Sunday, November 11, 2012

Gun Confiscation: How they Will Do It

First of all, expect a gun ‘incident’ – a massacre in which many Americans (most likely children) are massacred by a gun owner.

On the heels of this bloody ‘incident,’ expect ready-made anti-gun legislation to be introduced immediately into Congress.

The legislation will probably pass very quickly and possibly by surprise.

The system loves surprises.

It loves to have people believe a piece of legislation has little or no chance of passing and then suddenly having it pass.

So expect major new gun-confiscation legislation to pass unexpectedly, just like Obamacare. The legislation might even be passed as an earmark tacked on to another law.

Furthermore, expect the backing of the Supreme Court (even though it will be an obvious violation of the Second Amendment).

Today’s Supreme Court is filled with a cynical, socialist, globalist majority.

The Supreme Court we have today WILL back gun confiscation.

The first weapons that will be targeted will be semi-automatic rifles.

The will want to take away the assault rifles because these guns are the great equalizers against SWAT murder teams.

After the legislation is passed, expect a fait accompli zero-tolerance declaration.

The system loves zero-tolerance.

“Everyone MUST turn in your guns by such and such a date or automatically be considered a felon.”

This brings us to the next technique of gun-confiscation: FEAR.

The government has no physical way to confiscate all the semi-automatic rifles in this country.

Instead, what it will do is try to convince people to voluntarily turn in their guns through fear.

If one doesn’t turn in one’s guns, the government will emphasize you will be automatically considered a felon after a certain date.

Nobody likes to live with something like that hanging over their head.

Many sportsmen and hunters will turn in their guns just to avoid the hassle and the uncertainty.

As gun confiscation proceeds, the government will legally demand the gun sale records of all gun shops.  There will be severe penalties for destruction of records or even missing records. Patriotic gun dealers will either lose or destroy their customers’ records, but will be subject to drastic penalties for doing so.

Once the government gets its hands on these records it will start hunting down and questioning the gun owners themselves.

The next part of gun confiscation could take years.

The process will expand to personal visits by the police, the FBI, the TSA or some sort of newly appointed gun-confiscation personnel (like the census bureau or the Army).

If you are visited and you report the gun as sold or otherwise missing, you might be subject to an immediate search of your home by way of pre-issued warrants.

They will most likely go through your house and bring in metal detectors to find buried guns in your yard.

If a gun is found during the search, you will be immediatly arrested as a felon (if not a terrorist).

As these arrests develop, they will be given wide coverage by the media in order alarm the remainder of non-cooperating gun owners.

Once the media hoopla has reached a crescendo, a ‘grace period’ will be granted during which hesitant gun owners will again be invited to turn in their guns penalty-free. Heck, they might even provide dial-up front-door pick-up and processing.

To freak out gun-owners even more, the government will use gun shop information to conduct mass mailings to make gun owners seem they are already in the government sights.

These mass mailings will carry as much weight as a mass mailing of junk mail, but it will seem very threatening to gun owners.

Can you imagine getting a letter that reads something like: 
"Attention John Smith (SSN xxx-xx-xxx). The Bureau of Alcohol, Firearms and Tobacco has documentation of your purchase of a semi-automatic rifle type so and so on such and such a date from such and such a location. Possession of such a firearm is now ILLEGAL and a felony if still in your possession. Please arrange for the immediate turnover of this weapon or confirmation of non-possession by calling the toll-free number listed below."

One can just imagine the skin-crawling effect such an official letter from the government will have on the typical gun owner.

The truth is it will carry about as much weight as junk mail.

If they want your gun, let them come and get it.

Don't do the Fed's work for them, like they are counting on you to.

Bury and hide your guns (hiding and burying them outside your property might even be a good idea).

Don't open the door to anyone.

And get ready for more terror propaganda from the government.

The Americans who hold on to their guns following this
 new grace period and second round of confiscation will be considered ‘terrorists’ and ‘enemy combatants.’

They will be subject to unannounced no-knock raids, detention at check points and traffic stops by the police.

But again, the entire show will be an act.

The government has no way to confiscate all our guns. They can only try scaring us into turning them in.

And so in many ways, the gun confiscation campaign will be a terror campaign.

Many People will turn in their guns just to avoid the daily stress of hanging on to a gun.

Meanwhile, the first new camp prisons will start filling up with the newly created ‘criminals’ and ‘terrorists,’ who shortly before had been law abiding gun owners.

Will gun confiscation provoke civil war?

Only if sheriffs, police and local authorities stand up against it.

Unfortunately, most local law enforcement and political authorities have proven themselves over and over again to be Federal lapdogs as long as Fed money keeps pouring in.

But the unexpected can happen.

Local authorities just might stand up against gun confiscation, refuse to cooperate and even act against it.

If this happens, the gun-confiscation effort stands a good chance of failing.

But if it does not, there will be little short of massive civil disobedience and violent resistance to stop it.

I can’t tell you what will happen, but I can ask you a question:

How much of this local and civil resistance happened during the Katrina gun-confiscation?

Never say never, but again, what are the chances?

In spite of all the uncertainty and fear, all Americans must understand one thing:

Gun confiscation will open the way for the arbitrary arrest, incarceration, and murder of Americans by Federal and international authorities.


Because executive orders have already been passed calling for the use of UN international troops on the streets of America.

The UN is a Communist organization and Communists have been responsible for more mass death than any other institution in the history of mankind.

Our conquest and murder is the true reason behind gun confiscation.


  1. Ambush them in all 50 states we will. American resistance join us or die.

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