doesn’t one day decide to close down your local Walmart...because if they do what you will have left will be a GHOST TOWN!

And the people stand idly by for this rendition.

This one’s as old as Babylon.

It’s main purpose (unknown to the sheep) is to keep the little people from getting wealthy.

It’s so old even the Founding Fathers thought it was a good idea and planned to run the government off of it.

The truth is that it is an unfair tax simply because property does not necessarily produce fact, it is frequently a liability and COSTS wealth.

Yet under this Illuminati logic system property represents your wealth and your ability to pay.

The child-like logic (justification) of this tax is that if you have a large property, you must have a lot of money, and vice versa.

Not included in this logic is that you might have inherited your large property or spent your whole life earning and saving money in order to get it, but that doesn’t matter.

You don’t pay...the state confiscates your property....rather quickly I might add!

In fact, some states have entire departments standing by to move on the property of forgetful oldsters and confiscate their property the minute they fall behind on their yearly property tax payments.

Many have referred to Property Tax as something that proves you don’t really own your property....the state does.

Also called a ‘death tax.’

And yes, this one is as old as Babylon as well.

In fact, there are Sumerian cuneiform tablets complaining about this one (and Sumeria is OLDER than Babylon).

The Sumerian account has the tax collector standing right there at the funeral to collect on this tax on the sons’ inheritance the moment the corpse of the father is buried.

History and tradition aside, this is one of the most bizarre and unnatural taxes ever conceived.

It simply puts a penalty on accumulating wealth and passing it on to your spouse or children - something very natural - and frequently the tax is unnaturally heavy - up to 50%!

There is the constant story of the wife or children inheriting a factory, only to be forced to sell it in order to pay the Inheritance Tax.

The elite have good enough reason to fear the accumulation of wealth by the peasants - that is how they became the elite!

In other words, the Inheritance Tax is a mechanism to prevent the accumulation of wealth (that is something only the Elite are allowed to do), and as such is the ultimate tribute displaying how little control you and your family have over your own wealth.

Brief review so far:

If you own property, you let an authority (a HOA) tell you how to run it... obey the Codes set by the State for its the taxes for the mere right to own it...and surrender half of it upon your death...or have all of your property confiscated.

Doesn’t that just make you feel all warm and Peasant-like inside?

The difference between a peasant and the King is the King pays no taxes - the peasants do.

As progress steadily from a capitalistic and democratic system towards a Feudal kingdom, it comes as no surprise that the people on top are beginning to resemble kings.

Corporations, for example.

Legally a corporation is a ‘person’ before the law.

A living, breathing entity - that’s why when corporate decision makers make decisions that get people KILLED (like selling dangerous medications) it is the corporation that gets sued, not the decision makers.

Which brings me to a curious legal point:

Has the death penalty ever been pronounced over a corporation?

How about a prison sentence?

Didn’t think so.

That’s only happens to ‘persons’ like us.

So, back to royalty.

The top 50 Corporations in this country PAY NO TAXES.

And not only do they NOT pay taxes...but In fact GET government subsidies (tribute from the peasants) because...well...they are who they are!

And the corporate executive who run these corporations pay no taxes either...yet get paid more than the Queen of England.

We are talking royal mean salaries of tens of millions.

Now I am sure these are highly capable, talented and gifted people...but what type of talent and skill entitles you to $22 million per year, like John Stumpf, CEO of Wells Fargo gets.

Is John Stumpf really THREE HUNDRED TIMES more talented than an electrical engineer?

Is his IQ 300 times higher than the typical American?

Does he make the company 300 times more money than an accountant would?

I don’t think so.

And neither do I think so of Joshua Sapan of AMC Networks ($40 million per year)...

...nor of Satya Nadella of Microsoft Corporation ($80 million per year)...

...nor David Zaslav of Discovery Communications ($156 million per year).

These people don’t make these obscene amounts of money because they are particularly talented, they make them because they have the right connections and represent the right people (mostly at the international bank level).

And yes, they pay no taxes...because they are our royalty - the princes of the capitalist world.

In fact, it is a great irony that most of the companies who these CEOs manage are LOSING money...but that doesn’t stop them from getting multi-million dollar BONUSES every year.

So what CAN you call a group of people who pay no taxes yet receive millions every year while the peasants CHEER?


And the millions that the corporate managers receive tax free, most of it from government contracts, government subsidies and government welfare...paid for by taxes from the peasants?

What better name for it than...Tribute.

Again: tribute is something that is required of you as a symbolic act of subjection...and punished severely if refused.

A major tribute that must be surrendered is your meek acceptance of violations of your privacy.

One is consistently asked at stores for your ‘preferred customer’ (i.e. registered and tracked person) card and your polite refusal to get one is met with an attitude reserved for suspicious criminal behavior.

Not only that, but, you are PUNISHED by being forced to pay HIGHER prices for the items you buy. I call this a privacy tax.

The traffic stop, an everyday surrender of tribute to the authorities  demonstrates that you are a law abiding citizen willing to sit under the imposing criticism of authority. Refuse to stop and the punishment might well be death. Complain and you must pay a arbitrary tax bases on the cop’s opinion. Be disrespectful and you might trigger an extreme punishment.

These types of tributes on the road have expanded to roadblocks, where you must know stop and be questioned...and answer if you are a US citizen...where are you going and your business there. Refusal to respond to these random and basic violations of privacy might result (as with all tribute)
with extreme and drastic (not to mention brutal) consequences.

An extreme type of tribute must be rendered at the Airport in order for you to enjoy the PRIVILEGE of traveling. You must be questioned, searched, touched and processed like a common criminal. In addition, you must raise up your arms and surrender before being stripped of all your clothing figuratively through X-rays photography which produce a NUDE photo of you surrendering tribute with your arms raised. If you refuse, you must render tribute in the form of having your genitals squeezed by a uniformed enforcer.
As with any tribute, refusal results in drastic action - you can’t travel and must leave the airport immediately. Refuse to do this and the consequences can get extreme (as with the woman they tied to a chair and suffocated to death right here in Sky Harbor Airport).

A further type of privacy tribute is COMPLIANCE recording of your communication. When the American people have officially been told that ALL their email and phone conversations are recorded for perpetuity (through the Snowden releases) and don’t rise up in protest, that is tribute. It is an acceptance of subjection to the state and the fact that what they say and write is no longer theirs.

Finally, monuments to the tribute of sacrificed privacy are line our very streets in the form of cameras. That they have not been spray painted or torn down is a monument to our zoo-like subjection. It’s gotten to the point where people (either through shame, embarrassment, dread or straight out double-think) are denying that these cameras even exist.

One of the most basic tributes of subjection is the surrender of the freedom of speech. The population’s surrender to Political Correctness has reached the extreme as words like ‘Homosexual’ ‘Jew’ ‘Black’ ‘Brown Bag’ ‘Mexicans’ have become prohibited. Along with this are the enforcement of business-destroying fines for refusal to serve certain people (like Gays, Transexuals or any racial group).

Meanwhile, certain forms of criticism against Obama, or denying Global Warming and the Holocaust and stating that Government or the United Nations is corrupt...much less any speculation on any conspiracy theory is enough to bring heat on you...if not incarceration.

A family bakery was shut down through massive public fines after they refused to bake a cake for a homosexual marriage.

Europeans are regularly INCARCERATED for affirming that the numbers of the Holocaust might be off by a few fractions.

My aunt was INCARCERATED in a MENTAL ASYLUM in New York City for saying the NYPD was ‘corrupt.’

People who espouse government conspiracies are regularly committed to mental institutions as insane.

The American public has submitted to the tribute of having their tongues figuratively cut off as they not only watch what they say...but ENFORCE this self-censorship on others.

I am frequently given the crazy-person look by my fellow Americans as I point to a camera that is obviously THERE. No matter, the mere fact that I am expressing alarm is enough to judge me potentially insane.

We are indeed a population which surrenders tribute to the powers above.

You cant use the water. You can’t use the land. You can’t use your own property. Even rainwater is proclaimed to be the property of the almighty government and, in certain states, anyone collecting rainwater is fined, arrested or imprisoned.

Tribute is granted to the corporate state in the way of slaughtering live-stock which doesn’t ‘look right,’ culling entire herds during times of ‘epidemic’ and destruction of agricultural product like non-pasteurized milk, and denying ranchers the God-given right to use unused and unoccupied public lands they have been husbanding for decades in order to feed the nation.

You might have noticed your electricity bill has gone up as tribute has been surrendered by way of destroying our coal-run power plants.

Buy this product or else.

The perfect fusion between corporatism and statism is called FASCISM.

What else can you call a government mandate to buy a privately produced corporate product except unconstitutional fascism?

Now, as the nice facade has fallen, the American people have discovered no only that their medical insurance rates have gone up, but that their services have been curtailed and that they will be severly fined if they don’t pay them.

Obamacare is nothing less than tribute to the corporations that control government.

When you can’t confirm the vote and you cant’ reliably count the vote, what you have is a RITUAL, not a democracy.

When your faith is in a digital GOD that tells you what the results are, what you have is a RELIGION, not an election.

We HAVE surrendered our RIGHT to elect our representatives as TRIBUTE to the state...without a whimper.

The process of electronic voting is NOT an democratic electoral process, it is and act of FAITH.

That the people meekly surrender this TRIBUTE every year is PROOF that they are a compliant and subject population who have voluntarily subjected to the state.

Totalitarian societies have always demanded the young as tribute.

In today’s tributary state, you must give your children over to the state in the form of surrendering them to the state for eight hours a day.

This is public education.

Don’t think this is tribute?

Refusing to surrender tribute is something that carries DRASTIC consequences.

Just try to opt out of the education system and see what happens.

Even Home Schooling follows the curriculum, rules and guidelines of the state.

So what happens when you opt out?

Well, the State takes your child!

(talk about the ultimate tribute)

That’s right, the State (CPS) takes your child indefinitely.

Secondary penalties may apply in the form of prison sentences.

All of this is directed by commissar-type enforcers called Truancy Officers.

Understand this: your child...and more particularly the MIND of your child must be submitted to the state for proper indoctrination.

Failure to do so will result in the confiscation of your child by the state, which gives rise to an important legal question:

Since the bringing up of your child is completely in the hands of the State and the State has the right to confiscate your child - doesn’t this mean that the STATE, not you, owns your child?”

Any subject state surrenders slaves to the emperor on a regular basis.

Presently slavery is being introduced back into America.

Did you know that in most High Schools your child is FORCED to preform a certain number of hours of SLAVERY for the state or NOT be allowed to GRADUATE?

Yes indeed.

It’s called Community Service.

The same Community Service convicted criminals are forced to perform in lieu of a prison sentence.

The most famous blood tribute of our youngsters has been induction as a war slave during times of war.

They used to call this the Draft, but got rid of it in 1973 (with European countries following suit in the 1990‘s).

But the specter of ‘service to the state’ remains with the Obama administration under the guise of ‘obligatory public service’ which the Democrats have been wanting to introduce for the last 15 years.

To top off the return of tributary SLAVES to our country, one must keep in mind the re-surging phenomenon of PRISON slaves.

Judges, Counties and Cities all over the country are introducing the subject of having the prisoner PAY for their incarceration and having them WORK to pay for it.

This basically means you become a debt slave to the state the moment you enter the prison.

i have always believed prisoners should be put to work...and paid half minimum wage...for themselves and their families...not the state.

But the new slave labor program being prepared for our prisons will make them virtual slave property of the government.

Already covered have been the surrender of your privacy and your dignity as tribute at airports.

Further confirmations that you DO NOT own your own body comes by way of vaccine laws.

In half the states of the union you DO NOT have jurisdiction over what goes into the body of your child by way of vaccines.

As it so happens, many toxic and even deadly chemical and biological agents have been found in vaccines which cause autism and auto-immune disease in the injected.

No matter, the slaves WILL be injected. Their bodies are tribute.

Parents have had their children CONFISCATED by the State as tribute when they have refused to vaccinate their children and say that they, as parents, have some say over what enters the body of their child.

Like I said, don’t get between the State and its tribute.

Further violations of human dignity stand to be established by way of across-the-board obligatory vaccination laws.

California has led the way be removing all exemptions and basically declaring that the State has authority over the body of all children.

But imagine when (most probably during a manufactured national emergency) the government rules that ALL citizens must be vaccinated.

FEMA training makes it clear that the government is ready to enforce this tribute at the gun point.

But imagine what this type of tribute signifies.

It means you no longer have a very basic human right - the right over your OWN BODY.

Your heard that right.

The very premise universal vaccination laws defines your body as being property of the state and subject to being penetrated and injected with substances from the state.

Now call me a pervert, but I have always seen the hypodermic needle as a form of penis and its forceful use as a form of biological rape.

Ergo the forced use of this injection amounts to forced RAPE of the population.

And why not?

They already have this right over your children, why not gain it over YOU?

You know that when you live in a place with no privacy...

...which can be confiscated by the state at any moment...

...and in which your children are basically property of the state... a place where the State has right of entry and authority of force at any time!

This is the premise of the SWAT raid which hangs like a Sword of Damocles over the head of any American.

At any time of day or night a SWAT team of either police or Bounty Hunters can kick their way into your home and KILL you.

It doesn’t matter if you are a criminal or not, nor under what circumstances the legal killing of your and your loved ones has taken place... will all be justified as tribute to the state.

There is nothing you can do before, during or after the event.

You don’t have to be a criminal, you don’t have to break the law, you don’t have to bother anyone.

These legal MURDER raids can happen at any time of day or night, and in many cases, the targets are completely innocent of any crime, the premises having been irrupted into be mistake.

Frequently these raids are programmed by the establishment to afflict people who expose or oppose them - a recent incident being the ‘raid’ on the Phoenix Police Chief by private bounty hunters, which the establishment treats as an ‘innocent mistake.’

The real message of all this is:

Your house and everything in it can be taken as tribute to the state at any time by armed enforcers.

The passive acceptance of this barbarity by neighbors, as well as local Police, Mayors and Courts is TRIBUTE to the subjection of humanity.

The very concept that Americans have to go to bed at night with evenva passing thought that their doors can be kicked down and their families murdered by the state...and that they accept this TRIBUTE enough to the state.

The surrender of your body as tribute through the biological rape of vaccination and body searches at the airport, the giving up of a part of your inheritance to the state as tribute, the forced tribute to the state for the right to keep your property and further tribute for any enhancement to it, a committee demanding tribute in the form of subjection to their dictates over your property, the surrender of your speech as tribute, the force tribute to the corporate state through Obamacare, the tributary acceptance that you and your family can be assaulted and killed in your home by the government at any time of day or night.

How much tribute do we SURRENDER to the state every day?


...much more than you think.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Paris Agreement: Giant Fraud

Yesterday we got to enjoy your view of world government...and how it works.

Something called 'The Paris Agreement' was 'passed' by the representatives of 195 nations who had come together in Paris, France yesterday, December 12, 2015.

If this is a glimpse at world government, hold on to you hat!

First of all, note the MASTERFUL preparation by the Illuminati for this world shaking event of immense importance.

The November Paris attacks were launched just last month, killing 130 people and leading to a proclamation of indefinite martial law.

How appropriate for a meeting of globalists which traditionally attracts masses on anti new world order demonstrators.

So the streets were perfectly quiet and the entire city completely clamped down like a prison for this World Order event. 

Bravo, well done!

And to think it only cost the sacrifice of 130 measly lives and the loss of a few hundreds of billions of dollars in lost commercial revenue to set up this ideal situation in which to have a globalist meeting in perfect peace and quiet.

One would think that France's state of emergency and prospective insecurity would have scared away the globalists...but no...they came here in droves...enjoying the prison-like atmosphere of perfect peace and perfect order only a state of emergency could provide.

("Pass the caviar James, say, how quiet and orderly Paris is this time of year, not at all like Seattle!")

And in keeping with the modus operandi of the New World Order, the whole premise of world order policies are LIES and MAKE BELIEVE.

Make believe, such as in the concept of Global Warming (now being called Climate Change) - a concept invented to justify the impoverishment and control of humanity while increasing prices and taxes...and making a profit.

You can't distance New World Order policy too much from profit (notice how they scored big on the Stock Market the day prior to 9/11) because this is how they pay all those clapping seal lackeys they have at their meetings.

Like at the Paris Agreement.

Who the hell are these people who claim to represent 195 nations?

Are they the elected Presidents?

Are they the the elected Representatives? 


The thing that defines the New World Order is make believe democracy carried out by APPOINTED members who claim to represent the people.

That's right.  Paris Agreement attendees are all Globalists, from Globalists organizations, pursuing a Globalist policy and paid for with Globalist money.

It's just funny how this very small group of people stand before the cameras and claim to represent the people of the Earth and vote on their policy.

The truth is these are the representatives of the globalist illuminati elite - unelected gofer slaves of the oligarchy in charge, passing themselves off as the popular representatives of the people when they are no such thing.

The fact is this is a very small group of quiche eating elite, assembling amongst themselves, voting amongst themselves and proclaiming legal victories amongst themselves...and passing off their decisions as international policy.

Welcome to the 'democracy' of the New World Order.

Global Warming and Climate Change has been proven over and over again to be a fraud unsupported by ANY scientific evidence.

But please don't confuse scientific evidence with the 'studies' (manipulated factoids) they pay corrupt scientists to put together in on their behalf.

In spite of all the clout Global Warming has LOST with the scientific community and the public in general, these people have the gall to come together and proclaim agreements on behalf of humanity inside a city locked down by martial law.

Meanwhile reality and the facts matter not one bit!

THEY control reality with THEIR media - it doesn't matter what reality is anymore, only what THEY say it is.

So enjoy the great 'victory' these representative of the people have scored for you.

Also enjoy the business-ending back-breaking taxes and restrictions which will soon befall you...while the masses cheer and applaud amidst an economy of plenty and a paradisaical environment.

But don't look away from the Television set for too long....the Illuminati reality tends to waver a bit when you do...and look a reality in the face.


Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Everybody's Losing Their Country!

While talking to some foreign nationals and hearing them speak about their own government both personally and over talk radio I have noted they...and Americans...are saying the same thing:

"We have lost our country!"

Now Americans may seem very self absorbed in proclaiming 'the loss of American democracy' and the 'trashing of the American Constitution,' but truth's happening ALL OVER THE WORLD.

That's right - people who walk and talk like the legitimately elected representatives of the country are behaving like they represent some foreign entity and are doing whatever they want...completely independent of the will of the people.

Sound familiar?

More to the point, they are acting like their own private mafia and loudly proclaiming through their acts: "the will of the people be damned!"

The French feel this way.

The Germans feel this way.

The Turks feel this way.

Most countries in the Middle East feel this way.

Many people are basically asking: "Who the hell are these people?" 

Unfortunately, it is a phenomenon I came frequently across in the Third World...decades ago.

The people in Latin America, Africa and other parts of the Third World have been asking themselves the above questions about their 'leaders' FOR DECADES!

"Who the hell IS this guy? Who the hell appointed him president? And who does he really represent?"

And lastly...

"Why is he destroying the country??!!"

That's right.

What is happening right now to America and Europe is a phenomenon that is old hat to the nations of the Third World.

Of course, the answers to the above questions are:

"He is a CIA Corporate asset recruited in the 1st World's elite universities or military colleges"

"He was empowered through CIA and Corporate money and assistance"

"He represents American CIA Corporate interests"

"What he is doing to your country coincides with CIA Corporate policies to keep your country down, indebted, dependent and prostrated before international mandates?"

(let's not forget the other side - countries run by the assets of the Russian KGB, which are no better off than than the CIA)

What's going on?

The people of Venezuela have been asking themselves this question for the last 16 years as they struggle against rampant crime, vigilantisms, business confiscations and government death squads under the rule of a Marxist KGB hegemony begun under Hugo Chavez.

Unfortunately things began getting out of hand with desperate Venezuelans being starved into rebellion and the system has already presented them with a new hope:

Homosexual Jew and Mossad agent Henrique Carpriles.

(oh, did I mention that besides the CIA, KGB and MI6, the Mossad also plays an important role in controlling Third World countries?)

No... and of course, this 'new hope of the people' does not represent Venezuela either - you can bet your bottom shekel on that.

And you know what?

Neither do...

...Mossad/CIA collaborator and pseudo fundamentalist Recep Erdogay, president of Turkey...

....Mossad asset Abdelazziz Bouteflika - president of Algeria...

...Mossad agent Abdel Fattah El Sissi - president of Egypt...

...KGB pawn Angela Merkel - president of Germany...

...KGB agent Francois Hollande - president of France...

 ...KGB chieftain Vladimir Putin - president of Russia


...Mossad/CIA/KGB/Muslim Brotherhood affiliated pawn Barak Hussein Obama - US president

(Boy, does that last guy sound like a walking disaster or what!)

So you see, as the great Disraeli once said,  

"the world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes"


What was the point of this blog?

Oh yes...everybody feeling like they're losing their country.

And you can see why.

 We're losing our countries because our countries are run by intelligence assets serving GLOBAL policy.

And one more thing...

 ...these intelligence agencies actually COLLABORATE with each another.

This is why you see Turkey's Muslim Fundamentalist Erdogan collaborating with Israel and attacking Islamic Syria.

A Turkish caller to Infowars recently mentioned that the government of Turkey did not represent the Turkish people, did not care about the opinion of the Turkish people and had its own agenda which involves allying with Israel against Syria and provoking Russia, while the typical Turk has stopped caring either way and is just trying to survive.

The President of France had the front contender in upcoming elections arrested and promised to arrest anyone criticizing government policy on letting in MORE Muslims right after the November terrorist attacks!

The Chancellor of Germany insists on opening the gates to masses of Muslim refugees over the violent protests of Germans even as she pulls out of alliance with the US and moves closer to Russia (who the Germans openly despise).

Obama gets caught promising to reduce the US armed forces while begging for more time in a conversation with Russian President, purges the US Armed forces, opens the border, legitimizes illegals, raises taxes, increases violations on property, privacy and person while secretly bringing in Russian and Chinese troops and promising to bring in Muslim refugees against the will of State Governors and the American People.

Do any of these sound like national leaders to you?

Of course they don't...because they aren't!

They  are the assets of the Intelligence Agencies which control them - intelligence agencies which have been empowered for far too long within the borders of the countries they are supposed to be serving...

...while acting on behalf of the Global Talmudic-Kabalistic-Luciferian Financial cabal they really serve....while EVERYBODY else fails to connect the dots.

The fact is the intelligence agencies are now all acting in conjunction with one another because the time has come to integrate the nations they control into a New World Order.

They have gotten their royal commands.

If there is treaty signed by their agents (our leaders) it will be to abolish national sovereignty and establish international government.

If a war erupts, it will be to destroy nations in order to rebuild them as regions of the New World Order (see what happened to Europe after WW-II).

In other words, the intelligence agents of the world on are coming together to carry out a program of conquest.

They are not our friends.

They are not on our side.

There is only one side - that of their masters.

And the side they are on is the side of the financial mafia which will create the New World Order.

Meanwhile, it would help our cause if the nations of the world would pass laws PROHIBITING domestic intelligence operations upon their soil, including SEVERE penalties for those who disobey - career termination, exile from government, 20 year sentences...and death penalties.

Sound a bit too rough? does masses of your fellow nationals getting MURDERED by intelligence operations sound?

How does the engineered failure of your nation's war effort sound?

How does assassinations of your elected representatives sound?

How does blackmailing of your elected leadership sound?

How does abolishment of your democracy, torture and concentration camps sound?

20 year sentences and death penalties don't sound so extreme now, do they.

The intelligence agencies have done it in the past and they are doing it now, all with the same entitled, untouchable smoothness which they derive from the Masonic Banking structure which supports them. 

And let's not forget the other thing we must do while getting rid of these rats - we must abolish ALL the Central Banks, and make it a permanent part of our constitutions the total, complete and eternal prohibition of any central banking activity ever again.

You've simply got to see how strange it is for all these nations who are 'acting' against each other to the point of war...all having a privately owned central bank owned by the SAME international banks which prints the currency and counts it as debt to themselves.

There has been too much silence on this flagrant intelligence and banking control of the nations for far too long.

Enough of this abuse!

It is time for the nations of the world to expose and tear this fat bastard bitch right down to the ground!

Thursday, December 3, 2015

San Bernardino: Latest False Flag Theater

Yesterday, Wednesday, December 2, 2015, three gunmen broke into the Inland Regional social services center and (supposedly) began shooting, killing 14 and wounding 17 people.

The same script for most of these shootouts seemed to be followed.

There were heart-tugging calls from inside the center from people who supposedly had nothing better to do than call relatives as the gunman shot people in the next room.

As always, the gunmen were masked and concealing their identities (to make them interchangeable between patsies and government assassins).

But what disturbed me most as I closely watched the ‘footage’ from San Bernardino was the mien of the people participating in it.

People were lined up in lines, cuing up to go who knows where.

Awaiting these lines were school buses.

None of these people seemed alarmed.

In fact most of them seemed plain bored - one participant even yawned!

Some seemed to be cracking jokes and laughing.

The police also seemed bored as they walked around aimlessly.

There were groups of participants who had name tags hanging around their necks.

What did those neck tags say?

“San Bernardino Inland Regional Center Shooting Response Team”?

So by now you probably know what I am getting at.

The footage looked like a DRILL....and not a very good one either.

Which makes me suspect that the San Bernardino ‘incident’ is just one more false flag drill in a long line of false flag drills we have been experiencing as the system seeks more and more justification to end our gun rights and impose a prison system.

I have felt this way ever since I confirmed the passenger jets on 9/11 were computer generated images (CGI) and that the Sandy Hook Shooting was a drill passed off as the real thing.

In other words, we are in an era of make-believe, where acting passes off as reality while pretend is accepted as the real thing and government POLICY is created as a reaction to theater.

Why our CIA-controlled Government has turned to launching false flag theater over actual false flag attacks is a good question.

Perhaps a theatrical false flag has more deniability.

Perhaps an actual false flag attack carries too much risk along the lines of government assets and assassins actually being killed and caught by citizens or authorities.

Perhaps actual false flags have become too risky when it comes to discovering government involvement in killing its own citizens.

I don’t know.

But the trend seems to be false flag theater over actual false flag attacks.

And we are expected to believe it.

Incredible...considering the complexity of not only putting on a false flag theater, but making it believable to the general public... or is it?

With the media 100% in the hands of the CIA-controlled establishment, it is not so incredible.

The media says exactly what it is told to say.

Any witness coming forth to  reveal that an attack was actually a drill is completely ignored.

Investigative reporters?

They no longer exist.

The paper gofers who retrieve official government announcement and write up reports on them are not reporters, but extensions of government propaganda and human relations.

It is this air-tight media that has allowed government-staged events to be displayed as real.

Sandy Hook, Boston Bombing, San Bernardino...all seem to be theater events - drills which are announced as true events.

But whatever the case my be and supposing San Bernardino and all these other recent shootings are real, the truth is they are occurring at a well timed regular intervals in preparation for either Obama’s executive order or sponsored bill on GUN CONTROL.

As the time of introducing the bill gets closer, the gun massacre incidents increase.

November 22, 2015
    New Orleans Playground Shooting
        17 wounded

November 27, 2015
    Colorado Planned Parenthood Shooting
        3 killed
        9 wounded

December 2, 2015
    San Bernardino Social Services Center Shooting
        14 dead
        17 wounded       

As you can see, the casualties are escalating.

The shootings are beginning to occur less than a week from each other. 

Five days after the New Orleans shooting, the Colorado shooting happened.

Five days after Colorado, the San Bernardino shooting happened.

So now we are up to expecting ONE MASS SHOOTING EVERY WEEK.

It won’t take long for Obama to say (once again) “enough is enough!” and either sign an executing order or (more likely) put before our blackmailed Congressa bill on total gun control and confiscation.

To make matters worse, the San Bernardino shooting carries the stigma of an Islamic ‘terrorist’ attack,’ considering the two slain suspects, Zayed Frouk and  Tasheffen Malik are Muslims.

So now we will be asked to surrender our guns to prevent terrorism.

Surprise, surprise.

But we are not going to turn in our guns due to the war on terror.

The truth is  we need our guns now more than ever.

You can come up with all the ‘endgame’ discussions and all the ‘enough is enough’ declarations, the truth is the government is one crazy and treacherous institution which has put our country in mortal danger an because of that we need guns more than we ever have in the history of our nation...

...and we are not turning them in.