Saturday, September 22, 2012

Feds Initiate E-Verify Beast System

Its official.

If you have been hired, your employer must now report you to the government.

The government will then look up your name on one of their national security databases.

If you don’t add up (according to them), they will call your employer and FORBID THEM FROM HIRING YOU!

Furthermore, the Federal Government will give no reason save ‘national security’ for their decision.

In other words, your employer must now receive official clearance from the US government before being able to give you a job!

It doesn’t matter if you have no felonies and are clean as a whistle.

As everyone knows, government has its own standards on deciding whether one is a prospective ‘terrorist’ or not – being a Constitutionalist, being an active Christian or standing up for gun rights, for instance.

But whatever the case may be, the government now decides whether you work or not…for reasons known only to the government.

This new BEAST system is E-Verify.

All those ‘proud’ employers who crow being part of E-Verify and mount all those stickers and posters in their offices and store windows are clueless traitors.

The Federal Government has no Constitutional (or otherwise) authority to allow or disallow employment in the private sector.

Yet E-Verify claims that right and has been accepted by American society without so much as throat clearing.

No conspiracy pundits talking about this one.

I wonder why?

Let’s see.

A law that gives the Federal Government the authority to decide whether Americans receive the right to work.

Wouldn’t you say that would bare mention on some conspiracy pundits daily rant…at the very least?

Amazingly, E-Verify is being ignored not only by the mainstream media, but by major conspiracy circles as well.

All this in spite of employers putting up the E-Verify posters telling you THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT NOW DECIDES WHETHER YOU GET EMPLOYED OR NOT.

This is how the ‘Beast’ in Revelation works, isn’t it?


“No one could buy or sell save those who had the number of the beast or his name.”?

Well, guess what.

You can no longer sell your labor save if you are approved by E-Verify.

And without selling your labor you won’t have the money to buy much of anything either.

Yep, I hear the reader already screaming:

“Start your own freaking business and screw the government-run employers.”

I agree totally, comrades.

But back to E-Verify.

E-Verify is a law passed by the Obama Administration (and our pathetic Congress) under cover of darkness, (like all Obama laws are passed).

It grew out of a problem involving Black farmers not getting their fair share of government subsidies?

Doesn’t that just tug at your heart strings?

But that’s the way the new Marxist-American system works – cheap emotionalism as cover for the most tyrannical laws on the planet.

The Claims Resolution Act of 2010 enacted by the 111th Congress and signed into law by Obama on December 8, 2010 was a response to the Pigford v. Glickman case - where black farmers were found to have been discriminated against between 1983 and 1997 by the Department of Agriculture when applying for loans and assistance to start and maintain farms.

Wow…a society-changing law…passed to rectify an accounting error that happened 13 years prior?

How did that happen?

And what does that have to do with the elimination of our God-given right to work?


E-Verify was tagged on to the Claims Resolution Act of 2010 at the last moment by some sneaky bureaucrat when nobody was looking (and we all know our Congressmen don’t read the laws they pass anyway).

And the law (with the E-Verify parasite stealthily attached to it) was passed.

One more police state power installed and switched on, courtesy of your new ‘change’ President and our pathetic castrati Congress.

Later, when it turned out that Congress had unknowingly passed something called E-Verify, an attempt was made by to publicly justify the new arbitrary law by stating it was part our effort against hiring illegal immigrants.


You mean all those illegal immigrants Obama is now making into virtual US citizens?

You mean all those illegal immigrants Obama declared he would no longer prosecute nor arrest?

So they made a big hullabaloo about illegal immigrants…then they tagged this law to legislation to help us out…then it turns out the whole thing was a scam.

One more Constitution-destroying, humanity-busting, tyrannical law passed under our noses…which we now have to obey all of a sudden.

You know what…screw this.

No employer is legally bound to follow this illegal law, which has been illegally introduced, illegally passed and is now in the process of attempted illegal enforcement.

E-Verify my ass.

If you are an employer do not follow E-Verify.

If you are a worker, next time you see an E-Verify poster, write on the poster in clear and very precise letters :
“E-Verify is an illegal and unconstitutional mandate. The government has no authority whatsoever to prohibit the employment of law-abiding Americans.”

If you do this you will be doing your fellow Americans and your country a very big favor…not to mention carrying out your civic duty.


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