Monday, December 31, 2012

The Alex Jones Paradox

I hesitate to criticize other conspiracy researchers and have kept silent up to this point, but recent events have pushed me towards doing so because I believe many followers of the conspiracy are being registered into databases.  I can't stand idly by.

So I begin with the subject of Alex Jones.

Alex Jones is an example of a ‘conspiracy’ researcher who has done a lot of good and woken up a lot of people.

I applaud his efforts in informing the public to the reality of an encroaching police state and the threat of vaccinations, amongst other things.

I am a steady listener of Alex Jones and get a lot of good (I would say great) information from his shows.

However, lately some things about Alex Jones have been troubling me.

Is he some sort of ‘shill’ as a lot of people say?

The sole fact that he has refrained from attacking other conspiracy pundits leads me to think otherwise.

In fact, I have tried hard to find a single chink, a single misstep in his ‘opinion’ and verbiage that would lead me to think he was a shill…and I couldn’t.

However, some events in Alex’s career as a ‘leader’ in the conspiracy world have created some serious questions in my mind.

Why does Alex use Google to spy on visitors to his website in the capacity of where they have been and where they go from there? This is actually a double-strike by Alex because he openly (and rightly) says Google is an NSA front. So why store spy information on visitors to his site, and (more importantly) why help GOOGLE accumulate information on his visitors?

Why does Alex (admittedly) keep profiles on visitors and customers of Infowars? An indication that Inforwars is loading cookies into your computer is how long it takes for that site to load. My experience on the Internet has taught me to stay away from slow-loading sites, and in this instance, I was right again.

Alex has mentioned he has ‘investors’ though he has never gon into detail on just who these investors are. Any bets on Jewish money? There is already talk that Alex’s benefactor is none other than Edgar Bronfman Jr, heir of the Jewish Seagrams bootlegging fortune.

Like any elitist, Alex can’t help but brag how his ancestors came over on the Mayflower and others fought at the Alamo. Alex is very aware of his lineage and it obviously encompasses some pretty famous people. If you know anything about this world, you know that you become ‘great’ based on your lineage, not your ability.

Alex relates all the time on how surprised he is to have famous Illuminati higher-ups congratulate him all the time on how good he is and how he is getting the message out, and how he is going to become ‘a household name.’ My question is why has he never asked them WHY they are talking to him in the first place and WHY are they congratulating him and basically, WTF!

Alex’s wife is rumored to be Jewish (I thought she was Hispanic) but I can’t confirm either way. All I know is that some of the greatest bastards in history, from Nero to Muhamed have had Jewish wives. If she IS Jewish, it would be very strange, provided Alex is an admitted Christian Protestant and Jewish women cannot marry goyim.

When CNN had a symposium of 9/11 as a false flag operation it blew me away. What floored me was that Alex Jones was in charge of the entire symposium! All the great 9/11 researchers were there sitting at a panel with Jones in charge of presiding over the whole thing. My question is, how the hell did Alex Jones ever get on CNN? This was a whistle moment for me. Nobody gets on CNN unless you are a member of the system.

Jones avoids Zionism like the plague, though he does NOT shy away from condemning the criminal Mossad, Shin Bet and ADL organizations or abuses by the Israeli Defense Force. But, frankly, he avoids zionism because he is smart. The anti-semitism snare is there to entrap anyone pointing out the reality of Jewish power. Jones is too smart to hang himself and he is too high up now to cut his own throat. Many callers mention ‘Zionism’ to put Jones on the hot seat, but he never bites, probably because he is smart, not dumb.

That having been said, I took exception to a recent rant where he took an inordinate amount of time to talk down and insult people who think ‘the Jews and Israel are behind everything.’ The rant was too loud and too long for my tastes…as if Jones was putting on a show for his ‘investors.’ That time, Mr Jones, I think thou protesteth too much.

Recently Jones has been caught hiring people with affiliations to the police (if they are not outright cops) like Mike Adams and Jakari Jackson. On the other hand, he has also hired ex-Stratfor employee (read Mossad front) Molly Maroney (who is also rumored to be ex-CIA and Mossad). Why the oversight? Was it your decision, Jones, or that of your ‘investors?’

Many Alex’s ‘heroic’ guests are themselves members of the intelligence community like Jesse Ventura, Wayne Madsen, Ray McGovern and Webster Tarply

Most of Alex's guests are Jewish. Most are very good and have something to say, but still, how does 2% of the population translate into 60% of all guests on the Alex Jones Show?.

What a super-hero. A meeting of the most important men in the world and Jones just hops a truck and goes in (with a crew no less). He not only sneaks in but gets ground-breaking footage of the Ritual of Dull Care (what luck!). The whole thing seems to have not been set up by Jones, but by a team from Britain (the true power center) which also seems to have guaranteed smooth sailing during the incident. The whole affair was just too perfect and too lucky. Jones not only snuck in effortlessly, but got mind-warping footage to boot, all without so much as a inquiry as to who the hell he was and what he was doing there.


Alex has admitted he has several family members in the intelligence community. People that know anything about the intelligence community know that the habit runs in families.

Alex is a trained actor. I would not be surprised if he majored in Drama during High School. Kevin Nealon (of Saturday Night Live fame) called him on it during 'The Conspiracy Zone' where he asked Alex why his voice 'sounded like General Patton.' Basically Nealon (a trained actor himself) was telling Alex he was projecting a phony dramatic voice and to get off it. Alex did not respond and sat there in morose silence. Alex's voice is certainly different from the nasal high pitched voice he had in the early 1990's (watch the YouTube videos). Lately Alex's over-the -top acting is at times resembling something out of the WWF.

My Take
In spite of a very close observation of Jones, I can’t paint him as a shill.

He seems legitimate all the way from his reactions to the type of information he puts out (though his high blood pressure medication seems to be numbing his personality – notice he can’t cry on the air any more).

That being said, it seems likely that Jones has fallen astride of some bad money, some bad influence and some bad advice.

His lineage makes him a perfect subject for mind-control, which is another distinct possibility and which would explain his otherwise legitimate reactions (his feelings are legitimate, but he himself is being mind-controlled).

A more frightening possibility is that Jones (and Infowars) is simply bait with which to attract (and blacklist) people with an anti-government mindset in order to create lists of dissidents to be hunted down later.

But whatever may be the case, I am not saying don’t listen to Jones (I do) but be wary of his media mechanism documenting you as an anti-government citizen. It is obvious there are some rotten apples inserted at Infowars.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

2013: The Year America Goes Austere

They are already warning us about the skyrocketing price of food which will take place next year due to elimination of government farm subsidies.

They are already warning us about the drastic cut-backs in government programs from welfare to unemployment to food stamps to medicare (and if you don’t think Obamacare is a further cut back, wait and see) which will be happening next year.

They are already warning us about the skyrocketing tax increases which will be hitting us next year.

They are giving us a variety of reasons on why all this is going to happen (this year’s drought, the fiscal cliff, the stock market, consumer debt, government subsidies, etc).

What they aren’t telling us is the truth.

Ladies and gentlemen, can you spell  
A-U-S-T-E-R-I-T-Y   M-E-A-S-U-R-E-S ?

That's right.

We are going the same way of Greece and Spain (and all other Third World Countries which have defaulted on their debt).

I could have predicted that the day our interest rate (the deficit) reached $1 trillion (10% of our GNP and 50% of all taxes collected).

But everybody just kept believing it couldn’t happen here, cause by gum, this is America!

Well, America, it turns out, is just one more pawn on the Illuminati chessboard.

And an austerity measure is something applied to a country having trouble paying interest on its debt.

Austerity involves focusing the country’s tax revenue into paying the interest at the expense of everything else.

This translates into higher taxes, less government services…and economic stagnation (government is just paying the bankers not reviving the economy).

A default occurs and a borrower is unable to pay the interest on his debt, you and I know and understand that. It’s called bankruptcy.

In the international arena it’s called a 'default.'

According to Illuminati custom, the prostrate nation then becomes the lapdog of a newly appointed ‘financial leader’ nation of the world (Britain became one in 1820 following the bankruptcy of the French Empire and America became one in 1950 following the bankruptcy of the British Empire) which directs it at the behest of the Illuminati.

Well now it’s America’s turn to go bankrupt!

And who better to assume the role of world financial leader than the People’s Republic of China?

Get ready to see some American kow-towing.

The Chinese already own more than $2 trillion of our debt, have their banks stuffed with Dollars, Euros and Swiss Francs and (it turns out) have accumulated the largest known gold reserve in the world.

China will be the world’s next financial leader, lending to the rest of the world’s bankrupt nations, much like America did from 1950-2000.

As for us, we will be put under austerity measures next year.

Of course, they will not call it austerity measures, and they will never admit we are bankrupt, but that is exactly what will be happening.

We could tell the bankers to simply get lost and write off our made-up, Federal-Reserve-printed $16 trillion debt, but the bankers have hedged their bets by installing the most Wall Street-centered administration in history as our rulers.

The Wall-Street-based  ‘Obama Administration’ won’t do that.

So America, get ready for an ‘austere’ future…starting next year.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Newtown Massacre: Dead Kids and Gun Confiscation

On Sunday, November 11, in my blog entry “Gun Confiscation: How they Will Do It”
I wrote:

“First of all, expect a gun ‘incident’ – a massacre in which many Americans (most likely children) are massacred by a gun owner.
On the heels of this bloody ‘incident,’ expect ready-made anti-gun legislation to be introduced immediately into Congress.”

On Friday, December 14 (less than a month after my prediction) it all came true.

The town of Newtown, Connecticut was chosen as the start point for gun confiscation through a staged massacre.

I could go through all the ditto, repetitious characteristics of an illuminati-run false flag operation (the FBI sealing of the scene, the masked gunmen, the multiple gunmen, the closeness of the crime scene to an Illuminati power center, the relation of the victims parents to government and intelligence) but I won’t.

Other websites are doing as good or better a job of covering up all the false flag evidence.

The Illuminati have given us our Christmas present and are likely to follow it up with legislation introduced immediately and under the table.

Mark my words (again).

Watch for legislation to be introduced at or about Christmas Eve (just like they did with the Federal Reserve Act and other criminal ‘acts’.

Am I a prophet and a seer?

Not by a long shot.

Illuminati behavior is so robotic and repetitive that it becomes predictable.

The Dunblane School massacre of 1996 served as an opening for gun control in the UK.

The Port Arthur Massacre of 1996 served as an opening for gun control in Australia.

The Newtown, Connecticut shooting comes right on the heels of the Portland Oregon mall shooting (they happened this same week).

So the gun confiscation legislation must be fresh out of the oven and ready to be introduced (or smuggled in as some ear tag legislation on some law or other).

Keep your eyes on Congress (and the President) this Holiday season.

As for me, the more children the Illuminati kill, the more guns and ammunition I will buy and keep.

In fact, a ready weapon underneath the principal’s desk could have stopped the Newton Massacre in its tracks.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Constitutional Convention = End of US

I have been waiting for someone to broach the subject.

The surprise was that it came from inside the ‘Tea Party.’ But that’s the way the Illuminati work, isn’t it?

They control both sides of the coin and use both sides to accomplish their goals much like we make use of opposable thumbs to grab objects.

I have warned about the upcoming Constitutional Convention Crisis here:

The same technique that is now being suggested by Ron Paul’s treacherous Jewish advisor, Bruce Fein, is what has been turning the nations of Latin America and Africa into Marxist dictatorships.

Remember, this is the same ‘advisor’who ‘advised’ Ron Paul to keep quiet while his supporters (bonafide Republican electors) were shut out of primary elections.

This is the same ‘advisor’ who recommended Ron Paul support Mitt Romney (Ron refused to follow this bit of advice).

This is the same ‘advisor’ who crafted a go-nowhere power play which  would place Rand Paul within the circles of power of the Republican Party provided Ron Paul kept quiet (so far nothing has materialized).

Now this same treacherous Jew comes out and says a constitutional convention is the best way to solve our Federal-Government-Out-Of-Control problem.

Expect more mentions of a Red White and Blue Constitutional Convention as the cure of our nations ill, not just by Bruce Fein, but by others on both ideological sides.

Regardless of all the propaganda beginning to sprout forth from Illuminati infiltrators, a Constitutional Convention means one thing: the death of the United States of America as it stands.

And if you’ll allow me to mention something, I would like to say just how incredibly unimaginative and robotic the Illuminati are.

The same technique that has been repeated in the countries of Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Argentina and Brazil to install their Illuminati dictators and continues to be used across the Third World to install a network of Marxist dictatorships is now being suggested by a ‘reasonable’ member of the American ‘right.’

Obviously, the Illuminati mind is so unimaginative that they intend to use the very same method right here in America.

The Tea Party is an Illuminati front, just like the ‘secessionists’ and Ron Paul leadership probably are.

This is why they will soon be warming up to the idea of a Constitutional Convention as the panacea to all our political ills very soon.

This is why Bruce Fein floated the idea in a recent Alex Jones interview.

Obama will acquiesce, of course, under intense and unbearable pressure from ‘patriotic’ Americans.

What we will get in the end will be the destruction of our original (and perfectly usable constitution) and its replacement by a new centralized document which will back a new dictator (perhaps even Obama himself).

Don’t be fooled.

Anyone who gets suckered into this familiar Constitutional Convention scheme is an idiot. We have been warned by such a move by the Illuminati for over a decade.

Are we going to go along with it now simply because it is coming out of the mouths of supposed and so-called ‘conservatives’ and ‘patriots?’

Holding a Constitutional Convention (a ‘Con Con’) of any way shape or form will do away with our Constitution…and it will do away with every member of our seated representative government.

A Constitutional Convention has no role in any way shape or form of opposing the present criminal travesties of our Federal Executive Branch.

It is simply an effort to CON us into destroying our own Constitution.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Gun Confiscation: How they Will Do It

First of all, expect a gun ‘incident’ – a massacre in which many Americans (most likely children) are massacred by a gun owner.

On the heels of this bloody ‘incident,’ expect ready-made anti-gun legislation to be introduced immediately into Congress.

The legislation will probably pass very quickly and possibly by surprise.

The system loves surprises.

It loves to have people believe a piece of legislation has little or no chance of passing and then suddenly having it pass.

So expect major new gun-confiscation legislation to pass unexpectedly, just like Obamacare. The legislation might even be passed as an earmark tacked on to another law.

Furthermore, expect the backing of the Supreme Court (even though it will be an obvious violation of the Second Amendment).

Today’s Supreme Court is filled with a cynical, socialist, globalist majority.

The Supreme Court we have today WILL back gun confiscation.

The first weapons that will be targeted will be semi-automatic rifles.

The will want to take away the assault rifles because these guns are the great equalizers against SWAT murder teams.

After the legislation is passed, expect a fait accompli zero-tolerance declaration.

The system loves zero-tolerance.

“Everyone MUST turn in your guns by such and such a date or automatically be considered a felon.”

This brings us to the next technique of gun-confiscation: FEAR.

The government has no physical way to confiscate all the semi-automatic rifles in this country.

Instead, what it will do is try to convince people to voluntarily turn in their guns through fear.

If one doesn’t turn in one’s guns, the government will emphasize you will be automatically considered a felon after a certain date.

Nobody likes to live with something like that hanging over their head.

Many sportsmen and hunters will turn in their guns just to avoid the hassle and the uncertainty.

As gun confiscation proceeds, the government will legally demand the gun sale records of all gun shops.  There will be severe penalties for destruction of records or even missing records. Patriotic gun dealers will either lose or destroy their customers’ records, but will be subject to drastic penalties for doing so.

Once the government gets its hands on these records it will start hunting down and questioning the gun owners themselves.

The next part of gun confiscation could take years.

The process will expand to personal visits by the police, the FBI, the TSA or some sort of newly appointed gun-confiscation personnel (like the census bureau or the Army).

If you are visited and you report the gun as sold or otherwise missing, you might be subject to an immediate search of your home by way of pre-issued warrants.

They will most likely go through your house and bring in metal detectors to find buried guns in your yard.

If a gun is found during the search, you will be immediatly arrested as a felon (if not a terrorist).

As these arrests develop, they will be given wide coverage by the media in order alarm the remainder of non-cooperating gun owners.

Once the media hoopla has reached a crescendo, a ‘grace period’ will be granted during which hesitant gun owners will again be invited to turn in their guns penalty-free. Heck, they might even provide dial-up front-door pick-up and processing.

To freak out gun-owners even more, the government will use gun shop information to conduct mass mailings to make gun owners seem they are already in the government sights.

These mass mailings will carry as much weight as a mass mailing of junk mail, but it will seem very threatening to gun owners.

Can you imagine getting a letter that reads something like: 
"Attention John Smith (SSN xxx-xx-xxx). The Bureau of Alcohol, Firearms and Tobacco has documentation of your purchase of a semi-automatic rifle type so and so on such and such a date from such and such a location. Possession of such a firearm is now ILLEGAL and a felony if still in your possession. Please arrange for the immediate turnover of this weapon or confirmation of non-possession by calling the toll-free number listed below."

One can just imagine the skin-crawling effect such an official letter from the government will have on the typical gun owner.

The truth is it will carry about as much weight as junk mail.

If they want your gun, let them come and get it.

Don't do the Fed's work for them, like they are counting on you to.

Bury and hide your guns (hiding and burying them outside your property might even be a good idea).

Don't open the door to anyone.

And get ready for more terror propaganda from the government.

The Americans who hold on to their guns following this
 new grace period and second round of confiscation will be considered ‘terrorists’ and ‘enemy combatants.’

They will be subject to unannounced no-knock raids, detention at check points and traffic stops by the police.

But again, the entire show will be an act.

The government has no way to confiscate all our guns. They can only try scaring us into turning them in.

And so in many ways, the gun confiscation campaign will be a terror campaign.

Many People will turn in their guns just to avoid the daily stress of hanging on to a gun.

Meanwhile, the first new camp prisons will start filling up with the newly created ‘criminals’ and ‘terrorists,’ who shortly before had been law abiding gun owners.

Will gun confiscation provoke civil war?

Only if sheriffs, police and local authorities stand up against it.

Unfortunately, most local law enforcement and political authorities have proven themselves over and over again to be Federal lapdogs as long as Fed money keeps pouring in.

But the unexpected can happen.

Local authorities just might stand up against gun confiscation, refuse to cooperate and even act against it.

If this happens, the gun-confiscation effort stands a good chance of failing.

But if it does not, there will be little short of massive civil disobedience and violent resistance to stop it.

I can’t tell you what will happen, but I can ask you a question:

How much of this local and civil resistance happened during the Katrina gun-confiscation?

Never say never, but again, what are the chances?

In spite of all the uncertainty and fear, all Americans must understand one thing:

Gun confiscation will open the way for the arbitrary arrest, incarceration, and murder of Americans by Federal and international authorities.


Because executive orders have already been passed calling for the use of UN international troops on the streets of America.

The UN is a Communist organization and Communists have been responsible for more mass death than any other institution in the history of mankind.

Our conquest and murder is the true reason behind gun confiscation.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Feds Initiate E-Verify Beast System

Its official.

If you have been hired, your employer must now report you to the government.

The government will then look up your name on one of their national security databases.

If you don’t add up (according to them), they will call your employer and FORBID THEM FROM HIRING YOU!

Furthermore, the Federal Government will give no reason save ‘national security’ for their decision.

In other words, your employer must now receive official clearance from the US government before being able to give you a job!

It doesn’t matter if you have no felonies and are clean as a whistle.

As everyone knows, government has its own standards on deciding whether one is a prospective ‘terrorist’ or not – being a Constitutionalist, being an active Christian or standing up for gun rights, for instance.

But whatever the case may be, the government now decides whether you work or not…for reasons known only to the government.

This new BEAST system is E-Verify.

All those ‘proud’ employers who crow being part of E-Verify and mount all those stickers and posters in their offices and store windows are clueless traitors.

The Federal Government has no Constitutional (or otherwise) authority to allow or disallow employment in the private sector.

Yet E-Verify claims that right and has been accepted by American society without so much as throat clearing.

No conspiracy pundits talking about this one.

I wonder why?

Let’s see.

A law that gives the Federal Government the authority to decide whether Americans receive the right to work.

Wouldn’t you say that would bare mention on some conspiracy pundits daily rant…at the very least?

Amazingly, E-Verify is being ignored not only by the mainstream media, but by major conspiracy circles as well.

All this in spite of employers putting up the E-Verify posters telling you THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT NOW DECIDES WHETHER YOU GET EMPLOYED OR NOT.

This is how the ‘Beast’ in Revelation works, isn’t it?


“No one could buy or sell save those who had the number of the beast or his name.”?

Well, guess what.

You can no longer sell your labor save if you are approved by E-Verify.

And without selling your labor you won’t have the money to buy much of anything either.

Yep, I hear the reader already screaming:

“Start your own freaking business and screw the government-run employers.”

I agree totally, comrades.

But back to E-Verify.

E-Verify is a law passed by the Obama Administration (and our pathetic Congress) under cover of darkness, (like all Obama laws are passed).

It grew out of a problem involving Black farmers not getting their fair share of government subsidies?

Doesn’t that just tug at your heart strings?

But that’s the way the new Marxist-American system works – cheap emotionalism as cover for the most tyrannical laws on the planet.

The Claims Resolution Act of 2010 enacted by the 111th Congress and signed into law by Obama on December 8, 2010 was a response to the Pigford v. Glickman case - where black farmers were found to have been discriminated against between 1983 and 1997 by the Department of Agriculture when applying for loans and assistance to start and maintain farms.

Wow…a society-changing law…passed to rectify an accounting error that happened 13 years prior?

How did that happen?

And what does that have to do with the elimination of our God-given right to work?


E-Verify was tagged on to the Claims Resolution Act of 2010 at the last moment by some sneaky bureaucrat when nobody was looking (and we all know our Congressmen don’t read the laws they pass anyway).

And the law (with the E-Verify parasite stealthily attached to it) was passed.

One more police state power installed and switched on, courtesy of your new ‘change’ President and our pathetic castrati Congress.

Later, when it turned out that Congress had unknowingly passed something called E-Verify, an attempt was made by to publicly justify the new arbitrary law by stating it was part our effort against hiring illegal immigrants.


You mean all those illegal immigrants Obama is now making into virtual US citizens?

You mean all those illegal immigrants Obama declared he would no longer prosecute nor arrest?

So they made a big hullabaloo about illegal immigrants…then they tagged this law to legislation to help us out…then it turns out the whole thing was a scam.

One more Constitution-destroying, humanity-busting, tyrannical law passed under our noses…which we now have to obey all of a sudden.

You know what…screw this.

No employer is legally bound to follow this illegal law, which has been illegally introduced, illegally passed and is now in the process of attempted illegal enforcement.

E-Verify my ass.

If you are an employer do not follow E-Verify.

If you are a worker, next time you see an E-Verify poster, write on the poster in clear and very precise letters :
“E-Verify is an illegal and unconstitutional mandate. The government has no authority whatsoever to prohibit the employment of law-abiding Americans.”

If you do this you will be doing your fellow Americans and your country a very big favor…not to mention carrying out your civic duty.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Nations Are NOT Sovereign: 10 Reasons Why

Although we live in a world of 192 supposedly independent and sovereign nations, the nations of the world are not truly sovereign.

They all seem to be under the direction of some invisible power which makes them all behave in a standard manner which gives away the fact that they are merely differing spaces on the same chess board.

Want to know why?

Here are the 10 reasons why the nations of the world are not sovereign:

They All Have A Central Bank
Every nation on the face of the Earth has a central bank – that is – a private bank which prints all the nation's money.

They All Belong to the UN
99% of the world’s nations are members of the UN. The nations that do not belong you can count on the fingers of one hand. Why this hunger for internationalism?

They All Practice Standard Allopathic Medicine
Why do the medical establishments of the world all practice allopathic (poisonous) medicine. They ALL believe chemotherapy and radiation cure cancer. They ALL believe vaccinations are safe and effective. Why do ALL the nations of the world follow this destructive lie? Why doesn’t ONE single nation call the lie out and say ‘it doesn’t work…and we will not back traditional naturopathic medicine”?

They Are All Directed by Intelligence Agencies
Why are all national government in the claws of their intelligence agencies? Since when did the eyes and ears of the king develop muscles? Why do all national leaders have some connection to either native or foreign intelligence agencies?

They Are All Dominated by Secret Societies
Why are all the nations of the world the playthings of secret societies – mostly Masonic secrete societies? In places like Nigeria you have the Ogone calling the shots. In East Asia you have the Triads running the show. The deal is all societies are run by a network of secret societies, whether they be the Freemasons, the Triads or other.

They All Play Hip Hop
Hip hop was the new accepted music of the new world order made official global culture in the 1990’s. Every nation now plays it and it is pushed to the point of being rammed down everyone’s throat. Whether in Iran, China, Russia, India or wherever, you can’t help but hear the ugly, repetitive, hypnotic jingle of Hip Hop. The stupid youth of the world has finally been convinced that it is the only thing to hear after two decades of indoctrination. Why?

They All use an International Currency
Whether it was the British Pound, the American Dollar, the Euro or whatever future currency the Globalists wish to impose on the world, why do the nations of the world keep going along with it? Ever hear of Gold (and how malleable it is)? Why don’t you physically insert threads of gold into your currencies and MAKE them internationally acceptable?

They All Follow Self-Destructive Economic Policies
Economics is simple. Enough laws to hold accountable; never enough to interfere. Adam Smith got it right 300 years ago. Why is it that no nation on Earth can get their economy right 300 years after the fact? Is economics and the free market that complicated? Whether it be America’s de-industrialization, Russia’s quagmire, Iran’s inexistent oil refineries, Venezuela’s impoverishment or the Euro’s self-destruction, no nation on Earth seems to know how to just let an economy happen. And yes, all their economists ARE educated in either Europe or America. Speaking of the fact that…

They All are Led by Euro-American Educated Leaders
Look at almost EVERY single world leader and you will find someone who was educated in either Europe or the United States. Why? National education not good enough for a NATIONAL leader? And of course, all these foreign educated leaders are driving their respective countries into the ground. My advice to the nations of the world is this: for you next election, choose a leader who has never set foot in the United States or Europe.

They All Participate in the Drug Market
Every nation on this Earth has a ‘drug problem.’ Why? Because they all participate in the drug trade. Ever wonder why Iran has such a growing drug problem? Did you even know it had one? How about China, Russia, India and Japan? These nations not only have drug problems, they all have the networks that run them. Why is it that no nation on earth has the wherewithal to get the junk off their streets? Why do they all have a ‘drug problem’ while refusing to decriminalize perfectly harmless marihuana. Whose making drug policy for all the nations of the world?

Considering that humanity is about to start another world war, it is worth asking ‘what the heck for?’ All the nations of the world already on the same sheet of music despite all the manufactured differences.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Why Homeland Security Bought 1.5 Billion Rounds

A question has arisen in the minds of many Americans about why Homeland Security has bought more than 1.5 billion rounds of small caliber ammunition, especially .40 caliber hollow point Smith and Wesson.

The reason is obvious.

The standard caliber for the MP-5 and MP-40 Sub-machineguns used by SWAT teams nationwide is .40 caliber.

The reason for hollow point is two-fold.

First of all, .40 hollow point incapacitates through shock and trauma much better than the 9mm solid.

Secondly, hollow point (because of its mushrooming effect) is less penetrating of walls (and innocent bystanders) than the 9mm round.

In other words, the MP-5 / MP-40 sub-machinegun loaded with .40 hollow point is the weapon of choice for home invasion.

It is a ‘safe’ combination with plenty of stopping power.

Again I repeat, the sub-machinegun is THE weapon of choice for close-in house-to-house fighting.

I speculate the Federal  Government is also secretly purchasing masses of MP-40 sub-machineguns but that this purchase has remained secret (unlike the ammunition purchase).

As illustrated in the new series ‘Flashpoint’ (which I encourage all patriots to watch to see how a SWAT murder team operates), the MP-40 is a highly suppressive, highly effective weapon for close-in combat.

Its rate of fire is superb.

If mass home invasions against gun owners is what the Federal Government has in mind, the MP-40 with hollow points is a very effective combination.

Only an assault rifle on full auto (which most half-knowledgeable gun owners already know how to do) can trump a squad with MP-40’s.

The only question remaining is….who will be pulling the triggers.